1. Calculus (Discontinuities)

    Suppose, f(x) = { (x - 1)^2 / x + 1 if x < 2 (x^2 - 2x - 8)/(x - 4) if 2

    asked by Mishaka on October 14, 2011
  2. I don't have a CLue

    11. What different reasons did the European nations have for exploration? Provide at least one example specific to Spain, France, and Britain. Where did Spain, France, and Britain choose to settle while exploring? Why did they settle these particular

    asked by BallaWitSwagg on October 14, 2013
  3. Physics(Please help)

    1) A force vector has a magnitude of 579 newtons and points at an angle 43o of below the positive x axis. Find the x scalar component and the y scalar component of the vector? For the x component I did 579cos(43) = 423.45 N. Is this correct? For the y

    asked by Hannah on May 25, 2012
  4. english

    can someone help me with this question?At several points in Sherman Alexie's "Indian Education" essay, Alexie uses comparison and contrast. Locate at least two examples and explain what each contributes to the essay? I just don't see a point of comparison

    asked by kayla on February 7, 2009
  5. business

    Which of the following selections contains a run-on? If none of the selections contains a run-on, select "Correct." (Points: 5) Everyone praised Matthew for his will power. He quit smoking five years ago, he still craves a cigarette from time to time.

    asked by Anonymous on May 27, 2010
  6. statistics

    A business uses a 7-point scale about satisfaction with the services it provides to clients. The ratings are normally distributed with a mean of 4.8 and a standard deviation of .5. What percentage of clients rate their satisfaction 1) Above 5? 2) Above 6?

    asked by Sarah on March 24, 2011
  7. Precalc

    Are exponential equations the same as exponential functions? I am writing a summary of this year's Pre-Calculus lessons and one of the topics on the outline is "Exponential Equations", but on the lesson Power Points on my teacher's website there is only

    asked by Lie-ma Been on June 15, 2014
  8. math

    Laura is driving to Seattle. Suppose that the remaining distance to drive (in miles) is a linear function of her driving time (in minutes). When graphed, the function gives a line with a slope of -0.75. Laura has 51 miles remaining after 33 minutes of

    asked by kia on January 10, 2011
  9. Math

    Jina is driving to Boston. Suppose that the remaining distance to drive (in miles) is a linear function of her driving time (in minutes). When graphed, the function gives a line with a slope of −0.95 Jina has 44 miles remaining after 34 minutes of

    asked by Christine N. on April 26, 2016
  10. chem

    PLEEEZE help name the type of reaction K + MgBr -> Not enough information is provided. And not magnesium bromide is MgBr2. Is this a solution phase or exactly how is the K metal added to the MgBr2? As DrBob has indicated, not all of the information has

    asked by key on February 19, 2007

    Use dimensional analysis to determine the pressure, P, in the pipe to within a dimen- sionless multiplicative constant of order 1.(Hint: P may depend on another physical variable besides A and R.) Using your result from part (a), reexpress your answer in a

    asked by Sasha on September 21, 2014

    THIS IS THE 3RD TIME POSTING THIS. PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS. THE HOMEWORK IS DUE TONIGHT. Write formulas for the compounds that form from Sr and each of the following polyatomic ion: NO−3, SO2−4, PO3−4. THE -3, -4, -4 ARE THE CHARGES, CANT TYPE

    asked by MELISSA on June 24, 2016
  13. physics

    when inflated, a rubber lifeboat takes the form of rectangular box of dimensions 2mx1.5x40cm. with out any load, it floats. how many 60kg people can it carry before water flows into it? assume that the density of seawater is 1025g/cubic meter.

    asked by pretty on March 7, 2013
  14. us history

    I'm doing a mock trial defending Andrew Jackson being impeached. He is being indicted for violating states' rights in his dealings with South Carolina in the nullification crisis. I'm finding it extremely hard to find any info to form reasons to defend

    asked by Michelle on November 6, 2010
  15. science

    I am having trouble with Restate the problem in terms of the following: Manipulated variable Constant (control) variables Principles of experimental design State in correct form the hypothesis you intend to demonstrate. I have conducted the experiment but

    asked by pookie on December 16, 2008
  16. Science

    Hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide are mixed together to form salt and water. During the reaction, the temperature of the solution increases. Which of these best explains why this is considered to be a chemical change? No energy was destroyed. Heat was

    asked by Anonymous on August 2, 2011
  17. Math

    data regarding the value of a particular color copier is represented in the graph find the rate of chance of the value with respect in time in dollars per year. the rate of change of the value with respect to time is dollars per year

    asked by Anonymous on September 29, 2010
  18. math

    draw a square on the graph paper whose each side of the length 5 centimetre and then make partition of the square into 25 small squares as soon in figure 1.1 each square is small square have its height and length 1 centimetre

    asked by rohit on July 23, 2015
  19. Calculus. Please!! i need help so bad!!!

