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  1. ECE

    If you ask a young child to give you a red ball and he brings a blue one, the child does NOT possess the word red in his: A. productive vocabulary. B. receptive vocabulary. C. oral vocabulary. D. growing vocabulary
  2. precal vocabulary

    What is the vocabulary word for the direction of a curve when points are plotted in the order of increasing values of t? What is the vocabulary word for the form of the equation of a graph using a pair of parametric equations?
  3. Vocabulary

    I need to find a unique and creative vocabulary based lesson for a 4th grader. The vocabulary lesson should be connected to oceanic animals.... It should be fun and something to spark students enthusiasm. Could you assist me in finding such a lesson?
  4. algebra

    By the end of your 5th French lesson, you have learned 20 vocabulary words. After 10 lessons you know 40 vocabulary words. Write an equation that gives the number of vocabulary words you know, y, in the terms of the number of lessons you had, x.
  5. Vocabulary question

    I have been out of HS for more than 30 years and I was wondering how is vocabulary taught? when i was in grade school we did everything phoenetically
  6. Vocabulary

    Hello Jiskha, I wanted to know the meaning of the word BRACE, & how to use it in our daily Vocabulary. Thanks in Advance.
  7. vocabulary

    answer each question based on your understanding of the boldfaced vocabulary what are some situation when levity is out of place
  8. Vocabulary

    Does anyone have the same Vocabulary book I do? It's about 3/4 the size of a textbook, with a orange cover with a blue pencil on it. If so, could someone please tell what the words are for Unit 3? Thank you!
  9. vocabulary

    i need to put 20 vocabulary words in a story helpp!!
  10. Vocabulary

    Choose a vocabulaty from the list and pay attention to the tenses used. In some cases, you may have to use the opposite form or different parts of speech of the vocabulary. Vocabulary List: 1.official 2.bruise 3.atmosphere 4. pitch 5. golden snitch
  11. Vocabulary

    Need help with the fill in the blank vocabulary
  12. Improving Vocabulary Skills

    Can you help me with the ten words to fill in each blank on Improving Vocabulary Skills Chapter 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 for the Final Check 2?
  13. Vocabulary

    I am stuck on the following from my vocabulary homework: 4. The elm tree_________is causing many of the trees to die. (a) stagnation (b) havoc (c) blight (d)decomposition I have ruled out (b) havoc. I am 100% sure that one is not correct. I think the right
  14. English

    Choose the correct vocabulary word for the blank in the following sentence. 1. When someone hurts you, the desire for _____ is strong. a. immolation b. retribution*** c. gesticulation d. connotation Choose the correct vocabulary word for the blank in the
  15. commercial

    in vocabulary class, we have 2 make a comercial about vocabulary. Please help. I wan't 2 make this commercial perfect so my group can get A's.
  16. english/vocabulary

    write each vocabulary words in a syllable and indicate stress marks ? here are the words 1.assurance 2. asylum 3. console 4. dilate 5.dross 6.dwindle 7.flippant 8. immunity 9.institute 10. liability 11.preposterous 12.pugnacious 13. rabid 14.realm 15.
  17. english/vocabulary

    write each vocabulary words in a syllable and indicate stress marks ? here are the words 1.auxiliary 2. candid 3. cubicle 4. drudgery 5.envoy 6.escalate 7.expedient 8.feign 9.flair 10.grievous 11.heterogeneous 12.horde 13.impel 14.incredulous 15. inscribe
  18. language arts

    if i have the meaning of a word and not the vocabulary word, how do i find the vocabulary word?
  19. Study Vocabulary

    Does anyone know of some good ways to study vocabulary?
  20. algebra 1

    by the end of your 6th Spanish lesson you have learned 20 vocabulary words. when you started (0 lessons) you only knew 2 words. write an equation that gives the number of vocabulary words you know, y, in terms of the number of lessons you have had, x. (iv
  21. vocabulary

    read each clue below.then find the vocabulary word on the right that matches the clue.draw a line from the clue to the word.
  22. Writing

    I just want an opinion here. I've been writing for about ten years, and I've improved greatly. Though, now I'm beginning to feel like I've reached a standstill. I still read a lot to expand my knowledge and vocabulary, and I bounce back and forth between
  23. Science

    What's the vocabulary word for the definition (activities such as camping in wilderness areas) Surely you have a list of words to choose from. THere are many words or phrases that fit these words, but which is your vocabulary word? Only you have access to

    One source of bias,which may explain race related IQ differences,is the fact that most IQ tests rely heavily on the individual's: A.MATH SKILLS B.ABILITY TO PAY ATTENTION C.VOCABULARY LEVEL D.INTERPERSONAL (SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE) I AM THINKING BETWEEN C or
  25. 12th Grade Vocabulary Antonyms Practice

    Does anyone know of a good place that I can practice 12th grade vocabulary antonyms?
  26. Spanish

    **Spanish ESSAY Questions, I already turned in the test I just wanted someone to tell me their answers so I can see if mine will be correct because the teacher hasn't graded it, thxx <3** 1- Explain the pattern of forming the future tense for the verbs
  27. English

    Could you please check these last few sentences, please? Thank you in advance 1) What did you like most among the various topics we dealt with during your school year? 2) Are you going to continue your study of English at university? 3) Are you going to
  28. English

