1. Maths literacy,geography, life science, agricultur
    Which career should I follow after grade 12
  2. geography
    Point C is the center of the circle. If angle ACB measures 4 x plus 12 degrees and AB measures (x + 13) x plus 13 degrees , find x.
  3. geography
    please help!!! l have a homework l need to write a paragraph about the effects that humans have on endangerment and extinction of species
  4. geography
    l'm writing an essay, l need to write aboud the effects that humans have on global warming.so help me please!
  5. geography
    why environment educational centre should placed near township houses
  6. geography
    effects that humans have on wetlands?
  7. Geography
    Types of rocks
  8. Geography
    If the time at 10degree East is 11pm.what is the time in85degree West
  9. Maths literacy Geography History Life Science
    I want to do nursing but i dont have physical science and mathematics What can i do to do nursing??
  10. geography
    How many points for ruby union convestion
  11. Geography
    Acknowledgement on the earth
  12. Spanish
    Costa Rica has over 100 ________ that make up its geography. a. lakes b. swamps c. rainforests d. volcanic cones (My Answer)
  13. geography
    Which capital cities are located along the mississippi river? St.Paul, MN Baton Rouge,Louisiana ? Any others?
  14. geography
    The great Fort Tejon earthquake of January 9, 1857 (magnitude 7.8) was the last major earthquake in this region. It ruptured a 360 kilometer (220 mile) segment of the San Andreas Fault and produced 10.0 meters (33 feet) of offset in this area. Based on the average rate of ...
  15. geography
    What capital cities are located along the Mississippi River? St.Paul, Minnesota Baton Rouge, Louisiana Are there any others?
  16. Geography
    What will happen when we move vertically upwards the earth?
  17. geography
    What is glacier
  18. geography
    In general will michigan or kansas have color weather? Why? I'm assuming Michigan but I not quite sure why? Why are place and events in Pittsburgh named three rivers? While three rivers go throughPittsburgh, but what is the significance to that?
  19. geography
    What is the name often given to the 25,000 or more islands spread across the Pacific Ocean? Pacific Islands?
  20. geography
    where is the continental boundary between North and South America? Isthmus of Panama? Is this considered a continental boundary? Thanks
  21. Geography
    How Does irrigation negatively affect farmland
  22. Geography
    what is the longitude of a town "Y" whose time is 1:00pm when Greenwich mean time is 5:00am ?
  23. geography
    Still confused on this question: What oceans are higher in latitude than the Indian Ocean? Would it be the Southern Ocean and the Arctic Ocean? There are latitude points that would refer to them being higher, but they don't refer to the highest latitude of each. Also would the...
  24. geography
    What oceans are higher in latitude than the Indian? Is it just the Arctic Ocean? Or is it the Arctic ocean , north atlantic ocean and north pacific ocean?
  25. Geography
    Wallace Creek has been offset by 130.0 meters (430 feet) to the right along the fault. The age of stream deposits indicates that this offset began 3700 years ago. Based on these figures, calculate the average rate of movement along this segment of the fault in centimeters per ...
  26. Geography
    Why is the atmosphere very dense near the surface of the earth?
  27. Geography
    Why do mountaineers carry oxygen while climbing high mountains?
  28. Geography
    What happens when we move vertically upwards from the earth?
  29. geography
    What does the Lena River form as it empties into the Laptev Sea in the Arctic Ocean? Delta?
  30. geography
    What country and body of water border Monaco? Italy or France? Mediterranean Sea?
  31. Geography
    Where are the landforms listed below? *Andes Mountains *Pampas *Amazon River Basin A. Central America <<< B. Caribbean C. South America D. North America Am I correct? :)
  32. Geography
    What happens when we move vertically upwards from the earth?
  33. geography
    Which of the following is the most likely reason the writers of the Constitution did NOT define American citizenship?
  34. geography
    In what hemisphere is zaire located? Is it just the southern or eastern, northern as well? What African country makes up an eastern peninsula? Somalia?
  35. geography
    What African country makes up an eastern hemisphere? Algeria?
  36. Statistics
    Alec is taking a Statistics class and a Geography class. The probabilities that he passes these two classes are independent. The probability of him passing his Statistics class is 0.95. The probability of him passing his Geography class is 0.74. What is the probability he ...
  37. Geography
    Can human activity link to the Northwest Passage ?
