1. Social Studies
    Select a new deal program that helped improve the lives of South Carolinians. explain what the program improved and how it helped the people of South Carolina.
  2. Social Studies
    Explain how baby boomer causes the economic growth during the late 1940s and early 1950s. I think the economic growth was caused by the GI bill but I'm not sure.
  3. Social Studies
    What was the impact the civil war had on South Carolina?
  4. Social Studies
    What reasons best explain why many Haitians have migrated A. Haiti lacks sufficient natural resources. B. The country has been ruled by military dictators**** C. The geographical location of Haiti makes it unsafe for people to live there D. The country has a history of harsh ...
  5. Social studies
    What is the difference between a direct and a representative democracy(or indirect)
  6. Social Studies
    Dave is an executive at a large company. He is concerned that other businesses in his industry have been moving some of their operations to foreign countries in order to cut down on labor costs. The CEO has asked Dave to make a recommendation on what the company should do. ...
  7. Social Studies
    Explain the argument between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. What were its origins? PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE A BAD GRADE AND AM BEHIND.
  8. social studies
    what impacted the Arab-Israeli wars have on the United States in the 1970s? A .Support for Israel fill in the United States B. closure of the red sea shipping lanes hurt American businesses C. OPEC nations stop oil shipment to the United States D. the United States sent ...
  9. social studies
    "in 1996 Congress approved economic sanitation against South America to force an end to apartheid. sanctions are measures aimed to make a country change its policy. american companies were forbidden to invest in South Africa or import South African products" based on this ...
  10. social studies
    what is one cost that victory in the cold war brought to the united states? a. many new governments emerged in eastern Europe and opposed the US b the "peace divided" people hoped for never came about. c. the spread of nuclear weapons and general arms race created new dangers ...
  11. Social Studies
    What was Muhammad's message? What rules for daiy living did he teach?
  12. English
    Can someone please confirm that my answers are correct? Choose the correct pronoun to fit the context of the sentence. 1. The dog chewed ________ leash apart. A. its B. his or her C. it’s D. their E. its’ I think it's C 2. Is technology with all ________ advances working ...
  13. Social Studies
    If you were an entrepreneur, which Eastern European country might be the best place to start your new business? Explain your reasoning. Can someone name a country that might be good to start a business in, that way I can look it up and explain my reasoning? Thanks
  14. Social Studies
    When the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates following the 2001 recession, what did more people start to do? A. buy homes B. default on loans C. invest in dot-coms D. sell stock shares The United States used diplomacy to broker peace agreements in which of the following ...
  15. Social Studies
    The United States used diplomacy to broker peace agreements in which of the following countries? A. Israel, Northern Ireland B. Nicaragua, Somalia C. South Africa, India D. North Korea, Poland Is it A?
  16. Social Studies
    What was the main reason the Soviet Union crumbled in the 1980s? A. Glasnost led to rebellion against communist rule around the world. B. The Soviet economy could not match U.S. military spending while meeting citizens' demand for consumer goods. C. Policies introduced by ...
  17. Social Studies
    What was family like for rich Romans?
  18. Health
    If I had a friend who was thinking about drinking alcohol... What would you say to make sure my friend completely understands the consequences involved? What are the short- and long-term consequences I should warn them about? What are the physical and social consequences?
  19. Social Studies
    I have a portfolio assignment to do for SS and I'm just freaking out because I'm 3 units behind and I can't catch up until I complete this but I just don't understand it at all and I'm too prideful to ask the teacher for help. So, I beg, please help me? How did immigration ...
  20. Social Studies
    what were some of the lasting effects of the Vietnam war?(2 answers) A.Hundreds of thousands of soldiers suffered physical and emotional pain* B.Americans were divided over whether the war was worth fighting* C.American soldiers helped solidify a lasting democratic government ...
  22. Social Studies
    what is one example if the way a rise in productivity during the 1950s improved the standard of living in the united states? A.It gave workers more time off. B.It led to a sharp increase in urbanization. C.It led to the end of discrimination in the United States. D.It ...
  23. art
    true or false john constable created hundreds of thumb nail sketches and studies before beginning a final piece
  24. S.S
    Lesson 10: Unit Test CE 2016 Social Studies 8 B Unit 6: Meeting New Challenges What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a lack of strong ...
