1. Social studies
    I need a paragraph on Ockham and canals
  2. 8th grade social studies
    6. In the debate over the constitution which of the following did the federalist favor A. A bill of rights B. A end to taxes C.a strong national government D. Strong state governments
  3. Equality Studies
    What are some steps white Americans can take to check their privilege?
  4. History plz help!!!
    How should the success of the United States be evaluated and measured? What tools or data should be used to do this? What are your measurements of natural success in the economy, politics, social services, or the environment? —————— my answer...
  5. Equality Studies
    Who are some prominent obese role models?
  6. Social Studies
    Which Native American group had hunters and gatherers who followed the vast herds of buffalo and relied upon the buffalo for their survival? A. California Indians B. Makah C. Plains Indians* D. Iroquois
  7. social studies
    After Louis XVI was executed, Maximilien Robespierre led the Committee of Public Safety in carrying out what became known as the A. Scientific Revolution. B. Industrial Revolution. C. Reign of Terror. D. Hundred Years’ War.
  8. Social Studies
    what do political cartoons tell anyone about the U.S. government’s approach to immigration regulation during the 19th century?
  9. Social studies. NEED HELP ASAP
    What is a common theme shared by the mayan and Aztec civilizations? They traded fur with Dutch &French.** They were both into astronomy. They shared similar marriage customs. They were nomadic and traveled in clans.**
  10. social studies
    why did many people coming to the US and Canada hundreds of years ago settle along coastal rivers and plains
  11. Sociology
    What can be the relationship between Social Darwinism and Poverty?
  12. Social Studies re-post
    1.In a traditional economy, how are economic decisions made? consumers and planners custom and habit**** combination of consumers and planners government leaders 2.In a command economy, how are economic decisions made? government planners*** combination of consumers and ...
  13. Social Studies
    The Inuit made temporary shelters in the summer out of which type of material? A. Snow B. Animal skin ** C. driftwood D. metal I'm confused because they made tents out of driftwood and animal skin.
  14. Social studies
    What resulted from the loss in value of continental dollar A) foreign countries demanded repayment of their word loans for the government B) trade became complicated because states printed their own currency C) Congress began to sell their sections of land in the Northwest ...
  15. Social studies
    What issues or events highlighted the insufficiency of the power of the central government under the articles of confederation select all that apply A) Central government in ability to impose taxes on states B) The laws congress created relate to to the northwest territory C...
  16. Social studies
    How can the constitution be amended?
  17. Social Studies
    What was one reason Tecumseh wanted to form confederation? pls help.
  18. Social Studies
    Which of the following principles is stated in the Declaration of Independence? A. People have the right to free speech. B. Governments are appointed by God. C. British taxes were to high. D. Governments must be representation of the people.
  19. Social studies
    Why is the United states so varied
  20. history
    European medieval life was dominated by the Catholic Church (1). The Church defined and maintained social order (2). Catholic social programs cared for the poor, the sick, and the orphaned (3). Catholic monks provided literacy programs to peasants to spread the teachings of ...
    describe the taino view of columbus voyage and their encounter with the europeans'
    Describe The European view of Columbus’s voyage and his encounter with the Taino
  23. math
    1. The class social committee, consisting of 6 people, is planning a party. The committee wants to have a cake for the group. If each cake provides 24 servings, how many cakes should the committee order to serve a class of 70 and staff of 3? 2. Young adult female is running a ...
  24. Social Studies
    which group was primarily connected with the democratic republicans wealthy merchants enslaved african Americans manufacturing leaders small farmers my answer is a
  25. social studies
    wich of the following was one of the influences of the roman republic in the framing of the constitution? 1a centralized government that provides for more order 2elected representatives who are the voice of the people 3a judicial system that is controlled by the people 4a ...
  26. social studies
    wich of the following was one of the influences of the roman republic in the framing of the constitution? 1a centralized government that provides for more order 2elected representatives who are the voice of the people 3a judicial system that is controlled by the people 4a ...
  27. social studies
    wich of the following was one of the influences of the roman republic in the framing of the constitution? 1a centralized government that provides for more order 2elected representatives who are the voice of the people 3a judicial system that is controlled by the people 4a ...
  28. Social Studie
    1: How does sea-floor spreading occur? A, New materials are being added to the asthenosphere. B, Earthquakes break apart the ocean floor. C, Sediments accumulate at the area of spreading. D, Molten material beneath Earth's crust rises to the surface. 2, Which features form the...
