1. Statistics

    A random sample of forty-eight 200 meter swims has a mean of 3:12 minutes and a standard deviation of .09 minute. Construct a 95% confidence interval for the population mean time. I know u: 3.12, sx: .09, n:48, c:.95 What is the formula I use to find the

    asked by Brian on August 1, 2012
  2. math

    here is my problems url its typed with spaces please rewrite it with out space to see the image. and it wont need password or anything go to (zshare . net )/image/126113093ead8f03 the question is to: *find the area of the shaded region. the side that i

    asked by Tareena-- check it again plzz on May 26, 2008
  3. World History

    Hi, I've been assigned a project where I'm playing the role of a history revionist that has to make a top ten list of the problems with bureaucracy in Qing Dynasty China. Also, this has to appeal to senior citizens somehow (that's my assigned audience).

    asked by Isabel on March 27, 2012
  4. calculus 1

    (Thank you for any help because I am not good at setting up word problems) What are the dimensions that will minimize the amount of material needed to manufacture a standard oil drum that is in the shape of a cylinder, with closed top and bottom. The drum

    asked by chase on April 13, 2016
  5. To bobpursley

    You helped me earlier today whith one of these problems... and i have two more...... What is the ionic and net ionic equation? 1. Ca(HO)2(aq)+ Na2CO3(aq)-> CaCO3 -> (s)+ 2NaOH (aq) I don't understand why there are two arrows? This is what i have so far...

    asked by Chemistry on November 3, 2009
  6. MATH

    need help with 2 word problems the instructions on a package of fertilizer say to mix 1 spoonful to 9 pints of water. How many cups would this make? How many quarts? how many gallons? In an 880 relay race, 4 runners on a team each run 880 yards. how many

    asked by DEBBIE on August 5, 2009
  7. English

    “Everybody is just walking along concerned with his own problems, his own life, his own worries. And we’re all expecting other people to tune into our own agenda.” Think about the how this theme is developed through the characters’ words and

    asked by Btw on May 7, 2019
  8. government

    During the middle 1930s the WPA (Works Progress Administration) put unemployed people to work building bridges, roads and school paid for by posting US Bonds. Why could that not work to solve economic and similar problems today?

    asked by Charles on September 6, 2011
  9. sci275

    Other water or land resource problems that might result from your issue; for example, nonpoint source pollution contributes to eutrophication in freshwater resources or the destruction of coastal estuaries impacts marine life and ocean resources. Explain

    asked by Anonymous on May 9, 2009
  10. Chemistry

    I am stuck in this problem I need to calculate the molality first so I could find T but I don't know which one is the solvent and which one is the solution the problem is to calculate the freezing point of a solution containing 12.2g of benzoic acid,

    asked by Maria on October 27, 2008
  11. geometry

    In problems 1 and 2, the initial point and the terminal point of a vector are given. Write the vector in component form. 1. Initial point: (0, 0); Terminal point: (3, -4) A Lesson 13 B Lesson 13 C Lesson 13 D Lesson 13 E Lesson 13 F Lesson 13 2. Initial

    asked by Cam on December 6, 2011
  12. Probability -- Help?

    Sampling one at a time with replacement from a bag with 8 blue, 7 red, and 5 green. What is the probability of getting at least two red in 3 draws? The book says the probability is 0.2818 but doesn't explain why. Any help???? Unfortunately, the probability

    asked by Cheri on December 1, 2006
  13. Geography

    47. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, what are some of the major problems faced by many of the new countries. (I don't really know how to answer this question) This is what i got: 47. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, there were some major

    asked by y912f on May 18, 2010
  14. statistics

    Ramdom sample of 41 car owners results in a mean of 7 years. Population standard deviation of 3.75 years. Find a 95% confidence interval for the true population mean..My answer is (5.9, 8.1) but having problems with margin of error

    asked by Anonymous on December 8, 2012
  15. math

    Compute the following costs of services problems. Hourly rate of labor = $12.00 Duration of job = 3 1/2 hours Overhead rate = 66 2/3% Price of parts = $112.50 Find total cost of job. $

    asked by C on July 1, 2016
  16. Math

    solving applied problems two equations (Coles two student loans totaled $31,000. One of his loans was at 2.8% simple interest and the other at 4.5%. After one year, Cole owed $1024.40 in interest. What was the amount of each loan?)

