1. social studies

    What goal led Israelis and Palestinians into conflict? 1} desire for independence and security 2) religious worship at the same temples 3) military dominance of region 4) political control of the same national government I think 3 but could not find it in

    asked by Jaden on February 3, 2017
  2. Geography

    1. Which of the following is NOT one of the types of forests that grow in Northern Eurasia? a. mid-latitude deciduous forest b. mixed forest (deciduous and coniferous) c. coniferous forest d. chaparral D? 2. The rivers of Siberia, when not frozen, have

    asked by y912f on April 17, 2010
  3. Art

    Which inference about Near Eastern cultures is best supported by this image? (Its a image of Cappadocian Tablet with Cuneiform Inscription Assyrian) A. All citizens of the ancient Near East were excellent writers. B. This tablet describes the only god

    asked by Amber on January 14, 2016
  4. Geography

    1.Name the Canadian ports that are opened all year round. 2.Which Canadian city is the eastern most provincial capital? Plz help. THANKS. http://www.acpa-ports.net/industry/cpafacts.html http://www.travelsense.org/destinations/canadacruise.asp Read

    asked by Kate on February 5, 2007
  5. U.S.History

    What was a negative impact of "bonanza" farms? a. Output declined b. Farms got smaller c. Farms became disorganized d. oversupply led to lower prices D

    asked by y912f on February 19, 2009
  6. Math

    The school production of​ 'Our Town' was a big success. For opening​ night, 497 tickets were sold. Students paid ​$2.50 ​each, while​ non-students paid ​$4.50 each. If a total of $ 1450.50 was​ collected, how many students and how many​

    asked by Chris on April 8, 2019
  7. human resource

    The company has seven department stores in your city. One of your biggest problems is adequately training new salesclerks. 1. Design a three-day orientation/training program for new salesclerks. to be used. 2. Specify what methods could be used to evaluate

    asked by katherine on October 15, 2013
  8. Writeacher

    I don't really know what you mean. i looked over my paragraph many many times, and i picked out some errors this time and here it is. i really need help. please. please. please. Rah! Rah! Bah! Bah humbug! How excited I was, it was time for me and my class

    asked by Anonymous on March 2, 2010
  9. German

    I really need someone to check this short paragraph for me. I'm not a German native speaker and I need to prepare it for tomorrow's language exam. Thank you very much in advance. IT'S URGENT!! Wenn ich an meinen ersten Schultag denke, kann ich bestimmt

    asked by Henry1 on June 17, 2011
  10. Pre Cal

    Two tracking stations are on the equator 158 miles apart. A weather balloon is located on a bearing of N 41degrees E from the western station and on a bearing of N 21degrees E from the eastern station. How far is the balloon from the western station.

    asked by Kara on April 9, 2012
  11. Social Studies

    1. Which region was home to the Sioux? (1 point) the Eastern woodlands of North America Southern Mexico and Central America the Pacific Northwest of North America the Central plains of North America******

    asked by pls help on October 2, 2018
  12. history check answers pls

    1. Who controlled the most territory bordering the Louisiana Purchase? Spain France Great Britain Mexico 2.   What was George Washington's role during the American Revolution?   He was the founder of the Sons of Liberty. He was the commander of the

    asked by anon on November 5, 2015
  13. Biology

    Which of the following is a correct statement? A. Decomposition is an important part of only two of the three nutrient cycles. B. The nutrient cycles contain paths of elements through the living world but not through the nonliving world. C. Living

    asked by Cassie on September 4, 2013
  14. English

    This question is based on the following poem: Seasons are celebrations. A year's a Ferris wheel. Both honor our world's habit of spinning 'round a star. 7. Which one of the following sentences best expresses the main idea of this poem? A. The world has a

    asked by Nikita on May 4, 2013
  15. Poetry

    Okay, heres an "I am" poem. But I need help on what to put for the "i am" lines. It has to be two personality characteristics. The theme is about the world being destroyed. I was thinking of using "I am hopeful and amazed", but don't if that would fit into

    asked by Larry on January 9, 2009
  16. math

    Let say that Amy made 8 out of 21 free throws and Jane made 4 out of 21 free throws. Who had the better rate of success? Round your answer to the nearest percent.

    asked by mike on May 4, 2014
  17. history

    What led to the invasion of Rome? a) the fall of Florence to the Allied forces b) the defeat of the Axis powers at Anzio c) the capture of the Rhine River d) the Allied victory at Utah beach

    asked by Dakota on November 22, 2018
  18. History, Urgent

    Why did the Jamestown settlement almost fail? Settlers hunted for gold rather than plant crops. The settlement was led by Henry Hudson. Fur trading replaced farming as the main industry.

