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  1. calc

    Find the derivatives of the following functions using the differentiation rules. f(x)=(x^3-2x^2+x+1)(sqrt(x)-3x+9) I did: f'(x)=[x^3-2x^2+x+1][(1/2x^(-1/2)-3]+[x^(1/2)-3x+9][3x^2-4x+1] which I got to be

    asked by Anna on September 27, 2010
  2. Calc

    An airplane is flying at a speed of 350 mi/h at an altitude of one mile and passes directly over a radar station at time t=0. a) Express the horizontal distance d (in miles) that the plane has flown as a function of t. I really don't know... would it be

    asked by Chelsea on September 19, 2010
  3. Calc

    I'm kind of rusty on my calc here... ok ther's a graph of velocity vs time w/ velocity in m/s and time in seconds were time is of course the x-axis k I'm asked to describe how the velocity changes over the timer interval in this interval the graph consists

    asked by Kate on June 17, 2010
  4. Calc

    The Public Health Service monitors the spread of an epidemic of a particularly long lasting strain of the flu in a city of 500,000 people using the logistic function. at the biginning of the first week of monitoring (time zero), 200 cases had been

    asked by Brendan on April 5, 2010
  5. calc

    Suppose the cost C(q) (in dollars) of producing a quantity q of a product equals C(q) = 500 + 2q +1/5q^2 The marginal cost M(q) equals the instantaneous rate of change of the total cost. Find the marginal cost when a quantity of 10 items are being

    asked by ty on February 8, 2010
  6. calc

    Integrate (1/2)^(3x+2)dx using substitution.

    asked by Carly on December 6, 2009
  7. calc

    let f(x)= -x^2 +3x on the interval [1,3] . Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum of f(x) on this interval

    asked by casey on November 5, 2009
  8. Calc

    A plane that is flying horizontally at an altitude of 6 kilometers and a speed of 680 kilometers per hour passes directly over a radar station. How fast is the distance between the plane and the radar station increasing when the distance between the two is

    asked by Georgia on October 20, 2009
  9. calc

    integral from -2 to -8 (10x–9x^2)dx use midpoint approximation with n=3 my points were (-8,-6) (-6,-4) (-4,-2) i added them up and dividded by two the plugged it into the orginal eqautipon. The number i got i added and multpiled by three but still got

    asked by haris on June 5, 2009
  10. Calc

    Find the area of the region bounded by y=x^2 and y = -(x-4)^2 +4 and the lines y=0 and y=4.

    asked by Jose on April 2, 2009
  11. calc

    Give 2 positive and 2 negative angles that are coterminal with each angle? 1. 30 degrees 2. 135 degreed 3. -93 degrees

    asked by peter on March 31, 2009
  12. CALC

    If 42600 dollars is invested at an interest rate of 5 percent per year, compounded semiannually. What does semiannually mean? to find the values at 5 years would you just multiply?

    asked by Paisley on March 24, 2009
  13. CALC

    what is the arc length of y=x^4/8 + 1/(4x^2) [-1,-2] i have tried this many times but i am not achieving the answer of 33/16 which is supposed to be correct....much help is appreciated

    asked by josh on February 3, 2009
  14. calc

    a machine can produce 12 clay figure per costs $750 to set up the machine and $6 per hour to run the machine.each clay figure requires $2 of material to produce.if each clay figure will sell for $10 charged,express the revenue cost,and profit in

    asked by natasha on August 26, 2011
  15. calc

    What is the integral of 20 * (sinx)^3 * (cosx)^2?

