What are the Four Negative results of development?

Geography(development) help
Does globalization mean "the rich get richer and the poor get left further behind"?And please me a reason.

what is fault?

In school I have Developed, NICs (Industrialising) and Developing countries. I have done most of it. The NICs and Developing are the ones I need help with. For the NICs I have S. Korea, China, Brazil, Mexico and India and I need 3 more, for Developing, I have Vietnam, ...

Would you say that the division of the world in the northern and the southern part is based on economic development,sustainable development or social development?

geography tourism maths lit
wha careere i can do

ml 42 , lo 52, geography 33, sepedi 52,english 42,tourism 37.
what careere i can do acoding tn my percentages

History,Maths Literacy,Geography &Life Science
Which carrer do path with this subject?

Mmanotshe moduane high school
History,Maths Literacy,Geography &Life Science

"As stormwater travels faster in creeks, it would enter the ocean at a faster rate, therefore, having the potential to strip away sand and erode the shoreline" Is this correct?

how does stormwater effect beach erosion/loss of sediment on shorelines?

About how far is southern tip of South America from the Equator?

World Geography
if 1/2 inch equals to ten miles how many inches are there in thirity miles ?

U.S. History
How did geography influence the way the English colonies developed? A: Geography was a very influential factor in the development of English colonies. Economies in each colonial region depended solely on their geographic surroundings. For example, access to the Atlantic Ocean ...

grade11 geography
one strength of Rostow's model

geography one strength of rostow's model

Maths literacy.Geography.Business Studies.Life Orientation and Languages
Can i did agriculture and Environmental science on those subjects?

U.S. History
How did geography influence the way the English colonies developed?

ingqayizivele high
Am doing math lit ,geography,history n life sciences I dnt knw which career to choice can u plz help me .cal m 4 help on 0625113520 plz

geography need help please
I need to pass my finals tomorrow! pleas help me! its geometry? Does anyone know how to do any of these problems ? please help! 1- 3, 5, 7, 9... Generalize the pattern by finding the nth term. A) 3n B) 2n + 1 C) n + 2 D) (n + 1)(n + 2) 2- If the radius of a cylinder is doubled...

international school of south Africa
mathematics, geography, economics and English literature what career options are there following those subject choices

world geography in ga
what three major interstates run into alabama? 185,75,85?? what are the major interstates in ga? interstate 75 , i-95 , interstate 20 , i 85 interstate 16 , i -575

world geography in ga
any tutors who knows about world georgraphy in georgia/

Which of the following countries has the highest number of Fortune 100 companies? A. United States B. Germany C. Japan D. France im leaning more on a

ENGLISH.ISIZULU.LIFE SCIENCE. LIFE ORIENTATION.MATH LITERACY.HISTORY ND GEOGRAPHY. am doing grade 11 so has am doing this subject iwant to know which career i must task when i pass my matric plz help me

St.Peter's Boys Senior High School
In a class of 500 students,60 study geography,40 study English,30 study geography and history,25 study English and history,if 10 study all the three subjects,find using venn diagram the number of students who study none of the three subjects.

the fall line divides which two physiographic regions

in 3-5 sentences, provide brief description of the Okefenokee Swamp, its creation as a national wildlife refuge, and its importance for biological diversity in the state.

What is the number and origin of patients in the case of health facilities or number and origin of learners in the case of a high school?

Which of the following rivers drains into the Atlantic and provides a major international port for Georgia? 1. Flint 2. Cossa 3. Altamaha 4. Savannah

Hwiti High School
Which career path i can follow with the following subjects:geography,history,maths literacy,life science,english,sepedi ans life orientation?

lot mashiane secondry school
if I choose maths literacy, history, geography and life science which job I'd related to this subject

Pure mathematics, geography, tourism and life orientation
What career is required if I do these subjects and what courses do I need in tertiary?

What is atmosphere?

Maths pure, economics, business studies, geography
Which careers or courses i should do doing those subjects

Mathematics , business studies , economics , geography
Which courses or careers i should follow doing those subjects


Life orentation,maths,physics,business,geography
Explain three ways in wich you can help to adress poverty and aids in s.a

You are given triangle ABC. AB=13,BC=15, and CA=14. Point D is on segment BC and CD=6. Point E is on segment BC such that CE>CD and ∠BAE=∠CAD. What is the length of BE?

economic,business studies,geography and mathematical literacy
what kind of a career should i persue with this subjects

Final of geography

math lictracy,life science,geography,tourism,isizulu,english,life orantation.
please tell me the job i can do while im study that subjects?

geography 10th grade
Major sources of income for the Mexican economy include all of the following except; a. agriculture. b. tourism. c.the technology industry. d.petroleum extraction

maths literacy, biology, geography, tourism
what course can i do with these subjects

ramatau senior secondary school
life science,geography,life science,history,mathematical literacy,english,sepedi,life orientation

in the context of European colonization Portugal controlled Mozambique and A. Angola B. Kenya C. Madagascar D. Congo

Which career to choose with these subjcets ;isixhosa,english,life sciences,geography,life orientation and history i have passed my matric with D, i want three options atleast?

Maths lit,life science,agricultural science,geography.....can i qualify for law school with this high school subjects?

Give an account for the differences in water balance from place to place through out the year

Wallace Creek has been offset by 130.0 meters (430 feet) to the right along the fault. The age of stream deposits indicates that this offset began 3700 years ago. Based on these figures, calculate the average rate of movement along this segment of the fault in centimeters per ...

