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  1. cultural diversity-reposted question

    Iasked this question a couple of days ago- and got several different opinions. Ms. Sue tried to point out to me why she thought the correct answer is (B); however,I think some read my text wrong. Would someone please,reread the question and reread what my
  2. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). How did colonialism affect the development of democracy? A: Colonialism affected the development of democracy as a government which was based upon colonialism censored the press, limited free speech, and punished dissent. It also discriminated against
  3. Health (Ms. Sue)

    1. Describe how loss can cause stress. A: When you experience loss, you can feel the physical and emotional effects of stress. For example, after a loss, you may develop tension headaches or an increase in blood pressure. You may also feel irritable and
  4. english check ms.sue

    Masculinity in Macbeth Shakespeare will these work ms.sue. The great masterpiece Macbeth, which is written by William Shakespeare, deals with many different hidden themes. One of the best-hidden themes in Macbeth is manhood. Shakespeare's descriptions of
  5. Englaish

    Posted by rfvv on Sunday, June 29, 2014 at 4:13pm. People use pockets when they eat Brussels waffles. ---------- Is this sentence grammatical? Is the use of 'pockets' here grammatical? English - Writeacher, Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 10:38am Do you mean
  6. Early Child Ed.

    Yes. Temper tantrums are usually caused by a child's frustrations and is strictly emotional. B. is the best answer. By the way, beware of any answer that says "always" or "never." When you're working with people, there are almost no situations that are
  7. Science help needed

    Posted by This Girl on Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 1:41pm. 1. __________ is one type of genetic engineering, in which a normal allele is placed into a virus. (1 point) A color blind test Down syndrome Gene therapy Polygenic inheritance 2. Human insulin
  8. Social Studies Essay - - Ms. Sue

    Hello, Ms. Sue. (: Here's that Genghis Khan essay. I'd appreciate constructive criticism. - - - Genghis Khan possessed brilliant tactics and advanced technology for his time, which resulted in him conquering a broad amount of land. Under Mongol rule, China
  9. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). What factors affect the choice of a location of a city? 2). Why is the St. Lawrence Seaway important? 3). How did methods of moving people and goods across the continent change over time? 4). In what ways have transportation systems crossing the
  10. U.S. History (Ms. Sue)

    1. How did mobilizing the economy help end the Depression? A: Mobilizing the economy helped end the Depression as it created almost 19 million new jobs and nearly doubled the average family's income. 2. What changes did American citizens and industry have
  11. English (Ms.Sue please answer) I did some work own

    Ok so Im thinking I will use the theme of heroism (which is the human condition) My arguments would be character, social position and ancestry This is a book and movie comparative essay... I have to do a comparative essay on a book and a film (I chose The
  12. English 7 Essay: Rosa Parks (Ms. Sue)

    Ms. Sue can you check my essay is it good. Btw we did the conclusion today at class (last paragraph). I did the mistakes I made yesterday (that you told me to change). Rosa Parks A person's characteristics are shaped by the setting and beliefs of society
  13. Literature [Ms.Sue Please Check]

    please check these: 1. In "The Gift of the Magi," Jim's suggestion that he and Della put away the Christmas presents shows that he is a. loving and practical b. unsentimental and cruel c. tired of presents d. unforgiving and resentful A 2. Irony is built
  14. 7th grade math help Ms. Sue quick please

    HELLPPP ME PLEASE I ONLY KNOW THE LAST QUESTION! I need to have more than three steps! Please help! B. A discount of 20% is applied to the doll’s original price of $12.99. What is the price of the dolls with the discount applied to $12.99 + 5% tax? Show
  15. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please!