    asked by Chris on March 22, 2014
  17. Studying for Calc

    I have a quiz on derivatives coming up and I really want to do well, but i'm not sure how to go about studying calc. i have no trouble studying for other subjects, but i'm doing poorly in calc and i need to make some changes in my study habits. any

    asked by Elizabeth on October 7, 2008
  18. math

    I'm going over my 4th grader's homework. She has place value math problems. I'm having a problem with this question. In the number 3,024,456, the value of 4 in the hundreds place is _____ times ____ than the value of the other 4. My answer 100 times less

    asked by Evonne on September 3, 2015
  19. English

    The speaker in “I, Too, Sing America” survives adversity because he feels faith that he will one day be affirmed by white America. he has uncovered the hypocrisy around him. he is better than the people who are oppressing him. hope that he can one day

    asked by Sara on February 6, 2012
  20. biology

    Aquatic organisms: A. have a waxy coating to prevent water loss B. may experience problems with water balance C. typically have a plentiful supply of nitrogen. D. never find light to be in short supply

    asked by cc on October 9, 2014
  21. algebra II

    Thank you for your prompt response. I have my homework I have to turn in in about 2 hours, but i am struggling to solve this question. Is there any way you can just give me the answer while I find a website that can show me step by step how to solve these

    asked by esther on February 26, 2011
  22. pharmacy calculations

    1.a newborn weighs 3,000 g. what is his weight in kilograms? 2.a newborn weighs 3,000g. what is his weight in pounds? 3.a stock bottle contains 2.5 liters of solution how many 2oz bottles can be filled using this solution? 4.you need to give 6mg of a drug.

    asked by cleondra on September 19, 2012
  23. Math - Intersection of planes

    You are given the following two planes: x+4y-3z-12=0 x+6y-2z-22=0 a) Use the two original equations to determine two other equations that have the same solution as the original two. ANS: the original two are not parallel in anyway so can I just take

    asked by Shaila on September 20, 2010
  24. Math

    Question 1 : We would like to test 3 different treatments on a particu- lar type of plant. A worker at the local greenhouse will allow us to use 3 among 10 plants. Note: Each treatment will be used on one and only one plant. a) In how many different ways

    asked by Lindsay on September 25, 2006
  25. chemistry

    Adding a complex ion forming species to a solution will increase the solubility of a slightly soluble species. Calculate the Molar solubility (s) of AgI in a 1.75 M ammonia solution. The Ksp for AgI is 8.3 x 10-17 and the Kf for Ag(NH3)2+ is 1.5 x 107. I

    asked by bekah on April 14, 2014
  26. chemistry

    back again with another analytical Q, the question tells you to prep a 50 mL solution of a 750 ppm iron solution using ammonium iron III oxalate trihydrate (MM: 428.06 as a source of iron. Determine the mass of compound required. I'm assuming you would

    asked by paul on August 27, 2015
  27. Chemistry 1

    You carefully weigh out 17.00g of CaCo3 powder and add it to 68.85g of HCl solution. You notice bubbles as a reaction takes place. You then weigh the resulting solution and find that it has a mass of 78.88g . The relevant equation is CaCo3(s)+ 2HCl(aq)--->

    asked by Christy on May 30, 2011
  28. computer science

    n insurance company wants to offer a new 5-year, level-term life insurance policy to recent college graduates. The policy will have a face value (the amount paid in case of death) of $50,000. Normally, the company charges different premiums depending on

    asked by Ali on March 4, 2011
  29. algebra II

    How do you know if a quadratic equation will have one, two, or no solutions? How do you find a quadratic equation if you are only given the solution? Is it possible to have different quadratic equations with the same solution? Explain. Provide your