  25. social studies
    Which quotation sums up Herbert Hoover's beliefs about government's role
  26. Government
    Would someone mind checking my answers? Thanks! (Answers at bottom) And if anyone is willing to explain the final two questions to me and maybe help, thatd be much appreciated. 1.) "In the late nineteenth century, political leaders in the United States gradually became ...
  27. Social Studies
    1)What is one example of the way a rise in productivity during the 19 fifties improve the standard of living in the United States? It gave workers more time off It led to sharp increase in urbanization It led to the end of discrimination in the United States It eliminated ...
  28. social studies
    who did the shiites and sunnis believe should be leader
  29. Social studies
    What is the answer to the social studies week 14 crossword
  30. Social Studies
    I have to write a poem about life in Carribien South America today. But the problem is I can't find any good sources and credible sources, and even if I did have some I don't know how to start writing a poem. Could you give me some sources for it, and an example?
  31. Social Studies
    During the civil war that began in Guatemala about 1960, _________________. A. the Mayas gained political power. B. the Mayas benefitted from land reform. C. many Mayas lost all of their belongings. D. the Mayas agreed to share political power.
  32. Social Studies
    A problem facing all people living in Mexico City is A. increased pollution. B. having only a few farms. C. a lack of education. D. no place to buy food.
  33. Social Studies
    Who were the first inhabitants of the Caribbean islands? I think it was Christopher Columbus
  34. History
    Which of presidents carters politics best explains his defeat in the 1980 election? A reforms to social security and the tax code ***** B support for human rights C foreign policy in the Middle East D constructive responses to inflation Is this correct?
  35. social studies
    Muhammad and his followers journeyed from makkah to __ during what is called the Hijra? plz help i am on a test!
  36. Social studies
    What inference can be drawn from the lack of US action in response to Japanese aggression against China in 1937 A-Americans supported the Japanese over the Chinese. B- Americans did not believe Japan threatened them directly C-the United States did not care about China D- the...
  37. Social Studies
    Explain the term Green Revolution, and describe both its intended and unintended outcomes. (Give at least two intended outcomes and two unintended outcomes.)
  38. social studies
    why do the shiites believe that uyyades should not be in power
  39. Social studies
    How did the arrival of English-speaking white settlers change life for the Mexicanos in the Southwest?
  40. Social studies
    What were the goals of the populist Party?
  41. social studies
    what is a government order to stop sending supplies
  42. Finance Math
    Rhonda Brennan found her first job after graduating from college through the classifieds of the Miami Herald. She was delighted when the offer came through at $22.00 per hour. She completed her W-4 stating that she is married with a child and claims an allowance of 3. Her ...
  43. science
    Which options accurately identify an issue that could arise if no ethical guidelines were in place to guide the way research studies are presented to the public? (Select all that apply) The publishers of journals could charge whatever fee they wanted for copies of research ...
  44. Social Studies
    Which of the following were the cost of mining? Choose all that apply. A. Streams that were polluted and forests cut down B. permanent settlements began C. foreign miners were treated unfairly D. lawlessness and disorder were rampant I kinda don't really understand it, they ...
  45. Social Studies
    How did the location of Constantinople help it grow wealthy and prosperous?
  46. Social Studies
    19. Select a new deal program that helped improve the lives of South Carolinians. explain what the program improved and how it helped the people of South Carolina. 20. Explain how rationing affected the people on the home front during World War II. How did this behavior help ...
  47. Social Studies
    How did the fall of communism most impact people in Eastern Europe economically? A. Privatization has allowed them to become entrepreneurs. B. Greater freedoms have enabled collective farming. C. Democratic elections have ensured more representative goverment. D. The market ...
  48. Social Studies
    How was Korea affected by the Japanese surrender in World War II. I need help please help me other questions I need help with two like Analyze how Islam spread along Southeast Asia's trade routes Why might Myanmar have a difficulty attracting foraging Investments
  49. Social studies
    Which of the statements best demonstrates the outcomes of the double V campaign A. Germany surrendered and the Allies defeated Mussolini after a long standoff. B. Franklin Roosevelt ended discrimination in hiring practices for government businesses and Victory over Japan day ...
  50. Social Studies
    Summarize the Supreme court case Plessy v. Ferguson and explain why segregation acceptable. What were the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments? Did these amendments eliminate the problems faced by African Americans? HELP ME PLEASE!!
