World Issues

World History (last one promise)
Name three famous roman writers. Name their works and explain why these works are important. :-)

World History.. again :x
Name new ideas in technology that occurred during the Greco-Roman time?

World History
Who was Hannibal? What happened to him? Why was he important?

World History
Who were the patricians and plebeians and why were they in conflict with each other?

World History
Why were the etruscans considered to be the greatest influence on early rome?

Geography Report (Ms. Sue)
This is what I have written so far. Do you suggest any improvements? Location: Chicago's absolute location is about 42 degrees North latitude and 87 degrees West longitude. It is located upon the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan in the northeastern part of Illinois. Place: ...

1. What is the product of (5.1 × 10^3) • (3.2 × 10^3)? (1 point) 16.32 × 10^6 1.632 × 10^7 16.32 × 10^9 1.632 × 10^10 2. What is the product of (7.28 × 10^-2) • (9.1 × 10^-2)? (1 point) 6.6248 × 10^-3 66.248 × 10^-4 6.6248 × 10^4 66.248 × 10^-3 3. What is the ...

Geography Report (Ms. Sue)
I know you told me not to post a rough draft, but I have only written three paragraphs and I am struggling to write the others. Even so, could you evaluate the paragraphs I have already written and tell me of what could be improved or improvised. Thank you. "Location: The city...

World History and Geography 9R - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hinduism VS Buddhism?? Similarities and differences Please help and something for a 9th grader to UNDERSTAND.

What object would you write this poem on and why? The Secrets We Hide © Tiffany Franklin we struggle to have meaning in this world which we all know we try but yet we wonder where we all should go hidden in the questions which we can not find the answers are all hidden deep ...

(1) After my interview with these four young people, I reflected on the quiet sense of "difference" I sensed with many of these Upward Bound students. (2) As a college teacher who has also taught seventh-grade science, I have some experience with the faces and attitudes of ...

World History
In what ways were the Indus Valley people an advanced civilization?

In the typing world, 80 words per minute is considered acceptable. How many words per 30 minutes is this? 8

Help history
World civilization 1 and 2 Which one s more interesting please help I have to chose one

can someone help me anser this question on installing microsoft--- Describe an experience installing the Microsoft Office Suite software. Note: If the software is already preinstalled, take a look at where the software is installed and list the components that are included in ...

English (literature)
Can someone compare both William Bradford and Thomas Morton's reasons for coming to the new world? thank you.

Geography (Ms. Sue)
1). Why might Finland worry about nuclear power in Russia? A: ? 2). What was Russia's unemployment rate in 1998? A: Russia's unemployment rate was 13.5 % (or 13%?) in 1998? 3). What might account for the dip in life expectancy for Russian men? A: ? 4). How does male life ...

college essay
can someone help me edit this My Song My existence thus far has been a musical performance. The world is my stage, the platform upon which I express myself creatively. My life is the reputable melody that I play on my guitar, and the notes are my memories and life experiences...

Geography (Ms. Sue)
1). Why were world leaders concerned about the security of nuclear weapons in Russia and the Republics after 1991? A: World leaders were concerned about security of nuclear weapons in Russia and the Republics after 1991 because the Soviet Union, which had once controlled those...

Geography (Ms. Sue)
1). Some Russians have objected to the creation of new federal districts. Why might there be disagreement over the districts? A: There might be disagreement over the districts because the President of Russia hopes that the heads of the new federal districts will force regional...

Science-Earth's History
The geologic time scale originally ordered Earth's rocks by: A. absolute age B. relative age C. composition D. decades and centuries B Where did scientists originally get their information to develop the geologic time scale? A. They collected and studied rock samples in Europe...

Geography (Ms. Sue)
1). What were some of the objects traded or transported over the Silk Road? A: Some of the objects traded of transported included silk, gold, silver, ivory, jade, wine, spices, amber, linen, porcelain, grapes, perfumes, ostriches, and acrobats. 2). Why have some people ...

Below is the last stanza of a poem, "Dover Beach," written in 1876 by Matthew Arnold. Ah, love, let us be true To one another! For the world, which seems To lie before us like a land of dreams, So various, so beautiful, so new, Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light, Nor...

reading interpretation
(1) After my interview with these four young people, I reflected on the quiet sense of "difference" I sensed with many of these Upward Bound students. (2) As a college teacher who has also taught seventh-grade science, I have some experience with the faces and attitudes of ...

