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  1. math

    Thanks Ms. Sue for the website. My answer is 5.2x 3.4= 17.68
  2. Mrs.Sue

    Can u check my last question 16.
  3. Ms Sue

    thankyou for helping your a star!
  4. Math help please Ms. Sue

    7. 2x + 3(x – 2) – 3(x – 6) (1 point) 2x + 12 2x – 8 8x – 24 2x – 24 I do not understand how to do this.
  5. History Help Please!!!

    Ms. Sue, I don't think that is what he wants. He seems to be asking for a particular document.
  6. science

    hey is there anybody to talk to out there like ms sue
  7. social studies

    how do i get ahold of Ms. Sue?
  8. Invention

    Who was Jiskha invented by? Was it Ms. Sue?
  9. To Ms. Sue urgent

    So do I have to write every country down??
  10. science

    So Sue oil is not renewable
  11. ms. sue

    i replied to my previous question
  12. Ms. Sue

    can you do me a favor and look at my science question? please?
  13. Maths

    the height of the can is 20cm Ms. Sue
  14. MATH

  15. Mrs. Sue

    Why are some teachers so unfair?
  16. English-Ms. Sue

    The atmosphere around me was really daunting.
  17. Algebra

    -9v - 5 = -95 This has me stumped. Ms sue help plz?
  18. Thank-you Ms. Sue

    But it did not give me the answer I was looking for. Would you have any more links I might try. I would appreciate it very much.
  19. A question for Ms. Sue

    What is your secret? (Why are you so smart?)
  20. ms. sue

    Cann you look at my problem pls
  21. Need Help Ed Tec

    thanks ms sue you are the best and best teacher helper ever
  22. 5th grade

    thank you so much Ms. Sue and Shanta
  23. language (gerunds)

    Thank you to Ms. Sue and writeacher for all of your help, I GET IT!!!
  24. To Ms.sue

    Where are you staying in america?what is your profession there ?
  25. childcare

    thank you Ms.Sue by this information. Then my answer should be C.
  26. math

    Ms. Sue can you help me .My question is already submitted.
  27. BIO teacher help

    ms sue i got an answer
  28. to ms.sue

    can you give me ideas. not websites
  29. Mrs.Sue

    Could you please check my answers down below.
  30. ms sue

    can you help me with my earylier post plz
  31. Health

    Ms.Sue can u please answer my question.
  32. math

    Check my Answer Ms.Sue
  33. Algebra-Ms. Sue

    Please answer my questions....
  34. ms.sue please help

    what is a story telling format
  35. To MS SUE

    Can u please check my math answers
  36. Ms. Sue

    Can you reply to my french post. I think your able to help me with it.
  37. for ms.sue please answer

    Explain how you know that 7 divided by 9 is less than 1.
  38. MS. SUE HELP L.A.

    Which of the following transitions shows a comparison? a. although b. however c. just as *** d. whereas
  39. Ms. Sue please help

    What is the highest temperature in the exosphere.
  40. math

    ms.sue answer my questions 9 and 7/10 - 5 and 3/4
  41. Math

    Thank You Ms. Sue. Have a Good Night
  42. algebra

    Solve 8x-(4x+4)=20 Ms. Sue would the answer be 3/2?
  43. math

    The answer is 8 1/3 Ms.sue how do you estimate
  44. Thank you Ms. Sue

    You really helped me yesterday! I can't thank you enough!!! Thank you for all you do to help students!
  45. math mrs sue

    Elimination X+2y=5 -3x+6y=15
  46. Ms.Sue

    Can you please help me?I think the first question I posted the answer is 3G+30
  47. to ms.sue

    i know how to do it but I don't understand what it means when it says up to 99.
  48. to mrs.sue

    closer to europe
  49. TO MS.SUE

  50. Math

    How do I give a BIG THANK YOU TO MS SUE?
  51. Math

    Solve the proportion G/56=2/8 A)(g=14) B)g=16 C)g=13 D)g=50( Ms. Sue is this right ?
  52. Mrs.Sue

    Can you please check my answers down below?
  53. ms.sue please answer the trigonomitry question

  54. Geometry for Ms Sue?

    Referring to my last question.. Does 26.64 yd mean 26 2/3?
  55. TO:MRS.SUE

  56. english

  57. math

    MS. Sue can you explain me the problem please
  58. Math

    Thank You Ms Sue but I don't know how you got 4.33 x 3.33? Josh
  59. s.s

    mrs sue can you cheak my work please
  60. MS. SUE!!!!!!

