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  1. Biology

    Draw map of nigeria and indicate the local biomes in the different state

    asked by Lee Mitchell on February 27, 2016
  2. biology

    which of the following is not a part of the theory of evolution

    asked by jamie on May 13, 2014
  3. biology

    1. Suppose you plant a seed and observe that a tree of large mass grows from it. The tree achieves a final mass that changes very little for years afterward. Which of the following is true about the tree? (1 point) Both anabolic and catabolic reactions

    asked by 9th grader on September 2, 2016
  4. Biology

    The lignin present in the cell walls of both the sclerenchyma and xylem cells caused these tissues to dye the same color when exposed to the toluidine blue O stain. Speculate on the function of the lignin.

    asked by Pls answer on April 2, 2019
  5. Biology

    1.) Prophage occurs when a.) It bonds with carbohydrates to create a virus b.) Bacteriophage DNA embeds itself in host DNA c.) It detaches from carbohydrates to create a virus. d.) Bacteriophage DNA detatches itself from host DNA. D.

    asked by Help! on February 22, 2016
  6. Biology

    1. What are protists? (1 point) prokaryotes that are part of domain Archaea eukaryotes that are not part of the plant, animal, or fungi kingdoms single-celled organisms that belong to the plant, animal, and fungi kingdoms single-celled eukaryotes that are

    asked by Becky on May 16, 2016
  7. biology


    asked by KATE on September 23, 2009
  8. biology

    1. how does the density of ice compare to that liquid water and why is that property important to aquatic oranisms a. the density of ice is higher than that liquid water, which means that ice forms from the bottom of lakes upward , protecting aquatic life

    asked by 9th grader on August 23, 2016
  9. Biology

    Which of the following is a correct statement? A. Decomposition is an important part of only two of the three nutrient cycles. B. The nutrient cycles contain paths of elements through the living world but not through the nonliving world. C. Living

    asked by Cassie on September 4, 2013
  10. biology

    Several species of warblers can live in the same spruce tree ONLY because they a. have different habitats within the tree b. don't eat food from the tree c. occupy different niches within the tree **** d. can find different temperatures within the tree

    asked by Anonymous on October 5, 2018
  11. biology

    Which of the following would differ if you compared the same reaction taking place with and without an enzyme? a. the chemical energy of the reactants. b. the chewmical energy of the products. c. the energy required to start the reaction. d. the overall

    asked by Anonymous on August 20, 2018
  12. biology

    Which of the following is the definition of ecology? -the social movement with a goal to protect the environment -the recycling of human-made materials to reduce the waste going into landfills -the study of interactions among organisms and between

    asked by oto on September 13, 2016
  13. biology

    A red blood cell is placed into each of the following solutions. Indicate whether crenation, hemolysis, or neither will occur. Solution A: 3.21% (m/v) NaCl Solution B: 1.65% (m/v) glucose Solution C: distilled H2O Solution D: 6.97% (m/v) glucose Solution

    asked by sol on September 29, 2011
  14. Biology

    Suggest why Ia and Ib alleles are dominant over Io allele. Why in IaIo genotype, the Io allele is masked

    asked by Dean on June 4, 2015
  15. Biology

    Explain the processes that take place in the stroma including the reactants going in and the products produced from these processes in (a) bright sunlight and in (b) darkness. (c) What happens over an extended period of darkness of many days? I don't

    asked by Anonymous on October 30, 2015
  16. Biology

    A blue eyed man whose parents were brown eyed marries a brown eyed woman whose father was brown eyed whose mother was blue eyed they have one female child who is blue eyed make a pedigree chart based on the information above.

    asked by Kimberly on January 18, 2013
  17. Biology

    Which of the following is not a step in the light dependent reactions? A. High energy electrons move through the eletrons transport chain. B. Pigments in the photocenter absorb light. C.ATP synthase allows H+ ions to pass througb the thylakoid membrane. D.

    asked by Connections Academy on September 17, 2019
  18. Biology

    Explain how human activities can cause an imbalance in biogeochemical cycling and lead to problems such as cultural eutrophication and fish kills.

    asked by Ash on October 17, 2014
  19. Biology

    In what situations would sampling work best for estimating population size, in what situations would mark and recapture work best and why?

    asked by Quentin on October 3, 2010
  20. biology

    if immigration and emigration numbers remain equal, which of these could cause a slowed growth rate? a. increased birthrate b. constant death rate c. decreased birthrate**** d. constant birthrate

    asked by Anonymous on October 21, 2018
  21. Biology

    Suppose you are a scientist trying to help people who cannot produce an enzyme needed for proper digestion. How could you use genetic engineering techniques to make transformed bacteria that produce the enzyme?

