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  1. algebra - mrs sue

    sorry it should boe -100/ -5 should be : 20
  2. math

    on which of the following lines does the point (7,1) lie? y-5x=4 y=x-10 y=-4x+3 y=-x+8 help please Ms.Sue
  3. Math-Can you help me Sue?

    Can you help me with some of the questions I posted please? I am so lost :( Thank you!
  4. to ms.sue-math project

    i still don't get it.but it says for all tables.
  5. Math-Ms. Sue

    Let U = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,...}, A = {1, 2, 3, 4,...}, B = {4, 8, 12, 16,...}, and C = {2, 4, 6, 8,...}. Determine the following: A′ ∩ C
  6. mrs sue please help

    can you see if you can help me with my posted math question? Thank you
  7. S.S @ Ms Sue Plzz HELP!

    Why did Christianity apparel to many Romans???
  8. math(ms.sue)

    15 is 30% of what number in percent? My answer is 4.5 am i right?
  9. science

    wait mrs.sue i don't get it...what do u mean????
  10. College Math

    Sue I believe my answer to my problem 10 3/5 - 2 10/11 is 7 38/55. Am I right
  11. College Math

    Sue I believe my answer to my problem 10 3/5 - 2 10/11 is 7 38/55. Am I right
  12. math

    ms sue for my question before i mean how much is the dresser in 3 years?
  13. to ms.sue

    i looked on the top of my book and it says 75 years.
  14. please help ms.sue

    I need help understanding converting customary units.
  15. Question to Ms.Sue

    Why are all of my questions deleted,someone else could have helped me with them??????
  16. social studies

    Are you sure Salena yes or no Are you sure mrs. sue yes or no
  17. ms. sue please answer my question

    it supposed to be listed
  18. Religion

    Hi Ms. Sue. My teacher only wants a small explanation of those 5.
  19. MS.SUE!

    this weekend can you help me with the second part of my grade recovery
  20. health

    ms sue i don't understand you comment
  21. Math Ms Sue dividend

    I not sure this time I got $40 per share
  22. english

    ms sue r u a real teacher or a computer?
  23. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of romanticism?
  24. Geography

    I have one question what's money sense Ms. Sue please help me
  25. english -

    Ms. Sue, Also, what can make a feedback valuable to me.
  26. child development and human behavior

    Thank You Ms. Sue
  27. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of nativists?
  28. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of prejudice?
  29. math

    write the value of the expression 2^3/2^3 0 1** 2 3 2^2/2^5 8 6 1/8** -8 also can u recheck my last one ms sue thanks
  30. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of transcendentalism?
  31. math ms.sue plz help

    which event has a probability of 1
  32. Dear Ms Sue

    Could u please help me, it's just a small question and I need ur advice, thanks
  33. Math?

    a △ b means (7-a)*(3+b). Find c if 3 △ 1=5 △ c Please help. Ms.Sue possible to answer??
  34. Mathematics (Reiny or Ms. Sue or Kuai)

    What is 1 divided by 1/7?
  35. maths

    429.07/214 ms sue pls help me out
  36. World History- (Ms. Sue)

    What are the effects of abolitionism?
  37. English

    Ms. Sue, I have sent to you, two other assignments for your reviw did you receive them. Please let me know. Thank you very much. r
  38. World History- (Ms. Sue)

    What is the significance of revival?
  39. Civics HELP! Ms.Sue

    Who would be included in the middle class?
  40. science

    ms.sue is qualitative data the same thing
  41. Math

    Thank You Mrs.Sue that makes sense.
  42. MS Sue

    can you plz check my english answers
  43. english

    ms.sue i mean its like a square divided into four sections
  44. Math (pleaseplease help)

    hey MRS Sue
  45. Math Help

    Evaluate: l -(-5)^2 l [( -5) - (-2)] + [(-5)^3 + (-2)] Ms.Sue i broke it down more! Hopefully that helps
  46. math

    how many lines of symmetry does a hexagon have i think its 8 or 16 i think its 8 @ms.sue
  47. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of famine?
  48. Math

    18 of Sue's muffins weigh the same as 15 of tom's muffins. How many of Sue's muffins weigh same as 7 of tom's muffins
  49. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of immigrants?
  50. Ms.Sue?

    yesterday, i could not post questions or answers on here. Why is that?
  51. Math

    Ms.Sue or Steve, how do I do those factoring problems?
  52. English (Ms.Sue)

    How would you describe the smell of rain?
  53. World History (Ms. Sue)

    when did camo start being used?
  54. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    How does location affect climate?
  55. English

    Ms. Sue can i please have your email address I really need your help with my essay
  56. idk

    What are some similarities between humans and machines? @ms.sue
  57. Help Please

    For social studies I sent replies, please do read them Ms Sue, thanks
  58. 10th grade algebra not ms.sue

    is the following always sometimes or never true? x+1=x+0
  59. Math

    Ms.Sue the answer is 2:47.I'm sorry for taking so long.
  60. To mis Sue

    Do you remember me my name is Cameryn Ellis? And I need help!!!
  61. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of emigrants?
  62. wishes

    Ms. Sue, Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Rose
  63. Ms. Sue

    Can you continue to assist me with my health question? Thank you.
  64. Math (Ms.Sue)

    How do you write an example of a part to whole ratio?
  65. Math

    which of the following represents a unit rate? 1.$4/12 2.5/2 3.(80/1) 4.72/2 Ms. Sue is this right
  66. sorry

    i will like to say sorrry to ms.sue for my disrespful behaver do you forgive me?
  67. Math - Plz help Ms.Sue

    What is 6.89 divided by 79.7? Please explain I tried but I can't get it right.

