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  1. Maths

    We have Rs.100/-.If we spend Rs.100/-and balance is Rs.102/-,show how is Rs.2/-extra Spent Balance Day 1 Rs 40 Rs 60 Day 2 Rs 30 Rs 30 Day 3 Rs 18 Rs 12 Day 4 Rs 12 Rs 00 -------- -------- Total Rs 100 Rs102......?

    asked by Sam on February 28, 2016
  2. Maths

    Prove that max & min values of asinx+bcosx are =/- (a^2+b^2)^1/2

    asked by Alok on July 12, 2013
  3. Maths

    Consider a collection of 5 people. How many more ways can these people be arranged in a line than around a circular table?

    asked by Asad on June 27, 2015
  4. Maths

    A speed camera takes two photographs of a car.Photo 2 was taken 0.5 seconds after Photo 1.Marks on the road are 0.8 meters apart.Calculate the average speed of the car in m/s? 7.2 m/s but when i submit answer i get 2 marks only not full 3 marks what am I

    asked by Anonymous on March 4, 2017
  5. Maths

    I can't understand this math problem.... Please help me.... ------------------ Problem: In a boys' school, 5/8 of the boys play football and 4/7 play rugby. If every boy plays at least one of the two games, find the fraction of the boys who play both

    asked by John on June 30, 2012
  6. maths

    Which term of the progression 19+ 18 1/5 + 17 2/5 + …is the first negative term? What is the smallest number of terms which must be taken for their sum to be negative ? Calculate this sum exactly.

    asked by sma on January 26, 2016
  7. maths

    an amount of Rs 5000 is put into three/investments at the rate of interest of 6%, 7%, 8% per annum respectively; the total annual income is Rs 35800. If the combined income from first two investments is Rs 70 more than the income from the third. Find

    asked by edward on July 1, 2013
  8. maths

    sarah invested £12000 in a unit trust 5 years ago, the value of the unit trust increased by 7% per annum for each of the last 3 years. before this the price had decreased by 3% per annum. calculate the current price of the unit trust

    asked by hayden on October 26, 2017
  9. Maths

    true/false 1. a cubic polynomial has at least one zero.............. 2. a quadratic polynomial an have at most two zeroes.......... 3. if r(x)is the remainder and p(x) is the divisor, then degree r(x) < degree p(x)............ 4. if zeroes of a quadratic

    asked by Shiana on June 14, 2013
  10. Maths

    jason went shopping, he bought a watch and a pair of trainers for a total price of £53.55, this price includes a 15%loyalty discount. before the discount the trainers were priced at £38 work out the price of the watch before the discount

    asked by hayden on October 26, 2017
  11. Maths

    Dylan invested some money into his bank. He agreed on a simple interest rate of 3% per annum for a period of 2 years. At the end of the 2-year period, the value of his investment increased by£72 Work out the value of Dylan's initial investment.

    asked by Nathan on February 2, 2017
  12. maths

    the boys of a school can be arranged in 12, 15, 18 equal rows and also into a solid square. what is the least number of boys that the school can have? (hint: find the lcm) anwer is 900 explain

    asked by tanzil on December 1, 2013
  13. Maths

    On the 1st of January 2014, Carol invested some money in a bank account. The account pays 2.5% compound interest per year. On the 1st of January 2015, Carol withdrew £1000 from the account. On the 1st of January 2016, she had £23 517.60 in the account.

    asked by Joelle on February 2, 2017
  14. Maths

    The second term of a GP is 12, more than the first term, given that the common ratio is half of the first. Find the 3rd term of the GP

    asked by Geometric progression on November 10, 2014
  15. maths

    What is the 50th term of the linear sequence below? 27 , 25 , 23 , 21 , 19 ,

    asked by ro on October 16, 2018
  16. Maths

    Simplify under root (12+6 root 3) + under root (12- 6 root 3)

    asked by Pranjali on April 19, 2016
  17. maths

    if cot (a+b)=0 then write the value of sin(a+2b)

    asked by krishan on June 18, 2012
  18. maths

    a man loses 12.5% of his money & after spending 70% of the remainder , he was left with Rs 210/- . the money he had at the beginning is?