    1. Write the following ratio in simplest form: 32 min:36 min 8:9 8:36 32:9 128:144 2. Marie saved $51. On Wednesday, she spent $8 of her savings. What ratio represents the portion of her total savings that she still has left? 43:8 8:51 43:51 59:51 3. The
  16. Health (Ms. Sue)

    "Cameron and Tony walked up to the counter at the convenient store. "What are you getting?" asked tony. "Nothing I'm out of cash," replied Cameron. "Didn't you have a bunch of money last week?" asked Tony. "Yeah, but I spent it on cigarettes." "Man, that
  17. Language Check Ms.Sue

    Choose correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. 1. Thank you for you're prompt response to my request information about traveling to Australia. A. Thank you for youre B. Thank you for youre' C. Thank you for your D. Thank you for your' E. Correct
  18. English

    Thank you Ms. Sue for pointing out that huge mistake i made. Other than that is the intro well written? I changed it up abit What makes a book good to read? Is it the fact that information is gotten out of it or just the mere enjoyment of being able to use
  19. math Ms. Sue please ASAP

    3. Find the surface area for a cylinder with a height of 24 and a radius of 6. Use 3.14 for pi and round to the nearest whole number. 904 yd^2 1,017 yd^2 1,130 yd^2 2,713 yd^2 4. Find the volume for a cylinder which has a height of 24 and a radius of 6.
  20. English-Ms. Sue

    Identify the infinitive in each sentence. 1. Bill’s goal is to become a psychiatrist someday. I=to become 2. Local patriots decided to throw the tea into the harbor. I=to throw 3. Who wants to go with me to the game? I=to go 4. Paramedics arrived and
  21. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 10:03pm. 1. We had to cook the turkey for six hours. 2. We had to cook the turkey in six hours. 3. We had to cook the turkey until six hours. 4. We had to cook the turkey from six hours. 5. We had to cook the
  22. Math for Ms. Sue please!

    1. Name the solid with the description as a figure that has one base that is a rectangle and four lateral surfaces that are triangles. (1 point) triangular pyramid cone rectangular prism rectangular pyramid 2. A solid with two parallel and congruent bases
  23. Education

    MS. SUE can you please see if these answers are correct. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Which of the following statements best describes the instructional level achieved in an Informal Reading Inventory a. the student is unable to read a text b.
  24. Math for Ms. Sue Or Steve

    Use an equation to solve the problem. 1. What is 57% of 11? a. 11 = 0.57 • n; 19.3 b. n = 57 • 11; 627 c. n = 0.57 • 11; 6.27*** d. 11 = 57 • n; 0.19 2. 224 is 25% of what number? a. 224 • 0.25 = w; 560 b. 224 = 0.25 • w; 896 c. 224 • 0.25 =
  25. 7th grade math

    1. Price of the dolls: $12.99 A. Price of the dolls with a 5% sales tax. Show all of your work! [4 points] B. A discount of 20% is applied to the doll’s original price of $12.99. What is the price of the dolls with the discount applied to $12.99 + 5%
  26. To Ms. Sue

    THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Before the French Revolution France had a system of government and society which was called the OLD REGIME. In the 1780's France was experiencing many economic difficulties. LOUIS XVI called a meeting of the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY in order
  27. Health (Ms. Sue)

    1. Describe how overtraining can lead to chronic injury. A: Overtraining,a condition that occurs as a result of exceeding the recommendations of the FITT formula, can lead to chronic injury as repetitive activity causes stress to bones, ligaments, tendons,
  28. business law

    Six months later, the same client comes to see you again. She shows you an advice received recently from the partnership¡¦s investment banker, Selby Bank, which suggests that the partnership should engage in some risky behaviour because it will produce a
  29. Math

    Ms. Sue please help! 7. Suppose you earned 7t – 1 dollars on Monday and 8t + 5 dollars on Tuesday. What were your total earnings? Simplify your answer. (1 point) –t + 4 dollars –t – 6 dollars 15t – 6 dollars 15t + 4 dollars 8. f 2 ∙ f 3 (1
  30. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Is my answer correct? List the steps you should follow to help an individual who appears to have been poisoned. A: To help an individual who appears to have been poisoned, you must follow the steps below: 1. Seek medical assistance immediately. 2. Contact
  31. Coordinate Geometry: Ms.Sue or someone please help

    Hi! Can you please help me with this problem/proof? I'm not sure how to approach it. Thanks! Prove that a line perpendicular to a radius at the point where the radius meets the circle is tangent to the circle. Use coordinate geometry.Hi! Can you please
  32. Coordinate Geometry: Ms.Sue or someone please help

