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social studies... help!!
my answers are the ones with the stars.. please help. 8.The 54th Massachusetts Regiment is famous because: a. It helped win the Mexican-American War ***b. It was a famous Confederate army unit noted for its heroism in battle c. It was an African American Union army unit noted ...

why does the knee jerk reflex still work for people who have spinal cord injuries?

What reason do studies show why more people with high blood pressure and diabetes live In the suburbs than in the city? 1.There are much better doctors in the city who treat those diseases more effectively. 2.(People re not as physically active and rely on cars more than those...

1. What is allocation by need? (1 point) pricing goods based on want rather than need giving or selling goods only to people who most need them giving or selling goods to whoever will stand in line the longest pricing goods so that even the most vulnerable members of society ...

1-HIV positive people receive treatments to keep. A-their viral load as high as possible B-their viral load as low as possible(my answer) C- their viral load as equal to their t-cell count D-their t-cell count as low as possible

At a party Juna bought 8litres of lemonade. there were 24 people at the party and each drank 30ml of lemonade: 1)how much lemonade, in litres was consumed? 2) how much lemonade was left over?

In a town of 5,000 people 30% are children.If 60% of the children are boys, how many girls are there in the town.

Homework Help: social studies Posted by anonymous on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 4:10pm. At home on the hills of Vermont or in the woods of Maine or the Texan ranch comrade of Californians comrade of free north sweeteners of every hue caste am I of every rank and religion. ...

in the early 1980s when the Polish people had to stand in long lines to purchase most consumer goods, the government ordered that every third place in line be reserved for pregnant women or disabled persons. this was presumably done to reduce their discomfort. do you think it ...

In a large crowd,there are three times as many men as women.Three people are chosen at random.Assuming that there are so many people that choosing three has a negligible effect on the proportion of men to women,find the probability that they are (a) all men (b) 2 women and 1 man

In a large crowd,there are three times as many men as women.Three people are chosen at random.Assuming that there are so many people that choosing three has a negligible effect on the proportion of men to women,find the probability that they are (a) all men (b) 2 women and 1 man

1. Sam is looking for his teddy bear. 2. Sam is looking for his toy bear. (Are both OK? Which one do people use frequently, teddy bear or toy bear?) 3. You are sitting on my seat. 4. You are sitting in my seat. (Which preposition do we have to use?)

Based on data from a statistical abstract, only about 10% of senior citizens (65 years old or older) get the flu each year. However, about 27% of the people under 65 years old get the flu each year. In the general population, there are 15% senior citizens (65 years old or ...

1. There are 14 blue marbles, 8 red marbles, and 12 green marbles in a jar. What is the ratio of the total number of marbles to the number of red marbles? (1 point) 24:8 34:8 8:34 8:24 2. Which of the following ratios is equivalent to fifteen over twenty ? (1 point) 200 to 150...

Language Arts
Can these be checked? • What differences became matters of life and death during the Holocaust? • Do differences between people necessarily lead to conflict? • How can the Holocaust help us find similarities that go beyond race, culture, nationality, and so on? • Why ...

"Americans had decided how to rule their new territories. When the war with Spain began, the United States pledged to "leave the government and control of cuba to its people." In what way did the United States fail to keep the promise referred to in this quotation? A.The ...

World history
Compare and Contrast the response of the French people to the rule of Louis XVIII and the rule of Charles X.

how can you prove 1/3 is smaller than 13/18 without explaining your reason on a fraction wall. thank you to people helping I will use this website again in future for help

Use the diagram to describe two ways the religious movement influenced reform. A. People were influenced to change their lives after attending revivals B. Religious leaders took a stand against the use of alcohol Is this what I should put for my answer?

There is a population of 6.848 billion people. There are roughly 57.9 million square miles of land on Earth, of which about 22% are favorbale for agriculture. Round answer to the nearest person. There are ___ people/ mile^2 of farmable land. I DIVIDED 6.848BILL / 57.9MILL & ...

Social Stuides
Which one of the following is the best example of the isolationism Americans adopted after World War I? A Americans were warned not to travel on ships of countries at war. B The United States restored diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. C Congress passed the first in a...