    asked by Katt<3Bobby on October 3, 2014
  19. Algebra

    The teacher wants us to do the following problem by using substitution. I don't think I am doing it right. 4x - 12y =5 -x + 3y = -1 Those two equations are for parallel lines that never intersect. There is no solution. If you substitute 3y +1 for x in the

    asked by Dori on August 8, 2007
  20. English

    HOw would you quote this correctly? These movies also suggested that blind people were led by “seeing-eye dogs” (Carver 2828) to help them get around places. Would i put the quotes at the end of the period, by the way 2828 is the page #.

    asked by Jon on December 15, 2009

    one way in which the magna crata,the petition of right and the glorious revolution are similar is that each 1-strenghtened the power of the pope 2-led to the exploration of africalimited the power of the english monarchy 4-settled religious conflicts

    asked by jane on May 31, 2009
  22. History

    I have to write and essay on A Country Divided, describing the evolution of events that divided America and led to succession, and include various efforts of compromise?? I have no idea were to fined anything on the subject, can someone help me out with

    asked by Kelly on October 23, 2009
  23. Social studies

    I need a thesis statement for my essay... the topic is the significance of the crusades, the reanaissance, the rise of absolute monarchs, and the commercial revolution and how they led to the discovery of america. Should I post my topic sentences??

    asked by Unknown on August 22, 2013
  24. History

    How did the outcome of the Battle of Midway influence the course of WWII? A: Discouraged U.S. troops in the Pacific, contributing to the decision to focus on Europe. B:Enraged the Japanese public, leading to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. C:It ended American

    asked by Marylyn on March 14, 2017
  25. probability

    Let Sn be the number of successes in n independent Bernoulli trials, where the probability of success for each trial is 1/2. Provide a numerical value, to a precision of 3 decimal places, for each of the following limits. You may want to refer to the

    asked by juanpro on April 22, 2014
  26. AED

    Search the Internet for three time management tips for teachers. o List the tips and answer this question: How do you think these tips will impact your daily schedule as an educator? Provide a comment on how each one will serve to improve your success

    asked by scooby9132002 on May 15, 2009
  27. S.S

    Lesson 10: Unit Test CE 2016 Social Studies 8 B Unit 6: Meeting New Challenges What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a

    asked by Simon on May 11, 2018
  28. Social Studies

    If there is collision between the president and Congress, can Congress restrain the president in foreign policy making? It's very difficult, but sometimes Congress can influence the president on foreign policy. This website goes into a lot of details about

    asked by Melissa on August 17, 2007
  29. quote meaning

    this quote is a philosophical quote about existence, but that's all i know!! can someone please help me by giving it a meaning or by analyzing it? "time is the substance from which i am made. time is a river which carries me along, but i am the river; it

    asked by nicole on July 27, 2006

    Lets say If a doctor publishes a study which has been replicated, many times and using many students each time found that time spend doing homework strongly predicts college success. What are the variables, and if the research was experimental how did this

    asked by le on February 13, 2009
  31. APUSH

    Identify and analyze the factors that changed the American city in the second half of the nineteenth century.

    asked by Estafania on December 20, 2011
  32. Life orientation

    Describe the life style desease/behaviour and explain 10 factors that contribute to this disease.

    asked by Lindokuhle on April 30, 2013
  33. math

    rewrite the expressions as a number times the sum of two numbers withe no common factors 7+14

    asked by calvin on October 2, 2013
  34. Life oreiantation

    Explain in detail five socioeconomic factors that can influence your study and choices and your future career

    asked by Ntombikhona on February 14, 2019
  35. Math

    Keith identified the prime factors of 72 as 9 x 2 x 2 x 2 . Explain his error. Write the correct answer.

    asked by Ryan on October 26, 2012
  36. APUSH

    Identify and analyze the factors that changed the American city in the second half of the nineteenth century.

    asked by Estafania on December 20, 2011
  37. Life orientation

    Describe the life style /behavior and explain 5 factors that contribute to the disease cancer

    asked by Anonymous on July 14, 2013
  38. math

    write the expression as a sinle logarithm. express powers as factors. In (x/x-1)+In(x+1/x)-In(x^2-1) Please show work.

    asked by Austin on January 3, 2013
  39. College Algebra

    49x^4 - 70x^3 + 21x^2. Facotor out, relative to the intergers, all factors common to all terms.

    asked by anomious on February 11, 2012
  40. Life orientation

    What are environmental or human factors that causes ill health,accidents,crises,and disasters in limpopo

    asked by Mokete on March 29, 2012
  41. Statistics

    For each of the following (a) indicate how many factors are included, and (b) tell how many levels there are for each factor: a) 2x2 b) 2x3 c) 2x3x2 d) 4x3 e) 4x3x2x3

    asked by Leon on February 14, 2012
  42. anatomy and physiology

    what are the lifestyle factors that af fect muscle growth, development, size and or healing of tissue

    asked by adrienne on July 24, 2013
  43. Science

    In the biosphere, what are some of the major abiotic factors that determine the distribution and types of plant communities?