    Hi! Can you please help me with this problem/proof? I'm not sure how to approach it. Thanks! Prove that a line perpendicular to a radius at the point where the radius meets the circle is tangent to the circle. Use coordinate geometry.Hi! Can you please
  33. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). Why were world leaders concerned about the security of nuclear weapons in Russia and the Republics after 1991? A: World leaders were concerned about security of nuclear weapons in Russia and the Republics after 1991 because the Soviet Union, which had
  34. 7th grade science Ms. Sue please

    2. The smallest unit of life is the _____. (1 point) cell homeostasis organism protein 3. The nucleus is the largest of the _____. (1 point) chloroplasts mitochondria organelles ribosomes 6. Which is not found in animal cells? (1 point) central vacuole
  35. Art

    Ms. Sue, Writeacher I urgently need you to check this paragraph and suggest where I should look for more specific details on this topic. 1) The information appearing on cosmetics must be present directly on the container of the cosmetic and, if present, on
  36. Health (Ms. Sue)--Is my answer correct?

    Compare the ways that HIV can and cannot be transmitted. A: 6. HIV can be spread in many ways that involves physical contact that can result in the virus being led into a person’s body. Such ways include sexual activity with an infected person, sharing
  37. English (Writeacher or Ms. Sue)

    Please, I am struggling with these. Can someone help me by answering them? Or at least assisting me to? Thank you in advance to anyone who are able to. Read each of the following passages of descriptions of events from the play. Identify which type of
  38. 7th grade math Ms.Sue please

    1. Which of these numbers can be classified as both real and irrational? 5.858585858 63.4 square root 21 square root 36 2. Which is both a real number and an integer? 23 1 over 4 square root 27 3.402538 3. Which of these numbers is classified as both real
  39. Ms. Sue

    Say you make the following assumptions: 1. Afarmer lives on 1 hen per day for a year. (2.)1 hen eats 25 grasshoppers per day (3.)1,000 grasshoppers have a mass of 1 kg (4.) 1 grasshopper requires about 30g of soy beans per year (5.) 1 human requires about
  40. LA

    Hi. Ms. Sue. Can you please check my answer? 1. In "The Sky Is Low, the Clouds Are Mean". what human behavior does the snowflake display? A)It cannot make up its mind.** B)It is mean and nasty. C)It is full of complaints. D)It has trouble getting along
  41. English

    ENGLISH HOMEWORK.. Need to write a antecedent for each Pronoun that is Capitilized in sentences.? Need to write a antecedent for each Pronoun that is Capitilized in sentences 1. Some of the Students brought THEIR lunches to the beach. 2. Ken took Meg home
  42. student supervision

    which of the following infectious disease accounts for 60 to 80 percent of all school infections? (a)upper-respitary infections (my answer) (b)pink eye (c)tuberculosis (d)hepatisis a and b which of the following statements about playground moniters is
  43. Grammar

    Please help me recorrect these two sentences under the rule of puctuating sentences. Or atleast give me an idea of how are they suppost to sound. (1) When the garage door was closed. My answer:The day that i had forgotton my house key was when the garage
  44. Algebra (Ms.Sue!!)

    Find the mean mode median and range of the data set after you perform given operation on each data value. 9,7,12,13,9,3; add 5 A. Mean: 8.8, Mode: 9 ,Median: 9 ,Range: 10 B. Mean: 8.8, Mode: 9 ,Median: 9 ,Range: 5 C. Mean: 13.8, Mode: 14, Median: 14,
  45. Help Ms.Sue Please

    1.Find the lateral area of a cone with a radius of 7 ft. and a slant height of 13 ft. Use 3.14 for ð and round to the nearest tenth. 439.6 ft2 324.5 ft2 571.5 ft2 285.7 ft2 2.Find the surface area of a square pyramid with a base length of 24 cm and a
  46. 7th grade health please help Ms. Sue!