  29. World History
    To begin, complete the chart below by organizing different social and economic classes of people in the Middle Ages. Arrange the following groups in the proper order according to their place in society: serfs, nobles, clergy, merchants, monarchs, artisans, and knights. Can ...
  30. social studies
    what issue or events highlighted the insufficiently of the power of the central government under the articles of confederation? the central government's inability to impose takes on states the laws congress created relative to the northwest territory the central government's ...
  31. social studies
    Why did Jefferson oppose Hamilton’s plan for creating a national bank? Select all that apply. (2 points) He argued that Congress did not have the constitutional power to establish it. He felt that there would be no way to effectively run a national banking system. He ...
  32. social studies
    Which of the following statements best summarizes Washington’s viewpoint on American foreign policy? (1 point) The United States can take advantage of Europe’s ambition. The United States should limit interaction with Europe to commerce, or trade. Europe’s interests are ...
  33. English
    1. Our swim coach reminded us to eat a healthy meal, sleep well, and to come early for warm-ups before the swim meet. 2. While Jenny was skiing on Saturday morning, the trail cut through the forest. 3. After a moment of panic when I couldn’t find my keys, I remembered I had ...
  34. Social Studies
    What influence did Egypt have on North African Culture?
  35. social studies
    Which group was especially interested in winning the Crusades? 1)farmers 2)teachers 3)merchants *** 4)artists I think merchants, because of the trade. Thanks for your help.
  36. Science check my answers please
    1. Convert 4.0 kilometers (km) to meters (m). (1 point) 0.04 m 40 m 400 m 4,000 m (my answer) 2. For his science project, Austin wants to determine if the pH of standing rainwater changes over time. He collects a jar of rainwater and places it indoors in a spot that does not ...
  37. PE
    A ________ is the way a person reacts to a situation based on the social environment in which a person grows up. Coping Strategy Defense Mechanism ** learned emotion primary emotion
  38. history
    Which accurately describes the Roman Empire’s influence on the Celts throughout northern Europe? there is no evidence that the celts and the romans made contact the celts resisted roman rule by successfully defeating Julius ceasar advancing armies in Britain and gaul the ...
  39. Social Studies
    Why is the legacy of colonial powers a barrier to democracy in the Middle East?
  40. Social Studies
    Although Tenochtitlán was a peaceful place, the Aztecs themselves were a warlike people. In the 1400s, Aztec warriors began conquering the other people in the region. Soon, the Aztecs controlled a huge empire. One ruler, the emperor, ruled over all the Aztec lands. The Aztecs...
  41. Social Studies
    Since Canada’s labor force growth is made up of 70% immigrants and is projected to rise to 100%, you might best speculate that Canada’s government has a(n) ______________ policy. A. anti-immigration B. pro immigration C. Constitutional ** D. democratic
  42. Social Studies
    Scientists classify native people living in the Americas as having lived during one of four time periods. Which shows the correct order in which these time periods occurred?? A- Woodland, Mississippian, Paleo-Indian, Archaic B- Mississippian, Paleo-Indian, Woodland, Archaic C...
  43. Social studies
    In his farewell address, what did Washington say about the U.S. forming alliances with specific European countires? A) it would be seen as a sign of disrespect B) other countires might also seek to form alliances***** C) it might put peace and prosperity at risk D) other ...
  44. Social studies
    What were some issues on which Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed? Select all that apply □ the role of the federal government □ how to structure judiciary □ imposition of taxes □ how to structure a banking system
  45. social studies
    which historical event was the most important in forming the character of modern germany? A:industrial revolution B:protestant reformation C:WW2 D:enlightenment
  46. social studies
    Mesoptomia climate was
  47. Social Studies
    What was the significance of Hernando de Soto’s expedition? Gold and Silver***
  48. social studies
    Which could be a reason for the Southern economic worth being so much higher than that of the New England and the Middle Colonies?
  49. Social studies
    What presidential power under the constitution led the antifederalists to urge for a bill of rights? A veto power over acts of congress B miltary power, as commander-in-cheif C the power to carry out the laws passed by congress*** D the power to declare states of emergency ...
  50. Social Studies
    Why did sharecropping lead to a cycle of proverty? 1.) No one shared the tools,seed,or fertilizer needed to be successful. 2.) Freedmen had worked on farms all their life and didn’t want to work on farms anymore. 3.) Crop prices were low, which prevented farmers from being ...