    asked by rupesh on October 21, 2009
  19. Maths

    An aeroplane flies from a town X on a bearing of N 45 degree E to another a town Y on a distance of then changes course and flies to another town Z on a bearing of S 60 degree E.if Z is directly east of X.Calculate (a) the distance from X to Y (b)

    asked by Bright on August 24, 2015
  20. Maths

    Find the least number of piles so so that piles of 12, 15 and 20 marbles be made.

    asked by Himanshi on July 28, 2015
  21. Maths

    X is partly constant and partly varies as y . when y =2,x=15 and y =4, x=27 (a) find the formula which connects x and y (b) find x when y=7

    asked by Fienze on January 4, 2017
  22. Maths

    If the lcm of first 20 natural no. is x then find the lcm of first 25 natural no.

    asked by Simmi on May 21, 2017
  23. Maths

    Two boats A and B left a port C at the same time on different route .B travelled on a bearing of 150 degree and A travelled 8km and B had travelled 10km ,the distance between the Two boats was found to be 12km .calculate the bearing of A's route from C.

    asked by Ruth on June 13, 2017
  24. maths

    Which angle between 0° and 360° has the same cosine as the angle 58°? give your answer as an integer. how do i do this please?

    asked by susan on May 8, 2011
  25. maths

    A circular table is pushed into the corner of a rectangular room in such a way that it just touches two adjacent walls.An ant crawling on the table rim(on the minor arc between the two points of contact)observes that it is 8 inches from one wall and 1

    asked by Nitumoni on September 3, 2014
  26. maths

    a small ant climbs 3cm in 1 minute but slips down 2cm. how much time will it take to climb 4cm

    asked by ritvik on September 12, 2015
  27. maths

    A triangle has sides 8cm and 5cm and an angle of 90 degrees between them. Calculate the smallest angle of the triangle.

    asked by bashiru on May 21, 2017
  28. maths

    In a class of 80 students, 53 study Art, 60 study Biology, 36 study Art and Biology, 34 study Art and Chemistry, 6 study Biology only and 18 study Biology but not Chemistry. Illustrate the information on a Venn diagram. Determine the number of students who

    asked by Kwame on September 20, 2016
  29. Maths

    In an examination,60 candidates passed science or maths.if 15 passed both subjects and 9 more passed maths than science, find the number of people who passed maths and science, probability that a candidate passed exactly one subject.

    asked by Jocelyn on February 9, 2020
  30. maths

    the length of a rectangle is 4 times than its width. the area of the rectangle is 1024cm2 find the length of the rectangle the perimeter of the rectangle 4 square has the same perieter as that its rectangle. Find the area of the square.

    asked by kareena on June 12, 2017
  31. Maths

    A closed tin is in the shape of a cylinder of diameter 10cm and height 15cm. Use the value 3.14 for pier to find A.the total surface area B.the value of the tin to the r=nearest 10naira,if tin plate cost #4500 per m2

    asked by Ste on April 18, 2017
  32. maths

    If alpha and beta are the zeros of the polynomial p(x)=x^2+x+1 then find the value of 1÷alpha+1÷beta 2)alpha^2+beta^2

    asked by rinu on May 10, 2014
  33. maths

    Sundaram joined a company for a fixed salary per month. After few months, the management felt happy with his work and multiplied his salary by some n times. This happened every few months and his salary kept getting multiplied and he reached a salary of

    asked by kumar on June 19, 2020
  34. Maths

    A village R is 10km from a point P on a bearing 025 from P. Another village A is 6km from P on a bearing 162. Calculate the distance of R from A

    asked by DollyP on May 10, 2015
  35. Maths

    Given that 3^9 + 3^12 + 3^15 + 3^n is a perfect cube number. Calculate the value of n.

    asked by Help on November 12, 2016
  36. maths

    solve the equation x³ − 7x² + 36 = 0 , given that one root is double the other

    asked by tabassum on January 22, 2016
  37. Maths

    find the area of the region bounded by the parabola y^2= 16x and its latus rectum

    asked by Tony on November 15, 2014
  38. maths

    In a class of 60 students,the number of students who passed biology is 6 more than the number who passed chemistry.Every student passed at least one of the two subjects and 8 students passed both subjects.How many students passed biology and chemistry.

