1. Statistics

    Need help! A normal distribution with a mean of 20 and a standard deviation of 2 is evaluated to solve a business problem. What is the probability that the value in the population is between 20 and 30? What is the probability that any value in the

    asked by Student on August 22, 2008
  2. Chemistry:normal notation plz help

    Using the normal notation of quantum number find the element which has the following value of quantum number n=3 l=2 m=2 s=+1/2 (a):potassuim (b):nitrogen (c):sodium (d):scandium

    asked by Collins on January 6, 2016
  3. chemistry

    22 ml nitric acid neutralises 20 ml , 0.5 normal sodium hydroxide sollution. calculate weight of nitric acid in 500 ml?

    asked by Anonymous on September 8, 2013

    A) If a regression experiment has correlation coefficient r= 0.75, what precent of total variation is explained by the regression? B) if 85% of total variation is explained by the regression, and there is an inverse relationship between y and x, then what

    asked by SROBSON on April 17, 2011
  5. Math

    Say for example that you need to find out the number of people that need emergency housing for in a neighbourhood. would you multiply the population of the area by the total percentage of risk. ex. barnyard population 325 risk is 40% ... do you go 325 time

    asked by Karley on September 29, 2008
  6. math

    tell how you did it thank you Write an equation using n and t. The total bill (t) was twenty times the number of people (n). t=20n t total bill was equals 20t 20 times number of people some purists will insist on writing it 20n = t either way is correct

    asked by school girl on April 25, 2007
  7. math

    write an equation that describes Felicia's total cost for playing tennis as a function of the number of times she plays. let c =the total cost and let n = the number of times she plays. Describe the domain and range of the function.

    asked by paul on October 22, 2013
  8. Geometry

    Mr. Thompson has been asked to add storage space to a garage. He estimates 6 square feet per individual will be required to meet the needs of 12 people. If the storage space is 15% of the total amount of space required, how much total space does Mr.

    asked by Ivan on January 18, 2011
  9. math

    A player drawn a face card and a 3 and a 4 from a standard deck of cards (without an ace). According to the rules of blackjack a face card counts as a 10. What is the probability that the next card she draws will bring her total to 21 ? what is the

    asked by Sam on July 12, 2017
  10. Algebra

    Can someone look over this and advise me if these are wrong? When managing a business, it is important to take inventory of where your money is spent. You have a monthly budget of $5,000. Refer to the table below and answer the questions that follow. Round

    asked by Anonymous on May 23, 2008
  11. physics

    A 50kg boy suspends himself from a point on a rope tied horizontally between two vertical poles. The two segments of the rope are then inclined at angles 30 degrees and 60 degrees respectively to the horizontal.The tensions in the segments of the rope in

    asked by lawrence on October 7, 2011
  12. Math

    Based on examples she has seen, a child might think that a trapezoid is" a shape with 4 sides, top and bottom are parallel, bottom longer than the top, no sides the same size, large, no right angles, cut off at the top." Which of these characteristics are

    asked by Part on March 16, 2015
  13. math

    The horizontal range, R, in feet that a baseball travels is modeled by this equation. The initial velocity, v, is 90 feet a second. The ball is pitched at an angle of è degrees with the horizontal. At what angles will the ball travel 200 feet?

    asked by Sarah on October 21, 2011
  14. Geometry

    I need help with properties of a TRAPEZOID, please! -Are opposite sides congruent AND parallel? -Are opposite angles congruent? -Are the diagonals congruent? -Do the diagonals bisect eachother? I went on many sites to try and find the answers to these

    asked by Jenn on March 7, 2010
  15. Engineering/Physics

    A force F = 7^i + 6^j - 5^k lb. acts at the origin. Find the magnitude and direction cosines of the moment of this force about point A (-4; 5; 6) ft So in this case wouldn't vector r= -4i +5j +6k and vector F = 7i + 6j - 5k lb? and r X F = -61i +22j -59k =

    asked by Aaron on February 12, 2012
  16. Science/Anatomy

    I have the formula to the problem but am unsure of my answer.. Problem: Calculate the cardiac output if heart rate (HR) is 90 beats per minute, stroke volume (SV) is 110 ml/beat, end diastolic volume (EDV) is 140 ml, and end systolic volume (ESV) is 30 ml.