    asked by Anonymous on May 17, 2019
  44. Life Orientation

    Explain 5(or more)factors that contribute to the substance abuse of both Legal and Illegal drugs among the youth

    asked by Millicent on April 21, 2013
  45. Social Studies

    What factors contributed to the weakness of the League of Nations as an organization capable of keeping peace?

    asked by Alexis on October 21, 2008
  46. life orientation

    Descrise the Factors that contribute to lack of physical fitness and proper nutrition in the adolescent

    asked by lerato on April 29, 2013
  47. Math

    my math book tells me (Use the digits0,2,and5 to make a three digit numberthat has both 2 and 5 as factors.) please help

    asked by Harley on October 22, 2007
  48. business

    what are the factors that affect the decision of utilizing spot versus forward exchange rate

    asked by elizabeth on April 17, 2008
  49. social stuidies

    explain three factors which may influence a newly married couple to delay having thier first baby

    asked by marlon on September 29, 2008
  50. health

    You have been hired as an administrator in an ambulatory care setting. What factors would you expect to encounter and how would you deal with them?

    asked by Val on September 3, 2011
  51. Science

    I am having a very had time completing this question What and how does the cell membrane regulate? What three factors influence this process?

    asked by Malachiae Tyler on December 14, 2014
  52. Science

    Explain some modifiable risk factors as well as some actions you can take to avoid dying from a lifestyle disease.

    asked by Jane on April 9, 2014
  53. Algebra

    find all zeros, write polynomial as product of linear factors 1) f(x)=9x^3 - x^2 +9x -9 2) f(x)=x^4 -21x^2 -100 3) f(x)=x^3 -3x^2 -5x +39

    asked by Brent on May 16, 2014
  54. Life Orientation


    asked by Nodumo on February 18, 2019
  55. Math

    Please check my answers and if there are any other possibilities then please tell me. List all the factors for 45: I got 1x45, 3x15 and 9x5. are there anymore?

    asked by Justin on November 26, 2012

    which of the following is not a cause of mental or emotional illness A.) Physical factors B.) heriditiy C.) Values D.) early experiences

    asked by <3 <3 on October 22, 2014
  57. math 117

    x/(x-2)- (x+1)/x= 8/(x^2-2x) notice that x^2 - 2x factors to x(x-2), which are found as the denominators of the first two fractions. Multiply each term by x(x-2), the rest is easy.

    asked by Diana on July 11, 2007
  58. marketing research and method

    Topic: Measure the various factors that influence consumption of fast food among uni. students

    asked by kelly on March 16, 2015
  59. business

    Which of the following factors is a negative aspect of groups? a. Conformity b. Norms C. Groupthink D. Cohesiveness Ans =C ?

    asked by Everet on May 18, 2015
  60. Math

    What factors will give a product of 42? Show your work with repeated addition and with equal groups

    asked by Nick on January 13, 2013
  61. Life orientation

    Explain 5 factors that contribute to the practice of high-risk sexual behaviour amongst the adolescence

    asked by Lethabo on May 2, 2013
  62. health care

    What factors should be considered to avoid legal risk in ambulatory care? Explain your answer.

    asked by Carol on June 17, 2014
  63. Algebra 2

    Look at the following polynomials and their factorizations: x^2-1=(x-1)(x+1) x^3-1=(x-1)(x^2+x+1) x^4-1=(x-1)(x^3+x^2+x+1) In general, how can x^n-1 be factored. Show that this factorization works by multiplying the factors

    asked by Donielle on December 16, 2011
  64. life orientation

    choose two of the following human factors that show how they cause ill-health,accidents,crises or disasters.

    asked by ntuli sihle on August 5, 2014
  65. chemistry

    why do different compounds give different retention factors (Rf values) in thin layer chromatography (TLC)

    asked by jessica on April 30, 2013
  66. World Geography

    Identify 3 perceptual factors that connects Egypt to Africa, to Europe, and to Southwest Asia.

    asked by Aracely on June 23, 2014
  67. Life orientation

    Describe the life style desease/behaviour and explain 10 factors that contribute to this disease.

    asked by Lindokuhle on April 30, 2013
  68. life orientation

    Describe the life style disease or behavior and explain 5 factors that contribute to cancer

    asked by siyanda on April 23, 2013
  69. Algebra 2

    Look at the following polynomials and their factorizations: x^2-1=(x-1)(x+1) x^3-1=(x-1)(x^2+x+1) x^4-1=(x-1)(x^3+x^2+x+1) In general, how can x^n-1 be factored. Show that this factorization works by multiplying the factors

    asked by Donielle on December 16, 2011
  70. education

    What are some factors that contribute to the disproportional representation of minority students in special education classes?

