1. physics

    if a pitcher throws a ball at 101 mph and it trvels 60.5 feet. How much wiil it drop?

    asked by Anonymous on September 21, 2011
  2. MATH

    The length of a rectangle is 13 inches greater than its width,its perimeter is 8 feet.Find its dimension

    asked by RUSTOM on January 16, 2015
  3. physics

    if a pitcher throws a ball at 101 mph and it trvels 60.5 feet. How much wiil it drop?

    asked by Anonymous on September 21, 2011
  4. language

    Are the commas in the right place, thanks!!! At the end of construction, in 1959, the Seaway had seven locks and a depth of at least 27 feet.

    asked by Michael on September 14, 2009
  5. $Math$

    In scale drawings, how do you find the length of an object that is 60ft, and in the problem 1inch = 8 feet?

    asked by $Ty$ on October 30, 2012
  6. math

    a giant truck use tires with a diameter of 12.5 feet, find the area of a wheel with this tire.

    asked by sunny on October 16, 2012
  7. math fractions

    Jaelen's new toy car can move four and one-fourth feet in two-thirds second. How far coyld it go in six seconds? THANKS!!

    asked by Kiki on September 30, 2015
  8. math

    what is the dimension of a rectangle whose perimeter is 228 and the length isf 42 feet longer that it is wide?

    asked by Anonymous on June 28, 2010
  9. Calculus

    A car moves along a straight road in such a way that its velocity (in feet per second) at any time t (in seconds) is given by v(t) = 3t * sqrt(49-t^2)

    asked by Stephanie on December 9, 2016
  10. pre algebra

    find the circumference and area of a circle if its diameter is 12 feet. round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by lavena on June 16, 2010
  11. math

    sue has 19 feet of material. she plans on making scarves. if each scarf is to be 7 1/2 inches, how many can she make?

    asked by janice on February 10, 2017
  12. algebra

    I need help with this question... Find the area of a rectangular garden whose length is 8 feet and whose width is is 72 inches.

    asked by Austin on February 17, 2009
  13. math

    One thousand three hundred and twenty feet are what part of a mile? Answer has to be in lowest terms.

    asked by Anonymous on April 6, 2010
  14. 11th grade math

    find the length of arc if an angle measuring 25 degrees is in the circle of radius 6 feet

    asked by Alex on April 7, 2013
  15. geography

    Horace Greeley said to go in this direction from this latitude line 85 degrees West, Go 136 feet

    asked by Tonya on October 12, 2015
  16. math

    Trying to convert 465 litres of trunk space to inches or sq. feet. Need to know how many suitcases will fit

    asked by michelle on September 10, 2011
  17. Math

    An Ostrich can run 174 feet in 3 seconds. it costs $ 6:30 to mail a 6- pound package.

    asked by Shane on October 19, 2008
  18. calculus

    find a projectile fired with an initial velocity of 128 feet per second at an angle of 26 degrees

    asked by Anonymous on March 16, 2015
  19. algebra

    H(t)= -80t2+340t-260 (in feet) How many seconds will pass before the ball hits the ground?

    asked by kat on February 3, 2013
  20. Greetings

    I have a Agility ladder and I do what called fast feet all the way down explain this drill. Physical Education

    asked by Michael on October 28, 2011
  21. english

    pronoun agreement? By the final curtain, ninety percent of the audience had voted with their feet.

    asked by abby on September 9, 2008
  22. math

    21 foot long and 12 feet wide 8foot high how many pieces of plywood will it t a ke to cover

    asked by Anonymous on July 18, 2014
  23. Math- volume

    What could be the length and width of a rectangular prism with a volume of 48 cubic feet and a height of 3/4 foot?

    asked by Anonymous on February 25, 2016
  24. Math

    A post is put every 6 feet along a rectangular fence that is 42 ft long and 36 ft wide. How many posts are needed?

    asked by Alexxus on October 16, 2018
  25. Geometry

    If a regular pentagon has sides of four feet, what is the length from the vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side

    asked by Lee on September 30, 2012
  26. 3rd grade math

    Writing in math, how would a 3rd grader explain how to use multiplication to convert yards to feet?

