A case-control study of the relationship between liver cirrhosis and alcohol use. In this study, smoking is associated with drinking alcohol and is a risk factor for liver cirrhosis among both non-alcoholics and alcoholics. Explain whether smoking is a

    asked by JANE on July 13, 2014
  2. epimediology

    a. A study of the relationship between exercise and heart attacks that is conducted among women who do not smoke. Explain whether gender is a confounder. b. A case-control study of the relationship between liver cirrhosis and alcohol use. In this study,

    asked by trisha on July 19, 2010
  3. Epidemiology

    Consider each of the following scenarios and explain whether the variable in question is a confounder: 1. A study of the relationship between exercise and heart attacks that is conducted among women who do not smoke. Explain whether gender is a confounder.

    asked by penelope on October 5, 2014
  4. Health

    Alcohol abuse can cause scarring of the liver, which is called? A. alcoholism B. detoxification C. cirrhosis D. addiction

    asked by =) on April 8, 2016
  5. Health

    1.- Alcohol abuse can cause scarring of liver, which is called a: alcoholism b: detoxification c: cirrhosis ** d: addiction

    asked by Lily on May 19, 2016
  6. Health

    WITH STARS IS MY ANSWER! (*) 1) A drug created by a chemical reaction in some foods, especially fruits and grains A= neurons B= cirrhosis C= alcohol ****** D= depressant 2) Being drunk A= intoxicated ****** B= withdrawal C= alcohol D= minor 3) Cells that

    asked by Sandy, (Please Check My Answers Please) :D on May 6, 2013
  7. Statistic

    Case 6.4 Maternal Serum Screening Test for Down syndrome Please keep in mind that I do not have a Math back ground so this is brand new to me and like a foreign language that I have never seen nor heard spoken before. Thank you for your help in advance.

    asked by Tammy on February 5, 2011
  8. Math

    Mrs soko is expecting a baby. Assuming that babies are equally like at any time of the day or night. What is the probability that the baby... a) will be born at the weekend? b) will be born between 8a.m. and 5p.m. on a weekday? c) will be born between

    asked by Christopher on January 3, 2016
  9. math

    35 yrs ago babies are born here hospital celebrated the births of the last baby of feb 20th and the 1st baby of feb 21st w/gifts. 5 mothers including mrs keating were in labor as of midnight find the full name of each newborn 1 of the 1st name is crystal

    asked by latisha on February 21, 2008
  10. Statistics

    One of my classmates ask this question and it wasn't answered so now I am asking it and of course we are all struggling with no strong Math background Case 6.4 Maternal Serum Screening Test for Down syndrome Please keep in mind that I do not have a Math

    asked by Belinda on February 7, 2011
  11. psychology

    You can be certain that a child has suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome should you discover A smaller-than-average brain size B low level of infant activity C poor vision D above-average physical growth followed by below-average growth i believe the

    asked by tzeni on January 7, 2009
  12. Biology- Human Karyotyping

    Could someone help me find 2 disorders that are the result of non-disjunction. I already have down syndrome, klinefelter syndrome, Turners Syndrome, Super Males, Triple X syndrome, Edward's syndrome and Patau's syndrome. Thanks in Advance

    asked by Jenny on April 12, 2009
  13. Psychology 220

    # 1.36 (1 pts.) Based on the incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in various ethnic groups, which of the following individuals would be considered high risk? A) a woman of French Canadian descent B) a woman of Irish descent C) a woman of Italian descent D)

    asked by G. KAY on December 9, 2012
  14. child growth and development

    A pregrant mother may be wise to avoid all alcohol since even moderate drinking may result in A. fetal alcohol B. spina bifida C. down sydrome D. Rh incompatibility

    asked by Gensus on June 9, 2010
  15. psychology 220

    # 1.36 (1 pts.) Based on the incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in various ethnic groups, which of the following individuals would be considered high risk? A) a woman of French Canadian descent B) a woman of Irish descent C) a woman of Italian descent D)

    asked by G. KAY on December 10, 2012
  16. statistics

    Your best friend is 5 months pregnant and wants you to be there when the baby is born. Since the baby was conceived on Labor Day, the delivery might coincide with your annual trip to cabo. the doctor tells you that the gestation period for humans is