    1. Graph y =sec(1/2O-2pi)– 3. the O after the 2 has a slash through it 2. Write an equation for tangent given the period, phase shift, and vertical shift. period = 1/3pi , phase shift = –1/4pi, vertical shift = –5

    asked by heather on April 24, 2012
  20. math, help

    What are two solutions for 3x-y=0 am i correct on this inorder to graph (0,0) and (2,6) Because the line goes through (0,0) so how do i get two solutions from that line? You can get two solutions from that line because the first solution (0,0) is from the

    asked by jasmine20 on February 10, 2007
  21. Calculus

    the area of the first quadrant region bounded by the y-axis, the line y=4-x and the graph of y=x-cosx is approximately: a) 4.50 square units, b) 4.54 square units, c) 4.56 square units, d) 4.58 square units, e) 5.00 square units

    asked by Miranda on January 9, 2013
  22. Algebra II

    Determine if the following equation is linear. -7^2+y^2-y^2=3x+7 Linear and Standard Form ______________ or Non Linear

    asked by Shelvia on March 5, 2013
  23. physical science

    How much heat is necessary to vaporize 100 g of water at 100 °C to form steam at 100 °C?

    asked by Anonymous on March 16, 2010
  24. Math

    Can each set line segments form a triangle? Why or why not? -- AB = 1/2 mile -- BC = 1/3 mile -- AC = 1/4 mile Please help. Thank you

    asked by Just the curious one on January 11, 2018


    asked by JOSHUA BAME on November 26, 2010
  26. physical science

    How much heat is necessary to vaporize 100 g of water at 100 °C to form steam at 100 °C?

    asked by Anonymous on March 16, 2010
  27. pyhsical science

    How much heat is necessary to vaporize 100 g of water at 100 °C to form steam at 100 °C?

    asked by Anonymous on March 16, 2010
  28. Algebra

    2pi(x^2 + 4x + 4) + 2pi(x^2 + 7x + 10) How do I write this as a polynomial in standard form (by factoring out 2pi)?

    asked by Anonymous on February 27, 2014
  29. math

    What is the square root of 80 in simplified radical form? sqrt 80 = sqrt (16*5) = 4 sqrt 5

    asked by jon on July 4, 2007
  30. math

    teacher has 27 students. she asks the students to form as many groups of 4 as possible. How many students will not be in a group?

    asked by Anonymous on December 15, 2014
  31. Chemistry

    Mg + HCl -------> MgCl2 + H2 What volume of HCl is required from 27 % HCl to form 12.1 gram H2? ( D = 1.41 g/ml)

    asked by Majid on September 2, 2016
  32. Math(Please check)

    evaluate the integral integral of 3 to 2 x/(x^2-2)^2 dx u=x^2-2 du=2x dx 1/2 du = x dx integral of 1/u^2 du -1/(x^2-2) Then I plug in 3 and 2 and subtract them form each other -1/(3^2-2) - (-1/(2^2-2) Is this correct?

    asked by Hannah on April 30, 2011

    Teacher has 27 students. She asks the students to form as many groups of 4 as possible. How many students will not be in a group?

    asked by Anonymous on December 15, 2014
  34. math

    write the following square root in the form a root b . where a and b are integers and b has the least value possiable. 3 root 7?

    asked by Emma on November 28, 2014
  35. Algebra

    What is the vertex form of the equation? y = -x^2+12x-4 My work: -(x^2 + 12x)-4 -(x^2 + 12x + 36)-4 + 36 Y= -(x+36)^2 + 32 Is this correct? I am not sure if I did this right or not? Thank you!

    asked by Mitch n' Joey on October 25, 2017
  36. Calculus!!