    asked by Julie on December 10, 2009
  27. Math

    If a rectangular office space is 72 feet wide and has a 410 foot perimeter what is its area

    asked by Leta on March 27, 2017
  28. Geometry

    "Find the length of the altitude, x, to the nearest hundredth of a meter." The base of the triangle is 14 feet.

    asked by Isiah on March 9, 2011
  29. geometry

    a cylinder that has a diameter of 2.5in. and length of 5.5ft, determine the volume of a) inches; b)feet

    asked by barb on April 10, 2011
  30. calc

    For an object whose velocity in ft/sec is given by v(t) = −3t2 + 6, what is its distance travelled, in feet, on the interval t = 0 to t = 2 secs?

    asked by Anonymous on June 27, 2015
  31. physics

    what is the formula to calculate the following: how much force is needed to move a 10 pound block 10 feet in 8 seconds>

    asked by steve on January 26, 2011
  32. algebra

    courtney walks three laps around a 1/4 mile track. How many feet does she walk? if 1mile = 5280ft

    asked by sharon on February 13, 2011
  33. Newton's 3rd Law

    How can I use Newton's 3rd law on a diver off of a diving board? Could I calculate friction against his feet?

    asked by Joe on March 22, 2011
  34. british lit.

    mark syllables, separate feet with short vertical lines, and indicate the rhyme scheme

    asked by johnny on September 29, 2010
  35. Math

    An eagle dives from it's nest with a velocity of -81/3 feet per second. Find the vertical displacement in 4 1/2 seconds

    asked by Amy on September 10, 2012
  36. algebra 2

    A rubber ball is thrown 20 feet into the air. If it rebounds 3/5 of the height, how far will it have traveled after the fifth bounce?

    asked by EDNA on May 10, 2013
  37. Algebra 2

    If you have 64 feet of fencing available to create a rectangular pen for livestock, what is the maximum area you can enclose?

    asked by Caeley on March 21, 2011
  38. algebra 2

    A rubber ball is thrown 20 feet into the air. If it rebounds 3/5 of the height, how far will it have traveled after the fifth bounce?

    asked by Sasha on May 10, 2013
  39. physics

    A 50kg person standing on both feet cover a surface about 13 cm x 12 cm. How much pressure is on the sole of their shoes?

    asked by Brian on November 4, 2011
  40. math

    240 feet of fencing material is going to be used. What should the dimensions be to produce a maximum enclosed area.

    asked by mimi on April 28, 2011
  41. Science

    What has more potential energy a bowling ball or a basketball on a ledge 10 feet off the ground? Why? 1 paragraph

    asked by Amberly on October 5, 2016
  42. math

    if the artist used scale pof 1/2 inch to represent 1 foot , what are the dimensions in feet of the mural?

    asked by gaby on January 10, 2012
  43. math

    If a trees 93 feet tall cast a shade of 26 degrees what is the angel of evaluation of the sum

    asked by Anonymous on May 5, 2013
  44. math

    If a trees 93 feet tall cast a shade of 26 degrees what is the angel of evaluation of the sum

    asked by Anonymous on May 5, 2013
  45. algebra

    The area of the rectangle below is 30 feet squared. What is the value of x to the nearest tenth of a foot? x+1=width x-1=height

    asked by jaay on May 19, 2014
  46. prealgebra

    find the slope of a road that rises 5 feet vertically for every 45-foot horizontal increase.

    asked by ryan on May 14, 2015
  47. math

    What are the values of the surface area and volume of a semi-sphere whose base diameter is 2 feet?

    asked by Anonymous on October 18, 2013
  48. geometry

    it is recommended that for a height of 20 inches,a wheelchair ramp be 19 feet long.what is the value of x to the nearest tenth>

    asked by cassandra on May 15, 2011
  49. Chemistry

    You have been told that a certain house is 164m in area. How much is this in square feet? Use the conversion . 1ft= 0.305

    asked by Okoye on August 31, 2011
  50. 5th grade math

    Given 257 sec, 15,000 feet per second Find the acceleration due to earth's gravity.

    asked by confused dad on November 15, 2012
  51. math

    a cordof wood stacked as a rectangular solid measures 4"x4"x8". How many cubic feet are in 3/4 this fo a cord?

