1. Social Studies
    1. In the text, you read this about the Cold War during John F. Kennedy's presidency. Based on the text, which of the following was a positive outcome of the cold war during Kennedy's presidency? A. It encouraged scientific exploration of space. B. It broke down the Berlin ...
  2. Social studies
    I want to answer that question but i can't understand it. I'm also not really expecting anyone to reply back butt pleas if you do can you make it very detailed so i can understand it.
  3. Social Studies
    I need help under standing this passage"...[The] said Cooper Hughs Freedman with his wife...are to work on said farm and to cultivate forty acres in corn and twenty acres in cotton, to assist in putting that fences on said farm in good order and to keep them so and to do all ...
  4. Social Studies
    “In 1860, after a tenement fire took 20 lives, New York City's building laws were extensively revised and strengthened. At that time, the position of "Superintendent of Buildings" was created within the Fire Department to enforce the new structural safety laws. An ...
  5. Social Studies
    Realists wanted to make people aware of the costs of industrial growth. Which action was hastened largely because public opinion was aroused by a contemporary novel? Please Help
  6. Social Studies
    Radical Republicans had two main goals. First, they wanted to break the power of wealthy planters who had long ruled the south. Second, they wanted to ensure that freedmen reveived the right to vote. They used legislative reforms, or changes in laws, to achieve their goals. - ...
  7. Social Studies
    If someone has all the answers to check my answers to thatd be great. What promise did Stalin make and break after soviet occupation of several Eastern European countries? to give financial assistance to war-torn families** How did president Truman guard against communist ...
  8. social studies
    why did mexico decide to break away from spanish
  9. Social Studies
    Following World War 1, which industry experienced tremendous growth in the 1920s?
  10. Social Studies help
    Which group in Chinese society is not given equal education and job opportunities? A. Other countries did not want the low-priced products. B. Other countries quickly bought the low-priced products. C. Other countries made low-priced products themselves. D. Other countries ...
  11. Social Studies
    At home on the hills of Vermont or in the woods of Maine, or the Texan ranch, comrade of Californians, comrade of free North-Westerners. . . . of every hue and caste am I, of every rank and religion. --Walt Whitman, Song of Myself Why did Whitman compose these lines? A. To ...
  12. social studies
    What circumstance had the most direct impact on European colonization of Caribbean South America? 1) the slave trade in Africa 2) the fur trade n Europe 3) piracy in the Caribbean Sea 4) rumors of gold in El Dorado I think 4 but not sure Thanks for your help
  13. Social studies
    What did satraps do? A. protest against secular government B. Run provinces in the persian empire C. Teach muslim children about their faith D. Force armenians from their homes
  14. Social Studies
    1. which of the following was a significant part of the civil rights movement? (1 point) A. the civil rights movement got national attention B. laws were passed as a result of the civil rights movement C. the president provided his support of the civil rights movement D. all ...
  15. social studies
    1. Which modern, independent nation was founded through the leadership of a slave? *Belize *Mexico *Haiti****** *Cuba 2. What was the name of the criollo priest who helped begin Mexico's struggle for freedom in 1810? *Toussaint L'Ouverture *Simon Bolivar *Jose de San Martin *...
  16. Social Studies
    Which of the following was a reason for the Cold War? A. East and West Berlin were divided. B. Stalin prevented free elections in Eastern Europe. C. There was mutual distrust between the Soviets and Americans.*** D. Italian communist won seats in the Italian parliament. ***My ...
  17. Diagnosis and assessment
    I am stuck with the two last questions and have doubts. Can everyone assist me with this? Yalom suggested a preparatory group interview of potential group members. Which of these interview topics is NOT recommended by Yalom? A. To prohibit any personal contact by members ...
  18. Social studies
    Which of the following primarily accounts for the spike in cuban immigration in the 60 A ongoing civil war in Cuba b changes in U.S immigration laws c communism takeover of the cuban government d rapid growth in cuban wealth and mobility I believe it's B can someone tell me if...
  19. Social studies
    Why did the soviet union want to prevent a united West Berlin. A It would allow west Germans to enter freely in east germany. B It would be considered a threat to the Soviet Union C It would draw valuable natural resources D It would make West Berlin bigger than East Berlin I ...
  21. social studies
  22. social studies
    What geographic features lies east of the Andes Mountains? 1) saltwater grasses 2)active volcanos 3)llanos grasslands 4)mangrove swamps I think 3 Thanks
  23. Social Studies
    What is a constitutional Monarchy? A) A Government in which a king or queen has all the power. *** B) A Government in which the people elect the king or queen. C) A representative government with a mostly ceremonial ruler. D) A representative government with only one set of ...
