1. chem

    (a) When a 4.75-g sample of solid ammonium nitrate dissolves in 60.0 g of water in a coffee-cup calorimeter (see figure), the temperature drops from 23.0‹C to 16.6‹C. Calculate ƒ¢H (in kJ/mol NH4NO3) for the solution process NH4NO3(s) ¨

    asked by hannah on November 6, 2012
  2. Chemistry!HELP

    32.12mL of 10.0 mol/l potassium chromate solution is reacted with 120.0m of 2.00mol/l lead (II) nitrate solution. The balanced equation is; 2KCrO4(aq)+Pb(NO3)2(aq)==>2KNO3(aq)+Pb(CrO4)2(s) a. Determine the limiting reactant b. What is the maximum mass, in

    asked by Lee L on November 20, 2017
  3. General Chemistry.

    The absorbance of a chlorophyll a standard solution in ethanol (density = 0.785 g/mL) is measured in a 1.3 cm cuvette or path length. The absorbance is 0.765 and the molar absorptivity coefficient is 86,300 M–1cm–1. The molecular weight for chlorophyll

    asked by Shardae. on November 7, 2012

    ALuminum can be determined gravimetricaly by the reaction with solution of 8-hydroxyquinoline (C9H7NO3).The net ionic equation . A mass of 0.1248g of Al(C9H6NO)3 WAS obtained by precipitating all of the the Al3+ from a solution prepared by dissolving

    asked by NELLY on January 15, 2015
  5. chemistry

    a student was investigating the properties of a liquid L. He found that it turned phenolphthalein indicator red but when a piece of litmus paper was dipped into liquid L it turned blue. Which of these liquids could it be? a Aqueous ammonia b Lemon juice c

    asked by vidya on February 18, 2016
  6. chemistry

    a 250.0 ml sample of an aqueous solution at 25 degrees celsius contains 35.8 mg of an unknown nonelectrolyte compound. If the solution has an osmotic pressure of 11.25 mmHg, what is the molar mass of the unknown compound? I know you need to have the answer

    asked by Vic on September 30, 2012
  7. Spanish

    Verb Distinction Give the correct form of the appropriate verb, saber or conocer, which would be used in writing the following sentences in Spanish. Be sure the verb is written in correct form to agree with the subject of the sentence and also in the

    asked by RJ on March 24, 2013
  8. Chemistry

    When hydrochloric acid (HCl) is added to water it dissociates to form H3O+ (aq) and Cl− (aq) as shown below. HCl (aq) + H2O (l) → H3O+ (aq) + Cl− (aq) What happened to the electrons in the H-Cl bond? Choose the best answer. The electrons are

    asked by Lily on September 25, 2012
  9. AP Chem (Thank you for help)

    Hey guys! Stuck on some Redox Reactions. I tried my best to put as much work as I could, but I'm super stuck on these ones. Thanks for any help: 1) Balance the equation as written, what is the coefficient for O2? NH4+ + O2-->NO2− + H2O (in basic

    asked by Allie on October 17, 2015
  10. Physics: Non uniform motion

    I have not done much physics before: I don't get how to do questions that deal with what happened in a particular SECOND So questions like: - A stone which is dropped from rest into a mine shaft falls a distance of 24.5 m DURING THE LAST SECOND. Find depth

    asked by Anne on October 2, 2008
  11. Social Studies PLS. Help

    1. The Zealots were Jews who believed a. they should fight the Romans--- b. they should accept Roman rule c. they should set up a new country d. religious laws must be followed 2. What happened after the Jews rebelled against the Romans in AD 132? a.

    asked by TRRR+S<3 on April 16, 2015
  12. Science

    What will happen if you put a tea bag in cold water?

    asked by Alessandra on October 8, 2008
  13. dana

    Wich lets you put Equal groups toghether?

    asked by Anonymous on September 23, 2014
  14. Social Studies

    Which war allowed whites and blacks to be put in barracks?

    asked by Sandy on January 15, 2008
  15. math

    use synthetic division (x^3+6x^2-6x+3)/ (x-6) I got 1 0 -6 -33 so I put it in an equation Quotient: x -6 Remainder -33 Is this right?