    asked by BaileyBubble on December 17, 2012
  22. biology

    Which best describes Francis Bacon’s contribution to the Scientific Revolution?

    asked by sarah on February 27, 2018
  23. Biology

    Which of the following is a NOT function of a vacuole? packing of materials transport of materials storage of materials breakdown of materials I'm confused. I know that vacuoles store materials, in other words, C is not correct since it's true. But the

    asked by SkatingDJ on November 3, 2015
  24. Biology

    Looking at a cell under a microscope, you note that it is a prokaryote. How do you know? A. The cell lacks cytoplasm. B. The cell lacks a cell membrane. C. The cell lacks a nucleus. D. The cell lacks genetic material.

    asked by ti on November 15, 2018
  25. Biology

    1. All fungi are ~photosynthetic ~heterotrophic ~autotropic ~parasitic 2. What structure is missing in the fungal hypae shown on the right side of Figure 21-5? ~cell walls ~cross walls ~nuclei ~cytoplasm 3. Which of the following is true of fungi? ~Like

    asked by Becky on May 18, 2016
  26. biology

    During diffusion, when the concentration of molecules on both sides of a membrane is the same, the molecules will a. move across the membrane to the outside of the cell b. stop moving across the membrane*** c. continue to move across the membrane in both

    asked by Anonymous on August 23, 2018
  27. Biology

    Has anyone done the effect of cell size on material transport portfolio in Connections academy?

    asked by Amanda on October 28, 2016
  28. Biology

    List from least sweet to most sweet: Fructose - glucose - sucrose I'm unsure😫

    asked by Bio 101 on September 22, 2019
  29. Biology

    In chemistry PO4 is non polar, but in biology the phosphate functional group PO4 is polar? How so?

    asked by Josh on September 6, 2019
  30. Biology

    1. Which of the following is the definition of ecology? the social movement with a goal to protect the environment the recycling of human-made materials to reduce waste going into landfills the study of interactions among organisms and between organisms

    asked by Anon on August 24, 2012
  31. biology

    Which of the following is not true about water molecules? a. Water molecules are polar b. Water molecules form hydrogen bonds c. Water molecules form ionic bonds *** d. Water is an effective solvent

    asked by Anonymous on August 6, 2018
  32. Biology

    Sort the terms and phrases as to whether they function in or describe primary growth or secondary growth? Place each term or phrase to the appropriate bin. If the term or phrase describes both primary and secondary growth, place it to the "both" bin. If

    asked by Thomas on March 9, 2014
  33. Biology

    1.) Do you think evolution is still taking place in the Galapagos finches? Why or why not? According to what I’ve learned yes evolution is still taking place in the Galapagos finches. Isolation and gene mutations cause species to evolve into different

    asked by Do my answers seem right? on February 2, 2016
  34. biology

    biotic community in Nigeria

    asked by auwal on June 20, 2019
  35. Biology

    Which of the following statements is true? Since all cells carry out cellular repiration, they contain mitochondria. A cell cannot be subdivided into smaller units that maintain the living state. Plant cells contain chloroplasts and no mitochondria while

    asked by Ciel phantomhive on August 29, 2019
  36. biology

    1. Record your observations of the roots of the bean and radish plants in the appropriate data chart. Be sure to include a sketch of each plant’s roots. Answer: Data Chart: Bean Plant Nodules present? Number of nodules Number of pink nodules Number of

    asked by Sam on June 1, 2011

    which of the follwing is best definition of science? A.a body of knwolege gathered throgh experiments. B.a process of accidental discorery. C. a search for answers to questions about the natural world. D. a method of asking testable questions based on

    asked by Lola on January 19, 2012
  38. Biology

    What is the advantage of highly folded membranes in a cell? Name an organelle that uses this strategy?

    asked by Tevon Pitts on October 28, 2014
  39. Biology

    1 . Which of the following is the definition of ecology? the social movement with a goal to protect the environment🌳 get rid of the miserableness toxins and vaccinations. the study 🔬 of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their

    asked by apple-face on November 27, 2019
  40. biology

    1) Choose invertebrate to research. Explain how body plan and anatomy enables invertebrate to perform the essential functions it needs to survive. Explain how your chosen invertebrate fits into the cladogram of invertebrates. 2) Chordates (not a primate)

    asked by Carl Wheezer on April 4, 2017
  41. Biology

    The endosymbiont hypothesis offers an explanation for how eukaryptoc cells could have obtained mitochondria and chloroplasts through a symbiotic relationship with prokaryotic cells that changed over time. What structural feature of prokaryotic cells might

    asked by Marisol on February 14, 2007
  42. Biology

    One of the differences between Cambrian animals and pre-Cambrian animals was the appearance of ___________ such as antennae as Cambrian animals evolved. Can somebody help me I literally have no clue.