    asked by Mary/please help on June 6, 2016
  17. Physics

    A train is traveling down a straight track at 25 m/s when the engineer applies the brakes, resulting in an acceleration of −1.0 m/s2 as long as the train is in motion. How far does the train move during a 50 s time interval starting at the instant the

    asked by <3 on September 11, 2013
  18. physics

    A wooden box is being pulled 10m from its original position along a horizontal surface by constant force of 25N calculate the work done on the box if the force is applied horizontally, and the force makes an angle of 37°.

    asked by ann on August 19, 2015
  19. advanced science

    A 230 kg steel crate is being pushed along a cement floor. The force of friction is 480 N to the left and the applied force is 1860 N to the right. What is the acceleration of the crate? (Hint: remember to find net force first) a=6.00 m/s2 a=28.1 m/s2

    asked by Beth on June 3, 2016
  20. Physics

    A 1000-kg car is driving toward the north along a straight road at a speed of 20.0 m/s. The driver applies the brakes and the car comes to a rest in a distance of 140 m. What is the constant force applied to the car to bring it to rest?

    asked by Christine on November 1, 2011

    An applied force accelerates a 50-kg crate along a frictionless floor from rest to 5 m/s.The work performed by this force is most nearly 125 J 250 J(x) 500 J 625 J 1,250 J Can someone please explain this to me and help? I thought it was 250 J but my

    asked by Chris on June 2, 2012
  22. Physics

    A 20.0 kg crate is pushed across a rough floor for a distance of 90.0 cm. When the force pushing the block is equal to 80.0 N and applied at an angle of 18.0 below horizontal to the block, the block moves at a constant speed of 2.10 m/s. What is the net

    asked by Diana on October 15, 2010
  23. physics

    two large horizontal metal plates are separated by 4mm. the lower plate is at a potential of -6V. what potential should be applied to the upper plate to create electric field strength of 4000V/m upwards between the plate

    asked by muhammed on May 13, 2014
  24. science

    a stone 5kg was tied to an elastic rope 12m of length it was pulled until 60 was made at the top ,when 180m reach ,calculate the distance which the stone move and force which was applied to move the stone

    asked by Adjetey mustapha on August 2, 2018
  25. Physics

    A radioactive nucleus at rest decays into a second nucleus, an electron, and a neutrino. The electron and neutrino are emitted at right angles and have momenta of 9.40 x 10^-23 kg·m/s, and 6.00 x 10^-23 kg·m/s, respectively. What is the magnitude and

    asked by Anonymous on November 20, 2009
  26. Maths

    An antenna stands on a pole on the top of a house.If a woman is 70m from the house observes that the angles of elevation of the top and foot of the pole are 63 and 60 resp.,how long is the pole?

    asked by Stephen Ocheje on March 6, 2016
  27. Geometry

    The 8 rowers in the racing boat stroke so that the angles formed by their oars with the side of the boat all stay equal. Explain why their oars on either side of the boat remain parallel.

    asked by Anonymous on October 24, 2012
  28. math

    Two boys are on opposite sides of a tower.They sight the top of the tower at 33 degree's and 24 degree angles of elevation respectively.If the height of the tower is 100 m, find the distance between the two boys.

    asked by Aaminah on May 9, 2009
  29. Math

    Cecily made a poster in the shape of a quadrilateral. All the angles and sides of the poster are congruent. Which of the following names the shape of Cecily's poster A. Square** B. Rectangle C. Pentagon D. Trapezoid

    asked by Amayah on February 26, 2016
  30. math

    Cecily Made a poster in the shape of a quadrilateral. All the angles and sides of the poster are congruent. Which of the following names the shape of Cecily's poster Square (a) rectangle (b) pentagon (C) trapezoid (D)

    asked by Cat on February 20, 2015
  31. Interest

    It’s time to go shopping! You grab your Best Purchase credit card, which has an annual interest rate of 18%. The unpaid balance on your card for the current billing cycle is $285.76. On your shopping trip, you purchase four items: a Blu-ray player, two

    asked by Mary on May 7, 2013
  32. math

    A fire covers 420 acres and continues to spread at a rate of 60 acres per day. a.How many total acres will be covered in the next 2 days? b. Then write an expression for the total area covered by the fire in x days. c. The firefighters estimate that they

    asked by Michelle on September 18, 2012
  33. math

    TILING A decroative floor pattern has one red square tile surrounded by 12 blue tiles. Write and evaluate an expression to show how many total tiles (red and blue) are needed if there are 15 red tiles. Then make a table showing the total number of tiles if