  51. social studies
    What did Elizabeth Freeman's heroic impact leave behind?
  52. social studies
    In the Middle Ages, ceremonies such as weddings had t be performed by? 1) the mam of the house 2)a bishop 3)a priest 4)the pope I chose #2 but reading stated the clergy attended all ceremonies. If the man of the house and clergy are the same then it would #1. Thank you.
  53. tourism and hospitality
    what are Social or cultural impacts tourism has in UK?
  54. Social studies
    From the True Narration of the Knight of Elvas March 9, 1540 On the other bank of the river we found a province, which is called Acapachiqui (Southwest Georgia), very abundant in food... We saw some towns of the province, and others we could not because it was a land of very ...
  55. Social studies
    From the True Narration of the Knight of Elvas March 9, 1540 On the other bank of the river we found a province, which is called Acapachiqui (Southwest Georgia), very abundant in food... We saw some towns of the province, and others we could not because it was a land of very ...
  56. Individual and Societies
    What are some recent social issues in Tunisia??
  57. Social studdies
    Which of the following would multiculturalism encourage A.embrace English traditions above French ones. B.Speak only French in some cities. C.maintain traditions while sharing a Canadian identity D.focas only on their own ethic traditions
  58. social studies
    What time was tea organically made
  59. Social Studies
    Can I have these answers checked? 1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The area ruled by an independent government**** C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by a military D. A ...
  60. Social Studies
    Where in North America did the Mound Builders live? in the Southwest in the Northwest in the Central Mexico in eastern North America THIS ONE Which statement best describes the agriculture of the Mayas Each year, they rotated the kinds of crops planted. When an area of soil ...
  61. social studies
    Why did the system of feudalism arise during the Middle ages? A:to develop an economic system. B:to determine jobs within a city. C:to defend the countries from attacks. D:to organize the household of noblemen. I think the answer is C. Thank you
  62. Social studies
    1. The silk road latrading route lasted for centuries and streactched 4.000 miles from china to= my answer the eastern mediterannean sea4. what is one acheivment of the tang dinasty? the compleation of the grand canal. the buliding of the taj mahal and great structures.*** the...
  63. History
    Explain how Hobbes and Locke influenced the social and political landscape of Europe and the Americas.
  64. anthropology
    Describe social groups in general, and then compare/contrast 3 types of groups as discussed in the course. So I got the description down. I am trying to do the compare/contrast on friendship, clubs and cooperatives. I wrote down things in the book about each, but not much info...
  65. anthropology
    2 key differentiators and 2 examples of anthropology compared to history and sociology. I found the definitions of each- Cultural anthropology-study of living people and cultures and they actually live with the people they study Archaeology- a subclass of anthropology and is ...
  66. social studies
    What was the effect of discovering oil at spindletop?(1Point) A The stast stufferes economically because the supply wasnt as much as people expected B The supply at spindletop was not enough to economicallyy support the exploration of nearby sources for oil. C The u.s. became ...
  67. English
    Instructions: Select the incorrect words in the paragraph. I delete the words in capital On the one of the hand, I have really enjoyed working with all of you in this department, but I came to realize I wasn't really happy in this type of work. In TO other than words, it just...
  68. English (Check)
    What type of question can the bolded text help you answer? My social studies teacher, Ms. Galvez, rolled her eyes at me and I rolled my eyes back at her. The Man was always coming down on me, just because I go through school firewalls like wet Kleenex, spoof the gait-...
  69. world history A
    Read the summary. The social structure of city life during the Neolithic period was very different from hunter-gatherer society, as it often restricted individual freedoms (1). At times, personal or family autonomy was replaced with the outside authority of unrelated strangers...
  70. world history A
    How did the Agricultural Revolution influence the development of human society during the Neolithic Age? (Select all that apply.) it led to development it simplified human existence and culture it led to developments in pottery it simplified the hierarchy of social classes is ...
  71. Cultural Anthropology
    Describe social groups in general and then compare/contrast with 3 different types of social groups.
  72. Cultural Anthropology
    Provide 2 reasons with 2 examples: why it is important to have a strict code of ethics in anthropology and other social sciences compared to more purely scientific disciplines such as chemistry or physics.