    asked by hollywood on June 15, 2010
  30. Microbiology

    What is the preferred method of sterilization for heat-sensitive solution? In addition, note a heat-sensitive solution that can be sterilized using the method you noted. a. Preferred method: b. Example:

    asked by Rose on September 26, 2014
  31. algebra II

    How do you know if a quadratic equation will have one, two, or no solutions? How do you find a quadratic equation if you are only given the solution? Is it possible to have different quadratic equations with the same solution? Explain. Provide your

    asked by Nadia on October 7, 2008
  32. leadership

    Lars Larsen was your first boss at the medical center. You had problems from the outset, because of a clash of personalities. Then things got worse, and you filed a sexual-harassment complaint. The complaint was not sustained because of lack of specific

    asked by Anonymous on June 9, 2012
  33. Algebra

    I need help with a few problems (< means square root of, * means multiplication,^ means squared, and /means fraction) 1) (-

    asked by Chirs on March 10, 2009
  34. College Math II

    Solve by using the quadratic formula. x^2 + 6x + 6 = 0 I am having problems using the quadratic formula to get the right answer. Can someone show me the steps that I use? Thanks.

    asked by Lori on November 21, 2009
  35. Math-quick Q

    So I had already asked a question on inverse and direct variation problems, how would it be if the problem is neither inverse or direct

    asked by Sophie D. on February 11, 2016
  36. Geometry

    So are these the correct ordered pairs to the problems. Our teacher told us to find ordered pairs. 1. TX=2x+1,XW=x+7;TW 2. WX=x+5,TW=4x+5:TX 1. (1,8) 2. (3,17)

    asked by Chrissy on August 25, 2009
  37. sociology

    Define urbanization and suburbanization. What are some ways that urbanization and suburbanization contribute to social problems?

    asked by tiffany on December 1, 2011
  38. Health Management

    What steps would you use to correct the problems of incomplete health records and deliquent health records?

    asked by Johnnie on October 31, 2010
  39. Algebra

    Find a quadratic equation that has the numbers below as solutions. 1. 1/2,-10 2. 2/3,-5/7 How do I even do these problems? Those solutions are so hard to find.

    asked by Anonymous on March 21, 2014
  40. chem

    How many atoms are there in the following problems? which one has the most number of atoms? a. 5 molecuels (NH4)2S b. 9 molecules H2O2 c. 11 molecules O3

    asked by chenchen on October 30, 2012
  41. College Math II

    Solve by any method. a^4 – 5a^2 + 4 = 0 I am having problems figuring out what method to use to solve this problem. I need to show my steps and I am not sure how to do this. Can someone help? Thanks.

    asked by Lori on November 21, 2009
  42. math

    I need help with these two problems please. Completely factor the polynomial. 8x^3+16^2+8x+16 Factor the trinomial completely. y^3-14y^2+48y

    asked by ashley on March 24, 2013
  43. HIT 105 research paper

    I am doing a paper on HIPAA and I need to cite my work. Have the paper finished but I am having problems citing my work. Could someone help me please?

    asked by Theresa on November 1, 2010
  44. Algebra

    Solve 11b+6-2b+b=4b+5-3b-3-b for b. 10b+6= 2 ___-6_-6 10b=-4 Book says answer is -2/5. I do not see how the problems comes down to this answer.

    asked by G on June 11, 2009
  45. chem

    How many atoms are there in the following problems? which one has the most number of atoms? a. 5 molecuels (NH4)2S b. 9 molecules H2O2 c. 11 molecules O3

    asked by chemdummy on October 30, 2012
  46. chemistry

    Suppose that 2.25 grams of CuSO4 are dissolved in 930 mLs of 0.30 M ammonia. What concentration (Molarity) of Cu2+ ion is expected to be free in the aqueous solution and not bound to ammonia in the complex ion Cu(NH3)42+? The Kf for Cu(NH3)42+ is 5.0 x

    asked by Anonymous on April 7, 2013

    1. ___________ is a method of treatment for mild to moderate cases of emotional and mental disorders that uses a process of patient discovery. (1 point) 2. The work of __________ is the foundation of psychotherapy. (1 point) 3. Psychotherapy is a(n)

    asked by PSYCH HELP PLEASE!!!!! on January 24, 2017
  48. topics wrting in english

