1. tourism.geography.maths lit.history
    what career must i follow because im in grade 12 now.help me plz
  2. Geography
    Followed by the last question, How may the topic affect the lives of Canadians? I know one reason is that as people age, there will be less people receiving medical attention. What else can I add to make this sentence better?
  3. Geography
    Why is it important to Canada and Canadians about the senior citizens not receiving more attention from the Canada's health system.
  4. Geography
    How does the Boreal birds that need half the forest important to Canada or Canadians?
  5. Geography
    As I requested before, can someone reword this so I can understand. I have this culminating project relating articles but I don't understand parts of it. Already two provinces -- Ontario and Quebec -- have stepped up and committed to protecting at least half of their northern ...
  6. Geography
    Can someone reword this sentence so I can understand.. The initiative, which seeks to see at least half of North America's boreal forest protected from development while ensuring responsible and sustainable management throughout the remainder, features a list of endorsing ...
  7. Geography
    Why is the Syrian refugees important to Canada or Canadians? What are the benefits of knowing?
  8. Social Studies
    The Uros people have adapted to the geography of Lake Titicaca, much like the Incas, by making islands out of rock. sand. wood. reeds. The Selva refers to the coastal region. eastern rain forest. high mountains of Peru. Sierra. Another example of how Peruvians adapt to varying...
  9. SS
    What are some differences in physical geography between East Asia and the US?
  10. Math I need help ASAP!
    1. which of the following is true of a random sample? a. it is the only way to sample a population. b. each member of the sample is a volunteer. c. it is always the easiest way to sample a population. d. each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. 2. ...
  11. Geography
    What are the causes of the pressure belts
  12. Geography
    What are the conflicts in Somalia and Mexico and how do they compare and contrast? I'm not all sure about the conflict in Somalia, but I know that in Mexico they have drug wars and it is very violent. I also think that both Mexico and Somalia's problems tend to affect ...
  13. Geography
    Can earthquakes and tsunamis be examples of the place theme of geography?
  14. geography
    would a laccolith cause a dome shaped or basin-shaped topography? Explain your answer.
  15. geography
    what causes rock layers to tilt or incline?
  16. Geography
    How does geography affect economic activity in South Asia? A. Being surrounded by the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean limits trade in India. B. The Himalayas protect crops of Indian farmers from heavy rains and extreme weather. C. The diversity of climates in India means farmers ...
  17. geography
    Marriage is an advantage for men only not for women?
  18. history.geography.life sciences.maths
    What career can i study
  19. geography
    I need five environmental problems caused by the economic developments in any country in any year thanks in advance
  20. geography
    I need five environmental problems caused by the economic developments thanks in advance
  21. History/ Civics
    1.How did the capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi, take advantage of a Confederate weakness? A-The Confederacy had few soldiers and relied on its well-trained generals to win battles. B- The Confederacy had few weapons manufacturers and relied on Vicksburg for ammunition. C- The...
  22. geography
    What are the five posive impacts of the economic developments. thanks in advance
    Mexico City's pollution problem is made worse by its Farmland Mass Transit System Squatters Geography*** Why did the US first need to negotiate with Colombia to build the Panama Canal? Colombia was a neighboring country Part of the canal would be located in Colombia*** Panama...
  24. Geography
    I have one question what's money sense Ms. Sue please help me
  25. math geography and business studies
    what can i study in university
  26. Lumuka secondary school
    What job can I do while I am doing Agricultural Sciences, Maths Literacy, Geography, Life Sciences, Life Orientation, Tsonga ang English.
  27. Geography
    Which landmark in the Northeast region represents the arrival of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower in 1620? a. White House b. Liberty Bell c. Plymouth Rock d. Statue Of liberty I think the answer is d.
  28. Geography
    Which landform found in this region provides electricity to thousands of people in this area? a. Appalachian Mountains b. Atlantic Coastal Plain c. Niagara Falls d. Atlantic
  29. geography
    We can't find the continent closest to 85south and 120 east on the map
  30. Life science,agric science,geography,history,maths
    I'm doing these subjects and my career is to be a dectective,so now I just want to know regarding coarses.