    asked by john on September 3, 2012
  52. Math

    it is a rectangle with a height to length ratio of 2 to 25 . if the window is 24 feet high. how long is it?______ft

    asked by Zach on February 6, 2013
  53. math

    a rectangle with a perimeter 70 feet can have an area of 150 ft^2. use A(x) to demonstrate this fact algebraically and graphically.

    asked by Shelby on August 15, 2013
  54. science fair

    will a heavy metal spring launch a baseball 7 feet in the air with 5 pounds of preasure

    asked by bill on March 6, 2016
  55. Math

    Stephanie has a banner that is 32 feet long. She wants to divide it equal parts. What will be the length of each part?

    asked by Nahom on January 31, 2016
  56. physics

    If an armadillo can leap to 0.5m height, how fast must he be moving vertically when his feet just lift off the pavement?

    asked by thomas taylor on January 24, 2011
  57. math

    use an integer to represent the change in the airplanes height.an airplane descends 5,000 feet.

    asked by nick on August 28, 2016
  58. Algebra

    Write an inequality for this sentence: The height h is greater than 15 feet. MY ANSWER h>15ft Is this correct?

    asked by Peach on May 23, 2015
  59. math

    on a scale drawing 1/2 in.=1 ft. a room is pictured as 8in. by 6.5 inches. What are the actual dimensions in feet?

    asked by Anonymous on January 20, 2013
  60. CHECK my answers for DRIVERS ED

    1. A following distance greater than three seconds is advised when you (1 point) are followed by a motorcycle. are driving uphill. are first learning to drive.*** are being tailgated. 2. If the vehicle following you is too close, what action can you take

    asked by Anonymous on June 1, 2016
  61. Physics

    A 4 liter sample of a diatomic gas with γ =1.4 confined to a cylinder, is carried through a closed cycle. The gas is initially at 1.00atm. and 300K. First, its pressure is tripled under constant volume. Then it expands adiabatically to its original

    asked by Brody on February 6, 2014
  62. chemistry

    what is the final temperature of amixture containning 25 grams of ice at -20 degree celciusadded to water at room temperature 22oC mass of water is 50g followed the steps given by you but not getting the answer (0degree celsius) ice at -20 to ice at 0

    asked by treasa on May 12, 2014
  63. math

    Determine True or false. The star polygon in the Figure-2 has five vertices.

    asked by Anonymous on August 20, 2010
  64. test

    If you used the rule (1/2x,1/2y)to to transform the original figure,how would the angles and sidelengths compare.

    asked by elbert on March 4, 2012
  65. Mathematics

    Does the figure of a star have rotational system? if it does find the angle of rotation?

    asked by Queen on April 7, 2016
  66. Math

    Riddle: why is it always so noisy in the barn? Use this letter to solved: REZGBNESKA Thanks can't figure it out help!

    asked by Bk on October 19, 2017
  67. algebra

    in the diagram below, what is the relationship between the number of rectangles and the perimeter of the figure they form?

    asked by Tyler on November 1, 2018
  68. finance

    Can someone help me with NPV,IRR,MIRR, and Payback values? I need to know how to figure out the answers.

    asked by carol on February 1, 2008
  69. math percentage diff

    a value of 2.40 increased to 4.48 in 5 years. what is the change in percentage each year? this one was difficult to figure out..

    asked by danny on March 24, 2010
  70. MATHS

    In the given figure, O is the center of the circle and

    asked by Anonymous on April 2, 2015
  71. algebra

    Trying to figure out my sons math. been way to long!!!! The question is find the slope for y = 3

    asked by caleb on December 17, 2009
  72. measurements

    Describe the figure or polygon produced by interpreting the symbol {8/4} would that be a octegon?

    asked by rmz on February 10, 2010
  73. maths

    In the given figure, O is the center of the circle and

    asked by hygff on February 13, 2016
  74. biology

    According to the cladogram in Figure 18-2, what two characteristics do crabs and barnacles share that limpets do not?

    asked by menace on March 19, 2019
  75. Algebra

    Find the equation of the line in stardard form (-5,-1) and (5,7) I can get it to 7=8/5(5)+b 7=8+b b=-1 but I can not figure it our from here answer 8x-5y=-30

    asked by Sarah on March 22, 2008
  76. Math

    Describe each set of points for the given mathematical statement. (x + 3)^2 + (y - 4)^2 = 9 How would I figure this out? Any help would be great, thanks! :)

    asked by Rachel on June 8, 2010
  77. math

    Determine whether the figure with vertices R (-2, 5); O( 1,3); M(-3, -4); Y(-6,-2) is a parallelogram. Use the Distance and Slope Formulas.

