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  1. American Goverment

    The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of

    asked by lalt on February 16, 2012
  2. child care

    why is it important to choose appropriate play provision for a child? (please help i am very stuck and my assigment is due in tomorrow) Young children learn by playing. They develop large and small motor skills, intellectual knowledge, social adaptation,

    asked by emma on June 12, 2007
  3. Psychology

    Wookey, M. L., Graves, N. A., & Butler, J. C., (2009). Effects of a sexy appearance on perceived competence of women. The Journal of Social Psychology, 149, 116-118. doi:10.3200/SOCP.149.1.116-118 This is the article to use 1. What are the design elements

    asked by Mel on July 6, 2014
  4. Grammar

    Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. • Mark each verb used in bold and, in parentheses, identify the specific tense used. CAN YOU TELL ME IF

    asked by Cheril on April 3, 2011
  5. Check my answers for world history

    Star* by my answer 7. Which of the following was not a goal of Roosevelt's Square Deal? Creation of a social security system. Ensure that goods produced by American businesses were safe for consumers.* Conservation and preservation of the environment in

    asked by Carrie on January 20, 2016

    Jenn's suggestions here are excellent: http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1165545917.1165547272 =) WHAT ARE SOME RECENT EFFECTS ORGANIZED RELIGION HAS HAD ON SOCIAL GRUPS IN CULTURAL AND GOVERNMENT TODAYS MOST RECENT EVENTS IN THE NEWS. Here are several

    asked by Writeacher on December 7, 2006
  7. Macroeconomic

    1)An example of an automatic stabilizer is A. a temporary tax rebate. B. the progressive income tax. C. cost of living adjustments to social security payments. 2)Which of the following represent expansionary fiscal policy? A. an increase in average

    asked by Jill on June 9, 2010
  8. healthcare management

    Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper on essential communication in a community crisis situation described in the scenario. Include the following in your paper: • The individuals or groups that will be communicating inside and outside the organization

    asked by Marcus on July 26, 2012
  9. Child Development

    Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, flow chart, or other visual aid to provide an overview of the normal developmental expectations for each of the five developmental stages. The content of your presentation should include a brief description

    asked by Kerry on September 21, 2008
  10. English1C

    How to write a fallacy essay . Write purpose of the article including name, title, author, and say if you think the article is strong or not . We live in a polarizing society, so perhaps it’s inevitable that our experience of inequality should be

    asked by Ann (: on October 12, 2012
  11. Social studies

    1. Into which political unit is the world primarily organized A. International Organizations B. Limited Governments C. Regional Organizations D. Nation-States 3. One main purpose of government is to A. maintain order and security for citizens. B. hold

    asked by Help me please on December 12, 2013
  12. World history; Check:P

    What methods did the Assyrians use when they attacked enemy cities? The satrapies were linked by a 2,500-kilometer highway, the most impressive stretch being the Royal Road, built by command of Darius I. Royal inspectors, the "eyes and ears of the king",

    asked by Unknown on January 24, 2013
  13. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? I'm unsure about the word choice. 1)Joyce's "Dubliners" all the characters experience a sense of stagnation (paralyses) due to various reasons and are unable to break the chains that bind them. 2) Their

    asked by Henry1 on May 4, 2011
  14. Check this please?

    I am writing about how different groups view the role of the government. I saw this online and wanted to use it to guide me through my essay, but wanted to check its accuracy because I thought Democrats weren't for higher taxes I thought Republicans were.

    asked by Mel on August 31, 2014
  15. Uhhh More SS sorry work with me guys plz

    Ghana is thriving more than other nations in the region partly because after Jerry Rawlings seized power in 1981, he nationalized the oil industry abolished the military imposed high tariffs on imported goods introduced economic reforms*** The invasion ,

    asked by Haley on November 6, 2017
  16. College English

    I have been asked to present a gist statement and I am just looking to find out if I understood the concept. Below is what I've been asked to analyze: We see them everywhere: on billboards, in magazines, on bus placards. They come in the mail and in our

    asked by Marco on September 2, 2009
  17. Another comment PsyDAG

    Homework Help Forum: Psychology -- anyone please? Current Questions | Post a New Question Answer this Question | Further Reading Posted by Anonymous on Friday, July 21, 2006 at 4:40pm. First of all when you're talking about feeding I believe that would be