    asked by sarah on March 2, 2009
  16. percents

    If I need to mutliply 80.00 times 8.25%, where do i put my decimals fot the percentage?

    asked by .... on March 3, 2009
  17. math

    The graph of f(x) = |x| is transformed to g(x) = |x + 1| – 7. On which interval is the function decreasing? A) (–∞, –7) B) (–∞, –1) C) (–∞, 1) D) (–∞, 7) I put D but i'm not sure if it right

    asked by Kitty on March 7, 2015
  18. Math

    When you put together unequal groups you can only add. Is this correct? Explain

    asked by kevin on December 14, 2009
  19. Health And Physical Ed

    The best thing to put on severe sunburn to help relieve the pain is>

    asked by Branden on November 14, 2014
  20. language

    Barbra Jordan believes that we must put our faith in children because?

    asked by joseph on November 23, 2017
  21. Economics

    can someone help me put (yuan depreciates against the dollar into one stanza of a song.

    asked by Danny on May 5, 2015
  22. chemistry

    what happens when you put a moth ball in 75-80 degree C tap water?

    asked by Anonymous on February 7, 2011
  23. math


    asked by keyla on September 28, 2011
  24. math

    what can you put in place of the ? to make x^2+14x+? a perfect square?

    asked by april on March 13, 2012
  25. grammar

    What should i put? Five dollars (was,were)lying on the ground,so i turened them in at the office.

    asked by taylor on March 6, 2012
  26. physics

    what will happen to a block of iron with a whole in the middle if put in oven

    asked by mike on September 16, 2008
  27. math

    Complete the sign for each equation 65/60 - 1 this is what the paper has on it now i think that you are supposed to put a + - * I'm not sure.

    asked by Ashley on November 9, 2014
  28. Chemistry

    What kind of reaction is it when you put a potato in hydrogen peroxide?

    asked by Person on December 2, 2017
  29. chemistry

    Put the molecules in order of increasing bond polarity H-F, C-N, AND F-N.

    asked by jackie on February 28, 2011
  30. Math

    I am very confused with rounding off numbers. How do you know how many zeroes shall you put when you retain?

    asked by Alyssa on July 22, 2010
  31. Math

    If you put me into 7 equal groups with 3 in each group and 5 are left over, what number am I?

    asked by Kristin on March 6, 2014
  32. Science

    I need help to put a terrestrial resource plan together. I have no clue as where to start.

    asked by devon on June 28, 2009
  33. science

    You do not put scavengers or decomposers on a energy pyramid correct?

    asked by Anonymous on April 20, 2011
  34. chemistry

    why do they put chlorien in swimming pools and drinking water???

    asked by lauren on October 8, 2008
  35. Project

    What is it when you put shampoo on your hair and then you _______ to create foam?

    asked by Amy~ on June 6, 2010
  36. algebra 2

    Solve each system of equations by graphing : 3x- y=0 and x-y=-2 put it in y=mx+b form first.

    asked by drea on October 12, 2009
  37. 3rd grade

    the best estimate to measure a desk. i put ruler and meter

    asked by aliyah on January 24, 2010
  38. Algebra 2

    x^2/x^2+3x-10 - 1/x^2+8x+15 Simplify Leave in factored form and put () around polynomials

    asked by Nancy on March 17, 2012
  39. Algebra II

    how do you get the x inercept of a equation like 7/(4x^2-21x-49)? I know you put it in y=mx+b but i don't know how to solve for x in this

    asked by Renee on February 25, 2011
  40. Math

    If you are given y = 3x and are asked to put it in standard form would it be 3x -y = 0? I wasn't sure since a y intercept was not given. Thanks...

    asked by Brandi on January 22, 2015
  41. math

    how do you put 0.965/10,000 in lowest terms WITHOUT a calculator? Thanks

    asked by Melissa on September 15, 2009
  42. Math

    In the problem 7×4-4÷2 what can I put parentheses to make the statement true

    asked by Lil on November 28, 2016
  43. Math perimeter

    Jessica wants to put a fence around her 10 ft by 13 ft rectangular garden how many ft of fencing will she need 46?

