1. Social Studies
    What did many American artists of the mid-1800s seek to convey in their artwork? a.the horrors of the civil war b.the longing for past tradidtions c.the strength of democratic values and individualism d.an appreciation of american people and landscapes***
  2. Social Studies
    I need help. I am doing a study Guide for Social Studies, and I have been looking for web-sites for Mongolia, and how it affects its economy. Can you help me? Thanks!
  3. Social Studies
    Which fact would you cite to support the conclusion that the Battle of Kettle Creek was a turning point in the Revolutionary War in Georgia? A) After this battle, the British offered freedom to any slave who would join their fight against the colonists. Eliminate B) The ...
  4. Social Studies
    Which of the following was a key contrast between scalawags and carpetbaggers? A.Scalawags supported Reconstruction. B.Most carpetbaggers were Republicans. C.Carpetbaggers helped African Americans.* D.Scalawags were Southerners
  5. Social Studies
    Colombian eradication programs designed to limit or halt the production of crops used to produce drugs is unlikely to cause a decrease in A. deforestation B. poor soil quality. C. The population of Columbia. D. the number of healthy Columbian children. My mom thinks It's A ...
  6. history
    Describe significant events in the social and economic reconstruction of the south. why are these events significant?
  7. Social Study 6th
    Who suffered the most from the crowding in the city? the people already living in the city; the people still living in the country; the new arrivals from the country; government officials
  8. help 8th grade social studies
    Explain how transportation innovations of the time period affected migration patterns in the United States. if anyone has anything to help that would be nice thank you
  9. ELA
    100% - The Story of a Patriot Upton Sinclair 1 A young man is walking down the street, quite casually, with an empty mind and no set purpose; he comes to a crossing, and for no reason that he could tell he takes the right hand turn instead of the left; and so it happens that ...
  10. Sociology
    Based on social trends and research, sociologists predict which of the following about the future of family and marriage? A. Marriage will continue because it is nonfunctional. B. Cohabitation (without marriage) will not increase. C. Families will struggle with the ...
  11. World History/Social studies
    Who are some leaders who have attained success by using fear?
  12. Social Studies
    Which of the following was necessary to fulfill the idea of Manifest Destiny?
  13. social.s
    Cuba =Fell to communist in April 1974 China =Union of Soviet Socialist Republics IS THIS TRUE AND IM GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS
  14. Social studies
    There are 100 U.S. senators. How many senators would constitute a majority? A. 1 B. 25 C. 50 D. 75 I think it’s D
  15. Social Studies 1 QUESTION
    How did the supreme court decision in Worcester v. Georgia and the Indian removal act lead to the removal and the resettlement of native American groups? (please help i searched it up got nothing looked in my text book didn't understand anything. please help me this lesson is ...
  16. Literature
    I need to write a literature review using the following Research Question: How does one's self attitude/worth play a role in deviant behavior? The following is my outline. I am having two problems. The articles are so complex that I am having difficulty understanding them. ...
  17. maths
    Pedro earns 7.50 dollars an hour at his job at Matrix Cinemas. If he works 20 hours this week and his employer withholds a total of 22 percent of his weekly pay for taxes and Social Security, what is his take-home pay for the week?
  18. Algebra I
    Pedro earns 7.50 dollars an hour at his job at Matrix Cinemas. If he works 20 hours this week and his employer withholds a total of 22 percent of his weekly pay for taxes and Social Security, what is his take-home pay for the week?
  19. health
    The determination as to whether or not a drug is effective or safe must be based on clinical studies and conducted by A. anyone who works for the manufacturer. B. anyone with an interest in the subject. C. qualified experts. D. the pharmaceutical industry.
  20. Social Studies
    A local park is always littered with trash. Every time Alisha takes her dog to the park, she can't help but notice that trash is everywhere. She knows that this is a hazard to the environment. When she looks around, Alisha realizes that the park only contains a few overflowing...
  21. World History
    Which seminal document influenced James Madison’s writing of the United States Constitution? Madison was influenced by John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, which defends individual freedom and an open society. Madison was influenced by Edmund Burke’s Reflection on the ...
  22. World History
    What were the social effects of the bubonic plague spreading from Asia to Europe? (Select all that apply.) Millions of European Christians fled to the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Approximately 30 percent of the Persian population was killed. Fathers would sacrifice their first-...
  23. character education
    ____________ is necessary to develop positive social relationships. Charm Respect Talent B? Question 18 (true/false) An individual's identity is rarely influenced by his or her peers and friends. True False False? Question 19 (multiple choice) Which of the following must be ...