    asked by Anonymous on July 21, 2006
  18. Socials

    I am writing an essay for socials and the topic is: To what extent was the treatment of First Nations by the Canadian government justified? So far, I plan to explain both sides but lean more to the unjustified side(2 body paragraphs on that). My points

    asked by Lily on May 4, 2015
  19. Chemistry

    In a laboratory, a student studies the absorption and transmission of light in order to analyze copper in brass and determine its percentage within the brass sample. He determines the amount of light absorbed by a sample by measuring the amount of light

    asked by Jessica on April 1, 2009
  20. socialstdies

    Which of the following describes the Gilded Age? Choose all that apply. (2 points) a period of great prosperity for all Americans*** a time of great social change and industrialization in America*** a period of great prosperity for some Americans a time of

    asked by XenaGonzalez on March 11, 2015
  21. English

    In the following viewpoint, David B. Muhlhausen argues that capital punishment should not be abandoned because it deters crimes, saves lives, and the majority of American citizens support its use. Additionally, he maintains that evidence does not support

    asked by ann on October 3, 2009
  22. Psychology

    1.The rational style of learning sometimes conflicts with the traditional school environment. Could a school be created that takes advantage of the characteristics of the rational style? How? Are there types of learning for which the analytical style is

    asked by Ashley on August 9, 2016
  23. Writing

    I need help on fixing my paper. Could you grade me on a scale of 1 to 12. The World of Technology Technology, Technology, that’s all we use today. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and so many more. My opinion on technology is that I agree because

    asked by Raven on March 24, 2011
  24. U.S History

    5. The purpose of the progressive era was to drive reform in which of the following areas. (1 point) A. Politics and goverment B. Buisness C. Social welfare and labor conditions D. All of the above.

    asked by Youaintwannaknow on April 12, 2017
  25. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you very much. 1) “Pamela” is an epistolary novel, that is a collection of letters written by a virtuous girl, Pamela Andrews, to her parents. The plot is very simple and built around the

    asked by Matthew on April 4, 2012
  26. ETH125

    United States-Centric Views Comparison • Resource: Appendix D Did you have this in your studies.Give a copy of Appendix D to a friend or family member and ask that person to complete the table contained therein. In doing so, your chosen participant will

    asked by Rick on August 9, 2007
  27. English

    Can you check these sentences for me? Thank you in advance. 1) Eveline belongs to a collection of fifteen stories which was completed in 1904, but not published until 1914, under the title “Dubliners”. 2) As the title suggests, the stories are set in

    asked by Franco on May 20, 2010
  28. Tax Accounting

    Jim and Kay Bridges contributed to the support of their two children, Samantha and Amanda, and Jim's widowed parent, Carl. For 2009, Samantha, a 19 year old full time college student, earned $4,500 as a baby-sitter. Amanda, a 23 year old bank teller,

    asked by Tiffanie on November 19, 2010
  29. quiz

    Question 1 Woodrow Wilson wished to keep the United States neutral at the outbreak of World War I primarily because h A)secretly admired German culture and the German university system. B) wanted to arbitrate among the combatants and to influence the

    asked by paty on August 22, 2010
  30. History

    How was the art of Mesopotamia different from that of earlier cultures? A. It included monuments that glorified the gods and showed religion in society. ** my answer B. It included pretend animals and showed human imagination. C. They showed people in

    asked by Vixen - Connexus on September 18, 2018
  31. Humanities (Multiple Questionst)

    #1. The Iliad is a work that describes events related to the A) founding of Minoan culture B) early battles of the Persian Wars. C) attack on the Dorians on Mycenae D) Mycencean attack on the coastal of Troy #2. Which one of the following is NOT true

    asked by Tyson Hanlon on September 22, 2007
  32. English

    Can some one please check this assignment for me. I would certainly appreciate it Thanks Danielle Argument Evaluation Answer the following questions for each argument, making sure to explain how you arrived at your answers. o Do the premises sufficiently

    asked by DANIELLE on December 16, 2007

    One source of bias,which may explain race related IQ differences,is the fact that most IQ tests rely heavily on the individual's: A.MATH SKILLS B.ABILITY TO PAY ATTENTION C.VOCABULARY LEVEL D.INTERPERSONAL (SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE) I AM THINKING BETWEEN C or

    asked by MaryBeth on November 2, 2006
  34. Social Studies

    Are there anythings in which the government plays no role? Since we all should obey the laws and statutes enacted by various governments, everything is affected by government. Perhaps the least affected are newspapers and other media. We have a free press

    asked by Gedeon on September 7, 2006
  35. English

    Is this a good persuasive essay ? If not can you help me change it? Everyday people come in contact with illegal aliens in some way or form, but they don’t know it. It is often hard to tell because illegal immigrants look just like the average person.

