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  1. math , correction

    #1 A menu offers a choice of 3 salads, 8 main dishes, and 5 desserts. How many different meals consisting of one salad, one main dish, and one dessert are possible? My answer: 120 mealks possible #2 An uto mobile manufacturerr produces 7 models, each

    asked by student on July 6, 2007
  2. math , correction

    theres a diagram which in the diagram the points are: (-3,1),(0,3),(2,0), (-1,-2). And the directions say: use the concept of slope to determine if the given figure is a parallelogram or a rectangle: so this is what i did please can someone check it to see

    asked by jasmine20 on January 15, 2007
  3. Math , correction

    correct Write the equation of the line passing through each of the given pairs of points. Write your result in slope-intercept form, where possible. (2,-3) and (2,4) this is what i did for it. m= (4-(-3))/(2-2)=(7)/(0)= slope is undefined which means that

    asked by Belinda on January 24, 2007
  4. math , correction

    i just like to know if i am correct. a vertical line in a graph looks like this:up and down a horizontal line looks like this: so if i have x >= 1 will be horizontal on 1 and if y 1, the asympotope will be vertical as x=1 If y

    asked by jasmine20 on January 6, 2007