    asked by Ernest on March 26, 2019
  39. maths

    An open rectangular box has internal dimensions 2m long, 20cm wide and 22.5cm deep. If the box is made of wood 2.5cm thick, calculate the volume of the wood in cm cube.

    asked by Aghedo sarah on June 17, 2017
  40. maths

    D is partly constant and partly varies with V. when V=40, D=150 and when V=54, D=192. (i)find the formula connecting D and V (ii) find D when V =73.

    asked by gift on April 21, 2019
  41. maths

    If the zero of the polynomial x2 + px +q and double of the zero of 2x2 - 5x-3 respectively find values of p and q?

    asked by kamaraj on June 11, 2016
  42. maths

    ABC company currently has 1/4 fewer computers than it has employees,if they currently have 80 employees and they want to hire 5% many computers will they need to buy to ensure that each employees has one?

    asked by Gladys on October 8, 2016
  43. maths

    In an arithmatic sequence, sum of 9 terms is 279 and sum of 20 terms is 1280. Find 5th term ? Find 16th term ? Write the sequence.

    asked by Balaji on August 11, 2016
  44. Maths

    What does index notation mean? pls help thnx xxx

    asked by Alisha on August 9, 2019
  45. maths

    Given that G=ab, find the percentage increase in G when both a and b increase by 10%.

    asked by arzam on November 9, 2013
  46. maths

    there are 24 hours in a day and scientists tell us that we should sleep for 3/8 of the much time should we spend sleeping?

    asked by milly on March 15, 2009
  47. Maths

    kuldeep had a sum of money. He saved 1/4 of it. He spent 4/9 of the remaining on suitcase. a) What fraction of his money sent on suitcase? b) What fraction of his money was left?

    asked by Annie on May 2, 2017
  48. maths

    john,peter and mary shared a sum of money in ratio 2:4:9.john and peter together received $ much money was shared?plz to show working

    asked by krissy on January 23, 2014
  49. Maths

    If the line x=3 divides the area bounded between the curves y^2=12x and x^2=12y into two parts then the ratio of their areas is

    asked by Anand on July 13, 2016
  50. maths

    1. a man sells a tv for rupees 3450and makes a profit of 15% . he sells a second tv set at a loss of 10%.if on the whole he neither gains nor loses , find the cost price of the second tv. 2.a man sells two tables at the same price. on one he makes a profit

    asked by cutie !!! help me please on June 27, 2013
  51. Maths

    For a prime number greater than 5, what can the last digit be ? Explain your answer.

    asked by Your Boss on July 23, 2019
  52. maths

    What is the standard form of 0.0000035?

    asked by reachel on March 30, 2018
  53. maths

    Three bags of wheat,two bags of corn, and one bag of oats weigh the same as one bag of wheat,one bag of corn and five bags of oats,if two bags of corn and one bag of oats weights 25 pounds and one bags of corn weights 10 pounds,How much does one bag of

    asked by ruth on October 8, 2016
  54. Maths

    Simplify ; 4 root (132 by143) minus 2

    asked by Aditya on August 13, 2015
  55. maths

    Cos square 30 degree cos square 45 degree + 4 sec square 60 degree + 1/2 cos square 90 degree - 2 tan square 60 degree

    asked by trisha on June 1, 2015
  56. Maths

    A boat sails 4km on a bearing of 038 degree and then 5km on a bearing of 067 degree.(a)how far is the boat from its starting point.(b) calculate the bearing of the boat from its starting point

    asked by Bright ulubi on March 28, 2016
  57. Maths

    A closed tin of milk has a diameter of 10 cm and height 16 cm , find the total surface area of the tin {take pie to be 22/7}

    asked by Anita on January 4, 2016
  58. maths

    In a class of 120 students 60 play tennis, 50 play polo,and 20 play both then how many neither play tennis nor polo?

    asked by asha on August 24, 2016
  59. maths

    (a)find the equation of the line which pass through the point (2,-1) and (1,-3). (b)p(2,1) and Q(1,2)are point in the plane. find the bearing of P and Q

    asked by Godwin on July 5, 2020
  60. maths

    The angle of elevation of the top of a tower from a point is 42m alwayfrom its base on level ground is 36 degree. Find the hight of the tower

    asked by mary jane on May 14, 2017
  61. MATHS


    asked by MAYOWA on April 28, 2016
  62. maths

    prove that tan(45+theta)+tan(45-theta)=2sec2theta

    asked by tina on August 10, 2012
  63. Maths

    Rectangular prism container holds about 1320ml of water. Its length, width and height are consecutive whole numbers. One of its dimension is 10cm. What are the dimension of the prism?