    asked by cassandra on September 14, 2011
  34. Algebra Word Problems

    A manufacturer has decided to come out with a new and improved toilet. The fixed cost for the production of this new toilet line is $16,000 and the variable costs are $68 per toilet. The company expects to sell the toilets for $154. Formulate the function

    asked by mike on December 18, 2009
  35. Economics

    Assume that you are considering a 7-night vacation to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in March. You estimate the total cost of the trip to Fort Walton Beach at $1,250, including discounted airfare. However, a resort at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is offering

    asked by Sammy on October 18, 2015
  36. 7th grade math

    1. Evan withdrew a total of $160 from an ATM machine over a 4-day period. He withdrew the same amount of money each day. a. Write an expression to represent the total amount that Evan's account changed each day. Ans: 4d b. What integer represents the total

    asked by Alexis on March 24, 2015
  37. art

    this image was created by using basic math concepts that include all of the following except A)knowing how to create a pattern B)using understanding the angles of the shapes C) a basic understanding of different geometric shapes. D) applying appropriate

    asked by tom on October 5, 2016
  38. Physic II

    In the figure Q=4.6 nC and all other quantities are exact. What is the magnitude of the force on the charge Q? The figure is a triangle with equal sides of 1cm and 60 degree angles. Two of the corners on the bottom of the triangle has a charge of +2nC and

    asked by Can on January 26, 2014

    A diamond's index of refraction for red light, 656 nm is 2.410 while that for blue light, 434 nm, is 2.450. Suppose white light is incident on the diamond at 30 degrees. Find the angles of refraction for these two colors.

    asked by Anonymous on October 5, 2017
  40. Genetics biology

    A man and his wife both have normal vision, but a daughter who has color blindness can the man sue his wife for infidelity? show the cross help me please, have been lots of people saying no and yes to this

    asked by Mandy on February 20, 2015
  41. Statistics

    I have no idea on how to answer this question... "Use technology or a standard normal distribution table to find the area to the left of z=1.58. Do I plug in 1.58 in my calculator to find the answer?

    asked by Jim on September 13, 2013
  42. Statistics

    I have no idea on how to answer this question... "Use technology or a standard normal distribution table to find the area to the left of z=1.58. Do I plug in 1.58 in my calculator to find the answer?

    asked by Jim on September 13, 2013
  43. Statics

    Assume that the population is normal. A sample of size 100 is taken. The resultant sample data has a mean of 48 and a standard deviation of 15. Construct the 99% confidence interval for the population mean.

    asked by Heather on December 2, 2012
  44. Statistics

    Draw a vertical line through a normal distribution for each of the following z-score locations. Determine whether the body is on the right or left side od the line and find the proportion in the body. a. z= 2.20 b. z= 1.60 c. z= -1.50 d. z= -0.70

    asked by Lyndyc on December 6, 2013
  45. statistics

    We have a group of 75 people and for their raw scores, you are given the Mean (M = 30) and variance (VAR = 16). Assuming a normal distribution of scores, what is the probability of randomly selecting a score between 27 and 31 for this group?

    asked by james akbar on February 29, 2012
  46. calculus: multivariable

    Find the points on the hyperboloid x2 −y2 +2z2 = 1 where the normal line is parallel to the line that joins the points (3,−1, 0) and (5, 3, 6). Please show me how to do it..the answer is [+- rad 6/(3), +- 2rad 6/(3), +- rad6/(3)]

    asked by sara on May 3, 2008
  47. Calculus

    Find the equation of the tangent line and the normal line to the graph of the equation at the indicated point. x^2-y^2=16, (5,3) I need to show work, so answers formatted in this manner would be most appreciated. Thanks! :) :)

    asked by Jon on November 11, 2007
  48. Statistics

    Draw a vertical line through s normal distribution for each of the following z-score locations. Determine whether the tail is on the right or left side of the line and find the proportion in the tail. a. z=2.00 b. z=0.60 c. z= -1.30 d. z= -0.30

    asked by Lyndyc on December 6, 2013
  49. statistics

    Suppose X has a mound-shaped distribution with sigma=9. A random sample of size 36 has a sample mean 20. Is it appropriate to use a normal distribution to compute a confidence interval for the population mean u?

    asked by Tracey on June 5, 2012
  50. stats ( please check)

    6. X has a normal distribution with a mean of 80.0 and a standard deviation of 3.5. Find the following probabilities: (A) P(x < 77.0) (B) P(75.0 < x < 85.0) (C) P(x > 85.0) (Points : 6) I think I have the first two but I am stumped on the third one. Thank

    asked by Celest on July 24, 2011
  51. statistics

    The average (arithmetic mean) of a normal distribution of a school's test scores is 65, and standard deviation of the distribution is 6.5. A student scoring a 78 on the exam is in what percentile of the school?

