1)what is home economics. 2)Branches of home economic & explain.
  3. Home economics
    List and explain five branches of home economics which are inter related
  4. economics
    if the capital gains tax is 15%, how much tax did cecelia owe?
  5. Economics
    Give and example in which one person has an absolute advantage in doing something but another person has a comparative advantage.
  6. Home economics
    What are the subjects related to home economics
  7. History
    In Colonial New England with stops in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. What would a person see as with regards to Religion and economics?
  8. economics
    has tourism relieved poverty in south africa.give two reason
  9. economics
    south africa had weak rand at the time of the departure.was this good or bad time for south africa to travel
  10. Economics
    Determine which of two investment projects a manager should choose if the discount rate of the firm is 20%. The first project promises a profit of $100,000 in each of the next four years, while the second project promises a profit of $75,000 in each of the next six years.
  11. Economics
    Develop a hypothetical table of information for coffee that shows demanded at various price and supply of coffee at these prices draw a demand and supply curve and show a equilibrium price at which the market is cleared of its aupplies
  12. Economics
    Take a fmcg goods like washing machine detergent analyze the factor that determine the demand of this product
  13. Economics
    What are the Costs and conséquences of providence the subsidies and welfare
  14. History
    Which best defines petro-economics? a. a nation’s industrial output that stays consistent despite market turmoil b. the influence of oil wealth in shaping economic and political climates c. the gross national product of countries that produce marble and granite d. economic ...
  15. Economics
    what is the state of domestic tourism when rand is strong
  17. History
    Which most accurately describe the role colonies played within the global economy? (Select all that apply.) Many colonies were established as one-crop economies to provide cash crops to imperialist nations. Some colonies used laissez-faire economics to promote the interest of ...
  18. math, English, geography, chemistry, physics, economics, l
    the number 1 to 20 are written on pieces of paper and put in the box. if a piece of paper is picked at random, what is the probability of picking a paper with: an odd number, a prime number, a multiple of 3 and a square number
  19. math, English, geography, chemistry, physics, economics,
    the number 1 to 20 are written on pieces of paper and put in the box. if a piece of paper is picked at random, what is the probability of picking a paper with: an odd number, a prime number, a multiple of 3 and a square numbe
  20. economics
    supose the following demand and cost function of duopoly firm x=40-0.2p where x=x1+x2 c1=50+2x1+0.5x12 c2=100+10x2 drive riaction function find cournot equilibrium quantity and price calculate the equilubrium price and output of each firm assume firm 1 is sophisticated and ...
  21. economics
    p1=14-2q1and p2=10-q2 in which demand function determine the profit maximizing price and quantities in each monopolistic separet market?
  22. Business studies, tourism, economics, maths lits
    I'm doing this subject and i don't know what career i can choose plz help me
  23. Micro economics
    S(p)= -200+50p D(p)=1000-25p Find the equilibrium price for t shirts at this concert. What is the equilibrium quantity?
  24. Home economics
    Methods of disposal of fullness
  25. math
    the monthly income for 12 randomly selected people, each with abachelors degree in economics,are shown below. Assuming the population is normally distributed,construct a 90% confidence interval for the average income of a person with a bachelors degree in economics. 4450.34, ...
  26. Economics
    How do I calculate the price and quantity being produced in the short run with only the following information? q = 60 - (1/2)p MC = 60
  27. Economics
    Suppose that a typical firm in a monopolistically competitive industry faces a demand curve given by: q = 60 - (1/2)p, where q is quantity sold per week. The firm's marginal cost curve is given by: MC = 60. 1. How much will the firm produce in the short run? 2. What price will...
  28. Economics
    Calculate the consumer surplus generated: 1.Sarah is willing to pay up to $10 for a shirt. He picks up one he likes for $8. 2.Josh goes to the store to to find a used vinyl for a max of $10.the store has one copy for $10 which he buys 3.After basketball Sarah is willing to ...
  29. Maths lit economics business, history
    My subjects are economics, business, maths lit and history I would like to know which career choices do I have
  30. Mathematical Literacy,Business,Economics,Life Orientation
    What Jobs Do I Get From These Subjects Above
  31. math lit,Life science,Business studies,economics
    Which career field i have to follow?