What has been the U.S. policy toward the World Trade Organization (WTO)? A It has generally tried to convince the WTO to support a more protectionist stance in world trade. B It has attempted to strengthen the WTO. C It has refused to participate in the WTO. D It has neither ...

complete the sentence by writing the correct form of the word shown in parentheses. You may not need to change the form that is given. 1. Is their (dissuade) Ted from attempting that difficult dive. dissuading 2. That statement is absolutely (fallacy). fallacious. 3.Dr.Kims ( ...

The use of the British thermal unit (Btu {\rm Btu}) is common in much engineering work. (1 Btu {\rm Btu} = 1054J {\rm J}) A Btu {\rm Btu} is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 lb {\rm lb} of water by 1 ∘ F ^\circ {\rm F}. How many quads of energy ...

figure of speech
The World is as big as....

Suppose Preun Inc. issues $200 million in 60 day maturity commercial paper at a price of 99.35 par. (commercial paper is like a zero coupon bond. You buy it at a price of less than its par value and it pays the investor par value at the maturity date.) It then uses this money ...

world history
the meaning of paleolithic age

which of the following types of bitmap graphics is most commonly used on the world wide web? My answer JPEG B. BMP C. PICT D. GIF I'm I on the right track?

A man seeking to set a world record wants to tow a 106,000-kg airplane along a runway by pulling horizontally on a cable attached to the airplane. The mass of the man is 77 kg, and the coefficient of static friction between his shoes and the runway is 0.82. What is the ...

The froghopper (Philaenus spumarius), the champion leaper of the insect world, has a mass of 12.3mg and leaves the ground (in the most energetic jumps) at 4.00m/s from a vertical start. The jump itself lasts a mere 1.00ms before the insect is clear of the ground. (a) find the ...

World History
Describe the movement of the Indo-Europeans in their earliest migration I need a short answer pls!

How does the following quote support the idea that class division is a type of prejudice seen in the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird?: "There's four kinds of folks in the world. There's the ordinary kind, like us and the neighbours, there's the kind like the Cunningham's out in ...

Find the derivatives of: 1. H(x)= sin2xcos2x The answer given is 2cos4x. My question is, how in the world did they get that!? Shouldn't the answer at least contain the sin function, either negative or positive seeing as it's the derivative of cos? Also, which rules are ...

world history
What role did the Greeks play in the creation of the Maurya Empire?

HELP! Explain ethical issues in psychological research.

World History
Which of the following is not a reason for the collapse of classical empires? A. Small size of empire B. Large size of empire C. Invasions D. Diseases I know invasions is not the correct answer.

world geography
Imagine you are an elected official with the responsibility of drafting legislation designed to protect our environment. What items will you include in your bill? Who will be responsible for the bill's implementation? Its enforcement

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!! <3 1. Which of the following describes the role of an anthropologist? (1 point) a person who studies the origin and development of humans*** a person who searches for artifacts from prehistoric people a person who excavates remains from early ...

worldwide issues
If money wasn't used on electronic warfare how would our lives be different?

English - Please help quickly!!
I need help with making a thesis statement for an essay I have to write on the book Poisonwood Bible The prompt I have says : Choose a novel or play that depicts a conflict between a parent and a son or daughter. Write an essay in which you analyze the sources of the conflict ...

world history
what was the most significant reform that Peter the Great implemented in Russia?

us history
Which of the following reasons allowed Great Britain to further its colonization in the New World?

us history
What were religious groups who came to the New World looking for? a. Religious freedom for all religious groups. b. Equality for all. c. To avoid religious and civil persecution. d. To expand their religion throughout the colonies. A For what reason did the colonists feel that...

us history
Why were the British more successful than the Spanish in colonizing North America? Select one: a. They found more gold. b. They had a stronger military. c. They attracted more immigrants. d. They bonded with Native American populations. On the heels of repealing the Stamp Act...

English on different cultures
Why do many people across the world watch korean dramas instead of their own culture dramas?