    asked by Help! on May 19, 2016
  43. biology

    Choose the total number of each item requested below. 4C6H12O6 Carbon atoms Hydrogen atoms Oxygen atoms Molecules

    asked by Anonymous on October 29, 2012
  44. Biology

    A woman who is a carrier for hemophilia marries a man who does not have hemophilia. What are the chances of them having a son or daughter with hemophilia? Show your work. I need help with this short-answer/essay/written problem. I think the answer to this

    asked by Anonymous on December 30, 2018
  45. biology

    Bromothymol blue (BTB) is a chemical that turns yellow in the presence of carbon dioxide. In the presence of oxygen, BTB stays blue. In his science class, Sanjay used BTB to test for the presence of those two gases in three situations. *Sanjay's Procedure*

    asked by Cody on December 17, 2008
  46. biology

    Which is an ion found in a glass of water? i think it would be oxygen, correct?

    asked by Castermans.m on January 19, 2017
  47. biology

    which of the following statements about enzymes is NOT true? A. enzymes work best at a specified pH B. all enzymes have the same shape as their substrates. C. enzymes are proteins D. the shape of an enzyme allows it to do its job. im pretty sure its A. Am

    asked by Emily on May 12, 2017
  48. Biology

    Write with the aid of map describe the local biotic community in Nigeria

    asked by Chiabonefu Kelly obinna on April 25, 2019
  49. Biology

    Why do you think biologists use both the embryological development and the adult body plans to classify an animal? My answer: Biologists use both because there are many different phyla in the adult body plans. The embryological development help

    asked by SkatingDJ on May 11, 2016
  50. Biology

    if the surface area of a cell that is shaped like a cube increases 100 times, it’s volume increases about… A. 5 times B. 10 times C. 100 times D. 1000 times.

    asked by anon12 on September 8, 2018
  51. Biology

    Refer to the family pedigree shown here. In generation 1 one parent is affected by the gene mutation and one parent isnt. I generation 2 all three children are affected by the gene mutation. What can you conclude about this gene mutation?

    asked by Anonymous on August 15, 2019
  52. Biology

    Can someone check my answers please? 1. Which of the following is not a characteristic of life? A. Maintains homeostasis B. Composed of cells C. Composed of atoms*** D. Carries out metabolism 2. Which of the following represents a correct sequence of

    asked by Brooklyn on September 7, 2017
  53. biology

    jordan is doing a science fair project on the effect of music on the growth of tomatoes. he has two tomato plants, plant A and B, that he grows in a window and gives the same amount of water. plant A is exposed to classical music using headphones attached

    asked by rose fuentes on September 10, 2014
  54. Biology

    What is true of the energy that is passed from one trophic level to the next in a food chain? A)About 10% of the energy passed from one level to the next is released as heat. B)About 10% of the stored energy of one level becomes stored energy at the next

    asked by SkatingDJ on October 1, 2015
  55. Biology

    In which case would a widely accepted scientific idea MOST likely be revised? A) when an error is found in a previous calculation B) when scientists calculate a quantity with greater accuracy C) when several well-tested findings go against the accepted

    asked by Rafa on June 19, 2015
  56. Biology

    The matching strand to the one in Figure 12-7, reading from the bottom up, would be??? the figure is (from the bottom up) T C G A please help im so lost. :(

    asked by BaileyBubble on December 17, 2012
  57. biology

    Which of the following is the most important process specific to land-dwelling plants? a. production of photosynthetic pigments b. conservation of water c. exchange of gas d. presence of cell walls

    asked by Anonymous on November 25, 2018
  58. Biology

    describ the local biotic communities in nigeria and five biomes of the world

    asked by MERCY on May 28, 2019
  59. Biology

    Diagram the genotypes of the P1 pea plants from the previous four questions by placing the correct answer on its correct place.

    asked by Sabrina on August 12, 2014
  60. biology

    During an experiment, a scientist observed prokaryotes that lived near volcanic vents deep in the ocean. The scientist most likely observed a, photoautotrophs b. chemoautotrophs **** c. heterotrophs d. photoheterotrophs

    asked by Anonymous on November 27, 2018
  61. Biology

    For a male and female bison that are both heterozygous for normal skin pigmentation to produce an albino offspring.... 1. What are genotype of parents (A= normal skin, a=albino) AA x AA Aa x Aa * aa x aa 2. what are possible genotypes of offspring? Aa only

    asked by lou on February 20, 2019
  62. biology

    What connections can you identify between the metric units for length and volume length x length x length = cubic length. That is cm x cm x cm = cubic centimeters or m x m x m = cubic meters. That is length used to measure the sides will provide a volume.