    asked by Michael on December 1, 2008
  16. calc

    t 2 4 6 8 10 12 v(t) 44 42 41 40 37 35 the velocity in the table is decreasing 2

    asked by Dan on November 2, 2008
  17. calc

    Find the area of the surface obtained by rotating the curve of parametric x=3t-(3/3)t^3 y=3t^2 0

    asked by alexis on October 30, 2008
  18. calc

    how do you find the volume enclosed by x=3y and x=y^3 rotated about the y-axis? when y=>0

    asked by alexis on October 16, 2008
  19. Calc

    How do you find the points of the derivative of a function just from the graph of the function? It wants me to find f'(0), f'(1), etc just from the graph-thanks

    asked by Michael on September 22, 2008
  20. calc

    is the integral of 2x/(x^3-x) =-1/2ln(x+1)+1/2ln(x-1) I got this by doing this: (\=integral sign) 2\1/(x^2-1) 2\1/(x+1)(x-1) =A/(x+1)+B/(x-1) =Ax-A+Bx+B=1 Ax+Bx=0 B-A=1 B=1+A (1+A)x+Ax=0 x+Ax+Ax=0 1+AB=0 2A=-1 A=-1/2 B+1/2=1, B=1/2 etc.

    asked by sarah on January 27, 2008
  21. calc

    is the integral of xln(x)dx= x^2/4(4ln(x)-4-2ln(x)+3)+C?

    asked by sarah on January 22, 2008
  22. Calc

    Find the velocity of a satellite orbiting above the equator of the earth in geosynchronous orbit (Period=24 hours) in km/hr. The earth's mass M=5.974x10^(24)kg and radius R=6,731 km. G=6.673x10^(-11) m^3/(kg*s^2) Use v=(G*M/R)^(1/2) I plugged everything in

    asked by Mischa on January 17, 2008
  23. Calc

    Classify all critical points of the function f(x,y)=x^2-y^2+4x-2y+1. I know I have to take the partial derivative and set them equal to zero to get my points and then use the Hessian. For some reason I am not getting the correct answer. partial d/dx 2x+4

    asked by Britt on December 9, 2007
  24. Calc

    How do you factor -2x^2+60x-120. I got -2(x^2-30x+60) but I need to factor it further.

    asked by Britt on December 8, 2007
  25. calc

    also: integral of tan^(-1)y dy how is integration of parts used in that? You write: arctan(y)dy = d[y arctan(y)] - y d[arctan(y)] Here we again have used the product rule: d(fg) = f dg + g df You then use that: d[arctan(y)] = 1/(1+y^2) dy So, the integral

    asked by marsha on May 23, 2007
  26. calc

    differentiate y=ln(x^5-e^x) Please show the steps in solving change it to y=ln u dy/dx= dy/du * du/dx and of course, dy/du= 1/u I will be happy to critique your work. 1/4x * 4/4x = 4/x Is this correct?

    asked by quita on April 11, 2007
  27. Calc

    A rectangular storage container with an open top is to have a volume of 15m^3. The length of the base is twice the width of the base. Material for the base costs $6 per square meter. Material for the sides costs $7 per square meter. Find the cost of the

    asked by Martina on March 29, 2007
  28. calc

    I assume the poster was trying to type "oblique asymptote" from your answer of 3x+2 + 7/(x-1) we can conclude that there is an oblique linear asymptote of y = 3x + 2, and a vertical asymptote at x = 1 for the original function given. how do u find obblique

    asked by Reiny on March 26, 2007
  29. calc

    A widget factory has fixed costs of 35 billion dollars and variable costs of 781 million dollars per widget. The revenue (in $ billions) from selling x number of widgets is given by the following for x between 0 and 60. R(x) = 0.11(60x - x^2) What is the

    asked by Lia on February 20, 2007
  30. calc

    Verify that the function satisfies the three hypotheses of Rolle's Therorem on the given interval. Then find all numbers c that satisfy the conclusiton of Rolle's Theorem. f(x)= x*sqrt(x+6) [-6,0] f is continuous and differential f(-6) =-6*sqrt(-6+6) =0

    asked by Brian on January 18, 2007
  31. calc

    y=ln(x+1) +ln(x-1) find dy/dx I have trouble with this problem since i'm not that familar with finding the derivative when they involve ln. Please show me how to solve this problem. I should have gotten 2x/(x^2-1)

