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  1. History-Civil War

    How important was the Union blockade to defeating the Confederacy, and how could the Union have won without it ?

  2. history-Civil War

    Sorry Sra...your sites didn't help..i was in sooo many sites last two days...no discussion found on this question..you don't know the answer to this ?

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    To Damon, if available, this is my last question in this subject..for me very confusing..don't know where to start or what I'm looking for. Do you see an overall vision, or approach to command and strategy, in Ulysses S. Grant's actions as overall military

  4. History-Civil War

    To - Damon....any comments on the question I posted on 07-10-11 @ 9:48 pm. I always appreciate your remarks...they help

  5. History-Civil War

    What was the most important technological or technical advance made during and for the Civil War ?

  6. History-Civil War

    What was the biggest challenge faced by the federal government at the end of the war in reintergrating the South into the United States of America ?

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    Upon retreating from Petersburg, were there any options open to Lee that might have prolonged the War? Please chech if my answer is correct... No, Lee retreated from Petersburg and attempted to link up with the remnants of Confed. Gen. Johnson's defeated

  8. History-Civil War

    1865: Marching through Georgia In terms of supply, how was Sherman"s march different than other Civil War campaigns? What I found was..Sherman telegraphed President Lincoln, asking him as a gift to Savannah, he would need 150 guns along with plenty of

  9. History-Civil War

    1865-Marching through Georgia How did Sherman's march affect the Confederacy, and advance the cause of Union victory ?

  10. History-Civil War

    Battle of Chattanooga, last fought by Grant and Sherman together. Why was its outcome significant ?

  11. History-Civil War

    Of the Union Generals covered in the course through 1863, who was considered the worst? The.. site you gave me in the past was of no help at all...was mostly timelines..I came up with George B. McClellan ???????

  12. History-Civil War

    To:Damon..His little bit of written info really helps me to complete my essays....New question...Was there an opportunity for the confederates to win during any day of Gettysburg? Identify & analyze the opportunity, and show how the South could have

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    Thank You anyway for your help !

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    Still struggling on info about Vicksburg...

  15. History-Civil War

    What political dangers did President Lincoln face when he issued the Emancipation Proclamation ?

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    Can you please...help...give me more to the answer you gave me earlier today..Was there any course of action that Abraham Lincoln and his administration could have persued that might have prevented the outbreak of war between the North and the Confederacy

  17. History-Civil War

    When Reconstruction began, which groups of Americans living in the South tended to support the Democratic Party?

  18. History-Civil War

    What advantage did Meade have operating in a region friendly to the Union cause?

  19. History-Civil War

    Why was the fishhook formation in the battle of Gettysburg a strong position for the Union forces?Thanks