  69. English Ms. Sue

    Why is disharmony sometimes not the main cause of War?
  70. Ms. Sue Help me with my poem

    Please look at my last post, so you can check my answers.
  71. ms sue /math

    5 meters = _500__cm is that correct
  72. Math

    Is this right sue?? the radii is 35mm so the circumference = 22.0 mm
  73. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    Is a rain forest a landform?
  74. math

    miss sue did not understand your answer.
  75. World History- (Ms. Sue).

    What is the significance of steerage?
  76. math

    Dear Ms.Sue is the answer 3,000.
  77. English

    Ms.Sue can you check my answers,I just want to make sure they were right.
  78. English - Ms. Sue help

    what is the essay called escaping
  79. Art Question

    The best enviroment for art activities is which? 1. equipped with all materials in one place that is easily accessibe to children. 2. one that can accomodate a large number of children. 3. clean and arranged to avoid accidents. 3rd, unless u want children
  80. ms sue

    ms sue i did and went back to the other posts. could you please help me now. And also i need a bit help on this bit. the workers who have been trying to bring the nuclear crisis under control volunteered 4 the job. what factors might they have weighed when
  81. English-Ms. Sue

    Identify the infinitive in each sentence. (So this part is correct right Ms. Sue?) 1. Bill’s goal is to become a psychiatrist someday. I=to become 2. Local patriots decided to throw the tea into the harbor. I=to throw 3. Who wants to go with me to the
  82. Psychology (Ms. Sue)

    Ms. Sue would you please check my answers? 1. To begin to regulate their emotions, children must first start to learn impulse control? True 2. Young children typically have low self esteem since they compare their abilities with their peers? False 3. Guilt
  83. English

    I have a question as to how to separate my own opinion from what I have reasearched. I seems that I have a actually blend this all together into a "harmonious" mix so to speak. I would like to learn how to separate this from personal opinion. The thing is
  84. Creative Writing. ms.sue

    ok . here's the 2nd && 3rd paragraph: It was when I woke up that I found out that my parents had left for the hospital. This news was much unexpected and caught me by surprise. Immediately I was filled with pleasure and enthusiasm; I had been waiting for
  85. About Posting

    Very few people have permission to post links on this board. However, you could tell the person to go to and tell the search term you used to find the information. Is it true that I'll never be able to post a link here on Jiskha? I've tried
  86. MS.SUE PLZ HELP!!!

    For Questions 1-5, solve the equation... 1. -9x -5 = -95 a:17 b:11 c:10*** d:-10 2. x/4 -5 = -8 a:-27 b:-12 *** c:-7 d:12 3. d/3+10 = 7 a:51 b:20 c:0 d:-9 *** 4. 3(4-2x)= -2x a:-1 b:1 c:2 d:3*** 5. 2.9n +1.7=3.5 +2.3n a:3 *** b:-3 c:.3 d:1 Thank you for
  87. Mat115

    Ms. Sue that would make it 2/2to third power +4. Am I on The right track?
  88. Math Ms Sue??

    What is the formula to find the diamter of a given circumference?
  89. english

    Ms sue please check and correct whst I have wriiten
  90. To ms.sue

    i still don't understand what it means when it says up to 99. can it be 45/99 orsomething like 4/72. can you give me an example?
  91. to ms.sue

    thank you so much! i still don't get it when my teacher said you had to multiply it first. then subtract it and add something.thank you though.
  92. English

    ms. sue u please erase my post here also? one i wrote my essay in.
  93. english

    ms sue can u plzzz check my 1nd answer
  94. 5th grade

    Ms.Sue, are u a teacher? if r,what school? just wondering?
  95. english

    what are the different kinds of nouns for 7th grade and what do they mean? ms. sue if you can may you help me????
  96. to ms.sue

    now i get it .later ill post you back to check the answer,okay?
  97. to ms.sue

    why does it have to be half of 315,00. i don't get #4 and #2. i still have a lot of homework
  98. Mrs. Sue I need u

    -3/5m= -45 if you can't see the m its next to the fraction sign thank you and could you please show your work
  99. math(Ms.Sue)

    what are the possible outcomes for rolling one number cube?
  100. to ms.sue

    I still don't get it. do we divide every # by 2. why do we need to move 2 decimal spaces?


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