    asked by Brian on January 17, 2007
  32. Calc

    a) y =ln(x-1) find dy/dx=? b) y=3 ln x - ln (1/x) where x >0, dy/dx= ? My teacher says the answers are a) (2x)/(x^2-1) and b) 4/x I am not sure how you find the derivative when they involve ln. Could you please explain to me how to get these answers? I

    asked by Jamie on January 16, 2007
  33. calc

    find the values of a nad b if the function f(x)=2x^3 + ax^2 + bx + 36 has a local max when x=-4 and a min when x=5 First you calculate the derivative: f'(x)=6x^2 + 2ax + b (1) At the local maximum and minumum f' is zero. If a polynomial is zero at some

    asked by kooldude on November 9, 2006
  34. calc

    find the derivative of y = sqrt(9 - 16x) Use the chain rule. First find the derivative of the sqrt, and multiply that by the derivative of what is contained inside. Cake. Use the chain rule. If we have y(x)=sqrt(9-16x) then y'=d/dx(sqrt(9-16x))*d/dx(9-16x)

    asked by joe on September 27, 2006
  35. calc

    lnx = x^3 + 1 i know x=1 but can you solve this algebraically?

    asked by tom on December 18, 2017
  36. Calc

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation and simplify the result 1. x=sec(1/y) 2. 4xy+ln(x^2y)=7 Hello I sort of know how to do these problems but not really. :( Can someone show all the work to solving them it would help me greatly. Thank you a lot.

    asked by Dora on June 14, 2017
  37. Calc

    The time interval T, in minutes, between patient arrivals in an emergency room is a random variable with exponential density function p(t) = 0:125e^-.125t. What is the average time between patient arrivals? What is the probability of two patients arriving

    asked by Alice on March 29, 2017
  38. Calc

    g'(x)=tan(2/1+x^2) Let g be the function with first derivative given above and g(1)=5. If f is the function defined by f(x)=ln(g(x)), what is the value of f'(1)? I know the answer is 0.311, but I need steps as to why. Please and thanks.

    asked by Will on January 14, 2017
  39. Calc

    Find the Value(s) of C guaranteed by the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals for f(x) =x^3 in the interval [0,3]

    asked by Molly on November 18, 2016
  40. CALC

    Use a triple integral to find the volume of the given solid. The solid enclosed by the cylinder x^2 + y^2 = 9 and the planes y + z = 19 and z = 2.

    asked by Anon on October 19, 2016
  41. Calc

    sinx+x^2y=1 use implicit differentiation to find the second derivative. For the first derivative I got (cos(x)+2xy)/x^2. I have a feeling that is wrong, can someone please help and show steps on how to do this problem. (studying for a midterm).

    asked by Anonymous on June 8, 2016
  42. calc

    Find the point on the graph of y = x2+1 that is closest to the point (3,1). d = √[(x-3)^2+(y-1)^2] d = √[(x-3)^2+(x^2+1-1)^2] d = √[(x-3)^2+(x^2)^2] d = [(x-3)^2+x^4]^1/2 d' = 1/2 [(x-3)^2+x^4)^1/2 [2(x-3)+4x^3] 0 = [1(2x-6+4x^2)] / [2√(x-3)^2+x^4]

    asked by omar on March 17, 2016
  43. calc

    The equation below describes the motion of a particle (s = position in feet, t = time in seconds). Find the INSTANTANEOUS VELOCITY at each time given. s = 1 / (t2 + 1) at time 2 seconds

    asked by janie on December 18, 2015
  44. Calc

    Consider the table of data for the function g(x),below: x: 2.9, 2.99, 2.999, 3.01, 3.1 g(x):4.41, 4.9401, 4.994, -5.006, -5.0601, -5.61 From the data given, it would apPear the lim g(X) x--> 3 is likely to be: A. 3 B. -5 C. Does not exist D. 5 E. -5.61 I

