1. Science

    Arun has prepared 0.01 percent of solution of sodium chloride in water .Clculate mass of solute and mass of solvent.

    asked by Sonu on July 22, 2016
  2. lee

    Which of these shows the correct balanced half-reaction for the following? The reaction takes place in acidic solution. C2O42–(aq) → CO2(g)

    asked by sad on November 5, 2014
  3. chem

    The solubility product of Mg(OH)2 is 1.2 x 10^-11. What minimum OH- concentration must be attained (for example, by adding NaOH) to decrease the Mg concentration in a solution of Mg(NO3)2 to less than 1.0 x 10^-10 M (molar)?

    asked by Mischa on November 1, 2008
  4. science

    1. If person weighs 176 lbs on earth what is his or her mass on mars where the force of gravity is 37% of that on earth. With Complete solution

    asked by sky on September 25, 2016
  5. chemistry

    what volume of dry hydrogen chloride gas at s.t.p will dissolve in 250cm^3 of water to produce a 0.05M solution of water

    asked by faith on January 26, 2012
  6. Pre-Calculus

    The solution of the system of three inequalities is given by a polygonal convex set. 8x + 2y ≥ 36 -3x + 6y ≤ 27 -7x + 5y ≥ -18 The function f(x,y) = 9x + 5y passes through this set. What values of (x,y) give f(x,y) its maximum value? A)(-3, 2) B)(-3,

    asked by TeeKay on November 17, 2014
  7. Operations research

    36) Consider the following minimization problem: Min z = x1 + 2x2 s.t. x1 + x2 ≥ 300 2x1 + x2 ≥ 400 2x1 + 5x2 ≤ 750 x1, x2 ≥ 0 What is the optimal solution?

    asked by Pauline on December 12, 2010
  8. Algebra 1

    Solve each of the following system by addition. If a unique solution does not exist,state whether the system is inconsistent or dependent. equation is like this x+5y=10 -2x-10y=-20

    asked by Candy on September 3, 2007
  9. Analytical Chemistry

    Current is applied to an aqueous solution of calcium sulfide. Multiple choice help please??! What is produced at the cathode? A) H2(g) B) S(s) C) O2(g) D) Ca(s) What is produced at the anode? A) O2(g) B) H2(g) C) Ca(s) D) S(s)

    asked by Sam on March 30, 2013
  10. Chemistry

    h2so4 is labelled as 9.8 by weight. specific gravity of h2so4 is 1.8. the volume of acid to be taken to prepare 100 ml of 0.18M solution is?

    asked by Anonymous on September 3, 2017
  11. chemistry

    Given that a 0.160 M HCl(aq) solution costs $39.95 for 500 mL , and that KCl costs $10/ton, which analysis procedure is more cost-effective?

    asked by madie on September 11, 2015
  12. chemistery

    the mass percent of a solution prepared by dissolving 0.500 moll KCL ( Molar mass = 74.6 g) in 850 g of water is ?

    asked by ogb on December 9, 2012
  13. Chemistry

    Match the following units to their correct property: A. Density of Solution B. Heat Capacity C. Molarity D. Specific Heat 1. J/g•oC 2. J/oC 3. g/ml 4. cal/g•oC

    asked by Kales on October 20, 2014
  14. chemistry

    What are the probably products of... a) an aqueous solution of two ionic compounds b) a single compound c) two elements d) oxygen and a compound of carbon and hydrogen ?

    asked by Bob on March 16, 2010
  15. Chemistry

    How long (in seconds) does it take to deposit 1.065e+001 g Zn on a steel gate when 2.375e+001 A are passed through a ZnSO4 solution?

    asked by Jon on January 11, 2015
  16. Chemistry

    If the osmotic pressure of urea (CH4N20) in water is measured at 0.0259 atm at 25 degress C what is the molartiy of the urea solution?

    asked by Shelly on December 10, 2012
  17. Chemistry Homework

    Hello! Could someone help me with this? I'm confused on what to do. Thanks!! The mole fraction of carbon dioxide (CO2) in water is 0.25. Determine the molarity of CO2. The density of the solution is 1.0 g/mL.