    . in one of the periodic publications of the country, whose language is studied, you read article about the liquidation of zoos in the large cities. You converse with your friends: 1) describe to them about that read, say, what the title of article was; 2)

    asked by prince on December 31, 2006
  49. Chemistry - Colligative Properties

    The freezing-point depression for a given aqueous solution is 0.32 K. The freezing-point depression constant for water is 1.86 K/m. Calculate the molality of solutes in the solution. The equation for freezing point depression is ΔTf = Kf · m, where ΔTf

    asked by Kenna on January 16, 2018
  50. Chemistry 1046

    A metal, M, of atomic mass 91 amu reacts with fluorine to form a salt that can be represented as MFx. In order to determine x and therefore the formula of the salt, a boiling point elevation experiment is performed. A 9.05-g sample of the salt is dissolved

    asked by Anonymous on July 3, 2012
  51. Algerbra

    Q1. Solve the system of equationd by addition method. -2x+y=6 -3x-4y=20 Select the correct choice below and, if necessary, fill in the answer box to comlete your choice a)The solution is__(simplify your answer. type an ordere pair) b) Infinitely many

    asked by Zedrick Dandridge on November 6, 2011

    (1) A beaker with 165 mL of an acetic acid buffer with a pH of 5.00 is sitting on a bench top. The total molarity of the acid and conjugate base in the buffer is 0.100M. A student adds 7.20mL of a 0.320M HCl solution to the beaker. How much will the pH

    asked by Ashley on July 13, 2009
  53. Chemistry

    A saturated solution of MgF2 at 23 degrees C was prepared by dissolving solid MgF2 in 1 L water. The Ksp of MgF2 is 1.5e-5. a.)Calculate the mass of MgF2 dissolved. b.) When .1 mols of solid KF was dissolved in the MgF2 solution, precipitation was

    asked by Anonymous on March 19, 2014
  54. Algebra

    I posted this yesterday but no one told me if my answers were correct. Can someone please check my answers. 1. Solve. –7x + 1 + 8x = x + 1 A) Identity B) No solution C) 1 D) 0 My answer: A) Identity 2.The length of one of the equal legs of an isosceles

    asked by Noah on April 22, 2007
  55. Math

    1. Marissa is a photographer. She sells framed photographs for $100 each and greeting cards for $5 each. The materials for each framed photograph cost $30, and the materials for each greeting card cost $2. Marissa can sell up to 8 framed photographs and 40

    asked by Jessica on January 20, 2014
  56. chemistry check 2

    I know you've read this question too many times already but I just want to make sure I did the last part (Ksp) correctly. 50.0 ml of a 0.0500 M solution of lead (II) nitrate is mixed with 40.0 ml of a 0.200 M solution of sodium iodate at 25°C. Calculate

    asked by mel on May 17, 2007
  57. chemistry

    Topic: Iodometry 1. The importance of precipitating the Cu2+ ions using NH3 and redissolving it with acetic acid 2. What are other means of detecting endpoint in iodometry aside from adding starch indicator 1. A pH that is too low leads to excessive

    asked by smiley on July 29, 2007
  58. Math

    My question: A spinner looks like this: A disc divided into sections that might or might not be the same size, with a pointer that when spun will land on some part of the disc at random. The sections might be colours, or, as in these problems, have numbers

    asked by Daniel on January 8, 2009
  59. The young child and the environment

    Frequent and intense stress in children Over long periods of time can A, cause children to become more sympathetatic others. B, help increase their memory skills. C,stop brains production of cortisol. D, give children problems With controlling negative