    asked by Sarah on November 5, 2014
  36. Social Studies

    1. What value in American identity is most fundamental to the U.S. political system? A. individual rights *** B. social conformity C. national security D. freedom from rule -- 2. Why was Voting Rights Act of 1965 necessary? Select all that apply. A. Each

    asked by please check answers! on September 25, 2018
  37. Geography

    Essay Topic: Taken as a whole, what would you say is the single most pressing problem found in Latin America or South America? What possible solutions can you develop? This is what I have: I think the most pressing problem found in South America is

    asked by mysterychicken on September 9, 2009
  38. English

    Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. 1)Independence Day commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on 4th of July, 1776. 2)What were the causes which led to the

    asked by Franco on October 13, 2010
  39. Please proofread my essay and make corrections

    Public schools vs. Private schools Private and public schools education differs in many ways, there are many difference of both types of schools such as their academic reputation, class sizes and admissions requirements. Student’s performance in public

    asked by ME on November 10, 2011
  40. proofreading English

    Public schools vs. Private schools Private and public schools education differs in several ways. There are many differences of both types of schools such as their academic programs, class sizes and admissions requirements that makes a private school better

    asked by Me on November 11, 2011
  41. social science

    Please could you help me with understanding how the boundaries and links between states of past culture have changed. Thanks This is a very broad question. First, you must define what you mean about the word "past".Does the thinking behind this question

    asked by rain on July 25, 2007
  42. writing


    asked by Tasha on November 9, 2011
  43. Unit 5 - Group project

    Your group has been hired by an advertising firm that is developing a series of commercials for family-oriented products geared toward the entire family. They want to develop a series of commercials that will target family members at various life stages.

    asked by candy on September 21, 2006
  44. English

    I urgently need you to check these descriptions I wrote myself, mailny grammar and word choice. Thank you. 1)Photo A shows people in a business environment. There three women and a man sitting at a desk while another man is standing. This is writing

    asked by Henry2 on September 10, 2011
  45. English check please help me out

    My answers: 1. Venture 2. Calamity 3. Rehabilitate 4. Persevere 5. Conventional 6. Flagrant 7. Ponder 8. Comprehensive 9. Fluctuate 10. Turmoil 1-2 The time my cousin (e)d skydiving, the result was a ___. Her parachute didn't open, and she was injured so

    asked by ME on September 14, 2011
  46. Essay help

    I need to write an essay outline on "phishing." (Phishing is a form of identity theft where a scammer sends someone an email that appears to be from a legitamite organization and then tricks him/her into providing personal information like PIN numbers,

    asked by Lucy on January 13, 2007
  47. ms.sue 3 grade english

    fact and opionion a statement of fact can be proved true or false. a statement of opinion gives someone's thoughts or feelings about something. words that express feelings,such as best and amazing,ate clues that a sentence is probably and opinion.

    asked by dw on March 30, 2012
  48. Social Studies/ History

    I need help... Can you guys please help me?? How was the art of Mesopotamia different from that of earlier cultures? A. It included monuments that glorified the gods and showed religion in society. B. It included pretend animals and showed human

    asked by Bri on September 7, 2018
  49. English, psychology

    What are the cultural norms for the following: Individual rights vs the rights of society - There are more right for individual and rights of society. People can say whatever they want, even if it means to insult someone. People have rights to pursue their

    asked by miyabi on December 18, 2015
  50. English - The Red Badge of Courage

    In The Red Badge of Courage, when Henry wakes up in camp the day after fighting, why does he first think he is in a charnel place? The sleeping men around him look dead. The smoke from the campfire smells like burning meat. The noise from the front and the

    asked by SkatingDJ on November 4, 2015
  51. proof read and make corrections

    Public schools vs. Private schools Private and public schools education differs in many ways, there are many differences of both types of schools such as their academic programs, class sizes and admissions requirements that makes a private school better