  73. world history A
    As the Agricultural Revolution progressed, how did the surplus of food affect early human civilization? (Select all that apply.) it enabled different social classes and occupations to form it eliminated the need for animal husbandry practices it enabled artisans to specialize ...
  74. Social studies
    who advocated for the solution of medicine and health in the progressive era?
  75. Social Studies
    Which of the following supports the idea that the constitution was written with compromises. Smaller states would be represented equally in congress No system of checks and balances would be included in this new government Congress could not have complete power to regulate ...
  76. Social Studies
    Were those who wanted the cherokees' land influenced by the fact that the cherokee signers the 1835 treaty had acted illegally?
  77. math and social networking
    what could I use 39000 KB worth of data on in about six minutes of time on my s7 edge cell phone
  78. Social Studies
    What is the government and environment like in Tunisia ???
  79. Social studies
    Where do most people in southwest Asia live and why
  80. Social studies
    Please give me the answers to this 23question test 1. Based to this excerpt from the text, what was one potential problem with the Articles of Confederation?
  81. Social studies
    Fill in the blank Sparta didn't mind stopping its war against Athens because it was building a blank and making an alliance with blank please help me I really need help ASAP
  82. Social Studies
    Compare the tactics used by the French troops in the French and Indian War with those of the American patriots during the Revolution.
  83. Social studies
    Can someone give me a short answer or link on what to do with this question: How was the northern renaissance similar to the Italian Renaissance? How was it different?
  84. Social studies
    What are 2 ways caribbean families preserve thier cultural traditions
  85. @ Lexie -- You're banned!
    Asking for social studies answers has earned you a banishment from posting on Jiskha.
  86. social studies
    which of the following statements best reflects the rights of citizens that are protected by the bill of rights
  87. Social studies
    Of the following choices, which reflect basic principles of the Constitution? Select all that apply. Popular sovereignty***** Monarchy Federalism ***** Individual rights ***** Leadership Am I correct?
  88. Social Studies
    Antifederalists and Federalists debated about the language in the U.S. Constitution. Which if the following were major viewpoints. Of the Antifederalists? Select all that apply. They believed that a strong, central government was crucial to the success of the nation. ***** ...
  89. Social Studies
    Which of the following statements best summarizes the information provided on the chart? (1 point) The Articles of Confederation gave too much power to the individual state governments. Most of the Articles of Confederation’s weaknesses related to the central government’s ...
  90. Social studies unit 3 lesson 6 8th grade practice
    Plz help me anyone know the answers to the 15 questions?
  91. Social Studies Please help
    1. What do colonialism and imperialism both require? a) one country giving money to another b) two countries sharing c) two countries working together d) one country ruling another country**** 2.What did West Africans trade to North Africans in exchange for salt? A camels B ...
  92. Social studies help quick
    Why do United States citizens have civic responsibilities? A in a republic the president can order any citizen to help. B in a democracy every citizen must earn their rights C in a democracy the country is run by all citizens working together. D in a republic the government ...
  93. social studies
    what qas reponsible for writing the amendments that later became the bill of right? A.gorge Washington B. Patrick Henry C.George mason D.James madison
  94. social studies
    where do people live in sw asia? Why? and what goes into choosing where you live?
  95. Social Studies
    Which of the following was one important contribution made by Benjamin Franklin during the constitutional convention? A.) He called for an end to the Articles of Confederation B.) He is known as the primary author of the U.S constitution. C.) He made a plea to delegates to ...
  96. Social Studies
    Put the following events in chronological order. I had already filled them in I just need somebody to confirm it is right. 6 Mao announces his "Cultural Revolution" 2 A group of young Chinese men, including a young teacher, Mao Zedong, meet in Shanghai to form the first ...
  97. social studies
    1. Why was the Declaration of Independence important select all that apply 2. What is the relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights 3. Which ideas from the Declaration of Independence support women's suffrage
  98. Social Studies
    Which kingdom ruled in West Africa up until the 19th century? Kingdom of Mali**** Kingdom of Benin Kingdom of Ghana Kingdom of Songhai
  99. Writing
    Expository essay prompt: Describe the evolution of communication in the last 20 years since the advent of the Internet. Note: I wrote the essay in 15 minutes. Please give me some feedback and rate my essay from 1 (lowest to 5 ( highest). My essay: In today's world, it is ...
  100. Social Studies
    How did porcelain change life in Europe?
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