    1. Which substance found in tobacco is a drug that speeds up the heartbeat? (1 point) Tar Carbon monoxide Nicotine Emphysema 2. Which substance found in tobacco causes emphysema, a disease of the lungs? (1 point) Tar Carbon monoxide Nicotine Secondhand
  47. English

    1. Anne's diary was published under the title of The Diary of a Young Girl. 2. Anne's diary was published under the title The Diary of a Young Girl. (Which one is correct? Do I have to write 'of' or not"?) 3. Did you write today's diary? 4. Did you write a
  48. math

    2. sylvia has 6 1/2 boxes of chocolate to share at a family picnic. if she gives each person 1/3 of a box, how many people can receive chocolate? 13 17 19 21 3.which of these numbers is not rational? square root 3 0.25 1/5 square root 9 4. a student's work
  49. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please last questions

    19. Julia is allowed to watch no more than 5 hours of television a week. So far this week, she has watched 1.5 hours. Write and solve an inequality to show how many hours of television Julia can still watch this week. 20. You are a member of your local
  50. Please Help(Math)Mrs.Sue's website didn't help

    Directions:Write inequalities for the numbers 2 - 4 below. Do not solve them! Problems: 2.Your quiz grades are 19, 17, 20, and 15. What is the lowest grade you can receive on the next quiz and maintain at least an 18 average? 3.Stacey and Luis volunteer at
  51. Grammar

    Is "because" a subordinate conjunction? Could you please give me a sentence in which I can identify the subordinate conjuntion. Is a subordinate clause introduced by a subordinate conjunctin? Here is a site on subordinate conjunctions... Sentences: The
  52. american Literature

    (1) "It's positively cruel!" pouted Jennie Allen, one of a group of girls occupying a garden bench in the ample grounds of Miss Stearne's School for Girls, at Beverly. "It's worse than that; it's insulting," declared Mable Westervelt, her big dark eyes
  53. Just some LA q's, Ms.Sue please

    1. When you summarize an informational article, you should (1 point) leave out minor details. use the author's words, including direct quotations. leave out important details. include as much information as possible. 2. Why might a scientist choose to
  54. Science-Ms.Sue

    Suppose some natural disaster occurs and a species of finch is forced to relocate from its original island where it dined on cactus flowers to an adjacent island with many fewer cacti but an overabundance of orchids. What would be the immediate
  55. Math- Ms Sue can you help

    Here is the height, in inches, of 10 randomly selected members of the girls' dance team and 10 randomly selected of the girls' volleyball team Based on the interquartile ranges of the two sets of data, which is a reasonable conclusion concerning heights of
  56. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    1. Identify the part, whole, and percent in the following statement: Find 15% of 750. (1 point) part = 750, whole = n, percent = 15 part = 15, whole = 750, percent = p part = n, whole = 750, percent = 15 none of these 2. Write a percent equation that can
  57. Business Law

    Milton purchased a riding lawn mower from Jack's Law and Garden Shop, a retailer. During the first use, Milton is injured while mowing the hill behind his home when the seat of the mower comes loose and he is thrown from the mower. Milton may sue Jack's
  58. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please check

    #1 Write the ratio in the simplest form. 30 : 6 15 : 3 6 : 6 5 : 1 2 :3 #2 Write the ratio in the simplest form. 96 : 12 1 : 8 48 : 6 32 : 4 8 : 1 #3 Solve the proportion. x/3 = 4/6 x = 2 x = 4 x = 6 x = 8 #4 Solve the proportion. 2/y = 3/12 x = 2 x = 4 x
  59. Check my answers Ms. Sue?

    I posted this in my last question but its not showing up for me.. But i have redone the questions you said were wrong and i was hoping you would check them again 1. How did the southern economy change after the Civil War? Shipped raw materials to northern
  60. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please

    1. The price of a radio changes from $40.00 to $44.00. (1 point) 10% decrease 10% increase 36.4% decrease 40% increase 2. The price of an oven changes from $450 to $396. (1 point) 13.6% increase 13.6% decrease 12% increase 12% decrease 3. The top
  61. Math

    1. (5yd 2ft) + (7yd 1ft) = ? 2. (6mi 10ft 4in) - (4mi 8ft 8in) = ? 3. 5(2yd 10in) = ? 4. What is the square root of 36/49? My Guesses: 1. 13yd 2. 10mi 18ft 12in 3 and 4. I have no idea. 3. 10yd 25 inches It gives 4 choices but 10yd 25in is not 1 of them...
  62. Grammar PLease Check MY answers!