    Consider the differential equation given by dy/dx = xy/2. A. Let y=f(x) be the particular solution to the given differential equation with the initial condition. Based on the slope field, how does the value of f(0.2) compare to f(0)? Justify your answer.

    asked by Anonymous on April 23, 2016
  37. Introduction to ICD Classification and Reimburseme

    Electronic medical records have been becoming increasingly common in the health care industry. As a result, the issues that surround the confidentiality of a patient’s medical record have come into question. Identify and discuss the major law that

    asked by Tamara on November 8, 2010
  38. English Speech

    Derrick's social studies teacher assigned Derrick to present a report about the life of the nomadic peoples who live in Mongolia. Derrick decided that he would focus his report on their traditional homes, called gers. Which visual aids are most likely to

    asked by Kes on November 4, 2015
  39. algebra

    Could you please help me answer this? Fund Raising. A charity organization wishes to raise at least $12,000 from a movie premiere to be held at a theatre with 800 seats. The ticket prices are to be $20 and $15, with at least 500 tickets to be sold at $20.

    asked by Sarah Mae B. Oquindo on February 12, 2010
  40. social studies essay

    Need help w/7 pg paper debating the pros and cons of year round schools. I've found the basic reasons for each side, but I find it's too difficult to write about both sides in one paper. Can you help me get started and give me some kind of outline to

    asked by Forrest on April 15, 2008
  41. Statistics

    I have provided information from #3-5 in order to answer #6.. 3. Give the mean for the mean column of the Worksheet. Is this estimate centered about the parameter of interest (the parameter of interest is the answer for the mean in question 2)? The Mean

    asked by Hope on October 7, 2011
  42. social studies

    what was the main belief of Englishment thinkers? A. that government power should be limited B.that a republic was the best form of government C.that the use of reason was vital to improving society D. that a government should be storng enough to carry out

    asked by em:) on September 7, 2016
  43. math,help

    can someone help me plz...last problem simplify (7 + radical (5))(7- radical (5)) for this one i have no idea (a+b)*(a-b)= a^2 - b^2 memorize that, it is the factors of the difference of squares. In this case, a=7, b= sqrt5 so, it simplifies to 49-5=44 So

    asked by jasmine20 on March 29, 2007
  44. calculus

    Please help with this. I submitted it below but no one responded. I need the first derivative of f(x)=4(x+ then the square root to include (x(8-x)), then close bracket.And then the second derivative of this to show by the second derivative test that it is

    asked by Frank on March 1, 2011
  45. chemistry

    which of the structures are impossible ,give the numbers of bonds that various atoms can form? (a)CH3CH3 CH3 (b)CH3CH=CH2CH2CH3 (c)CH3NHCH3 (d)CH3CCl=CCH2CH3 (e)(CH3)3 CHCH(CH3)2 (f)CH3CHO

    asked by anie on December 4, 2012
  46. physics-optics

    Two speakers are separated by a distance of 3.4 m. A point P is placed at 5.7 m from one of the speakers so that they form a right triangle. If the speed of sound in this situation is 340 m/s and the speakers are in phase, what is the lowest frequency for

    asked by eliz on April 2, 2017
  47. chem

    For the reaction shown, calculate how many grams of oxygen form when each quantity of reactant completely reacts. 2HgO(s)¨2Hg(l)+O 2 (g) 2\;{\rm{HgO}}\left( s \right)\; \rightarrow \;2\;{\rm{Hg}}\left( l \right) + {\rm{O}}_2 \left(1.40 kgHgO g \right)

    asked by Masey on November 20, 2014
  48. Chemistry

    Elemental sulfur occurs as octatomic molecules, S8. What mass of fluorine gas is needed for complete reaction with 24.1 g sulfur to form sulfur hexafluoride? I don't know where to even start with this question

    asked by Ashley on March 8, 2016
  49. physic

    Three forces F1 = (80.90i − 54.63j) N, F2 = (23.50i − 80.52j) N, and F3 = (−104.4i + 361.9j) N are exerted on a particle. The particle's mass is 23.11 kg. Find the particle's acceleration. (Express your answer in vector form.) a = m/s2

    asked by joy on February 6, 2018
  50. Math

    My original question: How many gallons of paint are necessary to paint the walls of a 15' by 12' room with an 8' ceiling if one gallon of paint covers 80 square feet? Your response is quite clear to me. Please write it in simple form. Thanks.