    asked by wow on September 25, 2006
  63. biology

    All of the cells are in the very early stages of embryonic development and have not begun to differentiate into specialized types of cells. What type of cells would these be? A) gametes B) stem cells C) somatic cells D) epidermal cells

    asked by Angelina on December 6, 2016
  64. Biology

    1. In a plant’s stem, the vascular tissue (1 point) is always arranged in rings of vascular bundles. is continuous from the roots to the leaves.*** carriest nutrients up the stem but not down. plays a role in photosynthesis and storage. 2. Many cacti,

    asked by SkatingDJ on April 10, 2016
  65. biology

    Are an organism's characteristics determined only by its genes? Explain. Yes, an organism's characteristics are determined only by It's genes becuase the parents give their offspring genes which determines their characteristics. Is my answer correct? Do I

    asked by franny on February 25, 2007
  66. Biology

    What would most likely happen to cells placed in fresh water? a- water would flow out because they are hypotonic to the external environment b- water would flow into them because they are hypotonic to the external environment c- water would flow out of

    asked by Steve on February 1, 2016
  67. Biology

    Which parts of Lamarck's theory of evolution are no longer supported today? Choose two of the following. - Organisms change over time - Traits acquired during an organism's lifetime can be passed down to its offspring - War, famine, and disease help keep

    asked by SkatingDJ on February 3, 2016
  68. Biology

    |Question| Living organisms are composed of millions of organic compounds, each having a unique structure. What element is responsible for this huge diversity of molecules? Describe the diversity of structures that can be formed and the properties of this

    asked by jack the cookie monster on August 30, 2017
  69. biology

    Explain the processes that take place in the stroma including the reactants going in and the products produced from these processes in (a) bright sunlight and in (b) darkness. (c) What happens over an extended period of darkness of many days? I need HELP

    asked by blah on February 5, 2016
  70. Biology

    In the classification of eukaryotes, protsists were once placed in a single kingdom. Briefly evaluate whether this classification system is accurate. Why might it be difficult to classify some slime molds as unicellular or multicellular? I know the first

    asked by SkatingDJ on March 30, 2016
  71. biology

    1.What is the % concentration of oil in the first, second, and third trophic levels in our food chain? 2.How did the concentration of oil change from one trophic level to the next? 3.How does the change in concentration represent biomagnification? 4.How

    asked by kiesha on August 9, 2012
  72. biology

    What happens to proteins dissolved in water when you heat it to 100 degrees celcius?

    asked by Anonymous on November 4, 2010
  73. biology

    Cells such as neurons, which rarely if ever divide, can be explained as __________. A) being in the G0 phase of the cell cycle B) unable to activate apoptosis C) being in the G1 phase of the cell cycle D) having no active cell cycle I'm pretty sure it's A

    asked by Rylee on February 16, 2018
  74. biology

    skin cells seem to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle how is this arrangement of cells helpful to an organism?

    asked by josh on November 8, 2009
  75. Biology

    What are two traits of an information source that may indicate the information given is scientifically unreliable? Answer: peer review does not necessarily indicate that the other field expert reviews are in agreement with conclusions of the original

    asked by Please Help on August 28, 2014
  76. biology

    Which of the following statements is true? 1.Both unicellular and multicellular organisms are at risk of having too much water entering their cells if they are exposed to water containing no salts. 2.Only multicellular organisms have structures that enable

    asked by Cassie on October 10, 2013
  77. biology

    Which characteristic of life is maintaining a stable internal environment. A)Reproducing B)Homeostasis C)Growing and developing D)Responding to stimuli

    asked by BBG.D2K need help plzz on October 23, 2014
  78. biology

    Communication between cells,tissues and organs.What Blood component?And mode action? Can someone help me please?

    asked by marie on November 12, 2012
  79. Biology

    Compare and contrast the structure and function of a compound light microscope and a scanning electron microscope. Be sure to discuss the structure and function of each as well as the function and usefulness of each when examining a specimen. Please help!

    asked by School Lover on August 26, 2014
  80. Biology

    Evaluate the difficulties with reintroduction programs using captive-born animals. thanks, Amber I have no idea

    asked by Amber on October 17, 2006
  81. biology

    If a brown-eyed man marries a blue-eyed woman and they have ten children, all brown-eyed, can you be certain that the man is homozygous? If the eleventh child has blue eyes, what will that show you about the father’s genotype?