    asked by Amber on April 5, 2017
  18. chemistry

    If the mole fraction of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) in an aqueous solution is 0.325, wat is the percent by mass of H2SO4?

    asked by Lola on May 23, 2010
  19. chemistry

    What mass of benzoic acid CH6H5COOH, would you dissolve in 400.0 mL of water to produce a solution with a pH= 2.90? Ka= 6.3 x 10^-5 mass in grams is needed.

    asked by papermate on April 11, 2011
  20. pre-calculus

    Solve eacy system of inequalities. If the system has no solution, say that it is inconsistant. x -y -z = 1 2x +3y +z = 2 3x +2y = 0 add the top two equations. 2x+2y =3 That is inconsistent with the last equation.

    asked by Erica on October 24, 2006
  21. analytical chemistry

    how many grams of iron (111) sulfite pentahydrate are required to prepare a solution that has the equivalence of 0.339g of iron dissolved?

    asked by Wesley on April 17, 2019
  22. Chemistry

    how many milliliters of a 0.78 M HCl solution are needed to react completely with 6.4 g of zinc to form zinc(II) chloride? Answer in units of mL.

    asked by Nathan Espinosa on October 5, 2010
  23. chemistry

    Determine the molarity of nitrate ions in a solution prepared by mixing 25.0 mL of 0.50 M Fe(NO3)3 and 35.0 mL of 1.00 M Mg(NO3)2 Please explain fully do not know where to start?

    asked by Lisa on December 13, 2010
  24. Chemistry

    I have two questions that I do not know how to answer. Thanks for your help! 1. Calculate the [OH^-], [H^+], pH, and pOH for a 0.50M solution of CN^- 2. Calculate the molar solubility of PbCl2 in 0.40M KCl

    asked by Liz on January 11, 2015
  25. chemistry

    What mass of the following would be needed to make 50 ml of 0.100 M solution? (i) KOH (ii) Na2CO3 (iii) NaHCO3 (iv) Na2CO3•10H2O (v) Ba(OH)2 (vi) KMnO4

    asked by Anonymous on April 30, 2011
  26. Chemistry

    Aniline, C6H5NH2, is a weak base. If the hydroxide ion concentration of a 0.223 M solution is 9.7 10-6 M, what is the ionization constant for the base?

    asked by John on May 1, 2014
  27. chemistry

    The vapor pressure of water at 30 Celsius is 31.82 mmHg and the density is 0.9956 g/mL. What is the new pressure after adding enough sorbitol to make a 2.7 m solution?

    asked by mister on March 14, 2010
  28. Biochem

    If .1ml of serum, 5ml of reagent and 4.9ml of distilled water are mixed together what is the dilution of the serum in the final solution

    asked by Dave on March 23, 2014
  29. science

    A skateboarder initially traveling at 1.8 m/s accelerates at a rate of 1.5 m/s squared for 2.5 s. How far does the skateboarder go in this time? What is the equations used, variable solving for, and of course the solution.

    asked by Anna on April 21, 2011
  30. chemistry

    The heat of solution of potassium acetate in water is -15.3 ,What will be the final temperature when 0.132 is dissolved in 550 water that is initially at 25.1 ?

    asked by Anonymous on April 1, 2013
  31. science

    Silver bromide a pale yellow precipitate is more soluble than silver iodide. What would happen if NaBr had been added to the solution

    asked by Sabrina on March 17, 2010
  32. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution of volume 7 dm3 is obtained by dissolving 5.5 kg of C12H22O11 in enough water. express the concentration in mol/L and mol/Kg

    asked by Susan on May 13, 2012
  33. chemistry

    What mass of KCl \rm KCl is needed to precipitate the silver ions from 13.0mL mL of 0.200 M M AgNO 3 \rm AgNO_3 solution

    asked by Anonymous on September 29, 2013
  34. Chemistry

    Consider an amphoteric hydroxide, M(OH)2(s), where M is a generic metal. M(OH)2 (s) M^2+ (aq) + 2OH- (aq) Ksp=4e-16 M(OH)2 (s) + 2OH- (aq) M(OH)4 ^2- (aq) Kf=0.06 Estimate the solubility of M(OH)2 in a solution buffered at pH= 7.0, 10.0, and 14.0 I'm not

    asked by anon on May 9, 2012
  35. AP Chemistry

    How many grams of sucrose (C12H22O11) must be dissolved in 60 g water to make a solution in which the mole fraction of sucrose is 0.4? Answer in units of g.