A person jumps out of a helicopter in mid-air to retrieve a small metal ball. He screams at 475Hz, but people on the ground hear him scream at 578Hz. The person is falling at __(m/s) Once he grabs the metal ball, he is pulled back up to the helicopter at the same speed as he ...

English- thesis statements
I am writing a synthesis essay over multiple different sources. I have started writing my essay about how unhealthy relationships are often hard to spot and about how we often tell ourselves everything is fine and make up a vision in our heads of what we think the relationship...

Math science
A camp has food stock for 500 people for 70 days.if 200more peole join tha camp how long will tha stock last

Kobe Bryant is a very famous basketball player who helped his team win many national champion ships. When people use him to advertise their line of athletic wear, what type of advertising are they using? Band wagon emotional appeal price appeal testimonial plz help.

A school is holding a Fixed Raffle, where only a certain number of raffle tickets can be sold.  The school sold 970 of these tickets for $10 each.  One of the tickets will win $2910, two tickets will win $970, and 5 tickets will win $485.   What is the expected value of ...

Social Studies
1750 BC–AD 200 how did paper impact people in ancient times.

SS Help, FAST!!!!!
What does this graph suggest about the costs and benefits of balancing the budget? (Graph: Only with spending cuts: 20% Mostly with spending cuts: 30% Equally with spending cuts and higher taxes: 32% Mostly with higher taxes: 7% Only with higher taxes: 3%) The Percentages ...

Hey! Just Want A Quick Check Over My Answers! 1. How Did The Zimmermann Note Lead The United States Closer To War? A. It Caused The United States To End Diplomatic Relations With Germany. * B. It Resulted In More U-Boat Attacks On American Ships. C. It Increased American ...

why do people have weight of 100 pounds

Social Studies
Which of the following best summarizes Hoover’s and Roosevelt’s policies? A. Hoover was most concerned about stabilizing the banks, while Roosevelt chose to provide jobs. B. Hoover believed in providing public works and welfare, while Roosevelt wanted the people to find ...

Liberal arts
Which terms and 45p4q have a GCF of 9p3? Check all that apply. *18p3r x27p4q x36p3q6 *63p3 x72p3q6 The ones with the stars next to them are the correct ones and the ones with the x next to them are the wrong ones. Does answer choice A make any sense to any of you people out ...

If a recipe calls for 4 eggs for 8 people how many eggs would it be for 32 people

Language Arts
7. Which sentence uses the italicized word incorrectly? 1 The dragonfly (SKIMMED) the surface of the pond. 2 When Aunt Hazel was young, no girl would ask a (FELLOW) on a date.**** 3 The young boy (SKIMMED) his knee on the pavement. 4 That (FELLOW) is rarely happy. 8. Which ...

Social Studies
which of these was a primary difference between the republic and the empire? a.More people could be citizens in the republic. b.Religious freedom was greater during the empire. c.Rome established colonies only during the empire. d.Political power was less centralized in the ...

Science HELP!!! FAST!!!
24. Many people who care about conserving natural resources would choose to use wind energy to power their homes. However, wind power is not an option for people in many parts of the country. Explain what the benefits of wind power are and why it is not available to everyone ...

Math word problem
The admission fee at an amusement park is $ 1.50 for children and $ 4.00 for adults. On a certain day, 258 people entered the park, and the admission fees collected totaled $712 . How many children and how many adults were admitted? I tried doing it this way; x = amount of ...

Please check my answers. Question 1(Multiple Choice Worth 5 points) [06.06 MC] Which answer best describes how the Supreme Court viewed Maryland's taxing of the national bank created after the War of 1812? The Supreme Court decided Maryland was within its rights as a state. ...

Country A has a population of 102.4 million people and total land area of about 150.7 thousand square miles. What is the population density (the # of people per square mile?

Which BEST identifies and explains the function of the word gardening as it is used in this sentence? Gardening is a pleasant and productive pastime for people of all ages. A) In the selected sentence, the word gardening is a gerund, and the gerund phrase functions as the ...

1. Which is an example of checks and balances? (1 point) The constitution contains a bill of rights that details the basic rights of the state’s citizens. The constitution clearly outlines voting requirements and the qualifications for holding public office. The legislative...