    asked by laurie on November 15, 2010
  82. biology

    which of the following is not a characteristic of life A. maintains homeostasis B. composed of cells C. composed of atoms D. carries out metabolism which of the following must be true to consider something to be alive? A. it must be able to replicate it's

    asked by leslie on August 17, 2016
  83. biology

    How is the earthworm’s digestive system adapted for extracting relatively small amounts of food from large amounts of ingested soil?

    asked by Anonymous on April 22, 2010
  84. Biology

    Most enzymes in the human body work best at 37 degrees C (98.6 F.) What do you think this means then when your sick?

    asked by nadia on October 16, 2019
  85. Biology

    Describe two practical applications for being able to extract DNA from cells. Genetically engineering insulin producing bacteria Crime lab testing of blood (white cells have DNA) and semen what are some biome characteristics for a freshwater wetland

    asked by Anonymous on October 5, 2006
  86. Biology

    Which of the following lists structures from smallest to largest? A. Chromosome, supercoil, coil, nucleosome, double helix B. Chromosome, coil, double helix, nucleosome, supercoil C. Double helix, nucleosome, coil, super coil, chromosome D. Nucleosome,

    asked by Please help on September 11, 2018
  87. biology

    Which of the following statements about the nucleus is NOT true? a. The nucleus stores coded instructions for making the cell's proteins.*** b. The nucleus usually contains a nucleolus region which is where ribosome assembly begins. c. The nucleus is the

    asked by Anonymous on August 22, 2018
  88. Biology

    I would like some help if that is OK, like soon!:) 1.) A group of scientists proposes an idea that a chemical compound will enable bean plants to grow faster. They grow one group of bean plants in the presence of the compound and another group in the

    asked by Jessica on September 19, 2016
  89. biology

    North American wolves can have gray fur or black fur. A single gene with two alleles codes for fur color. Information about the fur color of parents and offspring in four wolf families is shown below. Family 1 | gray fur x black fur | 3 gray fur : 2 black

    asked by elizabeth on January 2, 2019
  90. biology

    when robert hooke observed cork through his compound microscope , all that he could see were empty chambers. why were hooke's chambers empty

    asked by idk on March 13, 2013
  91. Biology

    -Rank the following terms from simplest to most complex: cells, organelles, organs, tissue, organism. -If a cell is like a school, then the nucleus would be...? -Which organelle serves as a "workbench" for the ribosomes?

    asked by Astrid on December 4, 2008
  92. biology

    Suppose you have monohybrid snapdragons in your garden and you find that they produce red seeds to white seeds in the ratio of 3:1. If the alleles are designated R (red seeds) and r (white seeds), what are the probable phenotypes of the parents (P1)?

    asked by terbreon on January 22, 2015
  93. Biology

    Which of the following statements correctly compares the functions of a plant's roots and stem? The stem contains a high percentage of cells that provide structural support, unlike the roots. The stem is the first part of the plant to emerge from a seed,

    asked by Madi on September 28, 2012
  94. Biology

    Based on current evidence, what process most accurately describes how chloroplasts and mitochondria evolved? a.photophosphorylation b.endosymbiosis c.photosynthesis d.cellular respiration I personally think the answer is d.

    asked by Jonathan on March 5, 2019
  95. Biology

    17.Which one of the following statements is true regarding voluntary and involuntary responses? A.Voluntary responses control the activity of glands. B.Involuntary responses are part of the autonomic system. C.Voluntary responses originate in the sensory

    asked by Anonymous on September 9, 2014
  96. biology

    A man with normal color vision marries a woman who is colorblind. What percentage of their sons would be colorblind, what percentage of their daughters would be colorblind, what percentage of their daughters would be carriers of the colorblind gene?

    asked by Andrew on March 31, 2011
  97. Biology

    A farmer grew only one type of onion. All of the onion plants died from the same disease. What can be said of this onion plant population. A. Only few plants were resistant to the disease B. All of the onion plants were resistant to the disease. C. The

    asked by Anne on September 30, 2017
  98. Biology

    In the 1940’s, Avery, MacCleod, and McCarty transformed nonencapsulated bacteria into encapsulated forms by growing the nonencapsulated cells in a cultre containing an extract made from dead encapsulated cells. The transformed cells produced colonies of

    asked by Lyndsay on December 19, 2017
  99. biology

    Which type of reproduction is associated with using the most necessary resources (e.g., the most nutrients or most energy)? - binary fission - asexual reproduction - sexual reproduction - budding

    asked by Anonymous on May 19, 2014
  100. Biology

    Given the inefficiency of two of the pathways shown in figure 9-4, what advantage could there be to using these pathways to produce energy?

    asked by Anonymous on December 17, 2015