    asked by lauren on February 17, 2008
  17. psychology

    A pregnant mother may be wise to avoid all alcohol, since even social drinking may result in A fetal alcohol effect B a near certainty of miscarriage C schizophrenia D growth retardation i believe the correct answer is A

    asked by tzeni on January 7, 2009
  18. Genetics

    Cite evidence that genetic contributions from both parents are necessary for normal prenatal development. In Hunter syndrome, lack of the enzyme iduronate sulfate sulfatase leads to buildup of carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides. In severe cases, this

    asked by Sherianna Johnson on January 14, 2015
  19. French

    Does anyone know a list of baby animals in French, or know specifically what these are? ~baby bunny ~baby "Sanglier" ~baby "vache" ~baby turkey ~baby "Cane" ~baby cerf ~baby "jars" ~baby "jument" Merci for your help

    asked by Noelle on December 22, 2008
  20. Biology

    Read the scenario. You want to answer the following question: Does drinking cause liver damage? You set up an experiment by selecting a group of people and dividing them into two groups. You test each group for liver damage and find that there is none in

    asked by DeafeninGaming on December 4, 2017
  21. Statistics

    A study shows that the probability of a baby being born with gene x is 0.6. The probability of a baby being born with gene y is 0.7. (a)What is the probability of being born with both genes assuming that the probabilities are independent? (b)In fact; 90%

    asked by waqas on August 17, 2011
  22. Epidemiology

    • Consider each of the following scenarios and explain whether the variable in question is a confounder: a. A study of the relationship between exercise and heart attacks that is conducted among women who do not smoke. Explain whether gender is a

    asked by Joe on October 17, 2010
  23. Math

    The U.S life expectancy of a baby born in 1960 was 69.8 years. For a birth year of 2010, the U.S life expectant was 78.5 years. Let Y be the US life expectancy for a baby born in the year x, where x=0 represents the year 1960. What would the life

    asked by Anonymous on February 21, 2016
  24. biology

    5. A researcher finds that blood alcohol levels cause progressive damage to the liver. All the mice in his study were fed the same amount and types of food. Different concentrations of alcohol were injected into each mouse. One group of mice does not

    asked by hannah on October 8, 2013
  25. health

    All of the following are true of alcoholism EXCEPT: - those who abuse alcohol are twice as likely to die of cancer - Much of the research suggests that genetics plays very little role in the disease - Males are three times more likely to abuse alcohol than

    asked by Ashley on November 19, 2008
  26. health Ms. Sue please

    1. The body's functions are slowed when alcohol reaches where? (1 point) The stomach The heart The liver The brain 2. Which statement is NOT true? (1 point) Regular use of alcohol can lead to addiction. Alcoholism can be cured. Someone cannot cause someone

    asked by Delilah on March 14, 2013
  27. Math. (Didn't understand please help!)

    Suppose 20% of babies born are born early, 50% are born on time, and 30% are born late. A nurse uses a random-number table to find the experimental probability that of 5 births, at least 1 baby will be born early. The digits 0 and 1 represent babies born

    asked by Zach on April 11, 2017
  28. Punctuation

    Select the two (2) correctly punctuated sentences. A) I also explained antepartum fetal surveillance, i.e., fetal heart rate monitoring and assessment of amniotic fluid volume. B) I also explained antepartum fetal surveillance, i.e. fetal heart rate

    asked by Marie on October 22, 2012
  29. Psychologist

    Maurine is a social drinker, drinking only occasionally during weekend parties with her friends. When she found out that she was pregnant, she: a. stopped all drinking because she knew that even a small amount of alcohol could harm the developing baby. b.

    asked by Kasey on November 7, 2011
  30. science

    Mice are famous for their ability to multiply at break make speed the type of mouse we have here gives birth once a month. Birthing 12 babies each time, baby mice mature and can give birth two months after they are born, you picked up one of these darling

    asked by Daniela on April 1, 2009
  31. MAth

    at a city hospital 40 boys and 50 girls were born yesterday. what is the experimental probability that the next baby born will be a girl?

    asked by Kelli on December 11, 2016
  32. math

    at a city hospital, 40 boys and 50 girls were born yesterday. what is the experimental probabillity that the next baby born will be a girl

    asked by g on January 17, 2019
  33. law

    1. Mrs. Jones agreed to a surrogate motherhood arrangement in which she would give up the child at birth to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She was inseminated with Mr. Smith's sperm, and the baby was born on May 5, 2000. The baby was turned over to the Smiths on May

    asked by chandra on January 11, 2017
  34. question

    if you have a chance of 1 out of 60 of your baby having down syndrome is it bad?