  51. Social Studies
    What kind of government did followers of Ayatolla Khomeini want?
  52. social studies
    I need help finding a contribute on Johnny Cash?
  53. Social Studies PLZ HELP ASAP
    Analyze the effect that plentiful harvests had on population in the ancient civilizations of the mainland's river valleys. Write a one-paragraph answer. Plz help me with this, i dont understand.
  54. Social studies
    I need help with the social studies unit 6 lesson 13 test about prosperity, depression, and world war 2 if anyone can help me it would mean the world to me thankb
  55. Social studies
    1. In a typical rural village in Mexico,you might expect to find that most people living on farms get their food by? A)growing their own food. B)buying what they need at large supermarket. C)buying what they need at small markets. D)gathering nuts and wild berries. I need help...
  56. Social Studies
    1. Muslims must A pray eight times a day B save all theor money C fulfill the five pillars of islam D live in makkah
  57. Social Studies
    Question: Explain how members of the Reagan administration acted illegally to sell arms to Iran and aid the contras in Nicaragua. in a paragraph, give reasons for and against these actions, and evaluate their impact. Answer: The members of Reagan administration acted illegally...
  58. Social Studies
    A(n) ________ is a custom or organization with social, educational, or religious purposes.
  59. Social Studies
    How did the end of world war 2 impact Minnesota's economy? How did the GI Bill help encourage economic growth in Minnesota and the rest pf the naiton? How are the growth of highways and suburbs related?
  60. Social Studies
    How did General Grant treat the Southern civilians towards the end of the war? Help Me! Please, Someone!!!!
  61. social studies
    Please explain how members of the Reagan administration acted illegally to sell arms to Iran and aid the Contras in Nicaragua. In a small paragraph, please give reasons for and against these actions, and evaluate their impact. this is the question that I'm stumped on. if you ...
  62. Social Studies
    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States. A: industrial jobs B: inexpensive land C: the promise of freedom D:expensive land in home country 2.Based on your reading, which statement best completes the ...
  63. History
    ....the father of modern socialism and communism, (he) was the most significant critic of capitalism as it developed during the early Industrial Revolution. He envisioned a society where social classes would vanish and the people would own all property in common. Whom does ...
  64. Social Studies
    Radical Republicans had two main goals. First, they wanted to break the power of wealthy planters who had long ruled the South. Second, they wanted to ensure that freedman received the right to vote. They used legislative reforms. or changes in laws, to achieve their goals. ...
  65. Social Studies
    The idea that the English colonies could break the contract with their mother Country came from this Enlightened person
  66. social issues
    Which statement best describes the militia theory? The Amendment, the Theory, and the Courts: Select the best answer from the choices provided. The founding fathers intended the Second Amendment to protect the collective right of Americans to keep and bear arms and the states...
  67. Social Studies
    Tax money that is spent in the community y is called an ____tax
  68. Social Studies
    What are the answers to the week 15 crossword?
  69. Social Studies
    Which statement best us explains the population growth in the five cities shown on the graph between 1870 and 1920? A. Many Urban industrial jobs are available in the Midwest and east regions B. Profits from the gold rush encourage the growth of cities on the West Coast C. ...
  70. Social Studies
    The county unit system was changed because it was a. voted out by Georgia voters b. set to expire in a matter of months c. outlawed by the General Assembly d. ruled unconstitutional by the courts******
  71. Context of play.
    The nature and form of early social learning in peer contexts consist of children learning from all of the following except A. watching peers. B. peers' responses to their behaviors. C. processing information received from peer interactions. D. adult interaction with children ...
  72. Context of play
    Teachers can help young children improve their _______ by using role-playing activities to help children learn how to make critical and valuable decisions. A. moral development B. social competence C. spelling ability D. reading skills answer b.
  73. Context of play
    When young children explore and manipulate objects in order to allow one object to represent another, as an infant may do with pots and pans, they are engaging in which type of play? A. Independent B. Symbolic C. Social D. Dramatic my answer is d.
  74. social studies
    How did the Industrial Revolution change European industry and trade?
  75. criminology
    If a treatment program focused on providing models of positive behavior, rewarding positive behavior, and providing consequences for aggressive behavior, which theories would the program be based on? (Select all that apply.) strain theory behavioral theory social learning ...