  24. Social Studies
    At home on the hills of Vermont or in the woods of Maine, or the Texan ranch, comrade of Californians, comrade of free Northwesterners .... of every hue and caste am I, of every rank and religion --Walt Whitman, Song of Myself Why did Whitman compose these lines? A)To point ...
  25. Social science
    Most major cities in core countries are postindustrial. Can you think of an example of a growing city that is still in its industrial phase? How is it different from most Canadian cities?
  26. Social studies
    what was andrew jackson's response to worcester v georgia? Why was jackson being unconstitutional in his response
  27. Math
    Markus got a 63 out of 65 questions right on a social studies test. What will be the percentage he would get from the questions he got right? Explain and show your work.
  28. social studies
    Explain the similarities and differences between corporate farms and mixed-crop farms
  29. Social Studies
    1. Which river helped Rome grow and expand? A. Tigris<<(I think this is my answer) B. Alps C. Tiber D. Euphrates 2. Being away from the shore and on top of hills meant that Rome can be easily A. farmed. B. defended. C. bribed. D. attacked.<<(I think that this is my...
  30. SS
    Which of the following statements best describes Mexican history after independence? A:Mexico has been at war or in a state of revolution from independence to today. B:social class has not been an important factor in determining opportunity. C:many different cultures have ...
  31. social studies
    Areas of Mexico that can support agriculture are most affected by variations in ? 1) altitude 2) longitude 3) attitude 4) animal species I think altitude
  32. Social Studies
    I really need help on my quiz can u plz help!!
  33. Social Studies
    After reading more text I changed my answers on these two 1."Immigrants who arrive in american cities are poor and frightened. They are helped to find jobs and housing. There new comers should show their gratitude at voting time."Use this statement to answer the question. Who ...
  34. social studies
    What use was made of this order, which set up military areas where the Secretary of War controlled who would enter the place, who would leave or stay, and who was excluded?
  35. social studies
    Mexico is building a stronger workforce by? 1} holding free election 2)permitting remissions 3)eliminating competition 4)investing in education I think #1
  36. social studies
    what is a corporate farm? its part of a short answer and i cant find a definition that is easy for me to understand.
  37. Social Studies
    The Ottoman empire... only allowed Islam. persecuted Christians. <<<<? allowed religious freedom. persecuted Jews. If it's not B. then I think it is D.
  38. social studies homework
    3. What happened as a result of a meeting between A. Phillip Randolph and Franklin Roosevelt? (l point) I truly have no idea what this answer could be, I looked all through the lesson and found nothing. Can someone either help me by steering me in the right direction of giving...
  39. Social studies
    How are capital resources used in production? A:They allow producers better access to world markets B:They make it possible to employ more skilled labor C:They provide tools that make production more efficient D:They purchase raw materials needed for production I think the ...
  40. Social Studies. Please Help :)
    Hi! What are the similarities and differences between the Common Sense and The Crisis (Published by Thomas Paine)? Thank you for all the help! :)
  41. life orientation
    why do learners stop their studies and fall in their first year of studies at college or universities?
  42. Social Studies
    The formation of the European Union has created interdependence among nations. How has the most impacted Yasmin's life? A) It allowed her to learn flamenco dancing and tae-kwon-do. B) It allowed her to easily move from Spain to Sweden. *** C) It allowed her to speak Spanish, ...
    Use what you know from your reading and explain how the Scopes Trial was a reflection of the 1920s cultural clashes and evidence of a changing society
  44. Payroll accounting
    Julie Whiteweiler made $930 this week. Only social security (fully taxable) and federal income taxes attach to her pay. Whiteweiler contributes $100 each week to her company's 401(k) plan and has $25 put into her health savings account (nonqualified) each week. Her employer ...
  45. Social Studies (Check my answers please!)
    What did the Mayan caldenders track? 1. Religous celebrations and battles 2. Religous celebrations and the seasons ** 3. Games of pok-ta-tok and the seasons 4. Games of pok-ta-tok and battles The Aztech capital of Tenochtitlan stood on the site of present-day_______. 1. Los ...
  46. Social Studies
    21. Why did Buddhism become popular in India? (3 points) Please help with this question fast. Thx
  47. Social studies
    3:Which incentive is non-monetary A:flexible work hours B:buying a suit on sale C:getting cash-back rewards for making purchases with a credit card D:being paid a bonus for dressing well at work I think it might be D?
  48. Science
    Studies conducted in England during the Industrial Revolution have shown that children born to poor families were, on average, shorter than those born to wealthier parents. The most likely explanation for this difference in height is a difference in
  49. English
    I need some serious help with this question. Thank you!!! 8. Social media is used as a form of mass communication in modern society. Consider which communication theories and forms of communication are used to influence consumers. Give two examples.