    asked by Jerald on November 7, 2012
  44. Geometry

    Are all horizontal lines parallel Use slope to explain how you know I put yes

    asked by Anonymous on September 30, 2015
  45. Crump Elmentary

    When you put together unequal groups, you can only add."is he correct?explain

    asked by Tamara on September 29, 2015
  46. Spelling

    Can anyone help I need to put the words complimentary,often and complementary into one sentence does anyone have any ideas. Please and Thanks

    asked by Brooke on October 20, 2009
  47. History

    Did wilson put trade restrictions on germany as one of his 14 points?

    asked by daina on October 17, 2011
  48. Science

    what are some ideas i can put on a title page with the subject HEAT

    asked by Cyleste on September 7, 2007
  49. to ms.sue

    what do i write on the RSVP. my teacher said put my phone number there.

    asked by Celest on April 11, 2012
  50. physics

    Why can't you put your heels firmly against a wall and then bend over without falling?

    asked by Mandy on November 23, 2008
  51. chemistry

    what 3 groups do scientists put elements into in the periodic table?

    asked by jared on December 9, 2008
  52. Geography for Ms.Sue

    Thank you for your help. For the differences and similarities, please can you tell me if I have put the answers into the 'correct' category. Thanks again.

    asked by freddie on October 13, 2009
  53. health

    what smoking bans were put in place between 1964 and 1988

    asked by chad on May 3, 2012
  54. Third Grade Math

    When you put together unequal groups, you can only add. Is this correct please explain.

    asked by Alex Williams on September 28, 2009
  55. Binders

    What sub tabs I can put into my binders for school & my elective binder ?

    asked by Ciara on October 10, 2011
  56. english

    boldface and/or italics throughout the piece? could you explain to me why there put into the story

    asked by stacyy09 on January 27, 2015
  57. math

    penny put 5 dounts in one pack how many packs will she have in 2587

    asked by princess on October 30, 2012
  58. Chemistry

    How do you know when to put roman numerals into formulas of binary compounds?

    asked by TBW on September 23, 2007
  59. math

    14+12-6=20, where to put parenthesis to make the number sentence true? How?

    asked by Lisa on October 1, 2009
  60. math

    20-5+3=12, where to put parenthesis to make the number sentence true?

    asked by Lisa on October 1, 2009
  61. technology

    What is the proper way to put the transparency in the overhead projector? Help me please, I don't know how.

    asked by june_06 on January 8, 2009
  62. Programming

    How can I put my switch case inside for loop? Please I need a syntax for this or an example.

    asked by Eshlee on June 5, 2018
  63. Math

    where do i put the parentheses to make this statement true 8+3x6-4-1

    asked by Derrion on November 9, 2017
  64. social studies

    why would 'STOP,DROP and ROLL' be effective to put out a fire?

    asked by sandy on October 11, 2011
  65. Electronics

    what is the basic format that an audio CD is in. that you could put into a CD player and listen to it thanks for help

    asked by IDK on November 23, 2008
  66. biology

    If we put few ml.of hydrochloric acid on a piece of the skeleton of a shell

    asked by Ishu on February 7, 2016
  67. World History

    Could you help me with this question: What year did the act of Uniformity get put into effect?

    asked by Jeff on September 2, 2009
  68. polarity

    could you put these in order of polarity please: fluorenone, fluorenol and fluorene. Thanks

    asked by Sophie on January 1, 2008
  69. Math

    Find the quotient and simplify your answer. f(x)=5x-x^2, f(5+h)-f(5) over h Please help I am so lost! All I know is that you have to put (5+h) wherever there is an x.

    asked by Maggie on February 5, 2009
  70. Energy & Power

    If I have zinc@ -.76 & copper @.340. Put 9 in a series, what would my voltage be?

    asked by Rich on December 20, 2016
  71. Math

    How do you put 819,461 into a 5 by 5 grid,that has 45 squares total?

    asked by Mia on October 16, 2018
  72. math

    If you put me into 7 equal groups with 3 in each group and 5 left over,, what number am I?