    asked by Garnett on June 13, 2011

    Sales tax in Pennsylvania is 6%. Create an equation for the total price (cost plus tax) of a purchase in PA in terms of its cost. How much would a person pay for a car whose cost is $32,000? PAY = COST + 0.06 * COST P=C(1+1.06) P=1.06C P= (32,000)=

    asked by PEG on February 26, 2011
  52. algebra

    Sales tax in Pennsylvania is 6%. Create an equation for the total price (cost plus tax) of a purchase in PA in terms of its cost. How much would a person pay for a car whose cost is $32,000? PAY = COST + 0.06 * COST P=C(1+1.06) P=1.06C P= (32,000)=

    asked by PEG on February 27, 2011
  53. Math

    I am tring to finish my 10th grade. I got hurt last Jan. 2007. And was force to quit public school. In short of every. I started online schooling and I have to write an essay for a final grade in Math compare three college to each other and make a graph

    asked by Cody on September 13, 2007
  54. phi 103

    For John Dewey, open-minded inquiry is: (Points : 1) The virtue that prevents habit from making us unwilling to hear other ideas Something only a child can do For people who are weak in their beliefs Reinforcing our own beliefs by talking with people who

    asked by sam on February 8, 2015
  55. Social Studies

    How can personal finance decisions affect the economy? (3 points) a. Saving puts less of your money into the economy*** b. Spending your money doesn't put money into the economy. c. investing your money can aid businesses and services *** d. Widespread

    asked by Anonymous on March 29, 2018
  56. history

    13. The Battle of Fort Sumter did which of the following? (5 points) gave the Union control over the Mississippi River demonstrated the superiority of the Union's military leaders gave the Confederacy possession of an important military base stalled the

    asked by Amanda Fire on May 28, 2015
  57. Calculus

    Please check, if there is something wrong please explain what I did wrong. Thank you! Calculate the d^2y/dx^2. y= e^-x + e^x y' = e^x - e^-x y'' = e^x + e^-x Find the x-coordinace of all critical points of the given function. determine whether each

    asked by Jade on November 6, 2014
  58. Language arts

    In the third wish the king of the forest claims that he has yet to hear of the human being who made any good use of his three wishes in a paragraph consider whether mr peters proves the king wrong do mr peters wishes bring him happiness does he put his

    asked by Anonymous on September 12, 2017
  59. physics

    A metal rod is moving in uniform magnetic field of 2T with a velocity perpendicular to the direction of the field as shown on the diagram. If the speed of the rod is 5m/s and the distance between points A and B is 0.1 meters what is the potential

    asked by Maria on March 31, 2018
  60. physics

    A proton initially moves left to right long the x‑axis at a speed of 2 ´ 103 m/s. It moves into an electric field, which points in the negative x direction, and travels a distance of 0.2 m before coming to rest. What acceleration magnitude does the

    asked by jolanta on July 25, 2010
  61. Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

    The item below has been reviewed and is scheduled to be updated. All students will receive full credit for any response to the following. Please select two answer options to receive full credit for this question. (2 points) which nutrients provide energy

    asked by Victoria on May 22, 2017

    Use implicit differentiation to show that a function defined implicitly by sin x + cos y = 2y has a critical point whenever cos x = 0. Then use the first derivative test to classify those critical numbers that lies in the interval (−2, 2) as relative

    asked by Anonymous on June 5, 2013
  63. Calculus II: Shell Method for finding volumes

    Question: What is the volume of the revolution bounded by the curves of y=4-x^2 , y=x, and x=0 and is revolved about the vertical axis. First, I had found the points of intersection to get the limits and I got -2.5616 and 1.5616. And then I plug it in the

    asked by Luna on April 9, 2017
  64. statistics

    Suppose a random sample of 25 students is selected from a community college where the scores in the final exam (out of 125 points) are normally distributed, with mean equal to 112 and standard deviation equal to 12. Find the probability that the sample

    asked by Monique on October 31, 2011
  65. LAnguage Arts

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about THE GIVER Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you

    asked by aye on May 15, 2017
  66. Social Studies

    What was the main purpose od President Wilson's Fourteen Points? A. To assist the leaders of Europe to gain additional territory from Germany B. To divide Germany into several small parts so it would not be a treat C. To gain reparations from Germany to

    asked by EmberShy on January 20, 2017
  67. physics help please

    Two speakers are driven by a common oscillator at 870 Hz and face each other at a distance of 1.20 m. Locate the points along a line joining the two speakers where relative minima of pressure amplitude would be expected. (Use v = 343 m/s. Choose one

    asked by julie on January 31, 2011
  68. English

    I am doing a debate with my class on dress codes, and I have to write a speech. One of my points is that uniforms remove gang violence and also cliques based on clothes. Could you give me the links to some articles about gang violence related to dress or