    asked by Anin on November 3, 2015
  45. Calc

    An airplane is flying at a speed of 350 mi/h at an altitude of one mile and passes directly over a radar station at time t=0. a) Express the horizontal distance d (in miles) that the plane has flown as a function of t. I really don't know... would it be

    asked by Justin on October 5, 2015
  46. Calc

    Describe the given set with a single equation or with a pair of equations. The set of points in space that lie 2 units from the point (0,0,1) and, at the same time, 2 units from the point (0,0,-1). I wrote distance equations for both set them equal to each

    asked by Anon on August 25, 2015
  47. calc

    If D is the solid region in the first octant bounded above by the paraboloid z = 1 − x2 − y2 and below by the xy-plane, the volume of D is: so i set this up integrating over dz dr dtheta and got pi/2 but the answer i spi/8

    asked by rebecca on December 7, 2014
  48. calc

    I have asked a couple questions about surface integrals but I was not able to fully understand what the person who answered was saying and/or their answer was not correct. If someone could please help me with this problem that would be great! evaluate the

    asked by rebecca on December 2, 2014
  49. Calc

    Find the linearization of f(x)=cos(x)-sin(2x) at x = 0.

    asked by Fred on November 30, 2014
  50. calc

    When air expands adiabatically (without gaining or losing heat), its pressure P and volume V are related by the equation PV^{1.4}=C where C is a constant. Suppose that at a certain instant the volume is 430 cubic centimeters and the pressure is 89 kPa and

    asked by john smit on October 29, 2014
  51. Calc

    Write a deferential equation describing the given situation. The rate at which the concentration of a drug in the bloodstream decreases is proportional to the concentration. Let Q(t) be the concentration of the drug at any time t and k be a positive

    asked by Rebekah on April 16, 2014
  52. Calc

    The temperature of a chemical reaction, t seconds after the reaction starts, is given by: T(t)= 20+5.25t^.75 degrees F , What is the average temperature during the whole process, if the reaction lasts for 4 minutes and 16 seconds ?

    asked by Rebekah on February 9, 2014
  53. Calc

    f(x)=2ln(x^2+3)-x Domain [-3,5] how do i find the absolute maximum value of this?

    asked by Amanda on March 19, 2013
  54. Calc

    The function f is defined by f(x)= (25-x^2)^(1/2) for -5 less than or = x less than or = 5 A) find f'(x) B) write an equation for the tangent to the graph of f at x=3 C) let g be the function defined by g(x)= (f(x) for -5

    asked by Aparna on March 19, 2013
  55. Calc

    A car is moving at 40 mi/h along a straight line when the driver sees a light turn red. She hits the brakes when she is 100 ft from the light and decelerates at the rate of 16 ft per second squared. How far does she travel before stopping? Choose the whole

    asked by Sean on January 20, 2013
  56. calc

    What function should be used to maximize the volume of an open box that has a surface area of 24 and has a square bottom. x is the bottom and h is the height.

    asked by daryl on December 19, 2012
  57. Calc

    a box with an open top is to be made from a rectangular piece of tin by cutting equal squares from the corners and turning up the sides. The piece of tin measures 1mx2m. Find the size of the squares that yields a maximum capacity for the box. So far i have

    asked by Kieran on September 27, 2012
  58. Calc

    Find the sum of the terms of the finite geometric sequence 1, -2, 4, -8, ...,-8192.

    asked by Timofey on August 17, 2012
  59. Calc

    I have the differential equation dP/dt = 0.5(800-P) and I need to get the population equation P(t). Can someone walk me through the steps? Thanks!

    asked by Kris on May 6, 2012
  60. calc

    The wheels are connected BT a belt. One wheel has a radius of 10inches and is rotating 40rpm. If the other wheel has a radius of 6inches, what is its angular velocity? Is 200rev/3min correct?