    asked by Anonymous on December 24, 2010
  52. math

    Over 60% of the people who fly to Normal, Illinois, do so on American Airlines. Hence, most people prefer American to any other airline. describe the misuse or misinterpretation of statistics that may be involved.

    asked by jessica on August 7, 2009
  53. statistics

    I don't understand how to answer this: relate the three measures of central tendency to a normal distribution- I looked it up online and it said that the mean, median, and mode are all the same but i don't understand how that can be

    asked by katie on February 13, 2009
  54. stat

    Draw a vertical line through a normal distribution for each of the following z- score locations. Determine whether the body is on the right or left side of the line and find the proportion in the body. (a). z = 2.20 (b) z = 1.60 (c) z = -1.50 (d) z = -

    asked by Anonymous on December 20, 2010
  55. physics

    A block of mass m = 14 kg is pressed with a horizontal force F against a frictionless ramp of angle θ = 78∘. What is the magnitude of the normal force exerted by the incline surface on the block?

    asked by ss01 on October 1, 2013

    We record the neuroticism ratings of a group of subjects. The subjects have different scores and they fall into normal distributions. In this example, neuroticism is a(n): the answer is Variable, but I don't understand why?

    asked by Alicia Estrada on March 9, 2015
  57. science

    A force of 16.0 newtons is sufficient to set a box that is at rest into motion. If the coefficient of static friction is 0.380, what is the normal force acting on the box?

    asked by kevin on June 24, 2015
  58. College Stat

    Draw a vertical line through a normal distribution for each of the following z- score locations. Determine whether the body is on the right or left side of the line and find the proportion in the body. (a). z = 2.20 (b) z = 1.60 (c) z = -1.50 (d) z = -

    asked by jackie on October 20, 2010
  59. Chemistry

    The normal boiling point of benzene is 80 degree C and its heat of vaporizations is 30.8 kj/mol. What is its boiling point at the top of Pikes Peak where P=260 mmHg?

    asked by Tyler on April 28, 2011
  60. physics

    Sally applies a total force of 71 N with a rope to drag a wooden crate of mass 100 kg across a floor with a constant acceleration in the x- direction of a = 0.1 m/s2. The rope tied to the crate is pulled at an angle of  = 50  relative to the floor.

    asked by Jacob on October 13, 2012
  61. Pre-Calc

    Hello, I am not sure how to go about solving this equation: The total electrical resistance R of two resistors connected in parallel with resistances R1 and R2 is given by 1/R=1/R1+1/R2. One resistor has a resistance of 2.3 ohms. Let x be the resistance of

    asked by Jon on December 7, 2009
  62. physics

    Suppose we have two qubits in the state (a|0⟩+b|1⟩)|0⟩, to which we apply the following circuit. (a) Is the resulting state entangled? Yes No (b) Specify the state of each qubit after we applied the circuit.

    asked by s on March 1, 2013
  63. torque

    what happens to torque where force is applied? what happens to torque when force is moved from axis of rotation? what happens to torque when d changes? I will be happy to critique your thinking on this.

    asked by Anonymous on January 16, 2007
  64. Physics

    Several forces are applied to an object. If the object 40 m along the horizontal, and if one of the forces is a constant 5.0 N in the opposite direction, then what is the worst done on the object by that force?

    asked by Mary on October 26, 2016
  65. Math

    How do I determine which of theses triangles are right triangles or not? I am given a table with: Traingle | Side 1| Side 2| Side 3| Q |6 6 30 R |6 4 10 S |5 4 41 T |5 4 3 I Know the equation a^2+b^2=c^2, and have applied it to this, but cannot get an

    asked by Not Telling on November 24, 2015
  66. Precalculus

    I'm HOPING this is the last problem I need help on.. :-/ List the possible rational zeros of f using the rational zero theorem. f(x) = 2x^3 - x^2 + 5x + 6 I applied the rational zero theorem, but none of the factors worked :(

    asked by Emily on September 17, 2009
  67. Chemistry

    If 72.4 kJ of heat is applied to a 95.2 g block of metal, the temperature of the metal increases by 10.7 C. Calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal in J/g C?