    asked by Cassie on June 4, 2009
  69. calculus

    y=5/x-3 find the zeros,relative min and max.the max and min find the intervals on which yis positive or negative. on which y is decreasing.intervals y concave up or down.points of inflections

    asked by donna on December 19, 2008
  70. Math

    If you where to plot the following points for two dimensional X and Y axis; POINT 1 (1, 0) POINT 2 (1, -1) POINT 3 (1, -2) POINT 4 (2, 2) then draw lines to connect from point 1 to point 2 to point 3 to point 4 QUESTION: the lines that you would have drawn

    asked by Jen on September 30, 2008
  71. exam study math guide CRUICAL

    The average of Anne's, Sara's, and Julie's test score is 72. Julie scored 100 and Anne scored 10 points higher than Sara.what were annes and saras scores?

    asked by riley on December 11, 2010
  72. geometry

    show that the sum of the squares of the lengths of the medians of triangle equals three-fourths the sum of the squares of the lengths of the sides.(hint:place the triangle so that its vertices are at points(-a,0),(b0)and (0,c))

    asked by muneer on May 20, 2011
  73. college physics

    An object acted on by three forces moves with constant velocity. One force acting on the object is in the positive x direction and has a magnitude of 6.4N ; a second force has a magnitude of 5.0N and points in the negative y direction.

    asked by taylor on September 29, 2013
  74. business math

    . Pamela Mello is paid on an incremental commission schedule. She is paid 2.6% on the first $60,000 and 3.4% on any sales over $60,000. If her weekly sales volume was $89,400, what was her total commission? (Points : 3)

    asked by douny on June 22, 2013
  75. physics

    A point charge of -4.00 is at the origin, and a second point charge of 6.00 is on the axis at = 0.850 . Find the magnitude and direction of the electric field at each of the following points on the axis. a) x=25.0cm b) x=1.10m c) x=-15.0cm

    asked by Zac on February 10, 2013
  76. US History

    I don't understand this. I have a graph in my American history and it is labeled on the side "1995 Dollars in Billions" In 1965, it has $264 and in between 1965 and 1970, it is at $352 and then in 1970, it goes back down to about $264 again. Then the

    asked by anthony on November 17, 2010
  77. Statistics

    1. Which of the following statements are correct? a. A normal distribution is any distribution that is not unusual. b. The graph of a normal distribution is bell-shaped. c. If a population has a normal distribution, the mean and the median are not equal.

    asked by Andrew on March 11, 2011
  78. college

    1. Which of the following statements are correct? a. A normal distribution is any distribution that is not unusual. b. The graph of a normal distribution is bell-shaped. c. If a population has a normal distribution, the mean and the median are not equal.

    asked by Jay on August 1, 2010
  79. English

    1. He is rather an old man. 1-2. He is a rather old man. (Are both OK and grammatical?) 2. She is quite a good pianist. 2-2. She is a quite good pianist. (Are both OK and grammatical?) 3. I feel better than last night. (What is the postive degree of

    asked by John on October 17, 2008
  80. Calculus help

    A car travels along a straight road for 30 seconds starting at time t = 0. Its acceleration in ft/sec2 is given by the linear graph below for the time interval [0, 30]. At t = 0, the velocity of the car is 0 and its position is 10. What is the total

    asked by Rich boi on January 26, 2018
  81. Micoreconomics

    As a general rule, profit-maximizing producers in a competitive maket produce output at a point where: A) Marginal cost is increasing B) Marginal cost is decreasing C) marginal revenue is increasing D) Price is less then marginal revenue I picked C? The

    asked by G on September 1, 2008
  82. math

    My values are: 0.075 0.025 0.1 0.075 0.1 0.125 0.05 0.125 0.025 0.15 0.125 0.025 What would be an appropriate scale to go by on a bar graph.@bobpursely suggested 40:1 what does this mean???