    Factor each expression 3n squared - 3
  61. Ms. Sue

    You think you would help me with some of the Math problems I posted?
  62. Ms. Sue help!!!

    could you tell me information of Heron's Formula?
  63. 5th grade

  64. to ms.sue

    it asks how many hours per day/
  65. miss sue

    does this include the vowels
  66. to ms.sue

    what is wrong with the answer. also what is hilum?
  67. To Ms. Sue

    please check my latest post, thanks
  68. to ms sue

    Can you just get me started on my math plz
  69. Socials

    Ms. Sue can you please take a look at my previous post.
  70. science

    Ms. Sue did you forget about my other questions?
  71. Ms. Sue help!!!

    Is 87 rounded to 90 or 85? I have to round to nearest fifth
  72. algebra

    Solve. 10/(3x) + 4/3 = (7 + x)/2x A) x = 1/3 B) x = 17/5x C) x = 1/5 D) x = 1/6 PLEASE HELP MRS. SUE!
  73. Ms. Sue american education

    i am not sure they just said special needs.
  74. english

    I would like to know if writeacher is doing well. Ms Sue, could you please let me know? Many thanks. Franco
  75. to ms. sue

    what was your 4th grade teacher and why
  76. english

    Ms. sue, what other word can I use for overwhelming
  77. to ms.sue

    what will the sciencepssa have? magnets and electricity?
  78. science- need some info

    Ms. Sue welcome back...
  79. to ms.sue

    i still don't get surface area!
  80. Mrs Sue Math

    5d + 13d = -18 D=?
  81. Math

    2/3 x 4 1/5= 21/5 x 2/3=42/15 42/15=2 12/15 Please check the above answer Ms. Sue. Thank you
  82. to ms.sue

    how do you find a percentage when its like this: 20% of ______ = 9
  83. Ethics

    Please help in answering the three questions to this ethics case - Anne Distagne was the CEO of Linkage Construction Inc., which served as the general contractor for the construction of the air ducts for large shopping malls and other buildings. She prided
  84. 6th grade math-ms. sue

    MS. Sue here is exactly what the paper says- think back to the experiment you just designed to test the Best Wheels Bike Shop's new super titanium wheel bearings. Can you be sure that your results are due to the new bearings and not something else? That
  85. World History (Ms. Sue)

    when did camo start being used?
  86. please help ms.sue

    I need help understanding converting customary units.
  87. Mathematics (Reiny or Ms. Sue or Kuai)

    What is 1 divided by 1/7?
  88. Dear Ms Sue

    Could u please help me, it's just a small question and I need ur advice, thanks
  89. Question to Ms.Sue

    Why are all of my questions deleted,someone else could have helped me with them??????
  90. idk

    What are some similarities between humans and machines? @ms.sue
  91. Math Help

    Evaluate: l -(-5)^2 l [( -5) - (-2)] + [(-5)^3 + (-2)] Ms.Sue i broke it down more! Hopefully that helps
  92. to ms.sue

    this is what i flunked. SCIENCE for magnets and electricity!
  93. math

    2 2/3 + 1 1/5 / 5 4/5 in bodmas form. Ms. Sue please help solve
  94. College Math

    Sue I believe my answer to my problem 10 3/5 - 2 10/11 is 7 38/55. Am I right
  95. Math (Mrs. Sue help!!!)

    Solve the inequality. d - 6 > -4 A. d > -2 B. d > -10 C. d > 2 D. d > 10
  96. College Math

    Sue I believe my answer to my problem 10 3/5 - 2 10/11 is 7 38/55. Am I right
  97. Thank You

    I just got full marks on a big test, thank you so much, Ms. Sue!
  98. to ms.sue

    i looked on the top of my book and it says 75 years.
  99. English

    Ms. Sue, I have sent to you, two other assignments for your reviw did you receive them. Please let me know. Thank you very much. r
  100. english

    ms sue r u a real teacher or a computer?


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