    asked by Matt on September 19, 2012
  36. Chemistry

    Calculate the molality of methanol in a solution prepared by dissolving 75.0 mL of methanol, CH3OH (d = 0.791 g/mL), in 150 g of ethanol, C2H5OH.

    asked by CC on February 10, 2010
  37. chemistry

    How many milliters of a 6.ooM HCl solution are required to react with 21.0 grams of Mg? I'm so confused. I know how to get the Molar mass of Mg and HCl but, does that even matter here?

    asked by christine on May 6, 2016
  38. College Chemistry

    calculate the moles of sulfuric acid that remained in the solution after reaction with the carbonate. the tared mass of carbonate is 1.5179g

    asked by Anonymous on September 28, 2012
  39. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a solution made by mixing 60.0 ml of 0.80 M N2H4 (a weak base) with 50.0 ml of 0.50 M HCl. (Kb for N2H4=1.7 x 10^-6) Can I use the Henderson Hasselbach equation here?

    asked by Hayley on January 23, 2017
  40. Chemistry

    What amount of hydrogen peroxide should result when 1.21 g of barium peroxide is treated with 25.1 mL of hydrochloric acid solution containing 0.0289 g of HCl per mL?

    asked by Jess on February 29, 2012
  41. chemistry

    A 600ml sample of a saturated solution of MgCO3 is reduced to 125 ml by evaporation. What mass of MgCo3 is formed? Ksp=4*10^-5

    asked by maureen on March 25, 2012
  42. algebra

    1. solve using multipication principle -3a

    asked by babygirl on September 5, 2011
  43. chemistry

    If a mass of 3.9g of the salt dissolved in 100g of water produces a solution that freezes at -1.40 degrees celsius , then what is the formula of this salt?

    asked by Anonymous on May 7, 2012

    Solve the equation. (Enter solutions from smallest to largest. If there is no solution, enter NONE in the answer boxes.) 4x2 = 19x + 5 x = x =

    asked by Urgen please help on June 14, 2012
  45. math

    A square flower bed is 10 feet long on a side. How many plants are needed if they are spaced 6 inches apart around the outside of the bed? With solution

    asked by ann on September 4, 2014
  46. Chemistry

    If a chemist titrates 120.0 mL of NaOH with a 5.0 M solution of HCl and requires 56.0 mL of the acid to reach the endpoint, what is the concentration of the NaOH?

    asked by Spacy1996 on February 17, 2012
  47. college

    what is the concentration of the chloride ion when enough water is added to 12 grams of sodium chloride to make 4.0 Liters if solution? (a) 0.025 M (b)0.05 M (c) 0.1 M (d)0.2

    asked by Annmarie on November 28, 2010
  48. chem

    How many grams of NaOH must be dissolved in water to make 750ml of 1.7 M solution? (molecular weight of NaOH = 4Og/mol)

    asked by nero on May 11, 2012
  49. Chemistry

    What is the osmotic pressure of a 50% sucrose solution at a temperature of 37 degrees celcius with a molar mass of sucrose of 342.30 grams

    asked by Ruffles on December 4, 2013
  50. chemistry

    Determine the concentration of a solution of Mg(NO3)2 given the precipitate formed is 2.97 g and there are 50mL of Mg(NO3)2 and 50 mL of NaOH. Please show all work for each step clearly

    asked by LARA on September 18, 2012
  51. chemistry

    How many milliliters of a 0.16 M HCl solution are needed to react completely with 4.8 g of zinc to form zinc(II) chloride? Answer in units of mL

    asked by cheri on September 19, 2012
  52. Math

    Hi, Could you please show me a step by step worked solution to this question? Factorise: 6p^2 - 17pq + 12pq^2 I am getting confused as what to do when there are two "squares". the answer should be "(2p- 3q)(3p -4q)" Thank you very much!!!