    asked by mara on July 24, 2012
  35. Biology

    Hi I am doing a fetal pig dissection and i need some help answering questions. Should partially digested food be present in the stomach or small intestine of the fetal pig? Explain. What is the importance of the rich bloof supply surrounding the small

    asked by Sabrina on June 11, 2009
  36. epidemiology

    Assessing Random Error, Confounding, and Effect Modification Although researchers do their best to reduce error within every study, there will always be error. It is important to identify and report any possible error within the research study in order to

    asked by Roxana on October 10, 2010
  37. social studies

    1. How does one become a citizen? Select all that apply A) A person is born in the united states. B) A person of foreign birth is granted citizenship after living in the u.s. for five years C) A person of foreign birth successfully completes the

    asked by gumball waterson CHECK MY ASWERS on October 16, 2017
  38. Math

    Over the past week, 34 baby boys were born at the hospital. This was 54% of all babies born. How many girls were born over the past week?

    asked by Ken on November 20, 2015

    1.Which of these substances has bent molecular geometry around the oxygen atom? Multiple correct answer may apply. a.water b.isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)** c.acetone** d.diethyl ether. 2.Which of these species are polar? Ignore slightly polar C-H

    asked by Anita on May 9, 2008
  40. Science

    How does having William's Syndrome have a impact on peoples daily life? I cant find anything on Williams syndrome. i found down syndrome but i don't want that. please help

    asked by christina on February 1, 2010
  41. mym

    what are the factors that affect the rate of enzyme-catalyzed reactions in different liver parts ? For example, why does the reaction occur faster in lamb liver than chicken liver ?

    asked by Am,y on January 11, 2010
  42. Grammar

    Select the correctly capitalized sentence: A) He suffers from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, parkinsonism, and Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. B) He suffers from acute respiratory distress syndrome, Parkinsonism, and Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.

    asked by Marie on December 12, 2012
  43. child care

    True or False 80% of offenders of Shaken Baby Syndrome have no previous history of child abuse.

    asked by Lily on December 1, 2013
  44. P.E. ASAP PLZ

    Taking two depressants such as a sleeping pill along with alcohol can result in (Select all that apply) Drug antagonism**** Drug synergism Canceling each others effects*** Producing extreme drowsiness

    asked by Anonymous on May 29, 2015
  45. biology

    Can males have turner syndrome? Like if a male was born with part of his x chromosome missing?

    asked by jan on November 4, 2007
  46. bio

    for a fetal pig why is it difficult to find the urinary bladder by describing the specific location ? what structures in the umbilical cord remove waste materials from a fetal mammal?

    asked by Annie on January 22, 2012
  47. social studies

    Developmental psychologists know that the sex of the baby is determined: A)definitively at conception. B)by the release or non-release of a hormone during the embryonic stage. C)by the embryo's genes. D)during the fetal period. I chose C. Am I right?

    asked by missy on October 10, 2011
  48. Biology

    Down syndrome or trisomy 21, in humans is caused by an extra copy of relatively small chromosome 21. if a male with down syndrome could have children what is the likelihood that his children will also have down syndrome? a. 0 b. 25 c.50 d. 75 e. 100

    asked by Erin on September 3, 2012
  49. Human Growth

    Amniocentesis is most often recommended for women: A. under 18 to detect defects and chromosomal Disorders B. over age 35 to detect genetic defects and chromosomal disorders C. who have Tay-Sachs disease to determine whether the baby has Down’s syndrome

    asked by Tonya on October 23, 2015
  50. biology

    If a person with Down syndrome marries a person without Down syndrome, is it possible for their child not to have Down syndrome? I assume that there is a 50% chance that they could have a child that will not have down syndrome. Is this correct?

    asked by vanessa on October 30, 2013
  51. bio

    The fetal pig does not have functional lungs, since the lungs are not being used is there any need to transport blood tot he lungs before the fetus is born

    asked by Annie on January 22, 2012
  52. math

    if 34 baby boys were born in a week and that was 54% how many girls were born in that week

    asked by summer on March 27, 2012
  53. Health

    A pair of police officers broke up a high school party that had no adult supervision. They noticed most teens were talking really fast and excitedly, breathing quickly, and even one teen was having convulsions. When they called paramedics, which type of

    asked by Janet on November 12, 2015
  54. statistics

    Ignoring twins and other mutiple births, assume babies born at a hospital are independent events with the probability that a baby is a boy and the probability that a baby is a girl both equal to 0.5. Referring to the information above, the probability that

    asked by Anonymous on September 19, 2007
  55. Health

    The majority of alcohol in the blood stream is detoxified in the? A.heart B.liver C.kidneys D.brain I think it is D. I just need to know if the answer i chose is right.