Geography (Ms. Sue)
1). How does the direction in which European rivers flow aid in linking Europeans to the world? A: The direction in which European rivers flow aid in linking Europeans to the world as they flow from the interior to the sea and are large enough for ships to traverse, ...

world history 8
Britain chose to keep Canada instead of these two slave colonies. a. Martinique and St. Kitts b. Martinique and Guadalupe c. Martinique and St. Johns d. Guadeloupe and St.Kitts d?

Please help me! I do not under stand any of this! I know i should do it on my own. but please help me!! 1.(6.0 x 10^5) x (3.0 x 10^4) = (1 point) 18 x 10^20 18 x 10^9 1.8 x 10^20 1.8 x 10^10 2. (5 x 10^–2) ÷ (2 x 10^3) = (1 point) 2.5 x 10^-5 2.5 x 10^-1 25 x 10^1 25 x 100^...

world civilations
. How do you evaluate and understand the later Ming decision to drop (and forget about) the voyages?

Grammar Advisor
Are these correct? I mark my answer with an X. 88. The reason to list all of the preliminary (non-procedural) information in a lesson plan is to be sure have considered each aspect. keep good records for your future needs. be able to communicate clearly with administrators, ...

The Pitsburg Steelers will fly near Akron Ohio which is "the ------ capitol of the world" and Toledo Ohio known as "----- ----"

1.which factor is most helpful in helping technology to progress? a) unintended consequences b) a better understanding of the natural world c) risk-benefit analysis d)obsolete technologies 2. an oven is a technological system. which of the following describes into this system...

Matt Ashell, world famous downhill skier, waxed his skis with the wrong kind of wax and ended up with a relatively high coefficient of friction of 0.40. If Matt, who weights 667.5 N is on a downhill slope of 38 degrees, will he slide without a push?

world history
Comparing and Contrasting-In what ways are modern burial practices similar to those of the ancient Egyptians? How are they different?

English 9R
connect your poem to something in the world, i.e. a song, film, current event, etc. Play the song or just mention the connection to the class. Have the students guess why this relates to your poem. My group and I read "The Eagle" by Alfred Lord Tennyson I'm having a hard time ...

ap world history
which region of the world benefited more from the columbian exchange?

Can someone help me with this question as in don't give me the answer but help me how to start it! I've been stuck on this question for the past 20 min trying different ways. Thanks In 2010, only 700 mountain gorillas remained in the world. Of these, about 5/9 of them were ...

ap world history
how did wheat impact the Americas?

world lit
A comprehensive defense! More effective, perhaps, If I knew its purpose. Come: what is it? Explain it?

An extension to my other question- how did oliver cromwell like impact the world and why was he significant? It could relate to if he had high moral principles. I wrote my essay but I don't know how to close it up.

Part I: Statistical Measures Statistics is a very powerful topic that is used on a daily basis in many situations. For example, you may be interested in the age of the men who attend Silver’s Gym. You could not assume that all men are the same age. Thus, it would be an ...

Geography (Ms. Sue)
1). What are the steps in slash-and burn farming? 2). What are some of the problems of cities in the region? My answers to these questions are the following: 1). The steps of slash-and-burn farming are: first, to cut trees, brush, and grasses to clear a field. The second step ...

Decide which of the two reasons offered in each instance will be more persuasive to the specified audience.Write out the implied warrant for each "because" clause and explain whether the specific audience will likely grant it or not. 1)Audience:people who advocate a pass/fail ...

What are the common nouns in these sentences? I think I have them right but I'm not sure. 1 is zone. 2 is steamboat. 3 is sister 4 is cross, and crossings. 5 is brother and animals. 6 is beavers and people 7 is voyage and world. It would be greatly appreciated if someone ...

World History
in what ways are the ideas of the buddhist eightfold path similar to and different from the ideas, beliefs, and practices, of other religions or philosophies you may know about?

world history
1)What items did Harappans trade with peoples in the Sumerian region? 2)What is the probable cause of the end of Indus Valley culture? I NEED DIRECT ANSWERS PLEASE!

how did nikola tesla change the world? and why students do not know about him and his inventions?

world history
What are two positive and negative and things about civilization

A woman goes out running. She first travels 5.2km north. She then turns and travels 3.6km west. Finally, she turns again and travels 2.6km south. We are assuming a flat rectangular world. If a bird were to start out from the origin (where the woman starts) and fly directly (in...

more news
Former White House chief of staff William Daley abruptly dropped out of the race for Illinois governor on Monday. Daley says that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to devote time to a long, hard campaign followed by four years of office. Spokesman Peter Giangreco confirmed that ...

social studies
How Might Satellite Images and Computers Help Geographers Improve Their Knowledge of the World?