    asked by ALISON on April 28, 2012
  61. calc

    A____________B 9 miles is between A and B? at 3pm Andy began travelling South at a rate of 4mi/hr from point A at the same time Bill began travelling West at a rate of 5mi/hr from point B to A both stop wlking when Bill reaches point A What time will the

    asked by angel on April 5, 2012
  62. calc

    Use L’Hopital’s rule to find the limit of this sequence (n^100)/(e^n) ...If you do L'Hop. Rule it would take forever, right? You would always get an (e^n) at the bottom and will have to use the L'Hop. rule 100 times to find the limit...100*n^99,

    asked by lola on February 1, 2012
  63. Calc

    So I have a particle that is moving along the x-axis. I have the acceleration equation, the velocity equation, and the position equation. I need to know what is the first time when t>0 that the particle returns to the origin? My position function is

    asked by Kris on January 20, 2012
  64. calc

    find f'(x) if f(x)=5e^x^2 find f'(x) if f(x)=a^x

    asked by johnanthan on January 19, 2012
  65. Calc

    How close is the semi circle y= sqr.root of 16-x^2 to the point (1, sqr.root 3)? using Optimization

    asked by Anonymous on January 11, 2012
  66. calc

    what is (x^2-8x+3) factored?

    asked by haleigh on January 9, 2012
  67. calc

    What are the first and second derivatives of y= x^(2/3) * (2.5 - x)

    asked by Anonymous on January 8, 2012
  68. Calc

    find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis y=x^2+1; y=9-x^2; about y=-1

    asked by Ashley on December 15, 2011
  69. Calc

    find d^2y/dx^2 of dy/dx = -[y/x]^1/3

    asked by Anonymous on December 5, 2011
  70. Calc

    We are working on finding the intervals of convergence of power series in class. Why do we not have to test for the convergence of the endpoints for geometric series? They always seem to diverge. Is this a set rule when working with the geometric series

    asked by Chloe on December 1, 2011
  71. Calc

    How do you take the integral of dy/(y^2 + 4)?

    asked by Erica on October 30, 2011
  72. calc

    Using Ohm's Law (V=IR), where units are volts, amperes, and ohms, and V is a constant 12, calculate: a) The average rate of change of I with respect to R for the interval from R=8 to R=8.1 b) The rate of change of R with respect to I when I = 1.5

    asked by terra on October 6, 2011
  73. CALC

    I did post it wrong. sin(4x)/sin(x)=4cos(x)cos(2x). Verify the identity, please explain!

    asked by JD on August 13, 2011
  74. calc

    If f(x)= (3x)^(3x), then f'(x) = ? Thank you!

    asked by Erica on April 25, 2011
  75. Calc

    Find the integral from 1 to 0 of arcsin(x)dx Thank you!

    asked by Erica on April 25, 2011
  76. calc

    Compute the indicated derivative. q(p) = 2.5 p + 3.2; q'(5) 1

    asked by Beth on March 3, 2011
  77. Calc

    The temperature at any point in the plane is given by the function T(x,y)= 100/(x^2+y^2+1). Find the direction at the point (3,2) in which the temperature does not increase or decrease. Help, please? Thanks!

    asked by Brittany on February 28, 2011
  78. Calc

    The question that I'm stuck on is this: "Let f(x,y)= x^(2)*ln(y). Find the average rage of change of f as you go from (3,1) to (1,2) and find the instantaneous rate of change of f as you leave the point (3,1) toward (2,1)." Any help would be appreciated.

    asked by Brittany on February 27, 2011
  79. calc

    Can someone please show me how to find the integral of sin squared x?

    asked by lo on February 27, 2011
  80. Calc

    Derivative of: (exp(8x^4))(5x^3+9)^3 ___________________________ (divided by) (22x^2+4x-20)^2

    asked by Skibba on February 24, 2011
  81. Calc

    I have to find the integral of 1/(sq. rt. of (4x-x²)) dx. I know I have to complete the square of the denominator, but im confused on how that process works when im only given 4x-x². Could you demonstrate how to complete the square for that equation?