  38. world history -geography
    What river near the city of Manaus is a tributary of the Amazon River? Is it the Negro River or the Solimoes river because they both look like they are tributaries, but the Negro River is closer to Manaus? Thank you!
  39. geography
    What river near the city of Manaus is a tributary of the Amazon River? What two capital cities lie near the Congo/ Democratic Republic of the Congo border? Brazzaville and Kinshasa??
  40. Geography
    Which of the following most closely relates to the term social satisfaction
  41. geography
    the west indies are located between what two bodies of water? Is it the caribbean sea and the north atlantic ocean?
  42. geography
    why do mountaineers carry oxygen while climbing high mountains?
  43. geography
    What is the capital of Australia? Is Canberra the correct capital or is it Sydney ? I'm confused because it seems like sydney is the capital to one part..... Any help is appreciated . Thanks
  44. geography
    Porto Alegre, Brazil and Coquimbo, Chile are both near 30 degrees S latitude. Are both of them the same degrees from the equator?
  45. geography
    Find the surface area of the cylinder in terms of pie. 14 cm diameter and 18 cm for the height. π = the number pi (3.1416...) r = radius is not the correct way to do this problem any help would be great. answer are 350cm^2 i think this is correct however how do I do the math ...
  46. Geography
    jeremy wants to enlarge his younger brothers 5 foot by 5 foot sandbox by multiplying the dimensions by 3. How will the area of the sandbox be affected?
  47. SS
    How does British Columbia’s geography contribute to its economic and cultural ties with the Pacific Rim? The economics of British Columbia and Pacific Rim countries are similar. British Columbia’s nearness to the other Pacific Rim countries has led to cultural exchange and...
  48. SS
    Which of the following best explains why Intuits might have wanted to create a self-governing territory? Intuits have a stronger economy and government than Canada. A self-governing territory would allow the Intuits to better govern in accordance with their culture and beliefs...
  49. geography
    does the amazon river have a delta? I think it doesn't because I read that it goes straight into the ocean, therefore having no delta. Other sources say there is a delta? what is correct
  50. Spanish
    Countries of the Caribbean Basin generally share the same ______. A) traditions B) geography C) climate*** D) culture Please check my answer, thanks.
  51. geography
    what is the shortest water route from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?
  52. daily geography
    Denmark, Norway, Sweden , Finland, And Iceland compromise an area called____? Is the correct answer Scandinavia or Nordic countries? I have seen both and I'm not sure which is correct.
  53. Geography
    How do I find the daily rotation of a tire. My tire size diameter is 25 I travel 160 miles per week not sure where to go next
  54. geography
    which of the following rivers have deltas: mississippi, orinoco, amazon,Nile, Chang Jiang( Yangtze), and Making? Do they all have deltas??
  55. geography
    What is the shortest water route from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?
  56. geography
    Sammy goes out to play. His mother tells him to be home by 5:00. Sammy is almost an hour late, but he has an excuse. He says that he got lost. He tells his mother that when he checked his compass, it was pointing to the west, so he followed a path in that direction, but still ...
  57. Geography
    Problems facing petroleum in middle East
  58. Geography
    Name the bodies of water that border Saudi Arabia? I know it is the Red Sea, and Persian gulf but is the gulf of aquaba also considered one? Or are there any others?
  59. geography
    what countries on the arabian peninsula does the Tropic of Cancer pass through? Oman , Saudi Arabia, And United Arab Emirates Does it pass through Yemen too?
  60. geography
    what bodies of water , border saudi arabia? Red Sea and persian gulf
  61. Geography
    What sea borders Italy, Croatia and Albania?
  62. Geography
    What countries border India?
  63. geography/world history
    Is Afghanistan considered a border of India? Even though it never touches it. I was thinking "Yes" but I don't quite understand.
  64. geography
    What line of latitude marks the northern border of New York and Vermont? N 45 degrees? What is the capital of the nation whose southern border is comprised of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman? Iran capital Tehran?
  65. Geography
    Name a link canal and explain its pupose
  66. Geography
    What is the land elevation along most coastlines? Is 0 the correct answer?
  67. geography
    What is more mountainous, northern or southern Europe? Northern?
  68. Social Studies
    1.How has geography shaped the history of Arabia and Iraq? 2.Why did Muslims split into Shia and Sunni groups?
  69. Geography
    Where magma erupts through the crust
  70. geography
    What is the name of the island country off the NE coast of Venezuela? Trinidad and Tobago?
  71. geography
    Name the countries that border India? Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan??? Is Afghanistan correct ?