  32. Economics ,life science, agricultural science
    I can be paramadic with these subjects!???
  33. Economics
    Prove the profit maximization of the consumer i.e mu=p according to cardinalist using mathematical derivation.
  34. Economics, business studies, tourism, mathematical
    Am doing this jubject so am asking what course can I take with them
  35. Economics
    The short-run cost function of a firm is as follows: TC = 200 + 5Q + 2Q2 Where TC = Total Cost Q = Physical units of the product of the firm What would be the level of optimum output?
  36. Economics
    The mean marks obtained in an examination by a group of 100 students were found to be 49.46 the mean marks obtained in same examination by a group of 200 students were 52.32 find out mean of marks obtained by both the groups together
  37. Economics
    A man wishes to bequeath to his daughter P20,000 ten years from now. What amount should he invest now if it will earn interest of 8% compounded annually during the first 5 years and 12% compounded quarterly during the next 5 years?
  38. Economics
    Which one of the following is an example of direct foreign investment? A. General Motors building an auto production facility in China B. The purchase of debt issued by the Panamanian government C. A U.S. bank granting a loan to a Guatemalan firm D. A U.S. government foreign ...
  39. Economics
    Which one of the following statements about capital flight is correct? A. Capital flight refers to the tendency of developing countries to overinvest in commercial aircraft. B. Capital flight refers to developing countries' citizens accumulating or investing their savings in ...
  40. Micro- Econ
    You have an hour between your economics and math classes. What is the opportunity cost of that time if you use it to complete your math homework instead of your economics homework? the economics homework you could have completed the math homework you chose to complete the ...
  41. Economics
    When most consumers and firms reduce spending only because they expect other consumers and firms to reduce spending, and a recession results, A. a self-correction has occurred. B. an adverse aggregate supply shock has occurred. C. a coordination failure has occurred. D. a real...
  42. Economics
    How do tariffs work to protect infant industries?
  43. Economics
    Which one of the following statements about the World Bank is correct? A. The World Bank provides gold for developing countries that want to go on the gold standard. B. The World Bank provides short-term loans to developing countries that are incurring balance of payments ...
  44. history
    How have petro-economics shaped the Middle East? A. Economic competition among Middle Eastern states to be the top oil producer often becomes bitter. B. Arab nations have consolidated their power by negotiating the purchase of oil rights in neighboring regions. C. Abundant oil...
  45. Economics
    In recent years, the governments of the industrially advanced countries have A. discouraged skilled developing countries' workers from emigrating to the industrially advanced countries. B. substantially reduced foreign aid to the developing countries. C. substantially reduced...
  46. Economics
    Which one of the following statements about efficiency wages is correct? A. An efficiency wage is a "wage" that contains a profit-sharing component as well as traditional hourly pay. B. An efficiency wage is an above-market wage that minimizes a firm's labor cost per unit of ...
  47. Economics
    Which one of the following statements is correct under the theory of supply-side economics? A. High marginal tax rates severely discourage work, saving, and investment. B. Transfer payments increase incentives to work. C. Increases in social security taxes and other business ...
  48. Economics
    The international agency that lends money to developing countries for economic development projects is the A. World Credit Union. B. World Bank. C. International Monetary Fund (IMF). D. World Trade Organization (WTO). my answer is B
  49. Economics
    6. The following are hypothetical exchange rates: 2 euros = 1 pound; $1 = 2 pounds. We can conclude that A. 1 euro = $2. B. $1 = 4 euros.******my answer C. $1 = .5 euros. D. 1 euro = $.50.
  50. economics
    what are the benefits of natural monopolies? would it be research and development?
  51. economics
    im stuck how does the government promote economic goals? i know the goals are efficiency, freedom, security, equity and growth
  52. Economics
    Consider the following data. The money supply is $3 trillion, the price level equals 4, the real GDP is $4 trillion in the base-year dollars
  53. he
    what are the philosophy of home economics?
  54. home economics
    What are the six methods of controlling fullness?