Social Studies
1. How did middle class people generally differ from the lower class? a. They lived in urban tenements. b. They moved to the centers of the cities. c. They Had more time for leisure activities. ***** d. They modeled their lives on foreign royalty.

The Toro Ski club is planning a ski trip for the upcoming long weekend. They have 40 skiers signed up to go, and the ski resort is charging $120 per person. The resort manager offers to lower the rate per person by $2 for each additional skier up to a maximum number m. (So if ...

Pre Calculus 30
I'm having a hard time understanding the fundamental counting principal and I don't even know where to start on some of the questions.Here are a few questions I'm having trouble with. 1.Andrea, Brian, Carol, David, Emmalee, Floyd, and Gloria are to stand in a line for a ...

Math 125
I am enrolled in an online Math 125 class. I posted this question earlier in the week and never got a response, so here I am! I am just not understanding these questions. I made the tree diagram as suggested and put all the information at the bottom how I worked the problem ...

There were 400 people at a festival. 2/5 were adults and the rest were children. 1/3 of the children were boys. How many boys were there?

How were the Aborigine people affected when their children were forced to live with British families or in institutions?

Why did the British look to colonize the region, and how did that change the lives of indigenous people?

Research 1
The population that is represented by a sample is a. Everyone in the US who is the same age as the participants b. the group of people who are sufficiently similar to the sample members that the results generated by the study can be expected to generalize to them c. All ...

Make up an epitaph for a young coal miner, detailing the cause of death and the circumstance. Were suck people heroes of the Industrial Revolution? Explain your opinion

Social Studies
(please help i need it now.) Where do most people in Southwest Asia live? A) in cities B) in rural river valleys C) in the mountains D) in desert interiors PLEASEEEE help me Mrs. Sue :)

2. A 2,500 kg car moves at 15 m/s2; 15 m/s2 is the _________ of the car A. Acceleration B. Force C. Velocity D. Speed** 3. Two people are pushing a couch from opposite sides. One person is pushing to the right with a force of 3 N. The other person is pushing to the left with a...

What can people do to reduce global warming?

ed tech HELP PLS
why is it important to take responsibility for your online publications? a. What you post can hurt or slander others*** b. people will know who the author is c. your parents need to see what you post d. what you post is important for your grade

Some Polynesian islands are ring-shaped coral islands that surround a body of water, or (1 point) • copra. • coral. • atolls. • plates. 2. In the mid-1800s, what event played a part in the large increase in British immigration to Australia? (1 point) • Aborigines ...

Math 3rd grade
Ms. S cut a pizza into 8 equal slices. Each person in her family ate 2 slices. If there are 3 people in her family, what fraction of pizza did they eat all together?

Social Studies please help!!!
Ms. Sue, Reed or anyone else, please check my answers! 1) How did Muslim turks influence turkey's development? Almost 100% of Turkey's population is Muslims. This means Turkey is following Islamic traditions, for example, Muslims pray 5 times a day and fast during the month of...

Language Arts
Hi Im doing an compare and contrast essay and my teacher recommended a stronger thesis and conclusion , if you could give me some ideas and feedback on what I could do to make it stronger please let me know . I would greatly appreciate it . ;+) The Differences and Similarities...

Algebra 2
It takes 12 hours for 8 people to paint a house. How long will it take 3 people to do the job? I'm not really sure how to go about solving this problem.

American Government PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWER!!
7. Which of the following six organizing principles are evident in Articles I – III of the U.S. Constitution? Select all that apply. A. Limited government.*** B. Separation of powers. C. Judicial review.*** D. Checks and balances. 8. Which of the following did the Founding ...

A researcher predicts that watching a film on institutionalization will change students’ attitudes about chronically mentally ill patients. The researcher randomly selects a class of 36 students, shows them the film, and gives them a questionnaire about their attitudes. The ...

which of the following best describes daily life in the south during the civil war? a.about the same as before the war because factories provided necessities b.difficult but tolerable because most people did not experience major changes c.better because the North tried ...

American Government PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWER!!
6. The constitutional prohibition against laws respecting an establishment of religion must at least mean that, in this country, it is no part of the business of government to compose official prayers for any group of the American people to recite as part of a religious ...