    asked by Olivia on August 17, 2012
  60. Health

    Risk Factors A.refers to bring in good shape or physical condition B.the process and functions of the body C.social needs, social behavior, and social problems D.traits that increase the possibility of developing an illness or disease

    asked by PIE on April 28, 2016
  61. Chemsitry

    Tris is an abbreviation for tris (hydroxymethyl) aminomethane, which is a weak base. Calculate how many grams of tris (mw=121.14g/mol) are needed to make 25mL of 0.10M tris solution. Calculate how many mL of 0.25M HCl are needed to convert half of the

    asked by Cassandra on April 2, 2012
  62. Chemistry

    If I was designing an experiment where hydrogen gas was collected over a 0.1 M aqueous HCl solution from the reaction with zinc metal and I assume complete, rapid reaction, what mass of zinc would be used to collect between 50 and 100 mL of the gas? Note:

    asked by Student on March 9, 2016
  63. chemistry

    Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) has the structure below. The surface tension of water changes as SDS is added, as shown in the graph below. (a) Why does the surface tension of water change as SDS is added? The number of micelles increases, which allows the

    asked by Anonymous on May 8, 2013
  64. Chemistry

    A student determines the freezing point of a solution of 1.96g of naphthalene in 25.64g of paradichlorobenzene(PDB). The following temperature-time reading are recorded. PDB/Napthalene Time(Min) 0 0.5 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 Temp(°C) 59.7 58.0 54.8 53.4

    asked by Lisa on October 12, 2015
  65. Chemistry

    A student determines the freezing point of a solution of 1.96g of naphthalene in 25.64g of paradichlorobenzene(PDB). The following temperature-time reading are recorded. PDB/Napthalene Time(Min) 0 0.5 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 Temp(°C) 59.7 58.0 54.8 53.4

    asked by Lisa on October 12, 2015
  66. chem

    quantitative determination of acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin tablets by back titration 1)why do we use a more dilute NaOH solution for the standardization of NaOH? 2)what is the rationale behind the dilution and aliquoting of the aspirin sample? 3)what

    asked by krissy on January 20, 2009
  67. Algebra

    Create a system of equations that includes one linear equation and one quadratic equation. Part 1. Show all work to solving your system of equations algebraically. Part 2. Graph your system of equations, and show the solution graphically to verify your

    asked by Sally on June 9, 2016
  68. chemistry

    25 ml of SHW containing CaCO3 1 g/L consumes 12 ml of EDTA. 25 ml of hard water consumes 8 ml of standard EDTA solution. After boiling the sample, 25 ml of the boiled hard water consumes 6 ml of standard EDTA solution. Calculate the total, permanent and

    asked by priyanka on August 15, 2016
  69. chemistry

    A solution was prepared with 100 ml of 0.1 mol/L acetic acid and 100 ml of 0.1 mol/l sodium acetate. The density of acetic acid is 1.05 g/mL Calculate the required volumes of each to prepare 25 mL of a buffer solution PH = 5.0. and calculate the PH. Data:

    asked by wallace on August 25, 2018
  70. Chemistry

    Freezing point of pure water = -2, Freezing point of Unknown solution = -1 Mass of unknown in 50g of water = 1.9964g. Calculate the delta T for the solution of the unknown solid and determine the molecular weight of the unknown solid.

    asked by Anna on February 2, 2013
  71. chemistry

    What volume of ethylene glycol (C2H6O2), a nonelectrolyte, must be added to 20.0 L of water to produce an antifreeze solution with a freezing point of -28.0°C? (The density of ethylene glycol is 1.11 g/cm3, and the density of water is 1.00 g/cm3.) .....L

    asked by Rita on November 30, 2008
  72. English Essay

    Directions: We are doing a problem- solution essay so I chose to right about Cyberbullying. It's supposed to be six paragraphs. So after your finished reading this could you please give me a comment on it, and a letter grade thanks. Cyberbullying