    asked by anonymous on March 5, 2012
  56. chemistry

    A 40-year old man, at a prominent legal firm experiences abdominal pain post lunch. He takes several trips to the restroom, but continues to experience pain and cramps. He decides to go to the doctor and admits he consumed 2 bottles of beer @ lunch. The

    asked by Sara on February 5, 2012
  57. English

    Do not watch volence TV programs. It is not good for the baby. If the baby watches good programs, he will be affected positively. Sometimes make the baby drink water. If you feed the baby with lots of milk, he will become fat. The pantie seems to be a

    asked by rfvv on April 21, 2010
  58. History

    Which of the following statements about American citizenship are true? Select that apply (3points) A:To become a naturalized citizen, a court order must be issued. B:Natural-born citizens can be determined by location or relationship.*** C:Collective

    asked by anonymous on February 26, 2018
  59. Math

    Rita's baby brother weighed 7 5/16 pounds when he was born. Since then, her brother has gained 3 3/4 pounds. How much does Rita's baby brother weigh now? Express your answer as a fraction and as a decimal.

    asked by Amy on March 7, 2017
  60. SCI7R - HW Qs. Check!

    20. Why do all mammals have "cracks" in their skull? My Answer - The reason why do all mammals have "cracks" in their skull so it would be easier for the new born baby to get through the mother's private. If their skull didn't have cracks then it would be

    asked by Laruen on May 7, 2012
  61. Biology 20

    Name 3 substances that the liver stores: 1) glycogen. When there is lots of sugar in the blood, the liver converts it into glycogen which is used for storage. Glycogen formed us determined by insulin which is released from pancreas. I'm not sure of what

    asked by Sarah on March 16, 2018

    Which of the following applies to the adenoviruses a. cause high fever, sore throat, and severe cough. b. The viruses are involved in liver diseases. c. Most adenoviruses are transmitted by contaminated arthropods. d. The viruses have a close association

    asked by Ann on April 24, 2017
  63. Biology

    Has anyone done this experiment before? I need help with the final results. What would happen when I place 2 mL of hydrogen peroxide into 5 test tube, add manganese dioxide powder to the first one, then add sand to the second one, liver to the third one,

    asked by Josh on September 26, 2007
  64. English

    For questions 7-10, identify the type of noun underlined in each sentence. 7. The AZTECS made sacrifices to their gods. (2 points) Select all that apply. Common. Proper. Compound. Collective. 8. A SWARM of insects surround the raft as we drifted down the

    asked by April on September 16, 2015
  65. english

    1. You have to feed the baby with water sometimes. 2. You have to feed water for the baby sometimes. 3. The baby must have peed. You have to change the diaper. The diaper is wet. Will you bring a new diaper? 4. The baby gave out dung. Bring me a baby

    asked by rfvv on April 20, 2010
  66. psych

    21(1 pts.) Based on the incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in various ethnic groups, which of the following individuals would be considered high risk? A) a woman of French Canadian descent B) a woman of Irish descent C) a woman of Italian descent D) a

    asked by Bryan on November 27, 2012
  67. Biology

    Among humans, increased interest in food intake normally occurs _____. only after the production of glucose in the liver can no longer meet metabolic needs when fewer calories are taken in than are expended, but only after the body depletes its reserves of

    asked by Jake on March 14, 2012
  68. SS

    Jose was born in Costa Rica. When he was 18, he came to the United States to go to college. after college, he decided he wanted to live permanently in the U.S. Of the following, which are the requirements that Jose needs to meet in order to become a U.S.

    asked by HELP on September 28, 2017
  69. Poem: Birthday by M.T. Buckley

    For this poem can I get your opinion on something. What would you tell the baby that is born to make him feel better of what lies ahead.