1. Identify the decimal And simplified fractional form of 60%. A. 0.6 and 4/5 B. (0.6 and 3/5) C. 0.06 and 3/5 D. 0.06 and 6/10 2.A baseball team wins 45% of its games. What fraction of games does it win? A. 8/20 B. 9/25 C. (9/20) D. 8/25 3. According to a survey taken at an ...

1. Read the following passage from "The Women's Baths." "I have never known my grandmother to be so generous and open-handed as on the day which we spent at the market baths. She was pleased and proud as she listened to the blessings called down on her by those who had ...

ELA and Please Hurry!!!!
Not only is the race special because it takes place on a special day, but it also has a rich, over three-decade tradition. While the Boston Marathon can declare it is the oldest road race in America, few 10K’s can claim they’ve been around longer than the Peachtree Road ...

Volunteer Spotlight: Jane Birch Meet Jane Birch: Having always been described as the “Merry-Little-Helper”, Jane simply loves doing things for other people. Through her passion for volunteering and dedication to serving the community, Jane has always been active in roles ...

How do the people of Bulgaria use art to celebrate the Baba Marta holiday? Describe how the artwork is used and created.

Statistics for Finance
Question 3 [17 Marks) There are five (5) set of data; A to E is provided for this question. Each group will be assigned to analyze ONE dataset only and answer the questions below. The assigned dataset will be determined by your lecturer in separate announcement in MMLS. Below ...

1. True or False: If the net force of an object is 0 N, the forces are considered unbalanced. A.)True B.)False** 2. Most people in the United States use feet and miles to measure distance in their everyday lives. Why do scientists in the United States use meters to measure ...

Four members of the Kaplan family will take a river trip down the Colorado River in Colorado State Park. The rafting company charges $10 per person for a half-day river trip, or $100 flat rate for a half-day river trip. The raft can hold up to 10 people. How much will the trip...

History :P
Which of the following groups supported radical reconstruction? select all that apply. (2 points) 1. Business people interested in rebuilding 2. Newly freed African Americans 3. Rich, white landowners 4. Scalawags May I have some help? Sorry I'm in a dance class and I don't ...

How do most people in Israel and its neighbors differ from political extremists such as terrorist? A:they have firm beliefs about the existence of Israel. B:they are dedicated to their religious heritage. C:they seek peace and security D:they care little about where they make ...

The average household uses 2 bags of sugar per household per month. Each bag of sugar weighs 10 pounds. Assume that that there are 3 people in each household on average and that the US population is 336 million. How many pounds of sugar does the US consume per year? You can ...

In a survey, one out of three people named blue as their favorite color. Two out of seven named red. If 1,092 people were included in the survey, how many named neither blue nor red as their favorite color? A. 416 people B. 432 people C. 540 people D. 512 people

no subject
Ok first of all Ms.sue if cheaters are banned from posting then why do people constantly post answers on here to give others answer???? Yall on this website make it seem like yall have no home training at all. And on behalf of them krystina im sorry about them,and so sorry i ...

if 14 out of 20 people like hot chocolate milk what percent of the people do not like chocolate milk

language arts
which question best relates to these details in winter. Frogs burrow the mud, snails bury themselves a.what happens to frogs in the winter. do animals differ from people in the winter. c.why do sanils bury themselves. do creatures pepare for winter.

History - please check my answers
1. Which of the following statements best support the importance of a free and responsible press to the healthy functioning of a democracy? Select all that apply. (2 points) A free press protects the individual rights of all people.<< A free press encourages an informed...

Which option best describes a main idea of "Kuba Khan" Society tends to fear creative people Creative people are welcome in society Society tends to love creative people< Hail is a problem in many societies

Identifying the Structure of Sentences
Identify the structure of each of the following sentences as either simple, compound, complex, or compound-complex 1. If this offense is reported, he will receive a severe fine. 2. The apples, peaches, and pears are in the refrigerator. <-- simple 3. Father will fly home ...

Recognizing Compound-Complex Sentences
Put parentheses around each subordinate clause that you find. 1.The mountain areas are barren, but the valleys are fertile since they are irrigated daily. <--- The subordinate clause is ''since they are irrigated daily.'' and ''but the valleys are fertile.'' 2. The ...