  31. geography
    Can someone explain what this means? The key policy problem regarding water for this purpose is the need to allocate water supplies in a way that properly balances oil sands production needs with ecosystem and human needs in the region. While the amount of water consumed per ...
  32. Geography
    Impacts of oil sands development on: •Your lands (wildlife, water) •Culture and health (ie. cancer rates)
  33. geography,life sciences,maths lit and consumer studies
    am in grade 11 so i dnt knw wht career i wnt to do after finished matric so plz help me
  34. geography
    okay sorry but what is it like to be a American red cross volunteer? PLEASE HELP ME RIGHT AWAY I ONLY HAVE TONIGHT :-(
  35. xitsonga english geography maths literacy consumer studies and tourism
    which career i should follow with this subjects
  36. geography
    Which of the following best describes the effect of the Protestant Reformation on Europe? A. Monasteries throughout France and England became more firmly Roman Catholic. B.The Roman Catholic church no longer influenced Italy and Spain. C.Martin Luther reformed the Catholic ...
  37. geography
    Bogotá, Colombia's capital city, is located where?
  38. Geography
    What is the average temp in Alaska?
  39. math
    In a class of 30 students,18 study Geography 3 take neither a) Display this information in a venn Diagram?
  40. geography
    2) resources that include workers and their labor are called ________ A) Natural resources B) human resources C) Industrial resources D) Capitol resources 3) which of these is the most likely opportunity cost of choosing to play a board game rather than go to the movies? A) ...
  41. Maths lit, geography, economics and cat
    I need to know which career can i ff with this subjects? i passed my matric with bachelor last year i gained 33 points plz help me.
  42. history, life orientation,maths lit,geography,scie
    five practical actions that you can take to address human rights violations of xenophobia in you community
  43. Geography
    Q. The Great Lakes border 2 regions and 2 countries, name them. - Regions: Pacfic Rocky Mountains Southwest North central South east North east - A. I don't exactly get it,
  44. Geography
    Which region is named for a major landform? - Is it pacific ?
  45. geography
    Vertical climate zones have A) Limited human settlement B) enabled farmers to grow a variety of crops. C) Provided rich materials D)Secured nations in the region against attack. I think B
  46. Social Studies
    HELP PLEASE!!! How important is India's geography to the beliefs of Hinduism?
  47. Geography
    Iam asian girl. I love geography lesson, because I like to learn about the world. I like to learn about race in the world. I really like the Caucasian race, because they have sharp nose. lol while I have a small nose. Yes, that's the reason why I love geography lesson and I ...
  48. geography
    what are the types of trees and and main location of different forestry industries ( i.e lumber or pulp/paper) I think i know the first q. Is it deciduous and coniferous but i think have to expand it a bit. I don't know the types of conferious and deciduous trees.
  49. geography
    What is a tailing pond? Can someone explain it to me in simple words?
  50. geography
    Explain the rise in sea level due to global warming? With your opinion, please!
  51. geography
    What is in the middle of the sky?
  52. tourism;Geography;history and mathematics literac
    What would you be with this subjects
  53. To "WOK..."
    Please put your School Subject in the School Subject box (Examples: math, science, algebra, geography). When all you put is one letter, most tutors are not inclined to open your post since you are not following instructions.
  54. geography
    social, political, and economic changes made under the tokugawa shogunate
  55. geography
    how did cultural diffusion impact the development of japan
  56. geography
    describe the food people achievements inventions art and architecture of china under kublai khan
  57. geography
    why did the mongol dynasty collapse
  58. geography
    how geography affects the way of life in japan
  59. geography
    compare geography of japan and greece
  60. geography
    how did the mongols conquests promote cultural diffusion
  61. geography
    can any one tell me about the command system of mongols?
  62. Geography
    The dry adiabatic rate (DAR) is 5.5 degrees F per 1000 feet. The saturated adiabatic rate (SAR) is 3.3 degrees F per 1000 feet. Why is SAR lower than DAR?