    asked by Mez on February 5, 2014
  53. Chemistry

    Can someone please explain me how to do this problem? A 25mL solution of 0.5 M NaOH is titrated until neutralization into a 50mL sample of HCl. What was the concentration of the HCl?

    asked by Abigail on February 24, 2011
  54. Chemistry

    Determine [Zn2 ], [CN–], and [HCN] in a saturated solution of Zn(CN)2 with a fixed pH of 2.640. The Ksp for Zn(CN)2 is 3.0 × 10–16. The Ka for HCN is 6.2 × 10–10. I need to know what equations to use to find the answer not just how to get it

    asked by Sonya on February 23, 2014
  55. science

    A solutuion is prepared by adding 40 grams of NaC1 to 100 grams of water at 80 degrees Celcius. Describe this solution.

    asked by roy on February 3, 2014
  56. Environmental Chemistry

    Calculate the pH when the following volumes of 10^(-1,1) M XOH are added into 1 L of a 10^(-2.5) M HA solution. XOH is a strong base and HA is a weak monoprotic acid (pKa=4.5)

    asked by Dauren on May 8, 2012
  57. Chemistry

    How many grams of sucrose (C12H22O11) must be dissolved in 60 g water to make a solution in which the mole fraction of sucrose is 0.2? Answer in units of g.

    asked by Cheyenne on September 23, 2010
  58. Chemistry

    If a chemist titrates 120.0 mL of NaOH with a 5.0 M solution of HCl and requires 56.0 mL of the acid to reach the endpoint, what is the concentration of the NaOH?

    asked by Anonymous on February 17, 2012
  59. chemistry

    What mass of silver nitrate (AgNO3) is re- quired to prepare 400 g of a 3.50% solution of AgNO3? 1. 14 g 2. 0.00875 g 3. 114.28 g 4. 1400 g

    asked by cheri on September 19, 2012
  60. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution of volume 7 dm3 is obtained by dissolving 5.5 kg of C12H22O11 in enough water. express the concentration in mol/L and mol/Kg

    asked by Susan on May 10, 2012
  61. Chemistry

    How does one calculate the pH of a solution that is only 1.84% ionised? determine the concentration of the H+, which will be in a monoprotic acid, concentration * decimal percent. then determing pH in the normal way.

    asked by Fiona on May 20, 2007
  62. Math

    Calculate the sum from k=1 to infinity (or n) of (k^4)- (k-1)^4 It says that the solution is n^4, but I do not know why, I tried separating it in a telescoping sum, and expanding it, but I obtain at the end more values than expected. Please help

    asked by Amy on November 13, 2018
  63. Chemistry

    Zinc carbonate, ZnCO3(s), dissolves in water to give a solution that is 1.7 multiplied by 10-5 M at 22°C. Calculate Ksp for ZnCO3(s) at this temperature.

    asked by Kat on May 24, 2011
  64. Chemistry

    A 4g sugar cube(sucrose: C12H12O11) is dissolved in a 350ml teacup of 80 degree water. what will be the molality of the sugar solution.

    asked by Evans on May 10, 2018
  65. chemistry

    25mL of tartaric acid solution is titrated against 31mL of NH4OH. What is the normality of the NH4OH? Please explain how to work this problem.

    asked by Stephen on October 5, 2012
  66. chemistry

    You wish to prepare a 10% CaCl2 solution. Only CaCl2 * 10H2O is availalbe. How many grams of the hydrated compound are required for 250ml of the reagent? Ca=40 Cl=35.5

    asked by j on September 5, 2010
  67. Chemistry

    Is this equation correct? KI + HCl +KMnO4 --> KCl +MnCl +H2O + I2 If so what would be the color of the solution? PS. I am aware the equation is not balanced. =]

    asked by DL on October 10, 2009
  68. Chemistry

    Calculate the volume 0.1 M of acetic acid and 0.1 M sodium acetate required to prepare 300 mL of 0.05 M acetate buffer solution at pH 5.5.