Ribane laka
Matha literacy, geography, life sciences and tourism

Scientists who study abnormal animal behavior would probably know much about A. Astronomy B. biology C. Geography D. History

examine the sphere of influence of an organisation that renders service in your area, clinic and locsl high school

maths lit,BS and geography
Which job could i get with this particular subject

Will i be able to become a social worker or psycology if i do geography,life sciences,maths lit and consumer studies?

How has Europes coast affected its culture and settlement patterns?

Botse botse high school
Am a grade 10 learner n would like to know if i'll be able to become a social worker with the following subjects maths literacy , tourism , history and geography

Geography-~ Cultures
For an assignment, I had to write a discussion so here is my discussion. My question is: How would YOU respond to my discussion in a good college paragraph. With cultural blending and exchange comes a lot of change in a culture. This was acceptable in some areas and ...

World Regional Geography History
In Oceania, most towns began as

IAm doing grade 10 and my subject are;history ,geography and economics so I want to know what kind of work am I going to work

geography,Business,economics and maths lit
im in matric this i will realy like to know what can i study after my matric? Or what kind dof job can this subjects supply me?

geography.math lit,l.o,life science,english,sepedi and history
well among all those subject i'm good at sepedi, maths,history,english an geography,so is it possible to become a lawyer wth these subject?

What is geography

the three "R"s that offer a guide to helping you lesson your impact on the environment and create a more sustainable world.

Describe service delivery protest in your community or neighbourhood about one page

what is the capital of fiji

Maths lit,geography,civil technologyand EGd
Is possible to studie civil technology whith that subjects?

meyisi s s s
geography, life science, history, l o , maths lit, english and xhosa

what does intentional trade have to do with canada's free trade history

Why is Canada running behind schedule in reducing green house gas emissions is important to Canada and Canadians and what affect does it have? I just need help with this question and I'm done my project !!

Ottawa replied that it will make “climate-related investments in innovative technologies” to improve environmental performance in the oil sands, a pledge Ms. Metivier reiterated Thursday. Ms. Metivier said many of the regulations imposed by the federal government “were ...

The Harper government faced a grilling from global climate officials Thursday, as countries’ representatives questioned Canada’s policies and commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Canada’s chief negotiator Louise Metivier presented Ottawa’s plan at a UN ...

Steps on how to calculate magnetic declination

blak forces push rocks togather,blak force pull rocks apart.


why are weddings usually planned in summers in villages?(beacause of the earth's revolution).

what does the drop in canada's imagration rate have to do with learning about imagration and canada's role in it

tourism.geography.maths lit.history
what career must i follow because im in grade 12 me plz

Followed by the last question, How may the topic affect the lives of Canadians? I know one reason is that as people age, there will be less people receiving medical attention. What else can I add to make this sentence better?

Why is it important to Canada and Canadians about the senior citizens not receiving more attention from the Canada's health system.

How does the Boreal birds that need half the forest important to Canada or Canadians?

As I requested before, can someone reword this so I can understand. I have this culminating project relating articles but I don't understand parts of it. Already two provinces -- Ontario and Quebec -- have stepped up and committed to protecting at least half of their northern ...

Can someone reword this sentence so I can understand.. The initiative, which seeks to see at least half of North America's boreal forest protected from development while ensuring responsible and sustainable management throughout the remainder, features a list of endorsing ...

Why is the Syrian refugees important to Canada or Canadians? What are the benefits of knowing?

Social Studies
The Uros people have adapted to the geography of Lake Titicaca, much like the Incas, by making islands out of rock. sand. wood. reeds. The Selva refers to the coastal region. eastern rain forest. high mountains of Peru. Sierra. Another example of how Peruvians adapt to varying...

What are some differences in physical geography between East Asia and the US?

Math I need help ASAP!
1. which of the following is true of a random sample? a. it is the only way to sample a population. b. each member of the sample is a volunteer. c. it is always the easiest way to sample a population. d. each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. 2. ...

What are the causes of the pressure belts

What are the conflicts in Somalia and Mexico and how do they compare and contrast? I'm not all sure about the conflict in Somalia, but I know that in Mexico they have drug wars and it is very violent. I also think that both Mexico and Somalia's problems tend to affect ...

Can earthquakes and tsunamis be examples of the place theme of geography?

would a laccolith cause a dome shaped or basin-shaped topography? Explain your answer.

what causes rock layers to tilt or incline?

How does geography affect economic activity in South Asia? A. Being surrounded by the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean limits trade in India. B. The Himalayas protect crops of Indian farmers from heavy rains and extreme weather. C. The diversity of climates in India means farmers ...

Marriage is an advantage for men only not for women? sciences.maths
What career can i study

I need five environmental problems caused by the economic developments in any country in any year thanks in advance

I need five environmental problems caused by the economic developments thanks in advance

History/ Civics
1.How did the capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi, take advantage of a Confederate weakness? A-The Confederacy had few soldiers and relied on its well-trained generals to win battles. B- The Confederacy had few weapons manufacturers and relied on Vicksburg for ammunition. C- The...

What are the five posive impacts of the economic developments. thanks in advance

Mexico City's pollution problem is made worse by its Farmland Mass Transit System Squatters Geography*** Why did the US first need to negotiate with Colombia to build the Panama Canal? Colombia was a neighboring country Part of the canal would be located in Colombia*** Panama...

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