  72. art
    What are the roles of an art curator? (Select all that apply.) someone who understands the influence of specific works of art someone who might group together artworks or artists by geography someone who organizes exhibits according to a specific time period someone who writes...
  73. geography
    How might the Pacific Island Trade Agreement (PICTA) help the Pacific islands trade with major markets all over the world? A-The region as a whole could partner to sell to bigger markets*** B-It will help the islands sell to each other not other markets C-it will allow free ...
  74. Social studies
    1. What geographic feature of the Ozarks is not also a feature of the Ouachita Mountains? A - plate tectonics B - Alluvial plains C - Rolling plains D - Plateau 2. In what region of the U.S. is Arkansas located? A - Northeast B - South C - West D - Rocky Mountains 3. Which ...
  75. social studies help
    1. Which statement best describes the physical geography of Arabia and Iraq? (1 point) largely hot and dry with pockets of mountains and fertile river valleys tropical, with equal parts rainforest and desert mountainous, with diverse terrain and climate based on altitude ...
  76. Geography
    Through what country do the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow and unite? Iraq? What is the name of the Spanish Islands off the coast of Africa? Canary Islands? What is the name of the only major island in the Mediterranean sea not claimed by another country? Cyprus? Are these ...
  77. Geography
    A person who worked to get rid of slavery in 19th- century America
  78. Geography
    how did the decade of prosperity affect the lives of many Mexican-Americans in Texas They became wealthier They became migrant laborers They Moved to other states They Entered New Industries My answer is the 3rd one please check that for me!
  79. Geography
    Name the large lake in Central Australia? Name at least four countries and/ or independent states of Europe that are landlocked? Are Andorra, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein all correct options?
  80. Geography
    What are the nine non-chines cities that zheng he visited on his expeditions? Would you include islands such as Ceylon, Sumatra, Java? Is Chittagong in China? Mombasa,Malindi, Jidda, Mogadishu, Aden, Hormuz, Calicut
  81. Geography
    What is absolute location? A. a precise measure of where a location falls in terms of longitude and latitude using units such as minutes and seconds B. a precise measure of distance around the equator C. a more precise measure of where a location falls in terms of longitude ...
  82. geography
    What is the capital of the country that possess the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa? Spain ??? Capital Madrid??
  83. geography
    What is the capital of the country that possess the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa?
  84. Geography
    If you are stranded at the North Pole what direction would you go to North America?
  85. History
    How did Japan’s geography affect its relations with neighboring countries in the 1930s? a.Because it lacked resources, Japan occupied China and Indochina to secure agricultural land, coal, and iron. b.Because of Japan’s rich supply of silkworms, it was invaded and occupied...
  86. Geography
    Charectaristics of mid latitude cyclone that ar common in all cyclones
  87. History
    What do the grasslands of North America and Africa have in common? Describe their biodiversity and one of the physical processes that shapes their geography. Connexus Quiz please help ASAP Thanks guys
  88. social studies
    what do grass lands of north america and Africa have in common describe their biodiversity and one of the physical processes that shapes their geography
  89. Geography
    Assess the extent to which the ethical consumption trends may have reduced the negative consequences of globalisation. Thank you.
  90. Geography
    Wat is d full meaning of CRC and define plszzz
  91. Geography
    What is the capital of the largest (in land area ) island nation of Africa? Madagascar capital Antananarivo? Which continent has more nations, Europe or South America? Europe?
  92. geography
    the ground distance between two places is 100 K.M if this distance is represented by 5C.M on a map, what is the scale of the map?
  93. geography
    In what common hemisphere are asia, africa, australia, and antarctica located? Eastern Hemisphere?? What sea can be found near the southern tip of Greenland? Labrador Sea?
  94. Geography
    of the contiguous united states, which capital city is the farthest east? Is it Augusta capital of Maine?
  95. Geography
    What effect are new communication technologies having on life in remote communities?
  96. geography
    The red sea separates the continent of Africa from the continent of _______?
  97. Geography
    What mexican peninsula in part separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea? Is the Yucatan Peninsula right?
  98. Human Geography
    Which of the following groups is usually the dominant religious group? a) The ethnic religion b) The universalizing religion c) The religious minority d) The religion in power e) The religious majority I'm stuck between the universalizing religion or the religious majority. I'...
  99. geography
    what capital city is located very near the georgia border?
  100. geography
    Why is the Amazon basin ecologically so important?
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