    asked by Anonymous on October 26, 2015
  69. math

    A 12-meter high post casts a 19-meter shadow. Find the angle of elevation to the sun. -what is/are given? -formula used -solution

    asked by Daniela on February 20, 2017
  70. chem

    36.00mL of KMnO4 is required to oxidize 25.00mL of 0.02932M Na2C2O4 solution. what is the concentration ofKMnO4? Do I just use C1V1=C2V2? Thank You

    asked by Meso on May 22, 2011
  71. Chemistry

    If the tongs used in the experiement were made of pure iron, what might happen if the tongs were allowed to remain in contact with the CuCl2 solution?

    asked by Tommy on February 16, 2014
  72. chemistry

    In a 1.0x10^-4 M solution of HClO(aq), identify the relative molar amounts of these species:HClO, OH-, H3O+, OCl-, H2O

    asked by karla on October 12, 2012
  73. biology

    Suppose that I have one liter of water in which the ionization of water molecules has attained equilibrium. What is the hydrogen ion concentration or [H+] of this solution?

    asked by Anonymous on September 21, 2011
  74. chemistry

    molecular wt of glucose is 180.14g/mole. What is the quanity of glucose in a 500mL IV solution of a 5% dextrose normal saline contain?

    asked by Anonymous on July 1, 2014
  75. Chemistry

    If I spill 100ml of a .5 M H3PO4 solution, how many grams of NaOH should be dissolved in water and added to the spill to neutralize the acid?

    asked by Loretta on October 10, 2012
  76. Chemistry

    If I spill 100ml of a .5 M H3PO4 solution, how many grams of NaOH should be dissolved in water and added to the spill to neutralize the acid?

    asked by Loretta on October 10, 2012
  77. chemistry

    Calculate the freezing point of a solution contaning 5.0 grams of KCl and 550.0 grams of water. answer is -0.45 C but i don't know how to get here

    asked by Paloa on October 4, 2012
  78. Algebra

    A car rents for $45 per day plus 21 cents per mile. You are on a daily budget of $66. What mileage will allow you to stay within your budget? what is thye solution?

    asked by Not to brite on May 23, 2011
  79. Chemisty

    if the chemist mistakenly makes 275 ml of solution instead of the 200ml, what molar concentration of sodium nitrate will the chemist have actually prepared

    asked by Jayla on February 16, 2017
  80. Chemistry

    A 0.100 mol quantity of a monoprotic acid HA is added to 1.00 L of pure water. When equilibrium is reached, the pH of the solution is 3.75. What is the value of Ka for the acid HA?

    asked by John on February 7, 2010
  81. Chemistry

    I am not really sure how to do this: Calculate the pH when 1.0*10^-3 moles of solid NaOH is added to a) One liter of 9.1*10^ -6 M HCL b) One liter of a solution containig 0.05 M CH3COOH and 0.1 M CH3CooNa

    asked by Saira on August 11, 2009
  82. chemistry

    Calculate the volume ( L ) of the solute C3H8O3 and the mass ( g ) of the solvent H2O that should be added to produce 6050 g of a solution that is 1.17 m C3H8O3.

    asked by tea on January 20, 2010
  83. Chemistry

    Which of the following is the strongest oxidizing agent in acidic solution? DATA: Ba2+(aq) + 2 e¯ ---> Ba(s); Eo = - 2.91 V Mn2+(aq) + 2 e¯ ---> Mn(s); Eo = - 1.18 V 2 H+(aq) + 2 e¯ ---> H2(g); Eo = 0.00 V Au3+(aq) + 3 e¯ ---> Au(s); Eo = + 1.50 V

    asked by Adam on June 19, 2011
  84. chem

    A hydrofluoric acid buffer solution has the following concentrations: [HF]=0.43M [F-]=0.45M If 40 mL of 0.1M NaOH is added to 500 mL of the buffer, what is the resultant pH?