    asked by Mystery Mania on May 5, 2011
  68. math

    An advertisement states that eight thermometers cost $12.42 minus a 3% discount. Dr. wants to order a dozen to take advantage of the savings, sales tax is 5%. What would the cost be? Is my math right? I divided 8 by $12.42 and got $1.55 p/thermometer.

    asked by debbie on April 28, 2010
  69. Physics

    What is the angle of refraction of a light ray that enters the surface of a calm lake from air at an angle of 45o to the normal? The refractive index of water is 1.333. I don't even know how to start this or what the formula is. Thanks for your help in

    asked by confused on January 24, 2013
  70. Statics

    In designing an experiment, a psychologist is willing to assume that the underlying distribution for the time to learn a list of words is approximately normal with a standard deviation of 40 seconds. He wants to be 95% sure that the maximum error of his

    asked by Heather on December 1, 2012
  71. stat

    Construct a 90% confidence interval for the population mean. Assume the population has a normal distribution. A same of 15 randomly selected math majors has a grade point average of 2.86 with a standard deviation of 0.78. Round to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by S on December 5, 2015
  72. English help explaining

    I don't get what this sentence means to say. With the new spaces created by immigration, the enforced alienation from ‘normal’ ties of human socializing brings the memory of what has been left behind to the fore as the new spaces of existence acquire

    asked by Mohammad on February 14, 2014
  73. biology

    hi, I am studying for an exam and I am trying to really understand the processes of things. So, in a cardiac muscle (everything else normal) what would happen if sympathetic stimulation does not lead to the phosphorylation of Troponin-I? I am asking

    asked by jack on February 28, 2015
  74. Covenant polytechnic. Aba.

    Two converging lenses having power of +2.0 and +20.0 diopter are used to give magnifications in an astronomical telescope. calculate the angular magnification of the telescope when (I).in normal adjustment. (ii).The final image is formed at the least

    asked by Ewuosa Destiny on August 21, 2015
  75. Physics

    Sukey is riding her bicycle when she sees a fallen tree 42 m ahead. If the coefficient of friction is .36 and she is travelling at 50 km/ hr and she and the bike have a mass of 95 kg, how much stopping distance does she need. I got as far as her speed

    asked by lizgreene52 on November 20, 2012
  76. Physics

    A pulley system is used to lift a piano 2.6 m. If a force of 2510 is applied to the rope as the rope is pulled in 14 m, what is the efficiency of the machine? Assume the mass of the piano is 750 kg. I know the equation is eff = Wout / Win I'm just confused

    asked by Becky on March 30, 2011
  77. physics

    During an experiment that Paul and Dawn performed the stretch of a spring was directly proportional to the force applied to the spring. When they put the data on a graph, they would expect to have what type of curve? Answers: Hyperbola, parabola, straight

    asked by Lily on January 26, 2009
  78. science

    two balls of same size but of different material ,rubber and iron are kept on the smooth floor of a moving train.the brakes are applied suddenly to stop the train .Will the balls start rolling ?If so,in which direction ?Why they move with the same speed

    asked by shruti on August 17, 2011
  79. Physics

    An object with a mass of 2.489x10^1 kg is subjected to a force of 4.8124x10^2 N directed at an angle of 2.819x10^1 degrees from the x axis. A second force of 2.84529x10^3 N acting in the negative X directions is also applied to the object. To two

    asked by PHYSICS HELP PLS on October 22, 2010
  80. Physics

    A constant torque of 22.9 N·m is applied to a grindstone whose moment of inertia is 0.168 kg·m2. Using energy principles, and neglecting friction, find the angular speed after the grindstone has made 17.1 rev, assuming it started from rest. Answer in

    asked by dallas on April 2, 2013
  81. physics

    A tennis player smashes a serve so that the racquet is in contact with the ball for 0.055 s, giving it an impulse of 2.5 N ⋅ s. What average force was applied during this time? Assume that the vertical motion of the ball can be ignored. If the ball's

    asked by dreamygirl on May 10, 2012
  82. math

    When a car makes an emergency stop on dry road, it leaves skid marks. The speed S, in miles per hour, of the car when brakes were applied is related to the length L, in feet, of the skid mark. Functional notation is needed, please help.