  76. Social Studies
    headline from the Past: Hiram Rhodes Revels Elected as First African-American Senator! headline from modern times: United States Elects First African-American President, Barack Obama How are the two events described in the headlines above similar?
  77. Social Studies
    Much of Booth’s anger at Abraham Lincoln resulted from the actor’s fanatical belief in the South’s constitutionally protected ________________. a- Right to maintain agricultural societies b- Right to maintain rural communities c- Right to secede d- Right to rescind ...
  78. Early Childhood Education
    When young children explore and manipulate objects in order to allow one object to represent another, as an infant may do with pots and pans, they are engaging in which type of play? A. Independent B. Symbolic C. Social D. Dramatic my answer is a.
  79. Math
    1. A car is worth $23000 in Jan 2017 in the first year the car depreciates by 15 percent per annum and then 7 percent every year after that. a) what will the car be worth in Jan 2023? b) when will the car be worth $5000? 2. In 2017 the population of a certain animal in your ...
  80. Social Studies
    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States A. industrial jobs B. inexpensive land C. the promise of freedom D. expensive land in home country I think it's B If anyone had all the answers to the test ...
  81. Social Studies
    which historical event was the most important in forming the character of modern Germany? A: industrial revolution B: protestant reformation C: WW2 D: enlightenment
  82. Social Studis
    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States
  83. social studies
    Analyze the ways in which interdependence has affected both developed and developing nations. In your answer, be sure to use examples and evidence to explain the benefits and risks facing each type of nation. In your analysis, evaluate a problem that interdependence has ...
  84. social studies
    compare and contrast tock and humbug as they are act II
  85. Social Studies
    In 1912, voters sympathetic to Republicans split their vote between the Republican party and the progressive party. Based on the table., how did this split affect the election results?
  86. Social Studies
    Some Caribbean islands are coral islands formed from A. tops of underwater mountains. B. skeletons of tiny sea animals. C. a long isthmus. D. high, flat plateaus.
  87. Social Studies
    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States A)industrial jobs B)inexpensive land C)the promise of freedom D)expensive land in home country
  88. Social Studies
    why might Myanmar have difficulty attracting foreign investments? I studied my book but I understand nothing of it.
  89. Geography
    Which of the following most closely relates to the term social satisfaction
  90. Social Studies (Check my work)
    What factors contributed to the weakening and decline of Medieval Europe? My answer: In the 14th century, there was a disease called the black death. It weakened Medieval Europe a lot because it killed millions of Europeans. Is this good?
  91. Reflective Checklist
    List two items you would expect to see in a setting for a children 3-5 years of age that promote social interaction?
  92. social studies
    what could a young man do if he did not pass the civil service test in the han dynasty
  93. American Government (9th Grade)
    1. Which of the following government actions have the greatest impact on promoting racial equality and housing? A. The passage of the title IX amendment to the civil rights act of 1964 B. The passage of the civil rights act of 1968 C. The Supreme Court ruling in Plessy versus ...
  94. Social Studies
    How would immigrants learn to live in a nation with a culture different from their own?
  95. Social Studies (Latin America unit review practice
    All of the following are regions of Latin America except? A: The US and Canada*** B: Mexico and Central America C: The Caribbean D: South America
  96. Social Studies
    I got the question correct but I don't understand why the answer I chose was correct. (I eliminated the ones that I knew were wrong and guessed out of the two answers I had left) Here's the question: Which event contributed most significantly to the settlement of Muslim ...
  97. Social studies
    Can someone please help me? Here's my quick check questions :) 1. Native Americans who live in on lake Titicaca use totora reeds for all except A. Making boats and houses B. Wagons C. Clothing D. Food and medicine 2. The Argentinian plains are home to Argentinian cowboys,also ...
  98. politics
    5.These rights have been extended to state criminal trials and to other settings, such as educational and social service hearings. a.Rights of Free Speech b.Civil Rights c.Due Process Rights d.Civil Liberties C?
  99. social studies
    The first European colony in the Americas to gain independence was? A) Mexico B)Cuba C)Haiti D)Brazil I think B Thanks
  100. social studies 8B
    How were the economies of the Northern and Southern states different? How were they the same? What factors led them to develop differently? Mrs.Sue could you provide a link?
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