  50. Social Studies
    1. In the Second Punic War, (1 point) Carthage attacked Rome.* most battles took place at sea. Carthage defeated Rome. Rome invaded Spain. 2. Who was Cincinnatus? (1 point) a dictator who served 16 days* a dictator in power until his death a plebeian a member of the Senate 3...
  51. social studies
    How did Muslim Turks influence turkey's development? Can someone give me a useful link NO ONE GIVE ME A THE ANSWER PLEASE TRYING TO DO MY OWN WORK!! mrs.Sue can you give me a link
  52. social studies
    outline two reason why emotional readiness is necessary for good parenting
  53. Social Studies Help!!
    1, what was the main purpose Roosevelt made in the 1932 election that helped him win? He promised to reorganize the economy He promised to help the jobless, poor farmers,and elderly ******* He promised to regulate big banks more heavily to prevent another depression He ...
  54. Social studies
    The indigenous people of the prairie provinces were strongly dependent on the buffalo herds for survival.
  55. Social Studies
    7. To which city did constantine move the capitol of the roman empire? Sardinia Galilee Cairo Byzantium
  56. Social Studies
    6. To lessen the effects of inflation on the economy, Rome put _____gold in it's coins in the AD 200s. no only less more
  57. Social Studies
    4. Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus wanted to give women the right to vote. give land to the poor. take over roman government. free all enslaved people. 5. Roman rulers helped unify the empire by granting every free person _______ in AD 212. citizenship money land voting rights
  58. Social Studies
    Which of the following events led to the Korean War? A. the invasion of Japan into Korea B. the sending of UN forces into Korea to assist South Korea C. the formation of the Demilitarized Zone D. the division of Korea between the Soviets and Americans I think B???
  59. Social Studies
    Which of these are part of the estate's water system? aviary wrestling grounds baths colonnade
  60. social studies
    what can be inferred about how elizabeth cady stanton's personal qualities affected the women's suffrage movement?
  61. Social Studies
    (Can you please check my answers)one major landform that is found in both united states and canada is A. The Kilauea Volcanos B. The Rocky Mountains (C.) The Great Basin D. Mount Logan 2 Why are the Great Lakes important to both the United States and Canada A. They form the ...
    Which of the following is not one of the objectives of a COPPS training curriculum? A. Providing participants with an overview of police history B. Sharing case studies of successful COPPS efforts with other participants C. Tearing down completely the traditional, incident-...
  63. social studies
    What can you conclude from this poem? (1 point A The Han does not believe in fairies. B The Han believes in magic C The Han craved wealth D The Han traveled over Qin mountain daily. Please help me with this
  64. Social studies
    To what extent should canadians try to stop human rights abuse in other countries today?
  65. Social
    Why do you think such widespread discrimination was socially acceptable back then and is not today?
  66. Social
    Why western countries such as canada and britain favoured appeasing Hitler? Why did appeasement ultimately fail!
  67. Social Studies
    This is my question: Explain the similarities and differences between corporate farms and mixed-crop farms. I haven't written anything yet but I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me what a mixed crop farm is and what a corporate farm is. I have already ...
  68. social studys
    Compare and contrast the rise and fall of Germany and japan during the period of world war Il Please help me with this.
  69. Social Studies
    Hi I was just wondering if anyone could check my answers, Thank you!! 1. Unstable government holds back economic development most in a. Namibia b. Botswana c. Somalia d. South Africa*** 2. What was the effect of diversity in Dafur? a. NGOs b. Apartheid c. Nationalism d. ...
  70. social studies
    what kind of energy does a soccer player transfer to the ball? 1) kinetic 2) potential 3) sound 4) chemical I think #1 kinetic Thank you.
  71. social studies, WW1 times
    10. Which of the following is the most likely reason why many Mexicans were opposed to American investment in their country? O Many Mexicans wanted to invest their own money in property and businesses in Mexico. O Most Mexicans remained poor while Americans invested in Mexico'...
  72. Social studies
    1. Which of these is an example of capital resource? A. Workers B. Iron ore C. Entrepreneurs D. Computers 2. How does scarcity affect customers? A. Limited money forces consumers to make choices. B. Limited time prevents customers from from making decisions. C. Limited numbers...
  73. Mathematics for social science
    1.There are 20 people in a club. In how many ways can the club elect a president, a secretary and a treasurer, on person can hold more than one office? 2. How many ways can a committee of 4 people be selected from a group of 10 people?
  74. Social Studies
    What event in 1949 forced Stalin to realize the est was not going to abandon West Berlin as he had hoped? A. the Marshal Plan B. the establishment of the 38th parallel C. the establishment of NATO D. the Berlin Airlift**
  75. Social Studies
    What was Truman's response when communism began spreading beyond the soviet-run eastern Europe? A. He made a plea to the united nations to adopt the policy of containment B. He sent in military to the soviet union to pressure them to contain communism C. He began a program ...