  24. World History
    Which theological teaching stated that the church and the state are two separate spheres of influence that can advise one another, but each is its own distinct area? containment policy two kingdoms doctrine dominion theology interdependency theory Google says 'The two kingdoms...
  25. World History
    What ideas were brought forth by John Locke’s Two Treatises of Civil Government? (Select all that apply.) religious freedom checks and balances social contract natural rights I googled this question, but I never really saw any clear answer, just a lot about religion and ...
  26. Social Studies
    Which group made up the majority of white Southerners? A. Planters B. Capitalists C. Middle class D. Small farmers(i think its this one)
  27. social studys ASAP!
    The shang made tis their first capital city 1:ANAHUAC 2:BEIJING 3:ANYANG 4:GOBI PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. social studys ASAP
    The Shang made their first capital city 1:ANAHUAC 2:BEIJING 3:ANYANG 4:GOBI
  29. social studys
    Hi! please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a quiz due today my grandma was in the hospital and I couldn't do school! I promise on my life that that is the case....here is the question : WHY DID BUDDHISM BECOME POPULAR IN INDIA?: its 28 percent of my grade plz help!
  30. social studys
    1.which precedent was established by the supreme court ruling in marbury v. madison A.the federal government has the power to regulate trade amoung the states B.State governments lack the authority to regulate federal bureaus. C. Federal courts determine the constitutionality ...
  31. Social Studies
    What are some of the benefits and pitfalls of the ethnic, language, and religious diversity in Africa? (its a sort answer question pls help)
  32. social studies
    The PUSH-PULL theory is used by scientists to explain? 1) how people fight 2)mountains 3)immigration 4)farming methods I think #3. Can you check? Thanks
  33. History 8th gradconnections academy
    1. What value in American identity is most fundamental to the U.S. political system? A. indivual rights B. social conformity C. national security D. freedom from rule 2. Why was the Voting Rights Act of 1965 necessary A. Each citezen must be ruled by the same laws. B. Each ...
  34. Social Sciences-Social Anthropology
    Hi Please help me I am confused Am I a homo sapiens? or a homo sapiens sapiens? thank you so much.
  35. Social studies
    I need help on lesson 9 unit 6 8th grade social studies. Can you help me with this test?
  36. Social Studies
    Which of the following is a faith of Iranian origin? 1. Judaism 2. Islam*** 3. Christianity 4. Zoroastrianism Which is the main climate in Cyprus? 1. Tropical wet and dry 2. Continental cool summer 3. Mediterranean*** 4. Humid subtropical More than half of Turkey's population ...
  37. Minnesota Studies 6 A
    7. Describe how different kinds of maps can give different information. Provide at least three examples of maps and how they are used. (3 points)
  38. Social Studies
    What are the answers for the Lesson 12: Nationalism and Imperialism quick check/
  39. Social Studies
    Lesson 12 Unit 2 quick check: The major countries of Europe set up colonies in Africa and Asian in order to
  40. social studies
    1.) what does vinicius life reveal about economic cultural and geographic divisions in brazil 2.) what opportunities exist for young people to build better lives for themselves and their families 3.) what challenges might people from poorer regions face what about poor people...
  41. Social Studies
    What did Alexis de Tocqueville observe on his visit to the United States that reflected changes that were happening in the country during Jackson's administration? (1 point) a strict divide between rich and poor a growing spirit of democracy and equality between classes a ...
  42. character education
    Why is the process of attaining goals a social event? few worthwhile goals can be attained without the cooperation of many people without sociality, attaining a goal is not rewarding attaining a goal is a surprise, worthy of celebration by all B
  43. social studies
    wich community is in the weastern region of the united states.
  44. Social studies
    Why does the cartoon from the bank war in 1832 portray President Jackson as a king A. Many people felt he was motivated by his own wealth B. Some felt he had used his power inappropriately in the vetoing legislation to re-charter the bank*** C. Something out there remain ...
  45. Social studies
    Which of the following is an accurate comparison of Adams and Jackson A. Adam supported efforts to promote the group of businesses well Jackson supported efforts to help the ordinary man B. Jackson supported the idea of high tariffs to increase revenue but Adams wanted to and ...
  46. Social studies
    What did Alexis de Tocqueville observe on his visit to United States that reflected changes that Were happening in the country during Jackson’s administration A. A strict divide between rich and poor B. A growing spirit democracy and equality between classes*** C. A ...
  47. Social studies
    How did the Indian removal act of 1830 go against the war Chester versus Georgia ruling A. It extended a military campaign against Native American peoples who had farmland B. It notified all previous treaties that protected the interests of Georgians against Cherokees C. It ...