  63. Geography
    The dry adiabatic rate (DAR) is 5.5 degrees F per 1000 feet. The saturated adiabatic rate (SAR) is 3.3 degrees F per 1000 feet. Why is SAR lower than DAR?
  64. Geography
    describe the steps used by mining companies to discover and develope an ore body
  65. geography
    compare and contrast the geography of greece and japan
  66. geography
    identify ming dynasty
  67. geography
    how did geographic features affect the development of japan
  68. geography
    command system of mongols
  69. geography
    how did japan first become introduce to chinese culture
  70. geography
    command system of mongols
  71. geography
    to what extent was the signing of the magna carta a significiant step towards democratic government
  72. Human Geography
    "Real-life contact between members of different social groups is always structurally mediated and embedded in particular historical and geographical contexts of power relations between and within social groups." Can some explain this quote to me?
  73. Human Geography
    What does "challenging white privilege" means?
  74. Social Studies/6th Grade Geography.
    "Why do most people live in the Western part of Columbia?" A - to enjoy the cooler climate of the mountains, B - to be closer with the boarder of Venezeula, C - to live along the Pacific coast, D - to benefit from the country's lush rainforests. I was trying to research ...
  75. Geography
    1.1.1define the term drainage basin 1.1.2what is the difference between drainage basin and catchment area? 1.1.3 name any two water management areas in south africa. 1:2 THE IMPONTANCE OF MANAGING DRAINAGR BASIN CATCHMENT AREAS IN SOUTH AFRICA SHOULD BE A CORCERN FOR ALL SOUTH...
  76. Math lit, geography, life sciences and agriculture
    Hi i am still in matric and i don't know myb i cn be a chef under this subj...or an jenourlist
  77. Geography
    new found planet
  78. geography
    mike has 2 mats that are in the shape of triangles. the scale factor of the 2 triangles maths is 7/4. what is the ratio of the perimeter?
  79. Maths, Life Science, Geography, Business Studies
    What career opportunities are open for me regarding the above subjects?
  80. geography
    why does British Columbia have more precipitation than Quebec?
  81. math lit, geography, life science,business studies
    hey there! what career can do with math lit, geography, life science and business studies?
  82. anonymous
    Consider what you have learned about the geography and climate of Canada and the United States. Why do you think the United States has 10 times more people than Canada?
  83. College Human Geography
    "Why is there inadequate action by the state to curb the violence?" Can someone explain what the question is asking?
  84. College Human Geography
    "What role does race play in the film?" Can someone explain this question?
  85. geography
    How do we convert number scales from their fraction form to ratio form
  86. geography
    why did tge northeuropen plain develope into a densly populated industrial center
  87. geography
    Why the scale of one centimetre equal to one kilometre has been used for cape town
  88. life science,geography,maths litracy,tourism
    What job will i do if i am doing the above subject
  89. Pure math,Life science,Geography and History
    Hi I'm grade10 and I was wondering if you's could help Me to get a career examples after matric because my school took away our Physics for unknown reasons so insted of Physics or another subject that would help you in the future they gave us History please help me with a ...
  90. Geography
    What are the latiudinal positions of the temperature/mid latitude cyclones during january and july?
  91. Mowat Park High School
    History, geography, life science and math litrecy what career choice do or career field do I go to with these subjects
  92. Geography
    The shoreline has retreated as much as 50 miles and its level has dropped by 40 feet. Can someone explain this sentence to me?
  93. Geography
    What does "thristy crops" mean?
  94. College Geography
    "The desert was tamed but the price was calamitous, the worst climatic disaster in the history of the Soviet Union." Can someone explain what tamed means in the sentence? This sentence has to do with the Aral Sea.
  95. geography life sciences nd busoness studys
    do need pure maths to become a biological technician
  96. geography
    How have the people of the Netherlands been able to create more land for their country?
  97. geography
    What are examples of human adaptation to the environment?
  98. Tourisim,consumer studies,geography,maths literac
    What are the careers do i need to choose?
  99. human geography
    what are the centrifugal and centripetal forces in the palestinian-israeli conflict?
  100. Geography
    What resources help with farming in Europe?
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