  55. Microeconomics
    A major overhaul of the Federal Tax structure was enacted at the end of 2017, effective beginning with the 2018 tax year. This assignment consists of a calculation to gauge effects on your own situation or upon a mythical one, as well as some analysis of the pros and cons: ...
  56. History
    Which set of issues led to the Civil War? Economics, religion, boundaries Politics, education, voting rights ** Slavery, politics, economics Voting rights, slavery, politics
  57. Economics
    What might induce a rightward shift of aggregate supply? a) Improvements in productivity, resulting from increased investment in plant and equipment b) Increases in the size of labor force which reduce wages, improved business confidence and changes in tax policies and ...
  58. economics
    what are welfare payments or consumer subsidies?
  59. AP Economics
    Why might inflation accelerate as the unemployment rate declines?
  60. Economics
    1. According to Moore’s law, the number of transistors T on a semiconductor chip doubles every two years. Assuming a continuous growth in transistors over time, what is the annual growth rate ( in %) of transistors, implied by Moore’s law?
  61. Economics
    Banks create money whenever they: A: accept a deposit. B: receive monthly payments on their loans. C: receive interest on existing loans. D: lend excess reserves to a borrower.
  62. SS
    How does British Columbia’s geography contribute to its economic and cultural ties with the Pacific Rim? The economics of British Columbia and Pacific Rim countries are similar. British Columbia’s nearness to the other Pacific Rim countries has led to cultural exchange and...
  63. Economics
    The public debt is the amount of money that A. Americans owe to foreigners. B. state and local governments owe to the federal government. C. the federal government owes to holders of U.S. securities. D. the federal government owes to taxpayers. I chose C am I correct?
  64. Social studies
    i hope i'm not a bother but this is the last question. Each brand of cereal at the supermarket has a different price , but they all cost within $1.00 of one another. The pricing and the availability of this cereal best demonstrates. A Free trade policies B Market supply and ...
  65. History PLZ ANSWER ASAP
    Think about how the actions of government affect the lives of its citizens. Government sets economic policies, for example, that shape whether the economy thrives or struggles. This in turn might mean that an individual person gets a good job or has a hard time finding work. ...
  66. Economics
    Demand = 20000-7price Supply = 10000+8price Find out the number of unit on equilibrium demand and supply
  67. Managerial Economics
    SQ sells ties and currently has sales of 1,200 units a month, producing a revenue of £36,000. It competes with TR, who is now considering a price cut of 25%. The PED for SQ is –1.5 and the CED between the two products is 0.8. a) Calculate the effect of TR’s price cut on ...
  68. Economics
    Suppose that when disposable income rises from $5.2 trillion to $6.0 trillion, consumption rises from $5.0 trillion to $5.6 trillion. What is the marginal propensity to consume?
  69. Civics Economics
    1. Nixon's credibility as President was severely strained by the Watergate scandal. a. True b. False (A) 2. In the 1970's, the federal government gave up its policy of trying to Americanize the Indians. a. True b. False (B) 3. Vietnam was no longer an election issue by 1972. a...
  70. Civics Economics
    1. Nixon's plan to achieve peace in Vietnam was called the "silent majority." a. True b. False (B) 2. Killings at Kent State and Jackson State Universities rallied the nation's support for the Vietnam War. a. True b. False (A) 3. One result of the Yom Kippur War was an oil ...
  71. Economics
    In not less than 3 pages Explain the process of circular flow of income and product in a 3 sector economy
  72. Economics
    The current price for a good is ​$20​, and 100 units are demanded at that price. The price elasticity of demand for the good is negative 2. When the price of the good drops by 10 percent to ​$18​, consumer surplus A. Increases B. Decreases by _ ? ​(Enter your ...
  73. Math
    In economics, the demand for a product is the amount of that product that consumers are willing to buy at a given price. The quantity demanded of a product usually decreases if the price of that product increases. Suppose that a company believes there is a linear relationship ...
  74. economics
    In which phase of the business cycle will the economy most likely experience rising real output and falling unemployment rates? A. Peak B. Recession C. Expansion*** is my answer D. Trough
  75. 6thMath
    You walked 2⁄15 miles from your chemistry class to your economics class at a constant speed of 0.8 miles per hour. How long did this take you?