    asked by ME on November 11, 2011
  52. Hospitality and Tourism

    Is this ethical behavior? Is it ethical to take office supplies from work for home use? No Is it ethical to use company time to solicit signatures for a petition nconcerning a current social issue? No If there are sslight defects in a product you are

    asked by Anonymous on September 3, 2016
  53. US History

    I need help on these questions. I couldn't find the exact answers in my textbook. 1. Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams were exiled or sent away from the Massachusetts Bay colony for "the lawlessness of liberty of conscience". Why was this a crime among

    asked by bizzle on September 30, 2018
  54. World History

    In what ways did Islam create the first “world civilization?” How was Islam changed by contact with indigenous faiths in Africa & Asia? How did Byzantium preserve & perpetuate the traditions of Rome? What roles did commerce play in the transmission of

    asked by Sylvia on April 13, 2013
  55. Economics

    1) In which of the following situations would someone have to pay a gift tax? A. A relative dies and leaves you $13,000 in the will. B. Your cousin gives you a car worth $1,700. C. Your grandmother gives you $13,000 toward college.

    asked by Halima on July 6, 2012
  56. English (Mr.Sue)

    Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. *Dove, fingerprint, barcode* Conformity which is a form of social influence involving a change in belief or behavior in order to fit in with a group. This further prevents individuals from

    asked by Sheliza on February 24, 2015
  57. psychology

    Place an "A" if the statement is psychology as an applied science and "B" if the statement is psychology as a basic science. 1. Soothing music as heard in a dentists office. "B" 2. Research done on drives and motives of college students. "A" 3.

    asked by Sue on October 22, 2018
  58. science

    Place an "A" if the statement is psychology as an applied science and "B" if the statement is psychology as a basic science. 1. Soothing music as heard in a dentists office. "B" 2. Research done on drives and motives of college students. "A" 3.

    asked by Sue on October 23, 2018
  59. Recheck

    Place an "A" if the statement is psychology as an applied science and "B" if the statement is psychology as a basic science. 1. Soothing music as heard in a dentists office. "A" 2. Research done on drives and motives of college students. "B" 3.

    asked by Sue on October 23, 2018
  60. English

    discuss the current state of the field of early childhood care and education from your own perspective. In this field, what does it mean to be a professional and what does it mean to be in a profession? Include a component of political analysis in your

    asked by Priya on September 29, 2014
  61. american goverment check answers

    1. What are unalienable rights? (1 point) rights that cannot be denied rights created by governments rights that can be limited rights earned with age 2. Which of the following is an example of an unalienable right limiting the powers of government? (1

    asked by Anonymous on January 23, 2017
  62. children who require special treatment

    most professionals agree that much of the major emotional business of the child iscompleted by the age of? a.two b.three c.five d.ten my answer is c a prime example of a preventable handicap is? a.epilepsy b.spina bifida c.phenylketonuria d.mongolism my

    asked by susue on August 5, 2013
  63. US History

    kay um. my teacher's not very good at teaching. great guy, but not meant to teach..sooo I have 6 questions that aren't even in the chapter and the index is of no help to me right now... sooo here goes: Describe the basic population structure and social

    asked by me on August 21, 2008
  64. author

    1. A classic is a literary work a. that is at least 50 years old b. has been commonly recognized as a superior work c. that nobody understands ot likes 2. The write O. Henry is known for his a. endings with an ironic teist b. humor c. stories about the

    asked by even on December 16, 2011
  65. anthropology

    I am doing a course project. I am having some issue on this part. Politician System Subsistence Bands. This is what I came up with. Bands are the key social /political assemblage, be an average of 50- 80 per band. Generate a “face to face” for the

    asked by jimmy on February 7, 2015
  66. Health and Physical Education

    1. The passing traits from parents to their children is a biological process called ______. A. Environment B. Gender C. Values D. Heredity **** 2. A ______________ is something a person works hard to accomplish. A. Consequence B. Decision C. Goal **** D.