    asked by shawn on May 8, 2013
  73. Algebra

    What do I do if a compound inequality contradicts itself? Do I put down empty set, or what?

    asked by Benjamin on March 22, 2012
  74. Punctuation

    A paradox is speech that contradicts itself but may be true nevertheless. If I do, where do I put a comma?

    asked by Anonymous on January 22, 2014
  75. Math

    4r=-32 Can you help show how the work is done. I got r=-8 Thank you I meant to put the minus in but I need help on the steps to get there.

    asked by b6 on May 30, 2012
  76. Math

    How do you solve this? 2x^6/4x^2 When you divide 2 and 4, how do you know whether to put the answer on the nmerator or denominator?

    asked by Angie on February 6, 2009
  77. math

    how do u put in writing to explain a array to find 4 times 13

    asked by jolene on March 21, 2012
  78. Math

    Put these numbers in increasing order: -2, 13, 0, -22. My answer is: -22, -2, 0, 13. Is this correct?

    asked by B.B. on July 19, 2009
  79. Grammar

    Can you put (grin) in a sentence where it acts as direct object?

    asked by Ash on November 20, 2012
  80. Math

    Where do I put the parenthesis to make this equation true 13×2+6-4-2=40

    asked by Anonymous on April 19, 2018
  81. Precalculus

    how do you put the polar equation r^2(sin2u)=6 into rectangular form?

    asked by Kristen on February 13, 2011


    asked by Anonymous on April 10, 2013
  83. 3rd grade

    juan says, When you put together unequal group, you can only add. is this correct

    asked by cook on November 12, 2008
  84. English/writing

    But would you put commas, periods or anything like that in it. Would every sentence begin with a capital?

    asked by Mattie on October 20, 2011
  85. 3rd grade

    juan says "when you put together unequal groups, you can only add." is he correct?

    asked by kesha on October 18, 2010
  86. english language

    Put iron expand when it is heated in the passive voice

    asked by Anonymous on January 9, 2016
  87. algebra

    Please show me how to put this number in scientific notation. 3.000052 Thank you.I appreciate your help.

    asked by Jack on December 14, 2016
  88. math

    i am a two digit number less than 50. if u put me in groups of 4, there is nothing left. the sum is 7 who am I/

    asked by Anonymous on November 26, 2012
  89. math

    how much will i earn in interest if I put $190,000 in a 1 year CD getting 3%

    asked by darryl on October 1, 2018
  90. Math

    Ms.Sue, on the question I asked you, why did you put 1,800 instead of 1,700?

    asked by Arlette 4 grade on January 8, 2014
  91. Math

    Why Does The President Put Vegetables in His Blender? P.S.: It's puzzle 163 HELP!!!!!!!!!

    asked by Dorina on December 9, 2007
  92. math

    put fractions in order from least to greatest, explain how you got the answer 3/4 1/2 1/4 2/3

    asked by gi on February 1, 2009
  93. Algebra

    Determine if linear equation is so put into satandard form. 3x = 5y 7y = 2x + 5x 3/x + 4/y = 2

    asked by Michelle on December 3, 2009
  94. Math

    Can someone give me examples on how to put combinations and permutation in two different situation?

    asked by M&M's on May 2, 2016
  95. us history

    what would teddy roosevelt put in a time capsule if needed to?

    asked by matthew on December 12, 2010
  96. math

    what is the number form of six hundred thousand and 38 hundreds put together??

    asked by julia on March 21, 2019
  97. AP Calculus

    Find the derivative for f(x)=-x^2+x Do I put -x^2 on the denominator? How would I solve it if that's the case?

    asked by Sarah on November 30, 2014
  98. math

    How can I put A={1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22,25,28} in set builder notation. I just learned this and can't figure it out.

    asked by Justin on September 8, 2012
  99. science anyone

    I was wondering if someone could look at my answers and let me know if they sound okay. I put them in at 6:48 and 6:54 today. I understand if you can't help!

    asked by Reed on November 28, 2011
  100. Slope Form!!

    2x + y = 9 *You need to put it into slope form and solve for x and y!PLz help! y= -2x + 9 -2,intercept: -7

    asked by Natalie on November 5, 2006