    asked by sally on October 7, 2008
  71. algebra

    five minus twice the square of a number Algebraic expression: Factors: Constantas: Terms: Coefficients

    asked by ocieseanna on August 7, 2014
  72. psychology

    what are factors that enchane or impede information flow in each step of the process of human memory

    asked by shelete on August 17, 2012
  73. social studies

    state two factors that may cause adolescents to neglect the role in taking care of younger siblings.

    asked by Josiah on November 14, 2018
  74. U.S. History

    What factors worked to create a shared "American Identity" by the mid 18th Century?

    asked by staci on January 23, 2010
  75. Sex Ed

    Which factors influence teens to be interested in sexuality? I don't really understand this question, can someone simplify this for me? Thanks.

    asked by John on October 1, 2009
  76. Life Orientation

    List & discuss any four factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of the media /// I really need an appropriate answer Thank you .

    asked by sazzy on April 17, 2016
  77. Organizational Behaviour

    im doing a 5 page essay and MARS model is one of them but i need help writing an example for Situtaional Factors for the technicians. thnx =)

    asked by Thara on August 11, 2010
  78. chemistry

    for an ideal gas which pair of varibles are inversely proportional to each other if all factors remain constant?

    asked by taahirah on November 18, 2009
  79. Algebra

    One of the polynomials below cannot be factored using integers. Write “prime” for the one trinomial that does not factor and all the factors for the two that do. a) x2– 5x + 6 b) x2+ x + 6 c) 2x2– 2x + 12

    asked by Tony on February 14, 2017
  80. anthropology

    provide explanation for human variation around the globe why we look and act differently from one another and what factors contribute it

    asked by ami on June 22, 2011
  81. Science

    What additional abiotic and biotic factors might limit population size in Mono Lake?

    asked by McKenzie on May 16, 2011
  82. anthropology

    provide explanation for human variation around the globe why we look and act differently from one another and what factors contribute it

    asked by ami on June 22, 2011
  83. criminal justice

    what are 2 major influencing factors and how dose federal sentencing guidelines have an effect on these influences

    asked by DJ on November 30, 2010
  84. health

    What factors influence lung volume and capabilities A. Age B. Sex C. Body build D. All of the above

    asked by kellie on May 11, 2016
  85. Science

    How does rubbish or pathway affect the living organisms and also the abiotic factors? Do you have suggestions on how can we prevent them?

    asked by Anonymous on November 1, 2017
  86. Dilation

    The answer to given a scale factors of 2,find the coordinmates for the dilation of the line segment with endpoint (1.2) and (3-3.

    asked by Dorothy on December 17, 2016
  87. mat117

    Describe the mathematic process of canceling like factors when working with rational expressions. Demonstrate this with an example

    asked by judyanne on February 24, 2011
  88. psychology

    The only research method that can determine whether a cause-effect relationship exists between two factors is called a(n) __________.

    asked by Emily on July 3, 2015
  89. Math

    adding and subtraction number using greatest common factors 121-22=? What is GCF of this problem?

    asked by Student on October 20, 2016
  90. business accounting

    can someone help me with some poniter on Give examples of motivational factors for each level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs pyramid.

    asked by Denese on February 9, 2011
  91. advanced math 6th grade

    how many positive integral factors does the number 36 have? I don't understand what that means or how to find the answer.

    asked by marcus on November 17, 2010
  92. Math

    adding and subtraction number using greatest common factors 940-420=? What is the GCF?

    asked by Student on October 20, 2016
  93. biology

    how is emigration and immigration not important factors when studying global human population growth?

    asked by kc on May 25, 2010
  94. Math

    Explain how to find 14 x 19 by breaking apart the factors into tens and ones and finding the sum of the four partial products

    asked by Mia on December 9, 2010
  95. life orientation

    human and environmental factors causing ill-health,sickness, accidents and disasters

    asked by nwabisa on May 26, 2011
  96. biology

    Does asexual reproduction of sponges depend on time of year, availability of food, or other factors?

    asked by Andy on May 30, 2010
  97. sport

    why will these lifestyle factors effect performance in sport. smoking drinking stress diet.

    asked by elizabeth on March 3, 2009
  98. literary

    when considering a business venture , you should consider factors such as your financial resources, your special skills, where you live and what you like to do with your time

    asked by Gus on January 4, 2017
  99. 6th grade math

    What is the LCM of two numbers that have no common factors greater than one? Give an example. I need the answer tonight please! Thanks in advance!

    asked by Elli on August 30, 2017
  100. Algebra 1

    Choose the correct solution in roster form. N is the set of natural numbers that are factors of 12. {1, 2, 3, 4, 6} {1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12}** {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12} {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12}

    asked by Anonymous on October 26, 2016