    asked by arepostle fan 1 on January 31, 2009
  70. World History

    What were the social effects of the bubonic plague spreading from Asia to Europe? (Select all that apply.) Millions of European Christians fled to the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Approximately 30 percent of the Persian population was killed. Fathers would

    asked by DeafeninGaming on December 1, 2017
  71. baby care

    if a breastfed baby is suffering from gas,the reason may be that the a.mother is feeding the baby to often b.baby is getting its milk to slowly c.breast milk is too rich for the baby d.baby is getting milk too quickly my answer is d a babys milk teeth

    asked by susue on February 6, 2013
  72. Foreign language

    What is the spaninsh translation of "I ned a car and i need it fast because my aunt's sister's baby is about to be born!"

    asked by Nicole Faith on January 21, 2014
  73. Health

    Can anybody give me the name of a liver disease that may be caused by smoking? It has 9 letters, and the fifth one is "h". Search 'liver disease' and smoking on google and you'll find it. I'm sorry, I couldn't find it. well, just searching 'liver disease'

    asked by Caley on December 5, 2006
  74. calculus

    use the rational theorem to select the values that are possible zeroes of the function f(x)=6x^3-2x^2+x+3 select all that apply -3 -2/3 3/2 6

    asked by anonymous on October 10, 2018
  75. Math

    Select the factors that can be divided out to simplify the multiplication problem: 8/15 * 5/16 select all that apply 2 3 4 5 6 8 I think its 2, 3, 5, and 8

    asked by SwimmerGirl on April 18, 2017
  76. Creative Writing

    I want to keep my introduction short and simple. So how's this: Has there ever been a time or situation when you had a great amount of emotions going through your head? For me it was the day when my baby sister was born. The memory of that day is so clear

    asked by y912f on October 12, 2009
  77. Math

    Which of the following pairs could represent a function? Select three that apply. A: {(2,-5),(4,-5), (6,2), (8,3)}** B: {(-1,5),(3,5),(6,5), (9,5)}** C: {(3,-4),(5,2), (3,8), (6,7)} D: {(0,3), (4,2),(-1,7), (0,3)} E: {(-1,1),(-1,6),(-1,8), (-1,0)} F: {(-4,

    asked by Sandy East Ward on September 8, 2016
  78. PE/Health

    Reading and following the directions on a drug label can help you avoid select all that apply A. Getting arrested•• B. Drug synergism C. Drug antagonism •• D. Drug interaction •• GHB and Rohypnol are example of select all that apply A.

    asked by Christopher R on January 10, 2016
  79. biology

    How could a substance that stops the sythesis of mRNA cause the liver to stop functioning(the death of liver cells)?

    asked by jordan on March 23, 2010
  80. Biology

    Haemophilia is a sex-linked recessive trait. A son born to phenotypically normal parents has Klinefelter syndrome and hemophilia. In which meiotic division of which parent is non-disjunction of the X chromosome most likely to have occurred? Explain with

    asked by Jason on May 7, 2009
  81. babies born inthe white house[first]

    Who was the first baby born to a president's wife in the White house? Ester Cleveland, daughter of Grover, in his second term. I don't know

    asked by Holly on January 11, 2007
  82. Physics

    Alcohol flows smoothly through a horizontal pipe that tapers in cross-sectional area from A1 = 41.9 cm2 to A2= A1/3. The pressure difference Äp between the wide and the narrow sections of the pipe is 11.1 kPa. What is the volume flow rate ÄV/Ät of the

    asked by Rebecca on December 2, 2009
  83. english II

    Capitalization the answer is a. A.My brother Frank was named after our Father; I am named after Uncle Victor. B.Throughout the '80s, the presidency of the United States was held by a member of the Republican Party. C.After the Civil War, Northerners known

    asked by Shaquitta on November 24, 2009
  84. pharmacy math who helps me step by step for me

    How much 30% alcohol, 45% alcohol, 60% alcohol and 95% alcohol could be mixed to make 200ml of alcohol? the right answer 30% is 112.5ml 45% is 25ml 60% is 12.5ml 95% is 50ml Who helps me step by step clearly Please some professional tutor solve it

    asked by ken on June 22, 2014
  85. Biology

    A baby born without the ability to produce immune system cells may survive for several months, even when exposed to potentially deadly diseases. How?

    asked by Bee on November 30, 2010
  86. English

    1. You should dress him up. 2. You should make the baby wear socks. 3. You should have the baby put on the shirt. 4. You should have the baby dressed. (Are they all grammatical? Do we have some more expressions similar to Sentence one?)