  48. Social Studies
    1. Which of the following provides the definition of a nation? A. the highest elected officials in a country B. the area ruled by an independent government ********** C. a country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by a military D. a people with shared history ...
  49. english
    1. what is the purpose of internet cafe in the society? 2. Why does people choose internet cafe as a place for them to do their work or studies? 3. What are the benefits of the businessmen in starting up a internet cafe? 4.What advantages and disadvantages can the customer get...
  50. statistics
    Is Independent variable Depression categorical nominal or ordinal or continuous variables (interval or ratio) Answer: ordinal Is Independent variable College Life(academic and social) nominal or ordinal or continuous variables (interval or ratio)? Answer: Ordinal Is Dependent ...
  51. Social Studies
    Why has Mongolia's economic growth been weaker than the economic growth of Taiwan and China? The Han dynasty began the practice of teaching Confucianism in China's schools. What lesson would Han rulers want students to learn from this practice? How do mountains influence where...
  52. social studies
    What is weather?
  53. Social Studies
    What natural resources dose Poland have?
  54. social studes
    Which of the following was not a sign of the breakdown of royal government in Georgia?
  55. Social Studies
    Why did Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence?
  56. Social Studies
    With which animal are the Minangkabau most connected? A: cow B: water buffalo*** C: elephant D: tiger Which cultures have influenced Minangkabau life. A: Chinese and Indian B: Chinese and Japanese C: Korean and Indian D: Korean and Japanese*** Please check my answers, thanks!! :)
  57. World Studies
    Portugal refused to sponsor him, but Columbus persuaded Ferdinand and Isabella of What to his voyage.
  58. Social studies
    Which of the following were problems faced by the English colonists at Jamestown? Select all that apply 1- the colony employed many indentured servants and paying them was difficult 2-they settled in an unsecured location and were vulnerable to Spanish attack 3-the location of...
  59. social studies
    Which of the following most contributes to deforestation of the Amazon rain forest? A. mining B. lumber milling C. road construction D. tourism
  60. Social Studies
    3. More than half of Turkey’s population lives along the country’s coastal plains because (1 point) its major cities are located there. its electric power plants are there. the sources of fresh water are there. the climate is milder and wetter there.
  61. Social Studies
    which of the following is a faith of Iranian origin? 1. Judaism 2. Islam 3. Christianity 4.zorostrianism
  62. Social studies
    In which might the Spanish choice to claim North America land be considered controversial? A> Spanish explorers promised to free the slaves of North America. B>Spanish explorers failed to convert native people to Christianity. C> Spanish explorers seized territory ...
  63. Social studies
    Which theory of migration states that people sailed down the West coast of North America to make settlements? A) European Migration theory B) Northern Asia Coastal theory C) Bering Land Bridge theory D) Polynesian theory
  64. History
    1.) Why did so many Southern cotton planters move to Texas in the mid-1800s? Slavery had been banned in other Southern states Demand for cotton in Europe was at an all time low Enslaved orders could still be imported from Africa They had exhausted the soil in their former ...
  65. Social studies
    Why did Horace Mann feel that reforming the American education system was important? A. it would help people attain better jobs B. it would help in the fight to end slavery C. it would help in the fight for gender equality D. it would help people become better Christians My ...
  66. Social Studies
    Under the Articles, each state sent one delegate to Congress. Thus each state, no matter its size or population, had one vote. Congress did have the power to declare war. It could appoint military officers, coin money, and operate post offices. It was also responsible for ...
  67. Social Studies
    Why did Japan need to rebuild its economy following World War 2
  68. Social Studies
    Which of the following is NOT a hill in Jerusalem? A. Mount David B. Mount Zion*** C. Mount Moriah D. Mount of Olives
  69. social studies
    5) What are some characteristics that unite the nations of Caribbean South America today?
  70. Social Studies
    What would have happened if the british had granted the colonies independence sooner?
  71. 8th Grade Social Studies
    Under the Articles, each state sent one delegate to Congress. Thus each state, no matter size or population, had one vote. Congress did have the power to declare war. It could appoint military officers, coin money, and operate post offices. It was also responsible for foreign ...
  72. Social Studies
    What is a sentence that explains how the terms tributary and drainage basin are related
  73. social studies
    In what type of economic system do individuals own most of the businesses? A democracy B communism C capitalism D socialism c is my answer
  74. social studies
    Which climate region dominates most of Northern Africa? 1)humid continental 2)highland 3)tundra 4)arid I think #4 after looking at the maps. Can you confirm? Thank you for your help.
  75. Social Studies
    What did King George III do during the american revolution? How did loyalists and patriots feel about him?
  76. social
    How can you say the present constitution is prepared according to the people's will and aspiration?