  76. Economics
    Can anyone walk me through the solution of this problem? 1/2(1600/E)^1/2*50=? Thank You
  77. Economics
    1. Use the table below to predict what would happen if airlines and baseball stadiums priced all seats the same instead of using variable-pricing. What would happen to the number of tickets sold? What would happen to the total revenue from ticket sales? Assume stadiums are ...
  78. micro economics
    One type of systematic error arises because people tend to think of benefits in percentage terms rather than in absolute dollar amounts. As an example, Samir is willing to drive 20 minutes out of his way to save $4.00 on a grocery item that costs $10.00 in a local store. But ...
  79. economics
    From the article “to understand a tax on Mexican imports consider the avocado” The article insinuates that domestic (U.S. based) Avocado producers will plant more trees after a tax is implemented. Why would this be true? How does a price change impact the decision to ...
  80. economics
    From the article, “To Understand a Tax on Mexican Imports, Consider the Avocado”: The article insinuates that domestic (U.S. based) Avocado producers will plant more trees after a tax is implemented. Why would this be true? How does a price change impact the decision to ...
  81. Economics
    A firm produces 10 units of output at a market price of ​$7​, a marginal cost of ​$7​, and an average cost of ​$5. The​ firm's economic profit is
  82. Economics
    Suppose a university decides to alter its tuition schedule by separating its students based on how many years of college they have completed. Most university programs require four years to complete. First-year students would get a 13% tuition reduction. Second-year students ...
  83. Managerial Economics
    Suppose you decide to produce a product and you discover it has a demand function given by; Q = 10P^-0.5Y^0.75 (I) calculate the price elasticity of demand for the product. (ii) calculate the income elasticity of demand.
  84. Economic
    Principles of economics: 1.All choices involve costs 2. Conseqences of choices lie in the future How would both of these principals apply to college/career ?
  85. Economics
    Retrieve the average total cost function given that the total cost=Qsquared+5Q+6
  86. Economics
    What is one example of a competitive labor market?
  87. Economics
    Explain the concept of isoquant and work on it's function
  88. economics
    P=100-30+4a½ Tc=4q²+10q+a find q,p,a values
  89. home economics
    list and explain 5 career oppotunities in home economics
  90. Economics
    What does Canadian parliament do when it comes to registration? Can someone please explain to me briefly so I understand, thanks in advance.
  91. economics
    If there is no cyclical unemployment, the economy is said to be ______________. at full employment in the recovery phase of a business cycle at the worker saturation point in recession at a trough in the business cycle
  92. Economics
    Using the following information, calculate the unemployment rate for Workerland: population = 1,000,000 employed = 750,000 unemployed but seeking a job = 100,000 those not participating in the labor force = 150,000
  93. Economics
    By far, the largest component of the GDP equation from an expenditures perspective is: net exports consumption by households profits by entrepreneurs government purchases investment by business firms
  94. Economics
    Using the expenditures approach in measuring GDP, each of the following would be included in the calculation, except: household consumption government purchases of goods and services net exports wages and salaries business investment
  95. Economics
    Only final goods and services are included in the calculation of GDP: because only final goods and services have measurable value to make GDP simpler to determine because final goods and services are taxed while intermediate goods and services are not to avoid double counting ...
  96. Economics
    As a unit of account, money provides _____________. a manner of preserving wealth into the future intrinsic value a double coincidence of wants a standard way to measure value of goods and services
  97. Economics
    To what category do a person's earnings, the dollar value of a good or service, the value of a property and the value of a company's profits belong too? My answer is tax base
  98. Economics
    How can competition in a scarce labor market affect wages? Wages will go down because productivity is lower. Wages will remain level because firms want to keep existing workers. Wages will go up to attract workers to a firm and to keep existing workers. Wages will go down to ...
  99. Economics
    which of the following changes in trade would produce the greatest increase in gdp? increase exportsm& increase imports increase exports & decrease imports decrease exports & increase imports decrease exports & decrease imports my answer is the 2nd one
  100. Economics
    What is abnormal supply curve
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