    asked by rfvv on October 7, 2010
  87. physiology

    Most of the glucose secreted by the liver during fasting is due to A. glycogenolysis. B. gluconeogenesis. C. lipolysis. D. deamination 57.Fatty acids are NOT an energy source for A. the brain. B. resting skeletal muscle. C. the liver. D. the heart. is it

    asked by anonymous on September 16, 2008
  88. Statistics

    Males make a mean of 531 on math SAT with standard deviation of 114. Minimum 600 score. what's the % of males that don't satisfy this requirement? Pregnancies usually distributed mean of 268 days and standard distribution 15 days. Baby born three week

    asked by Sue on December 5, 2006
  89. Chemistry

    A 40-year-old manager, at a prominent legal firm in L.A., experiences abdominal pain post lunch. He goes to the restroom a couple of times, but continues to experience pain and cramps. He eventually decides to get himself examined. While questioning him,

    asked by Marlene on March 30, 2010
  90. chemistry

    Which of the following substances can act as a Bronsted acid in aqueous solution? (Select all that apply.) C3H8 NH41+ HCl H2 H2O H2CO3 PH3 Which of the following substances can act as a Bronsted base in aqueous solution? (Select all that apply.) PH3 PH41+

    asked by Sue on April 27, 2010
  91. Chemistry

    a 40-year-old manger at a prominent legal firm in L.A experiences abdominal pain post lunch. He goes to the restroom a couple of times, but continues to experience pain and cramps. He evevtually decides to get himself examined. While questioning him, you

    asked by ROCKY on August 21, 2011
  92. Nutrition

    I am needing to know what effects caffeine and alcohol have on hydration levels in the body. Any help would be appricaiated! (Broken Link Removed) Alcohol dehydrates, but fortuantly, alcohol is often consumed with a lot of diluting water, so the effect is

    asked by Christi on May 26, 2007
  93. Science! Please help!

    Select all that apply: Which issue(s) followed Chernobyl's nuclear meltdown? Select all that apply. Radiation/ Radioactive waste *** Loss of farmland *** Death rates exceeded the birth rates Mutation rates increased in both local wild life and human

    asked by Anonymous on December 19, 2017
  94. math

    A toy manufacturer is introducin g two new dolls, my first baby and my real baby. IN one hour, the company can produce 8 first baby dolls and 20 real baby dolls. Because of demand, the company produces at least twice as many first babies as real babies.

    asked by Haley on August 29, 2010
  95. algebra

    moonshine has 50 liters of a 70% alcohol solution.how many liters of pure alcohol must be added to obtain an 80% alcohol solution? The alcohol content is .7*50=35 liters. Then, adding alcohol... 35+V=.80*(50+V) solve for V, volume alcohol added

    asked by anonymous on June 8, 2007
  96. microbiology

    A woman brings her 6 month old son to the dr. The chief complaint is a group of lesions on the child's back. In the exam room, a toddler is leaning over playing with the baby who is giggling and appears healthy. The baby was breast fed from birth through

    asked by Christian on April 14, 2010
  97. Health (Ms. Sue)

    1. Classify the following as risks to teen mothers, to teen fathers, or to teen parents. a. interrupted education --- teen parents b. limited job options ---- teen parents c. physical stress to bones --- teen mothers d. lower income --- teen fathers? 2.

    asked by Anonymous on December 16, 2013
  98. p.e/ drugs

    1. The first step in getting help for drug abuse is (1 point) A: detoxification. B: withdrawal. C: joining a therapeutic community. D: recognizing the problem 2. A place where former drug abusers live together and learn to be drug­free is called (1 point)

    asked by rhydian morris on March 28, 2016
  99. social studies

    Barbara's due date was over 2 weeks ago. Dr. Sally told Barbara that her baby is postmature, so she wants to induce labor. What is probably Dr. Sally's greatest concern regarding the health of Barbara's baby? A. The baby might be brain damaged. B. Barbara

    asked by clara on October 4, 2012
  100. Health

    Please check my answers! 1. A(n) ______ is an agent that causes disease. a) stressor b) pathogen* c) addiction d) drug 2. Symptoms of an STI include (select all that apply) a) sneezing b) vaginal or urethral discharge* c) there may be no symptoms* d) upset

    asked by Emma on February 5, 2018