  77. Social studies
    What are major differences between ancient Aksum and modern day Ethiopia???? Need help fast!!!!!!
  78. social studies
    what does the excerpt say about Washington's views on political parties
  79. math
    a recent survey of 8 randomly selected social networking sites has a mean of 13.1 million visitors for a specific month. the standard deviation is 4.1 million find the confidence interval of the true mean
  80. english
    what is a doctor that studies skin called help need now
  81. Social studies
    Which responsibilities do state governments have with respect to public education? Select all the apply A: running school boards B:providing funding C: setting standards D: hiring teachers I think a and c but I'm not sure
  82. Social Studies
    1. Why did Xerxes want to conquer Greece? a. to increase his country's wealth b. to win glory c. for revenge d. all of these** 2. Xerxes was king of a. Athens b. Persia** c. Delos d. Crete 3. The Greeks won the Battle of Salamis because their ships a. could move around quickly...
  83. social studies
    Which of the following laws would the free-soil party have supported? cottonocracy slave codes wilmot proviso fugitive slave act ms sue i don't want a link
  84. Check Please !!! Re-written
    I am an aspiring human rights advocate attending the University of Baltimore. I am an individual with many social and political concerns. I am invested in this because I believe…that regardless of individual’s sexual multiplicities and social identities, everyone deserves ...
  85. Social Studies-Land Use
    1. Because the Inuit live in an environment that is too cold it grows crops, they rely heavily on ____ and ___instead. a. melting ice, clearing trees b. snow, ice c. irrigation, manufacturing d. hunting, fishing 2. Which of the following is a third-level economic activity? a. ...
  86. Social Studies
    Need help re-wording!!! Women’s reproductive rights is still a political issue our leaders are still arguing over whether or not trans women are women they are, which adds a whole additional layer of prejudice and disinclusion typical sorts of sexism women face, which trans...
  87. Social Studies
    I need help putting this in a sentence.... multiplicity and social identities shouldn’t determine who should and shouldn’t adopt, it would be about love.
  88. Social Studies
    what was the impact on the colonies during the revolutionary war
  89. Social Studdies, Ms. Sue please check!
    1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The are ruled by an independent government C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by a military D. A people with a shared history who live in ...
  90. Social Studies
    1. what freedom was guaranteed in the South Carolina constitution written in 1778? A. freedom of assembly*** B. freedom of press C. freedom of religion D. freedom of speech 2. A patriot ____ the revolutionary war, and a loyalist ___ the war. A. supported; supported B. opposed...
  91. english
    Please give feedback, im sorry this is so so long! Many parents struggle to decide on whether they should send their child to a brick and mortar school or online school. For high school students, brick and mortar school is a better option than online school because it includes...
  92. Writing
    write an annotated bibliography on Franco, L. M., Bennett, S., & Kanfer, R. (2002). Health sector reform and public sector health worker motivation: a conceptual framework. Social Science & Medicine,54(8), 1255-1266
  93. social studies
    The types of crops grown by farms in the Andes is influenced in large part by A. elevation. B. latitude. C. longitude. D. pampas.
  94. Social studies
    The Athenian assembly appointed two generals, who A. collected taxes** B. led armies into battle C. carried out assembly's laws D. tried to increase trade
  95. Social Studies
    What was the purpose of washington’s neutrality proclamation?
  96. Social studies
    Who could be citizens of Greek city states? A.native-born men and women B.Free native-born land-owning men C.land-owning women D.Foreign-born men
  97. Social Studies
    a class is selling magazines as a fundraiser. of the 500 magazines sold, Amy sold 1/9 of them. garret sold 0.145 of the magazines. Robbie sold 11/100 of the magazines. carlita sold 0.095 of the magazines. who sold the most magazines
  98. Social Studies
    ____ was the warrior-farmer anointed king by the prophet Samuel. A. Alexander B. Ezra C. *************** Saul D. Nebuchadnezzar ============= A person thought to be instructed by God is a A. judge. B. scribe. C. prophet.******* D. zealot. =========== The wise sayings of ...
  99. Social Studies
    Multiple Choice ____ raised 12 sons, who became the 12 tribes of Israel. A. Cyrus B. **** Jacob C. Abraham D. Moses ============== Who led the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Sinai Desert? A. Jacob B. ********* Moses C. the Maccabees D. Pharaoh ========= How long did it ...
  100. 8th Grade History
    Can I have these answers checked... 1. Which of The following provides the definition of a nation? A. The Highest elected officials in a country B. The are ruled by an independent government C. A country with defined borders and foreign policy enforced by a military*** D. A ...
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