    asked by Marcquillia on January 31, 2015
  83. math/physics

    A 8 kg mass is attached to a spring hanging from the ceiling and allowed to come to rest. assume that the spring constant is 40 n/ m and a damping constant is 3 N/m. At t=0 and external force of 2 sin(2t+PI/4)N is applied to the system. determine amp,

    asked by Frank on April 10, 2015
  84. Physics

    A pulley with a rotational interia of 4.4*10^-3 kg m^2 about its axle and a radius of 6 cm is acted on by a force applied tangentially at its rim. The force magnitude varies in time as F=0.32t + 0.27t^2 where F is in newtons if t is given in seconds. The

    asked by Rachel on November 16, 2009
  85. Physics

    An object with a mass of (2.844x10^1) kg is subjected to a force of (3.964x10^3) N directed at an angle of (6.374x10^1) degrees from the x axis. A second force of (1.3x10^2) N acting in the negative X directions is also applied to the object. To two

    asked by Christine on February 12, 2017

    A long solenoid that has 1200 turns uniformly distributed over a length of 0.37 m is required to produce a magnetic field of magnitude 0.02mT at its center. what voltage should be applied across the solenoid if it has a resistance of 20ohms? can someone

    asked by Sasha on March 29, 2018
  87. Physics

    A cyclist starts from rest and accelerates at 2m/s2, for 2second. Her velocity remains constant for the following 4second. The brakes are then applied and the bicycle decelerates uniformly until it comes to rest after 10 second. Find(a) the distance moved

    asked by Physics on March 29, 2016
  88. physics

    In an emergency stop to avoid an accident,a shoulderstrap seat belt holds a 60-kg passenger firmly in place. If the car were initally traveling at 90 km/h and came to a stop in 5.5s along a straight, level road, what was the average force applied to the

    asked by melissa on January 17, 2008
  89. algebra

    Train A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at 100 mph and train B is traveling at 110 mph. Train A pases a station at 4:10 a.m. If train B passes the same station at 4:22 a.m., at what time will train B catch

    asked by Nancy on December 19, 2010
  90. physics

    A boat that travels at a speed of 6.75 m/s in still water is to go directly across a river and back, as shown in the figure below. The current flows at 0.50m/s At what angles must the boat be steered? How long does it take to make the round-trip? (Assume

    asked by dj on September 14, 2012
  91. Physics

    I was given a problem that has a triangle shape, which two sides should represent strings. The axial area that is rotating has an angle of 40 degrees. And it rotates by w (omega) = 1 Rad/Sec. I have to find tension of both the strings. How would I exactly

    asked by Ailee on October 10, 2014
  92. math

    jerry sold 7/20 of the total number of tickets that were sold for the spring band concert what percent of the total number of tickets did jerry sell

    asked by ciara on April 30, 2015
  93. math

    Kim bought a total of 48 cookies. Each cookie costs $.55, including tax. Of the cookies she bought, 3/8 were lemon cookies. What was the total cost of only the lemon cookies?

    asked by sonia on April 4, 2016
  94. math

    Kim bought a total of 32 cookies. Each cookie costs $.65, including tax. Of the cookies she bought, 3/8 were lemon cookies. What was the total cost of only the lemon cookies?

    asked by sharday on December 17, 2015
  95. Trigonometry (Law of Sine)

    Triangulation can be used to find the location of an object by measuring the angles to the object from two points at the end of a baseline. Two lookouts 20 miles apart on the coast spot a ship at sea. Using the figure below find the distance, d, the ship

    asked by Alianne on February 25, 2012
  96. math

    List the sides of triangle ΔMNP in ascending order (shortest to longest) if: m∠M = 64°, m∠N = 48°, for this one i am not sure if your supposed to find the third angle and or the third side can you guys explain and show me the answer i got 132

    asked by maria on January 28, 2017
  97. physics

    A velodrome is built for use in the Olympics (see the figure below). The radius of curvature of the surface is 19.1 m. At what angle should the surface be banked for cyclists moving at 11 m/s? (Choose an angle so that no frictional force is needed to keep

    asked by nerma on October 7, 2013
  98. programming

    How to work this programming problem- Write a program that allows the user to input a total dollar amount for an online shopping order and computers and outputs the shipping cost based on the following schedule Order total Ship within USA Ship to Canada

    asked by Bettie on February 16, 2012
  99. programming

    Example Develop a pseudocode algorithm for a program that accepts each of the average marks of 10 students in a class and computes the sum and the average mark of the class. The program should display the average mark of the class. Begin Set total to zero

    asked by yvonne on June 27, 2016
  100. Maths B

    The running costs of a particular factory consist of two components – a constant charge per week for rent of premises and a variable cost for labour which depends on the number of staff working in the factory in that particular week. The total weekly

    asked by Rianna on March 13, 2012