  76. statistics
    A music industry researcher wants to estimate, with a 90% confidence level, the proportion of young urban people (ages 21 to 35 years) who go to at least 3 concerts a year. Previous studies show that 21% of those people (21 to 35 year olds) interviewed go to at least 3 ...
  77. social studies
    In Medieval Europe areas like England, France, the Papal States, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Byzantine Empire had a different leader. Why do you think Europe had no single government during the Middle Ages? So I was kind of thinking that maybe it was because the area was so...
  78. Business studies
    A machine was purchased with money borrowed from the bank at a cost of k50000.00 which is expected to last for 6 years and depreciated at 12.5% per 6,the depreciated value and the accumulated interest for year two (2)year (6) .The first calculation has been done for you. Year ...
  79. History
    In Asia and the Americans identify whether political, social, or economic interests were the main motivation for imperialist nations in both regions. Use two examples for each region. I don't want you write it for me I just want to know if there is a site that I can read to ...
  80. Social Studies
    Question 1 (1 point) How have residents of Canada's eastern coast dealt with changes in the fishing industry? a They have banned aquaculture. b They concentrated on other economic activities. c They have completely given up fishing. d They only fish for cod. Question 2 (1 ...
  81. Social studies
    why was the americans attack on manila harbor in the philippines important for a quick american victory in the spanish american war? The United States relied on war supplies from Asia and securing the Philippines protected those.••• The United States was able to crush ...
  82. Social studies 7
    What inspired the boxer rebellion? The open door policy Industriazatiin in Japan Foreign influence in china The overthrow of queen liliuokalani
  83. Social studies
    The Macdonald-Cartier bridge that stretches the Ottawa River and connects Ontario to Quebec is named for two Canadian politicians, one ______ and one _______. A)English, German B)Inuktitut, French C)French, Cree D)English, French
  84. Social studies
    What is a major risk of using a financial institution? A. The financial institution may fail entirely. B. Financial institutions may choose not to pay investors back C. Investors can be unable to withdraw money when they need it D. Insurance will not cover any losses incurred ...
  85. World History
    Analyze the motivations behind imperialism. ● Select two of the following regions: Asia, Africa, Muslim World/India, the Americas. ● Identify whether political, social, or economic interests were the main motivation for imperialist nations in each region you selected. ● ...
  86. Social Studies
    Which of following contributed to the rapid growth of the American economy after world war ll
  87. Social Studies
    Which cause most motivated the push for Mexican independence from spain? A.trade with the United States B.lack of rights and opportunities among non-Spanish C.Catholic missionary efforts D.geographic distance from spain I read my textbook and I came up with B as my answer I ...
  88. sccial studies
    which statement descried the automotive industry in the 1950
  89. social studies
    2. In 1999, Canada's Inuits became (2 points)
  90. World History
    Which of the following was one reason the February Revolution in Russia was less successful than the October Revolution? A. It had less support among all social classes in Russia. B. It was planned and led by followers of Karl Marx C. It did not affect Russia’s commitment to...
  91. World History
    I am not allowed to type in an internet address so just google "Women! help America's Sons Win The War poster". It should be the first few results in the 'image' section. Which of the following is the primary argument being made by this World War I propaganda poster? A. All ...
  92. Social Studies
    The decades around the year 50 B.C. saw the end of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire. What factors led to the decline of the Roman Republic? Do you think there was any way for the republic to be preserved? What are the disadvantages of an empire compared to a...
  93. social studies
    Which of the following industries was most important to the development of the West: mining, farming and ranching, or the railroads? I need a pargraph
  94. Social Studies 6th grade
    which of the following contributed to the defeat of Aztecs? A. Drought B. enslaved Africans C. earthquakes D. small pox ****
  95. social studies
    The Aztecs adapted to their environment mainly by: 1) using terraces and irrigation to farm 2) living a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle 3) trading peacefully with neighbors 4) settling along the coasts where they fish I THINK #1
  96. Social studies
    An organized army made up of honest men
  97. History
    Social Studies 8 B U.S. Power in Latin America Lesson 3 unit 4 Anyone know these im so confused
  98. social studies
    please check my answer: why did african americans go from the rural south to northern cities starting in the late 1800s? - so they could be around other races and cultures - to change identities - to escape the discrimination and to find better jobs ** - religious persecution ...
  99. Creating High-Quality Centers
    The sensory center can help children develop skills and knowledge in which of the following domains? A. Physical and social B. Physical only C. Physical, social, emotional, and cognitive D. Physical, social, and cognitive my answer is c.
  100. Social Studies
    What is the main cause of growing population levels in China? A. China has the largest population in the world. B. The government is moving villages to make more park land. C. New factories and ways of life are producing more waste.** D. More and more young people are moving ...
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