    asked by Erica on February 22, 2011
  82. calc

    If dy/dx = xy - y^2 and y(1) = 3, then y (2) = ?

    asked by Erica on February 22, 2011
  83. calc

    f(x)=6(sin(x))^x, find f'(1). and f(x)=3x^ln(x), find f'(9). i tried these so many times and it keeps telling me that my answers are wrong :/ for the first one i did f'(1) = 6sin(1) * {ln[sin(1)] + cot(1)}., is that correct, when i put it in my calculator

    asked by yoo on February 18, 2011
  84. Calc

    Set up and evaluate the definite integral for the area of the surface generated by revolving the curve about the y-axis. y = cube rt. (x) + 2 Thank you so much!!

    asked by Erica on February 7, 2011
  85. Calc

    What is the area of the region located between the graphs of y = -x² + x + 4 and y = 2? Thank you so much!

    asked by Erica on February 2, 2011
  86. Calc

    Suppose that a function f(125)=52 and f'(125)=4. Estimate f(123.5)

    asked by Matt on January 29, 2011
  87. Calc

    Given function f defined by f(x) = ( 1- x)³. What are all values of c, in the closed interval [0,3], that satisfy the conditions of the Mean Value Theorem?

    asked by Erica on January 23, 2011
  88. Calc

    (sqrt(9x 5)-sqrt(68))/(x-7) limit as x approaches 7

    asked by Bubba on January 21, 2011
  89. Calc

    y = x^2 y = 6 - x Find the area of the region by integrating (a) with respect to x and (b) with respect to y.

    asked by Erica on January 18, 2011
  90. Calc

    Find the limit as x approaches 0 of (sin x)/(x + tan x)

    asked by Erica on January 18, 2011
  91. Calc

    Let f(t) = 1/t for t>0. For what value of t is f ' (t) equal to the average rate of change of f on [a,b]?

    asked by Erica on January 2, 2011
  92. Calc

    If t is measured in hours and f '(t) is measured in knots, then integral from 0 to 2 of f '(t)dt = ? (Note: 1 knot = 1 nautical mile/hour)

    asked by Erica on January 2, 2011
  93. calc

    construct an isoceles triangle with an area of 100. what is the length of the base of the triangle which has the smallest perimeter? Prepping for a test, explanations please

    asked by C-help please asap on December 9, 2010
  94. Calc

    express 3ln(r)- 5ln(s)+ 7ln (t) as a single logarithm.

    asked by Dan on December 9, 2010
  95. Calc

    Find y' for y = x/(x+y)

    asked by Brandon on December 3, 2010
  96. Calc

    Locate any relative extrema and inflection points. y = (ln x)/x

    asked by Erica on December 2, 2010
  97. CALC

    Evaluate the integral: the integral of [5e^(2t)]/[1+4e^(2t)]dt. I used u sub and let u=e^2t and got 5/2arctan(e^2t)+C. But this answer is incorrect. Please help. Thanks

    asked by Kristina on November 17, 2010
  98. calc

    What is an equation of the line tangent to the graph of f(x)=x2(2x+1)3 at the point where x=-1? (that's x squared (2x+1)cubed) I'm having trouble finding the derivative:f'(x)which would be the slope (m). No one has answered this question yet.

    asked by Naz on November 7, 2010
  99. Calc

    Water is leaking out of an inverted conical tank at a rate of 5800 cubic centimeters per min at the same time that water is being pumped into the tank at a constant rate. The tank has height 8 meters and the diameter at the top is 6.5 meters. If the water

    asked by Pierre on October 28, 2010
  100. Calc

    If f(x)= sec x, find f"(Pi/4) I am not sure how to take the 2nd derivative? f'(x)= sec x tan x f"(x)=??? Is it f"(x)= (sec x tan x)(sec^2x)??? Please Help!

    asked by CMM on October 24, 2010


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