    asked by Jess on April 19, 2012
  85. chemistry

    How many milliliters of a 0.100 M NaOH solution are required to neutralize 25.0 milliliters of 0.150 M HCl? Select one: a. 25.0 ml b. 37.5 ml c. 125 ml d. 167 ml

    asked by Alex on July 24, 2014
  86. chem class

    What is the pH of an aqueous solution at 25.0 °C that contains 3.98 × 10-9 M hydroxide ion? i posted this before and i tried solving it but i get it wrong 14 = ph + - log (3.98 × 10-9) 14- 8.4 = ph 5.6 = ph but the correct answer is 8.400 what did i do

    asked by jessie on November 21, 2010
  87. Chemistry

    50.00mL of 0.250M hydrochloric acid was added to 25.00mL of 0.300M potassium hydroxide. Calculate the pH of the resulting solution.

    asked by Tommy on June 12, 2016
  88. maths

    I am trying to understand what to do here.. need help asap!! Thanks! M Solve the following pair of simultaneous linear equations. 3x + 4y =5 2x + 2y =2 Select the option corresponds to the solution. Select one: x = 9 / 7, y = 2 / 7 

    asked by Marian on February 7, 2011
  89. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar mass of a molecular compound if a solution of 6.70 g of the compound in 22.60 g of water boils at 100.78 degrees C (at 760mmHg).

    asked by chemwizard on February 23, 2017
  90. math

    ms.pritchard wrote the following inequality on the board 5.6 with the sign greater on equal to then negative fourteen what should be the solution set for the inequality

    asked by brooke on February 27, 2011
  91. Chemistry

    When one of the following substances is dissolved in water, the only positive ions in the solution are hydrogen ions. NaOH NaH H2S Nh3

    asked by Christian on February 25, 2012
  92. Chemistry

    If the Ka of a monoprotic weak acid is 4.5x10^-6 what is the pH of a .10M solution of this acid. I don't even know how to start this problem, I'm totally lost please help!

    asked by Molly B on July 13, 2013
  93. 8 grade math

    Can somebody please help me I don't understand this problem.? Determine whether each ordered pair is solution of y=x+3. 1. (2, 9) 2. (5, 23) can you please explain this to me step by step till you get the answer .thank you so much.

    asked by jenn k on August 22, 2013
  94. chem

    calculate the solubility of barium sulfate (Ksp=1.1x10^-10) in a) water b) a 0.10 M barium chloride solution help is GREATLY appreciated

    asked by brooke on March 18, 2012
  95. math

    Please anyone to help the solution and the answer# A piece of copper wire is 52 2/3 m long. If each piece has been cut of 3/4 m from it. What length will remain after cutting pieces?

    asked by kelvin on July 23, 2018
  96. Pre-Calculus

    Solve the equation 2x + 5y - 3z = -1. Write the general solution as a matrix equation. I did some guessing and ended up getting this much: [x]= [-1/2 _ _ ] X [1] [y]= [ 0 1 0 ] X [s] [z]= [ 0 0 1 ] X [t] however I still can't figure out the last two values

    asked by Ann on December 6, 2013
  97. Math

    Please please help!!!!! Solve the inequality and write the solution set in interval notation 4x^3 -6x^2

    asked by Ashley on June 14, 2013
  98. Chemistry

    How much carbon dioxide has to be bubbled into aqueous sodium hydroxide to obtain a solution containing 3.5 mol of sodium hydrogen carbonate?

    asked by Amanda on February 12, 2012
  99. chemistry

    i need help with finding the ph of a buffer solution initially consisting of 0.0400 moles NH3 and 0.025 moles NH4^+ and 20 ml 0.75 NaOH. ka of NH+4 = 5.6 ×10^-10

    asked by joelle on March 19, 2012
  100. Chemistry

    To what volume must 10ml of 5M HCl be diluted to make a 0.5M HCl solution......???? A.1ml B.50ml C.100ml D.500ml E.1000ml

    asked by Sawera on October 29, 2016