What does this poem mean? What is th symbolism? Literary devices? Nothing Stays Put Amy Clampitt The strange and wonderful are too much with us. The protea of the antipodes--a great, globed, blazing honeybee of a bloom-- for sale in the supermarket! We are in our decadence, we...

social studies
What are 3 levels at which a geographer might study the world? Which of these levels covers the largest area? How are maps and globes different? How are they similar?

1. The table shows the growth in the number of Mcdonalds restaurants across the world. Rank the years growth in order from least to greatest. Year 2010 Growth .008 Year 2009 Growth .015 Year 2008 Growth 1/50 Year 2007 Growth 1% A.2010,2007,2009,2008 B.2007,2008,2009,2010 C....

world geography
you are an investor in virginia order to make a profit,you must encourage people to leave england and move to jamestown.create an advertisement describing the advantages of living in virginia.

World History
How are paintings similar to or different from public murals created today?

Geography (Ms. Sue)
1). What happened in the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, and who was believed to be responsible? 2). How did the United States respond to the attacks? My answers to these questions are the following: 1). On the morning of September 11th, 2001, ...

describe the world in 10 sentences

Give an example of a real world situation that could be represented by the expression -1.4-2.3. Then simplify the expression and tell what the answer means in the context of the situation.

World History
1)Why is the development of a written code of laws important to a society? 2)How did the need to interact with the environment lead to advances in civilization?

World History
How was sumerian culture spread throughout mesopotamia?

World History
what is the relationship between the development of specialized workers and the development of complex institutions?

english 11
the statement below represents which genre from the early american and colonial period? i want to explain origins of the natural origins of the natural world and its processes.(1 point) a.the poetry of anne bradstreet b.the oral tradition of native americans c.the journals of ...

World History
How did Renaissance thinkers think the individual was defined? Explain how this idea can be compared with the value of an individual in ancient Roman and medieval European societies. Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!

world civilization
Kenzaburo Oe: a. is Japan's greatest living poet b. painted the famous portrait of general Macarthur in eight minutes on a sidewalk c. received a noble prize for literature d believes rising materialism in present day japan represents progress

public speaking
Paul is delivering a speech on the hunger epidemic in the world. His speech could be helped with the use of:

I am also having issues for this structure as well. [CH*subscript3*CH*subscript2*C(CH*subscr​ipt3*)CH(CH*subscript3*)CHCH*suscript2*]​+ it reads from left to right like this: [CH3CH2C(CH3)CH(CH3)CHCH2]+

I am having issues drawing the lewis structure for this...can anyone explain? CHCCH*subscript2*CH0

World History
What were the main powers and responsibilities of a Sumerian king?

World History ASAP
What people created the first mesopotamian civilization? ANSWER: Sumerians What did they contribute to early civilization? I don't get this answer ://

Do you know GATEWAYS TO WORLD LITERATURE THE ANCIENT WORLD THROUGH THE EARLY MODERN PERIOD (PENGUIN ACADEMICS SERIES) VOLUME 1 online book for free? I saw some website in you have to download some plugin to view the book. Are they saw?

in regards to the Miranda rights are there still any unresolved issues regarding suspect rights that the Supreme Court will need to address in the future

college essay
Im writing a college essay and Im not sure how to edit the first paragraph My existence thus far has been a musical performance. The world is my stage, the platform on which I can express myself creatively. My life is the reputable melody that I play from my guitar, and the ...

World History
How did Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons differ from earlier people?

World History
What do the dates reveal about the chronology of early human migration?

Ancient World History
Why did the development of agriculture ocurred around the same time in several different places

In What ways did Neolitic People Dramatically improve their lives? Please check my answer.. the change over from hunting and gathering to farming and herding took place not once but many times. Neolithic people in many parts of the world independently developed agriculture

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