1. Maths

    how many words consisting of 5 consonants and 3 vowels be formed out of 7 consonants and 5 vowels
  2. Math

    From the word COMBINE, how many different 7 letter words are possible : - with I adjacent to N? - with alternating vowels and consonants? -if a 5 letter word instead of 7 letter word is made from COMBINE, how many probability are that has exactly 3
  3. math

    ASAP ASAP if my name is Frances 1.What fraction of the letters in my name are vowels? 2.what fraction of the letters in my name are consonants? 3.what fraction of the consonants in my name are made with only straight line segments? 4.what fraction of the
  4. english

    what are consonants and how are they used.
  5. 1st grade

    consonants initial middle and final
  6. english

    what is the correct spelling with troublesome consonants,sheriff
  7. math

    What is The ratio of w's to consonants in this sentence? Wes and Willow went walking.
  8. math

    Find the number of arrangements of the letters of the word STRENGTH if the order of the consonants must not be changed?
  9. English

    Which of the following is the repetition of consonants as in hip and hop? A. assonance B. consonance C. alliteration D. onomatopoeia I am putting B, Do you agree with my answer?
  10. English Grammar

    How many syllabic consonants are there? Are n,m,r,l all syllabic consonant? Would you give me example words?
  11. english

  12. Gr. 12 Data MAnagement

    In how many ways can the letter of the word SECTION be arranged if the consonants must always be in the order in which they occur in the word itself?
  13. english

    what is a consonant Consonant = not a vowel. The vowels are a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y. All other letters are consonants. =)
  14. English

    How many syllabic consonants are there in English? 1. m, n, l 2. m, n, r 3. m, n, l, r Which one is right? Would you let me know a good website where I can learn about that?
  15. intentive spellers typically

    a. write only words they are certain can be spelled corrctly. b. never learn conventional spelling c. omit consonants in words d. Progress through a serious of stages
  16. Math: permutation

    Seven cards, each marked a letter can be arranged to spell NUMBERS. how many three letter code words can be formed with 2 consonants and one vowel? Thanks 😁
  17. Early childhood literacy

    Most preschoolers can produce: a. all the vowel sounds b. all the sounds in their native language c. all consonants d. accurate productions of all sounds
  18. Early Childhood Education

    Inventive spellers typically: A. write only words they are certain can be spelled correctly. B. never learn conventional spelling. C. omit consonants in words. D. progress through a series of stages. Is the answer D.?
  19. math

    24 How many 5-letter “words” can be formed from the letters of the word FORMULATED, if each must contain 2 vowels and 3 consonants? How many of these will have the vowels at the two ends on the “word”?
  20. algebra1 solutions help

    Yikes! Help please. In a word game, you choose a tile from a bag, replace it, and then choose another. If there are 28 vowels and 16 consonants, what is the probability you will choose a consonant and then a vowel? options: 1/44, 56/11, 28/121, 112/11
  21. English pronunciation

    What are palatal consonants? How many palatal consonalt's do you have? 1. can't you 2. could you 3. miss you 4. is your In the four cases, we can find palatalization. The t,d,s,z sounds are changed into palatals when they are pronounced as a linking sound.
  22. English

    [j], [w] : phonetic symbols Are both consonants or vowels? They are called semi-vowels, but we add 'a' not 'an'. ex. a year, a woman. A is put before a consonant and an is put before a vowel, isn't it. I'd like to know about [j], and [w]. Do you have a
  23. alg2/trig

    I got this question wrong on my test, and I have to correct it :/ How many permutations are there of all the letters in the word "TEXAS" ? The answer to this part is 120, but I have no idea on how to solve the second part without having to write it all
  24. probaility.....plse help me.....

    From the word HINDUSTAN ===== (a) In how many of these anagrams none of the vowels come together. (b) In how many of these anagrams do the vowels and the consonants occupy the same relative positions as in HINDUSTAN?
  25. maths-probability

    From the word HINDUSTAN ===== (a) In how many of these anagrams none of the vowels come together. (b) In how many of these anagrams do the vowels and the consonants occupy the same relative positions as in HINDUSTAN?
  26. FRENCH to SraJMcGin

    Could you please clarify the pronounciation-matter with the word SEPT? In my book it states that the final consonants of the numbers 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are silent before a word beginning with a consonant. One of the examples it gives is: sept plumes (seh
  27. Math

    Nell made a secret code. Each code word has 2 letters. Each word begins with a consonant and ends with a vowel. How many code words can Nell make with 3 consonants and 2 vowels?
  28. Math

    Considering the word Mathematics, what is the ratio of vowels to consonants? Write this ratio 3 ways: Word form: Fraction form: Colon form:
  29. Math

    Considering the word Mathematics, what is the ratio of vowels to consonants? Write the ratio 3 ways. word form: colon form: fraction form:
  30. Math: please check

    Consider a bowl containing 36 different slips of paper. Ten of the slips of paper each contain one of 16) the digits from the set 0 through 9 and 26 slips each contain one of the 26 letters of the alphabet. If one slip is drawn at random, what is P(odd
  31. math