    asked by Marie on May 8, 2010
  73. chemistry

    What is the total vapor pressure4 at 20° C of a liquid solution containing 0.30 mole fraction benzene, C6H6, and 0.70 mole fraction toluene, C6H5CH3? Assume that Raoult’s law holds for each component of the solution. The vapor pressure of pure benzene

    asked by Tim on September 14, 2010
  74. chemistry

    When 0.320 moles of NH4Cl is dissolved in 1.00 L of water, the temperature drops by 13.7 degrees C. What is the heat of solution of ammonium chloride? The solution has a density of 1.0012 g/mL and a specific heat of 0.9818 cal/g degrees C. How do you find

    asked by anita on April 7, 2010
  75. Math.

    How do you find the slope of this inequality (to graph it) x/14-85>6? The first thing to do is to determine what type of equation it is and what the solution set is. This is an inequality in one variable so it will only be some subset of the x-axis. We're

    asked by Mel on September 7, 2006
  76. Gen Chemistry

    The following absorption data of a solution was collected in a cell with 1 cm path length. The absorption of the same substance in a solution with unknown concentration was 0.197. What is the concentration of the unknown substance? c (M) A 1.00x10-3 0.119

    asked by Kevin on December 12, 2010
  77. Chemistry

    A reaction is said to be diffusion controlled when it occurs as fast as the reactants diffuse through the solution. The following is an example of a diffusion controlled reaction. The rate constant for this reaction is 1.4x1011 M-1s-1 at 25oC and the

    asked by Kevin on May 19, 2009
  78. college

    0.02 g of CaCO3 is dissolved in 1 L of water. Calculate the moles of calcium carbonate that have dissolved in the water, the moles of Ca2+ ions in solution, and the number of Ca2+ ions in solution?

    asked by mike on January 27, 2010

    How would you prepare 750 ml of a 10 fold dilution of a 17 M solution of acetic acid? How would you prepare 200 ml of a 20 fold dilution of a 17 M solution of acetic acid? please explain and show me the calculations.

    asked by rockey on March 31, 2016
  80. Math 117 Algebra

    for the following equation, state the value of the discriminant and then describe the nature of the solution 11x^2+4x+18=0 What is the value of the discriminant? Which one is correct? a. the equation has two real solutions b. the equation has two imaginary

    asked by Ginger on June 18, 2010
  81. Chemistry

    0.02 g of CaCO3 is dissolved in 1 L of water. Calculate the moles of calcium carbonate that have dissolved in the water, the moles of Ca2+ ions in solution, and the number of Ca2+ ions in solution?

    asked by mike on January 27, 2010
  82. Chemitry

    3moles of sodium hydroxide will neutralize 1mole of citric acid,what volume of 2moles of sodium hydroxide solution will neutralize 50cm of citric acid solution?

    asked by Zuhur on January 2, 2012
  83. Algebra II

    Find the solution if possible. If there is not enough information to solve the problem or if it has no solution, say so. If extra information is given, identify it. 14. A collection of 30 coins worth $5.50 consists of nickels, dimes, and quarters. There

    asked by Emily on August 24, 2008
  84. english

    which of the following sentences contains informal, rather than formal language? A) bright colors appear to capture the attention of the children B) the article examined the history of the women's movement C) the lead engineer found out the cause of a lot

    asked by Anonymous on February 24, 2018
  85. psychology

    Activation-synthesis dream theory purports that dreams rersult from the brain's effort to make sense of: a. the day's activities and experiences b. problems the person has not yet tresolved c. our external world d. spontaneously firing neurons during REM

    asked by Terry on February 23, 2012
  86. chemistry

    At 20. °C, the vapor pressure of toluene is 22 millimeters of mercury and that of benzene is 75 millimeters of mercury. An ideal solution, equimolar in toluene and benzene, is prepared. At 20. °C, what is the mole fraction of benzene in the vapor in

    asked by Unsure on February 2, 2009
  87. Chemistry

    An acid HA has Ka = 2.28 x 10^-4. The % ionisation of this acid in a 0.170 M solution of the acid in water is? An acid HA has Ka = 2.28 x 10^-4. The % ionisation of this acid in a 0.170 M solution of the acid in water is closest to a. 2.930 % b. 3.662 % c.