    asked by Unknown on February 12, 2018
  67. English III

    Hi it's me again! Could someone proofread this for me? Thanks so much! HOW ABOUT BETTER PARENTS? BY: Thomas L. Friedman In Thomas L. Friedman’s column “How About Better Parents” he discusses parent’s influence in their child’s education. He

    asked by Claire on August 12, 2012
  68. Modern World History

    I Know that Louis XIV ruled france for 21 years. But Was he Successful or unsuccessful?? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Are you sure you mean Louis XIV? He ruled for 72 years, not 21. Also known as "The Sun King" and "The Grand

    asked by Bryan on October 28, 2006
  69. English

    Here are some sentences on Shakespeare I'd like you to check. Thank you. 1)It is difficult to date Shakespeare's plays because only half of them were printed during his lifetime. Three kinds of evidence are used (?) to date his plays. 2) The most valuable

    asked by Franco on October 7, 2010
  70. US History

    Last 4 for the day! 19. Most pioneers who settled west of the Appalachians were a. families looking for good land b. miners looking for gold and silver c. missionaries seeking converts d. bankers from New York and Boston A? 20. What message did Protestant

    asked by mysterychicken on October 18, 2010
  71. u.s. history

    what were the similarities and differences of the reform movements of the early 1800??? This site may help you find the similarities and differences. http://home.earthlink.net/~gfeldmeth/lec.reform.html This is a general overview of reform.

    asked by lizzy on May 16, 2007
  72. AE is this correct?

    determine the teachercertification/licensure requirements for the state you would like to teach in. I picked wisconsin and i put this...... Initial In-State Teaching or Pupil Services - PI-1602-IS Graduates of Wisconsin educator preparation programs only.

    asked by scooby91320002 on March 6, 2009
  73. Psychology

    This the question; Jung believed that the persona, anima/animus, and shadow were some of the archetypes that had evolved so completely that they could be considered separate systems within the personality. Which list below best describes those archetypes

    asked by Diane on June 29, 2013
  74. university of phoenix

    I have to Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. Use at least five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives in your

    asked by Kat on June 2, 2011
  75. english

    Can you check my grammar? should I remove the apostrophies in the following sentences? " The apostrophies in Gloria's name" Q1.Gloria has paid more than half of the cost of keeping up on her home, and her qualifying dependent. Q2.Gloria benefits by having

    asked by icelocsgirl on May 12, 2011
  76. English

    Here is the second part of my summary I really need you to revise. Thank you. 1) Details of the behaviour, clothes and so on of the characters are part of the social setting of the story. Characters are the people who appear in a novel and represent the

    asked by Henry2 on February 20, 2012
  77. ESSAY

    I wrote this essay, i would like to know if is Ok. Thanks Nowadays, Travelling is the kind of activity, which almost all the people love. For some people it is an opportunity to relax and abstract from everyday busy life. For others it is interesting to

    asked by ELIZABETH on July 24, 2017
  78. Wold History

    Which of the following most directly resulted from the Neolithic Revolution? •Populations increased. •Complex cultures blended. •Religion became less important. 2. Which of the following best describes the emergence of social classes in early

    asked by J on September 13, 2016
  79. 8th History DBQ - Pls check my answer, thx!!!

    Document 7: W. E. B. Du Bois publicly embraced the cause of woman suffrage after he moved north in 1907. The signs of awakening womanhood in the world to-day are legion. The best novelists are women. Some of the keenest essayists and graceful writers of

    asked by Cassidy on May 11, 2014
  80. English

    The importance of being earnest play please help me 20. Briefly explain two ways the play is either reflective of the Victorian culture or shows the influence of Restoration comedy. Respond in complete sentences. 21. Identify and explain how symbolism is

    asked by Em on January 31, 2017
  81. Proofread please!

    The United States, incarcerates its citizens at much greater rates than any other nation in the world (Scott, 2008). Incarceration costs in the U.S. have risen to $65 billion a year (Scott, 2008). Many crimes committed by gangs and gang members cause

    asked by Bizzy on April 22, 2008
  82. english

    A poem in the 1930-1960's that relates to "How To Kill A Mockingbird"?I have to write a five paragraph paper discussing how the poem relates to one of the following from To Kill a Mockingbird:themes,social,issues,or a character.I am having major problems

    asked by need help please!! on March 18, 2007
  83. Science

    1. A study was done to find if different tire treads affect the braking distance of an Army Jeep. The same road surface was used each time. Independent variable: Tire Treads Dependent Variable: Braking Distance 2. An experiment was performed to determine

    asked by Plz check my answers! on September 9, 2016
  84. englishhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Graham,Judith. “Happiness is Contagious:New Study Finds.” Chicago Tribune: Health (4 Dec 2008) 16 Dec 2008. . is this correct now helpppp english plzz - Anonymous, Friday, September 30, 2011 at 3:42pm #7- "So suggests a new study proposing that