Social Studies---Please Help!
Jacques Marquette Jacques Cartier Louis Jolliet Quebec New Orleans These people and terms are associated with ___ exploration and colonization in the New World.

Social Studies
1. ____ taught that people need a strong ruler to maintain order 1. Daoism 2. Legalism***** 3. Buddhism 4. None of these 2. A Chinese family was usually headed by the 1. Oldest relative 2. Strongest man 3. Oldest woman 4. Oldest man***** 3. Who was the founder of Daoism whose ...

American Government
The fabric of American empire ought to rest on the solid basis of the consent of the people. the streams of national power ought to flow from that pure, original foundation of all legitimate authority. 1) which of the following constitutional principles was Hamilton ...

In Joel's recipe for lemonade the ratio of lemons to water is 7 to 4. People are complaining that the lemonade is too weak. Which ratio would make the lemonade STRONGER? A) 5 to 3 B) 7 to 5 C) 8 to 4 D) 8 to 5

Suppose there are approximately 314 million people in the U.S. If the world population is 6.8 billion people, what percent of the world population is in the U.S.?

Ms. Sue! The Industrial Revolution
What role did the Enlightenment play in the development of new economic theories during the Industrial Revolution? a. Enlightenment ideas led to the development of capitalism, but socialist ideas were unrelated to any Enlightenment reasoning. b. Economists believed that new ...

Social Studies
1. Which of the following is an example of a fad from the 1920s? A. A dance marathon B. A women wearing pants C. Road Rallies*** D. Poetry Readings 2. What belief regarding Americans did many writers of the era hold? A. People only want to read about good things B. Americans ...

Statification in Sociology
White Trash author Isenberg has a very pessimistic view of American ideal( real vs ideal culture) Do you think she's right that these are more ideal than real from a historical perspective? Poverty, who is poor, what the working people look like, racial and ethnic divisions ...

Math 2
If your playing a game where you have 4 cards and you have to arrange them in to 2 digit numbers so they add up to a number near 100, and then you take the number you got and subtract it from 100, and then you play this game 7 times with 3 other people, and when you add up all...

Socials Studies
Which of the following conclusions about the freedman's bureau is best supported by the illustrious ? A. It's assisted only african americans B. It's employed only women C. It provided educations to people of all ages D. It's students passed the literacy requirements for ...

Here are a few questions, please check my answers below. 1. 1. Married men live longer than unmarried men. 2. Single men form the demographic with the highest longevity. What is the correct relationship between statements 1 and 2? Select one: a. 1 is positively relevant to 2 b...

Vocabulary: Industrial Revolution
Which of the following is the term for an increase in population in cities? a. urbanization b. rural displacement c. urban mobility d. population redistribution I think it is either urbanization or population redistribution. It could be urbanization because that means to make ...

Math Ms. Sue
population density is the number of people per unit area what is the population density of a state that has 1329192 people in 35385 square miles round to the nearest hole number

PART 1 Raft made of 2.2m long pine logs with Average diameter of logs 26cm.How many logs are needed to strap together to build raft to hold max 4 people? Density of log = 600 kg/m^3 Each people weights 512N PART 2 What percent of the logs is under water when you are on your ...

There are 2 red cars and 3 blue cars. The 5 cars contain a total of 12 people. No car has more than 4 people. Every car has at least 1 person. The only cars with the same number of people are the red cars. How many people are in 1 red car?

Raft made of 2.2m long pine logs.Average diameter of logs 26cm.How many logs are needed to strap together to build raft to hold max 4 people? What percent of the logs is under water when you are on your raft in the water with your friend?

Can you fix any grammar I may have done wrong. Help Mme! Merci beaucoup. ______________________________________ 1. In the beginning of the film, the Magesty Cordelia talked to Joliterax about how Caesar almost annihilated the British army. *** Au début du film, la Magistère ...

I'm "your little voice..." what is the purpose of the image of the merry flowers skipping? A. To show that the people in the poem are part of nature B. To help you picture the garden where the poem takes place C. To capture the sound and rhythm of the little Voice D. To convey...

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Homework Help: Social Studies

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