    asked by Cheryl on May 26, 2011
  88. Chemistry

    Calculate the solid needed to make a 250ml solution that is 0.34M in sodium cation, using sodium sulfate decahydrate. I came up with 13.685g. but how do I make that into 250ml of a solution that is0.34M in sodium cation?

    asked by Denise on October 27, 2011
  89. chemistry

    – (b) Which are likely to have much lower critical micelle concentrations? (c) Which ... (e) You wish to use a solution of this surfactant in water to dissolve oil. Which region will be required to do this? (f) How much oil will dissolve in the

    asked by Anonymous on January 13, 2013
  90. chemistry

    A solution contains 0.245 of dissolved lead (lead ion or Pb2+.) How many moles of sodium chloride must be added to the solution to completely precipitate all of the dissolved lead? What mass of sodium chloride must be added?

    asked by amy on October 11, 2010
  91. science(chem)

    Situation: KMnO4 solution left in buret for awhile...would it be okay to go and titrate with the same solution left in the buret later? And if solution is discarded and refilled later wouldn't the solution go and react with the light thus contaminating the

    asked by christina on July 14, 2007
  92. ChemistryDrBob222

    Concentrated sulfuric acid is 18.4 molar and has a density of 1.84 grams per milliliter. After dilution with water to 5.20 molar the solution has a density of 1.38 grams per milliliter. This concentration of H2SO4 is often used in lead storage

    asked by Kevin on January 13, 2011
  93. Chemistry

    1. As I understand it--As an acid is added to neutral water the (OH-) will...decrease?? Is this right? 2. If you made up a solution of NaOH by adding 0.010 mole of solid NaOH to 1.0 L of distilled water, what would be the concentration of the OH-?...I

    asked by April on May 15, 2012
  94. chemistry

    i know the formula FC = # Valence Electron - bonds - lone pairs but am i supposed to use that formula for all elements on the problems for instance the teacher did this example :O: || C / \ O FC: 6-2-4=0 CFC: 4-4=0 I have no idea where the numbers came

    asked by jessie on January 30, 2011
  95. 7th Grade Math

    I got a math test coming up on Friday, and i need help on reviewing what i have learned. There's many questions and problems in it. I did this test on the first day of summer school, and since it's been two weeks already, i should've study, and i did. I

    asked by Losa, here! on June 20, 2012
  96. math

    i really need to know what.... 4 to the power of 77 is... 477 = 2.28360 x 1046 according to my calculator. i don't know how to do factors with two digit numbers. Please click Post a New Question, put Math in the subject line, and post your question. It

    asked by Kimmy on February 20, 2007
  97. English

    The speaker in “I, Too, Sing America” survives adversity because he feels what? 1.)faith that he will one day be affirmed by white America. 2.)he has uncovered the hypocrisy around him. 3.)he is better than the people who are oppressing him. 4.)hope

    asked by Lexi on January 26, 2012
  98. English

    Which of the following is a fragment a.because we had tickets. b.running past first base. c. Athletes understanding the purpose of practice. d. all of the above. I am think d Which of the following is a fragment? A.Here are the answers to the math

    asked by Anonymous on November 18, 2014
  99. math

    I'm just not good at word problems can someone help pleaes thanks a head of time An arithmetic student needs an average of 70 or more to receive credit for the course. She scored 89, 76, and 65 on the first three exams. Write an inequality representing the

    asked by keauanna on December 13, 2007
  100. XBIS Pheonix

    Club IT website and interviews with Ruben and the staff to perform an analysis of the Information Technology status of the business. Identify three business problems you see at Club IT in terms of resources, customers, and supply chain.

    asked by jim on July 1, 2012