    Thank you very much. However, my first- and second-year students have both a course and an exercise book (with plenty of activities) to complete. The lazy and unmotivated students are those from the fourth and fifth year. They are expected to learn
  29. English

    Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. Can you please tell me if they are possible in English? 1.You’ll have to buy a ring binder for your English homework. You’ll use the front to write your grammar rules and grammar exercises. In the back (?)
  30. Spanish 3 Homework

    Hi! Can someone check these for me to see if I'm doing them right? Thank you! Directions Re-write the commands in Spanish using object pronouns. Also, the words in parentheses are saying who you are talking to. 1.) (sister) Wash the dishes for me! My
  31. Education

    Most of the vocabulary students will acquire throughout a school yearwill be through: a. lessons you have taught throughout the school year; b. classroom reading and self-selected reading; c. specific strategies you've taught throughout the year; d. none
  32. 12th Grade Vocabulary

    We have to pick which sentence the vocabulary word is used incorrectly. Vocab Word: Verity a) Many people trusted the VERITY of the accused spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, but the defendants were convicted and executed for espionage in 1953. b) Although
  33. vocabulary

    when would you not use it
  34. Vocabulary

    What does sustains mean?
  35. Vocabulary

    What does intuitive mean?
  36. Vocabulary

    what does krastakov mean?
  37. english

    Why do newspapers and magazines use difficult words in their articles? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help. The best way to increase your vocabulary is by reading. When you encounter a word you do not know, look it up in a dictionary and make it
  38. vocabulary

    what does recede mee
  39. vocabulary

    opposite of hobnail?
  40. vocabulary

    opposite of dour?
  41. Vocabulary

    inhibited is to qualms as
  42. science vocabulary

    What does "deviations" mean?
  43. vocabulary

    How can I compound cowgirl
  44. vocabulary

    A sample sentence for example
  45. English

    Anyone help me with my vocabulary homework?
  46. Vocabulary

    How could i use synthetic in a sentence?
  47. college

    Vocabulary analogies

  49. vocabulary

    What does the word "hymnals" mean????
  50. English vocabulary

    what is dissimilation ?
  51. vocabulary

    same meaning gulp
  52. vocabulary

    how do u use vanguard in a sentence?
  53. vocabulary

    what is the meaning of assent?
  54. english vocabulary

  55. vocabulary

    homophone sentence
  56. vocabulary

    what is the same meaning of hedge
  57. Vocabulary

    how can i put heritage in a sentence?
  58. vocabulary

    does dilapidated means the same what devastated?
  59. vocabulary studies

    Equal Rights
  60. Vocabulary

    The ....... Color of the car is brown
  61. Vocabulary

    how could i put identity in a sentence?
  62. Vocabulary

    How could I put translate in a sentence?
  63. vocabulary

    help me unscramble this word: nedlge
  64. Vocabulary

    How could I use the word calligrapher in a sentence?
  65. vocabulary

    antonym for the word inhibit
  66. math

    i need to know the vocabulary of a straight line
  67. Vocabulary

    How could I put consonant in a sentence?
  68. Vocabulary

    what would be a good sentence for erroneous???
  69. vocabulary

    need root or base word
  70. vocabulary

    hi again i need help in coming up with a sentence for altruistic.
  71. vocabulary

    why the united states is an example of a civilization?
  72. vocabulary

    it doesn't have the root word
  73. vocabulary

  74. Vocabulary

    Is street a place or a thing?
  75. vocabulary

    i need help with open syllables.... what would it be in the word hello?
  76. Vocabulary

    How would you differentiate population and community?
  77. vocabulary (sentences)

    hi i need a sentence for partisan... please help
  78. vocabulary

    How do I use the word prevailing in a sentence?
  79. L.A/History

    What is Vocabulary Strategy ABC's?
  80. vocabulary

    What is a name for a baby bird that ends in ip?
  81. Vocabulary

    I need help with writing sentences using my vocabularywords
  82. vocabulary

    what does vain mean in simple words please?

  84. Language (Vocabulary)

    I need an example of the word "naive."
  85. vocabulary skills

    That's disgusting!You have no right to an animal that way!"
  86. vocabulary

    slavery in the united states
  87. Vocabulary

    Extrovert and Self-conscious A. Synonyms B. Antonyms C. Neither B?
  88. spelling

    Does any one know the vocabulary words for the story cougars
  89. vocabulary

    the what definition of gloomy is dismal or depressing
  90. Vocabulary

    Merciful and Relentless A. Synonyms B. Antonyms C. Neither
  91. math

    Vocabulary: What are the parts that make up a polynomial?
  92. vocabulary

    Make a interrogative sentence for plentifull
  93. vocabulary

    ___________definitions are subject to individual interpretation.
  94. English (vocabulary)

    How can you use the word 'malice' in a sentence?
  95. vocabulary studies

    Acceptance, Perception and Conclusion
  96. vocabulary

    a group of similar things together is called?
  97. Vocabulary

    What places would be on the itinerary for your dream vacation
  98. vocabulary

    Doesn't the word 'barber' only have one meaning?
  99. 6th grade (vocabulary)

    to pile up or collect
  100. vocabulary

    Denotative and Connotative A. Synonyms B. Antonyms C. Neither I think A?


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