    asked by Tshering on April 25, 2020
  64. maths

    calculate the area of a sector of a circle which subtends an angle of 45° at the centre of the circle, radius 14cm

    asked by hassan on May 30, 2019
  65. MATHS

    The 9th and 22nd term of the AP are aw and 55 respectively. find the sum of the 70 term

    asked by PATIENCE JOHNBEE on November 1, 2016
  66. Maths

    In a box of chocolates, •one-fifth are plain chocolate •one-sixth are white chocolate •the other 38 are milk chocolate. How many chocolates are there in the box?

    asked by Amy on July 16, 2016
  67. maths

    I am a 7 digit number My tens place is 3 My lakhs place is 2 My hundreds place is twice the lakhs place My thousands place is thrice the tens place My ten lakhs place is 3 less than the thousands place My ones place is 2 less than the thousands place My

    asked by Anonymous on June 22, 2016
  68. maths

    a rectangular tank 30cm×20cm×12cm contains water to a depth of 6 cm.A metal cube of side 10 cm is placed in the tank with one face resting on the bottom of the tank.find the volume of the water in the litre must be poured in the tank so that the metal

    asked by ambuj on December 1, 2015
  69. Maths

    find the largest number that divides 615 and 963 leaving remainder 6 in each case.

    asked by Anamika on October 2, 2015
  70. Maths

    An aeroplane flies from a town x on a bearing of N45°E o another town y,a distance of then changes course and flies to another town zon a bearing of s60°e.if z is directly east of x,calculate to correct 3significant figures, A.the distance of x

    asked by Fathia on June 13, 2019
  71. maths

    From point AandB on level ground,the angle of elevation of the top of a building are 25degree and 37degree respectively.if |AB|〓57m,calculate,to the nearest metre,the distances of the top of the building from AandB if they are both on thesame side of the

    asked by samuel on June 8, 2017
  72. maths

    The cash price for a car was $7640. Gurtaj bought the car on the following terms : A deposit of 20% of the cash price and 36 monthly payments of $191.60 . Calculate the total amount Gurtaj paid.

    asked by arzam on November 8, 2013
  73. Maths

    A cone height is 9cm has a volume of n cm3 and a curved surface area of ncm2. Find the vertical angle of the cone

    asked by Majid on June 2, 2019
  74. Maths

    Isosceles triangle $ABE$ of area 100 square inches is cut by $\overline{CD}$ into an isosceles trapezoid and a smaller isosceles triangle. The area of the trapezoid is 75 square inches. If the altitude of triangle $ABE$ from $A$ is 20 inches, what is the

    asked by Anonymous on February 15, 2018
  75. maths

    87392 nearest to 5

    asked by Anonymous on January 13, 2019
  76. Maths

    An iron pipe of internal diameter 2.8 cm and uniform thickness 1 mm is melted and a solid cylindrical rod of the same length is formed. Find the diameter of the rod.

    asked by Sudan Maharjan on July 19, 2018
  77. maths

    Sachin and rahul attempted to slove a quadratic eqn. Sachin made a mistake in writing down the constant term and ended up it roots (4,3). Rahul made a mistake in writing down coefficient of x to get roots (3,2) the correct roots of the eqn are:

    asked by jha on July 5, 2014
  78. Maths

    Sam's dad spends 1/2 of his salary every month on rent and 2/5 on petrol. What fraction is left to spent on food and other necessities for the month?