    asked by Rose on April 13, 2016
  83. math

    The graph of a function is horizontally compressed by a factor of 5 and vertically compressed by a factor of 2 Find an equation for this compressed function in terms of the function f(x)

    asked by sam on February 4, 2013
  84. English

    can u guys help me add some adverbs (6 or 10) to this story that i summarized thanks in advance!! (^_^): Black, cloudy night-time hung over the backdrop of the house. The grey, ramshackle walls of the house looked worn and forbidding, and the dilapidated

    asked by brett on November 25, 2015
  85. physics

    In the design of a supermarket, there are to be several ramps connecting different parts of the store. Customers will have to push grocery carts up the ramps. A grocery cart has a mass of 30kg. The coefficient of friction is .10. Assume that the shoppers

    asked by tanya on September 11, 2012
  86. physics

    A 12 kg block is released from rest on a 30 degree fricitonless incline. Below the block is a spring that can be compressed 2 cm by a force of 270 N. The block momentarily srops when it compresses the spring by 5.5 cm. a) How far does the block move down

    asked by Jamie on January 5, 2007
  87. chemistry

    Pentane (C5H12) and hexane (C6H14) form an ideal solution. At 25oC the vapor pressures of pentane and hexane are 511 and 150 torr, respectively. A solution is prepared by mixing 25 mL pentane (density, 0.63 g/mL) with 45 mL hexane (density, 0.66 g/mL).

    asked by savanna on October 5, 2016
  88. Chemistry-Bonding

    Classify the following bonds as ionic, covalent, or neither (O, atomic number 8; F, atomic number 9; Na, atomic number 11; Cl, atomic number 17; U, atomic number 92). a.) O with F _________ b.) Ca with Cl __________ c.) Na with Na _________ d.) U with Cl

    asked by Mary on November 13, 2009
  89. English

    Which of the following is a common error in composing a thesis statement? A. You offer an original perspective on a familiar theme. B. Your thesis statement is specific as opposed to general. C. Your thesis statement contains two or more central points. D.

    asked by Jesica on March 23, 2015
  90. calculating statistical data

    last month, the release of information specialist received 232 requests for information. he was able to answer 176 within the specified time frame of five working days. what is the rate of compliance in the answering requests within the specified time

    asked by marcus on July 23, 2014
  91. science

    a framed picture of weight 15N is to be hung on a wall using a price of string . the end of the string are tied to two points ,0.60m apart on the same horizontal level ,on the back of the picture .Find the tension in the string if the string is (a) 1.0 m

    asked by soumya on September 19, 2017
  92. science

    a sphere of mass 500.0g is released from point A 5m above the ground and slides down to point B 3.2m through point C 2m in frictionless wire track. (1)determine the particle's speed at points B and C. (2)determine the net work done by the force of graviy

    asked by trevor on January 16, 2013
  93. reading and writing

    Which of the following is a common error in composing a thesis statement? A. Your thesis statement is specific as opposed to general. B. You offer an original perspective on a familiar theme. C. You focus your thesis statement after you begin writing. D.

    asked by Eva on March 16, 2015
  94. Social studies

    how do scholars describe islam's golden age? A. As a dangerous period in world history B. As a period when many gold objects were made C. As a brilliant period in world history D. As a period when arts suffered What I'm finding is that the answer points to

    asked by Anonymous on February 19, 2016
  95. science

    Two train cars are connected to a locomotive as shown. Wach train has a force of kinetic friction equal to 50,000N. The locomotive pulls the two freight cars at a constant speed of 4.0m/s. Find the force of tension at each of the coupling points A & B.

    asked by Jake on November 20, 2014
  96. physics

    Consider a parallel-plate capacitor with charge density 7.5 10-7 C/m2 on the two plates and an electric field that points in the +z direction. What magnetic field is necessary to provide a velocity selector for 58 keV deuterons that move in the +y

    asked by Sandhya on February 27, 2010

    Q23. Object is thrown vertically upwards and has a speed of 18 m/s when it reaches one-fourth of its maximum height h above its launch point. Label the relevant points and answer the following; a) Determine the maximum height h. b) What is the initial

    asked by ABDUL AAZIZ on September 28, 2016
  98. phy

    A boat can travel 2.60 m/s in still water.If the boat points its prow directly across a stream whose current is 1.10 m/s, what is the velocity (magnitude and direction) of the boat relative to the shore? What will be the position of the boat, relative to

    asked by ami on September 5, 2010
  99. algebra

    Darla is building a new deask. to make sure she had made a square corner, she measures 4ft. from the corner along one edge and 6ft from the corner long the othe edge . how long should the diaonal be between those two points if the corner is a right angle?

    asked by lisa on December 1, 2011
  100. english

    The night has a thousand eyes, And the day but one; Yet the light of the bright world dies With the dying sun. The mind has a thousand eyes, 5 And the heart but one: Yet the light of a whole life dies When love is done. The Rhyme Scheme of the first 4

    asked by 2phoneeeeee on December 1, 2014