    asked by Samuel on February 1, 2018
  78. Geometry

    Sketch, label, and mark each figure. Rhombus RHOM with acute

    asked by Seme on September 13, 2011
  79. college Algebra

    solving rational equation trying to figure out where i did wrong x/x-4 -4/x-5 = 4/x^2-9x +20 x/x-4 -4/x-5= 4/(x-4)(x-5) domain x not equal +- 4,5 x(x-4)(x-5)/x-4 - 4(x-4)(x-5)/x-5= 4(x-4)(x-5)/(x-4)(x-5) x(x-5)-4(x-4)=4 x^2-5x-4x+16=4 x^2-9x+16=4

    asked by liliy on June 3, 2016
  80. Simple

    is the image that a magnifying glass produces real or virtual and how do you figure that out?

    asked by Lena on February 17, 2009
  81. Algebra

    Trying to figure out how to find all numbers for which the rational expression is defined. 9/2z+5 Is the answer 0?

    asked by Cory on June 16, 2008
  82. English Language

    the white house is a drain on the Economy of USA. What figure of speech is that?

    asked by MR TRUMP★★★ on April 1, 2019
  83. Math

    Solve the equation: (-3/p+2) = (-8/p-3) Can someone please show me how to do this? I have a whole page of these to do but I don't really know what to do. If I could just see one done, I'm sure I can figure the rest out. Thank you.

    asked by Chad on March 27, 2010
  84. science

    can't anybody help me figure out how 2 find velocity? and momentum? and force? and acceleration? PLEZE?

    asked by Smurfinator on December 10, 2007
  85. maths

    Q:if x= 2x10^5 and y=3x10^-3 correct to one significant figure,find the greatest and least possible value of: i)x/y

    asked by sweetie on December 25, 2010
  86. maths

    Q:if x= 2x10^5 and y=3x10^-3 correct to one significant figure,find the greatest and least possible value of: i)x/y

    asked by sweetie on December 25, 2010
  87. physics

    the figure is 4.00 W. E 3.0 Ω 15.0 Ω 5.0 Ω 4.3 Ω 3.0 Ω Find the equivalent resistance of the circuit. Answer in units of Ω

    asked by Anonymous on April 11, 2013
  88. math

    can someone tell me how you figure at interest rates and number of periods, on income for 30 days. need help thanks

    asked by jojo on December 3, 2012
  89. Biology

    I can't figure out these brain teasers: i.e.point act char er ILL GET IT

    asked by Anna on May 1, 2012
  90. Pre-Algabra

    Making a pie chart,, can't figure out how to change from percent to degree. can someone help

    asked by Beth on December 12, 2007
  91. math

    what would the following equation be in vertex form. y=-9x squared+72x+81. I have tried for hours and i cannot figure it out

    asked by erica on September 1, 2012
  92. Math

    Can someone please help me with this question? I have tried to figure it out and I keep getting stumped. Use counters to model and find the product of 2(5). Thanks.

    asked by B.B. on July 2, 2009
  93. math

    how do the find an area, in square units of a figure plotted on a graph?

    asked by gary on February 19, 2008
  94. math

    how do you find an area of a figure, in square units plotted on a graph?

    asked by gary on February 19, 2008
  95. julius caesar

    The Roman crown will appear several times in the play. What is your impression of them in this scene? Cant figure this one help!!!!!!!

    asked by christina on February 1, 2013
  96. geometry

    Figure ABCD is a square. Angle B measures (15x-13)Find the value of x.

    asked by stephaine on February 7, 2011
  97. PreCalculus

    The population of a country doubled in 27 years. What is the exponential growth... can someone help me figure this out please

    asked by Mike on December 12, 2007
  98. math

    name the transformation that turns a figure around a point please help asap it is due tomrrow

    asked by bessie on March 29, 2010
  99. Geometry

    Find the number of degrees in the point angle of each figure. Explain. {9/3}

    asked by Jackie on December 11, 2009
  100. ENGLISH


    asked by TIFFANY on May 4, 2008