    asked by Aldo on May 28, 2017
  79. maths

    a car weighing 1600kg moving with a velocity of 30 meter per second retarded uniformly coming to rest in 20 seconds calculate 1, initial momentum 2, final momentum 3, rate of change of momentum 4,acceleration of the car 5, magnitude of the force apply

    asked by mike on January 28, 2016
  80. maths

    Find real numbers x and y such that 3x+2iy-ix+5y=7+5i

    asked by moyo on March 14, 2012
  81. Maths

    A Geometric progression X has a first term of 4a and its sixth term is 256. Another Geometric progression Y has a first term of 3a and its fifth term is 48. Find the: (i) First term of X (ii) Sum of the first four terms of X

    asked by Ande2 on June 24, 2019
  82. Maths

    Two observers P and Q 15m apart observe a kite in the same vertical plane and from the same side of the kite.The angle of elevation of the kite from P and Q are 35 degree and 45 degree respectively.Find the height of the kite to the nearest metre.

    asked by Debbie on January 29, 2015
  83. maths

    The measure of one side of a triangular field is 4.2 m .if the difference of the lengths of hypotenuse and the other side is 14 m , find the sides of the triangle and its area?

    asked by pujita on June 4, 2013
  84. MATHS

    If e^(x+3logx) then prove that dy/dx=x^2(x+3)e^x....can anyone help me out...plz note 3+logx is in adition with x and is the power of 'e' its not e^x+3logx

    asked by Abhishek on May 23, 2012
  85. Maths

    An aeroplane is flying horizontally directly towards the city at an altitude of 400 metres. At a given time the pilot views the city lights of Melbourne at an angle of depression of 1.5 degrees. Two minutes later the angle of depression of the city lights

    asked by Rick on September 26, 2017
  86. maths

    a fruit seller buys 712 fruits ,of which 3/4 are apples. of all apples that he bought 1/3 were found to be rotten. if he sold all the good apples at Rs.5 1/4 much money did he receive on selling all the good apples.

    asked by marvin on June 10, 2016
  87. Maths

    A right pyramid on a base 4cm square has a slant edge of 6cm.calculate the volume of the pyramid

    asked by Vivian on October 26, 2011
  88. maths

    A floor is covered by 800 tiles measuring 10 cm square.How many square tiles of side 8 cm would be needed to cover the same floor?

    asked by sweety on February 27, 2011
  89. Maths

    what is Nine minus the quotient of two and a number x?

    asked by Eshaal on June 30, 2018
  90. maths

    calculate third angle of an isosceles triangle whose base angle is 48 degrees

    asked by Nita on April 5, 2016
  91. Maths

    In a test Freya scores 25% more marks than Eva. Eva scores 50% more marks than Dominic. In total the three children score 140 marks. The test if out of 80. What percentage does Dominic score in the test?​

    asked by james on July 2, 2020
  92. Maths

    divide 405 in the ratio 3:12 give your final answer in the form ... and ...

    asked by Jacob on April 1, 2020
  93. maths

    In a graduating class with the same number of boys and girls, 1/8 of the girls and 5/6 of the boys are honor students. What part of the class consists of boys who are not honor students

    asked by athaulla on July 27, 2016
  94. maths

    a rectangle has sides of length 6.1 cm and 8.1 cm correct to 1 decimal place. Calculate the upper bound for the area of the rectangle as accurately

    asked by shehara on August 29, 2019
  95. Maths

    some mangoes were shared between Ada and Chika in the ratio of 3:5. If Ada share was 120, how many were shared between them

    asked by Anonymous on September 17, 2018
  96. MATHS

    A boy spent 1/4 of his money on sweets and 3/8 on bus fares. What fraction of his money is left?

    asked by Help on November 2, 2014
  97. maths

    (Sin^3x-cos^3x)/(sinx-cosx) – cosx/sqrt(1+cot^2x)-2tanxcotx=-1 where x∈(0,2pi) general value of x.

    asked by anil jha on October 17, 2012
  98. maths

    The average Fahrenheit temperature in Fairbanks, Alaska, during a typical 365-days year. The equation that approximates the temperature on day 𝑥 is 𝑦 = 37𝑠𝑖𝑛 [(2𝜋/365)(𝑥 − 101)] + 25 i. On what day is the temperature increasing the

    asked by Umair on July 4, 2020
  99. Maths

    The smallest positive integer value of n for which 168 n is a multiple of 324

    asked by Martabak on August 24, 2011
  100. Maths

    A cylindrical tin full of engine oil has a diameter of 12cm and a height of 14cm. The oil is poured into a rectangular tin 16cm long and 11cm wide. What is the depth of the oil in the tin?

    asked by Christabel on February 5, 2020