    Vanna Black pays money for vowels. If consonants are worth nothing and the following words are worth the following amounts, then find the value of each vowel. All vowels are worth the same amount in each but each vowel has a different value. Audacious=$260
  32. English

    * simple-- sim/ple The word is composed of two consonants. In the second syllable, there is no vowel. However, the second part is also a syllable. l is a syllabic consonant. What is syllabic consonant? Would you name the syllabic consonant? Thank you.
  33. English

    Write the phonic concept which identifies the common sounds found in each group of words below. Do not identify each sound separately, merely indicate the single phonic concept presented in each closed sort. Consonants __________ 1. black, snake, small,
  34. math

    Vanna Red sells the vowels a, e, i, o, and u each for a different price but less than $250. Consonants are free. You must pay separately for each occurrence of a vowel in a word. Audacious sells for $260, equivocations for $340, inimitable for $225,
  35. Calculus

    Vanna Red sells the vowels a, e, i, o, and u each for a different price but less than $250. Consonants are free. You must pay separately for each occurrence of a vowel in a word. Audacious sells for $260, equivocations for $340, inimitable for $225,
  36. Linguistics

    Each set can be identified by means of a single common featue. List the feature. { t, n, l } { Ɛ, o, e } { Ɛ, g, j } ---------------- The first set is alveolar, and the second set comprises mid vowels. But I can't find the common feature of the third
  37. Probability (Vowels/Consonants) Pliz check answers

    What is the probability of picking a consonant from the word "dictionary"? P (consonant) = 5/10 Is the letter "Y" used as a vowel or consonant in the word given above? Vowel.
  38. Statistics

    I'm looking at my notes and I can't seem to figure how my teacher did this problem. She used her name which has 9 letters, 3 vowels, and 6 consonants. If we were to reach in the bag and grab 3 letters out. By using the probability distribution what's the
  39. Sets

    A is a set of all letters in the alphabet and B is a set of vowels in the alphabet. What kind of relationship exists between the two sets? Also, if C is the set of consonants what is the relationship between B and C?
  40. Precalculus

    1. permutation or combination: how many schedules are possible if you need to choose 5 events out of 20 for a vacation? Is it permutation?? Answer is 1860480? 2. a. How many area codes are possible ( the 3 digit number can't start with a 0)? 504? b. How
  41. english help

    crydabu need help unscrambling the word ..hint has to be a word related to spring or easterwith spring or easter Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are allowed 2 words, it could be "buy card." Other than that, list the vowels: a, u,
  42. Statistics

    A certain organization recommends the use of passwords with the following​ format: consonant comma consonant, consonant comma vowel comma consonant comma vowel comma consonant comma number comma number consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel, consonant,
  43. english

    16.A velar consonant is produced when … a the tip of the tongue touches behind the alveolar ridge. b the tip and blade of the tongue touches the hard palate. c the back of the tongue touches the hard palate. d the back of the tongue touches the soft
  44. Listening

    I need to find the answer to this riddle. I followed the directions but didn't come up with anything I see that makes sense. Can anyone help please? Thanks! What word is spelled after following these directions? 1. Write the words GEORGE WASHINGTON on your
  45. English

    I not real understand this poem Wordsmith by Susan Young In my mind I call my father the Pollyfilla king, watch with something akin to awe as he begins the arduous process of filling in the gaps, the long winded cracks that travel down the walls of my
  46. Pre Calculus 30

    1.How many positive four-digit integers can be formed that are even?9x9x9x5=3645 2.Three differently colored six-sided dice are rolled. In how many different ways can the dice turn up? 6x6x6=216 3.How many positive integers five-digit integers start with
  47. resources for educating young children and diverse

    which of the following measures is not recommended when teaching children with limited vision? (a)keep doors either fully open or completely shut (b)limit the number of visual cues you use with the student in favor of auditory cues (c)outline the edges of
  48. English

    I have this assignment that I am working on I am little confuse with it is help please. I have found that the poem uses both just explain how it is used like assonance is the repetition of vowel-sounds so look for the vowels in the poem. For example poems,
  49. 9 word sentence, please help!!

    aamaesneadsiainnacedgthteohkhmecy * it's 9 words long * it has to do with sports * it rhymes those are my clues....please help.. Try these: http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html http://wordsmith.org/anagram/ http://www.unscramble.net =) Thank you for
  50. English-Friendship Poem

    Here is another poem: the competition-by patricia young At times the competition was fierce between Cheri and me. Had to be equal in all things. Neither could bear that the other could run faster, picker a raspberry bush cleaner, that the other's mind
  51. english!??!?!?!?!?!

    how do the sounds of the words and the poet’s use of devices, such as alliteration, contribute to the meaning and the mood of the poem http://mrbraiman.home.att.net/lit.htm This site will give you a list of literary devices... and the usages. Think of
  52. Language Arts *Last One I Promise*

    1. If you were writing a brief profile of Rosa Parks explaining why you admire her, which of the following sentences would make the best thesis statement? In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus. Rosa Parks's refusal to give up her seat