    asked by Anonymous on September 30, 2011
  85. english help

    Graham,Judith. “Happiness is Contagious:New Study Finds.” Chicago Tribune: Health (4 Dec 2008) 16 Dec 2008. . is this correct now helpppp english plzz - Anonymous, Friday, September 30, 2011 at 3:42pm #7- "So suggests a new study proposing that

    asked by Anonymous on October 1, 2011
  86. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1)I need to rephrase this: “These schools incorporated the new-found ideals of manliness; of physical, sporting endeavour, of valuing team above self, of learning to play the game and without

    asked by Franco on December 8, 2010
  87. English

    I thought it was C for this Victor Frankenstein recounts the influences that lead to his great experiment: I feel exquisite pleasure in dwelling on the recollections of childhood, before misfortune had tainted my mind and changed its bright visions of

    asked by Henry on March 6, 2016
  88. Math

    Slide 2: Pencil It In A red pencil sits next to a weekly planner.A big part of organizing your math studies is taking an active role and becoming familiar with all of the aspects of your math course. You will encounter the following resources during your

    asked by Hayley on August 8, 2017
  89. social studies

    1. Place the events in early South American history in correct chronological. Place the earliest event at the top and the last event at the bottom. South Americans began to domesticate plants. The Tiahuanaco empire expanded. The Norte Chico civilization

    asked by con on December 18, 2018
  90. English- Peer Edit

    Can someone look over this essay and peer edit it for me? Just the basic grammar/spelling/structure of the essay would be great. It's on why I believe the the civil war broke out for history. Pay no attention to the formatting. Thank you. :-) The Civil War

    asked by Reuben on December 21, 2006
  91. Public Speaking Please Check

    1. (TCO1) The route used to transmit messages is known as: my answer:decoding encoding decoding feedback noise channel 2. (TCO1) As Claire tells about her trip to the museum, she notices Emma and Brian yawning. The information that Claire is receiving is

    asked by Bryan on January 10, 2010
  92. business

    Let's say that you and two partners want to start a company that specializes in special occasion gift baskets for individuals and corporate clients. You want to have a storefront in the local shopping mall or shopping area, as well as a vertual starfont on

    asked by omar on October 7, 2007
  93. investing in the stock market

    Are there people who invest in the stock market full time for a living? In order words, are there people who make thousands of dollars every month, short term, as a profession? If so, how can I find out more information about persuing such a career? Thank

    asked by Sasha on June 22, 2005
  94. health care

    Can mental illness be cured? o Has the concept of deinstitutionalization been effective in providing needed services to the mentally ill? Why or why not? o What populations or groups were most adversely affected by deinstitutionalization? What are the

    asked by Daniyelle on June 9, 2009
  95. Ed tech

    Check my answers please! 1) What is blogging? A- online journaling B- posting in photo galleries C- uploading movies online D- sharing photos on a social network *** 2) which of the following is not a danger of blogging? A- cyberbullying B- slander C-

    asked by :) on March 26, 2019
  96. thesis

    Where is the thesis in this please help Bullies can be anywhere, but there's no place they show up more than in schools, and no time more than in September. Once the academic year starts, the complicated social hierarchy of a campus — popular kids, nerdy

    asked by Angel on September 15, 2015
  97. English: shakespeare

    Um, if anyone could help me with this i'd be very thankful. it's a school assignment and i'm having difficulties. All of this is related to The Taming of the Shrew, Kiss me Kate and 10 things I hate about you but it's mainly from The tamingof the Shrew. My

    asked by LiEN on June 19, 2008
  98. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1)As to the content, English Romanticism focused above all on the “individual” as the subject of all meaningful experience and the centre of life and art. 2) The Romantics saw the

    asked by Franco on September 29, 2010
  99. English

    Thank you very much. Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check, too. In particular, I need to revise the following sentences. 1) For Prospero Caliban becomes the "most lying slave", though he really is filth. (" I have used thee -Filth as though

    asked by Matthew on April 6, 2012
  100. Art

    Thank you for asking me about the earthquake which struck this morning near Bologna and has already killed 4 people. Luckily, we haven't felt it since we live further north! I find it difficult to check the following paragraphs in which tenses are mixed

    asked by John on May 20, 2012