    Put brackets [ ] around the adverb in each of the following sentences. Write how if the adverbs tell how, when if the adverbs tells when, or where if the adverb tell where the action takes place. 1. Tameesha thought her prom gown draped beautifully. 2. She
  63. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). What were some of the objects traded or transported over the Silk Road? A: Some of the objects traded of transported included silk, gold, silver, ivory, jade, wine, spices, amber, linen, porcelain, grapes, perfumes, ostriches, and acrobats. 2). Why
  64. Grammar (Ms. Sue)

    I apologize for asking the same question, but I misunderstood the directions. The following sentences are written in the present tense. Rewrite each sentence in each of the other five tenses. 1). I collect. 2). You split. 3). They teach. 4). We give. 5).
  65. ms. sue

    A modern person is defined as a someone who advocates or practices a departure from traditional styles or values. Theodore Roosevelt was a modern president by starting political policies that are reflective of our society. His policies included regulating
  66. U.S. History (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)

    1. What two major decisions did the Allies make at Casablanca? A: At Casablanca, the Allies decided to increase the bombing of Germany and attack the Axis on the island of Sicily. 2. What conditions had to be met before Eisenhower could order D-Day to
  67. English (Writeacher/Ms Sue/bobpursley plz help)

    May someone who has read/watched both romeo and juliet and west side story help me check the following questions please? 1.Which situation is a similarity between Juliet and Maria, the main female characters in Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story? A. A
  68. Foreign Languages

    French is spoken by more people than Italian. I personally don't think either language will increase in importance in the forseeable future. Check this website for the 30 most widely spoken languages in the world. Is it
  69. Anthropology

    Ms. Sue, Can you please give me your opinion. I would really I will appreciate it very much. Its on the gender and gender sexuality. Let me know if I need to do added anything else. The identities, inequality and equality.The Cangoan gender and sex

    How does the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution limit the government? (1 point) by separating state and federal powers*** by giving the authority to rule to the people by establishing the rule of law by granting certain rights to people that
  71. language arts Ms. Sue please

    1. Which of the following is not a function of a good thesis statement? (1 point) to establish the credibility of the author to focus the reader's attention on the main idea to present an interesting quote about the topic 2. Which of the following is the
  72. Math


    plz help me doing my law essay.. Just give me some important points... Six months later, the same client comes to see you again. She shows you an advice received recently from the partnership¡¯s investment banker, Selby Bank, which suggests that the
  74. English

    Ms. Sue, as Writeacher is not there, I'd like you to check if everything is OK in this rephrase I need to prepare for tomorrow. (Use of tenses) 1) In Chapter ten Dr Jekyll comes to the realization of the primitive duality of man. He admits that man is not
  75. writing skills

    (1)A number of States have adopted no-fault auto insurance,but what is it exactly?(2)Lets say that two drivers are involved in an auto accident,and one is injured.(3)The injured driver must prove that the other driver was at fault, or liable, at least
  76. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). Some Russians have objected to the creation of new federal districts. Why might there be disagreement over the districts? A: There might be disagreement over the districts because the President of Russia hopes that the heads of the new federal
  77. Science- Ms. Sue or DrBob222?

    A student measures a rectangular room to be 20.0 m X 17.16 m. Which of the numbers below represents the room’s area with the correct number of significant figures? a. 340 m^2 b. 343 m^2 c. 343.2 m^2 d. 343.20 m^2 B Which component of the technological
  78. children/violence

    Many children grow up with a considerble amount of violence in their lives protrayed in movies,video games,television,witnesing family violence,or being victims of child abuse themselves. Research on the effects of violence on children indicates: 1.that
  79. English-Ms. Sue please

    hypothetical syllogisms can have two valid and two invalid structures. The two valid structures are affirming the antecedent or modus ponens and denying the consequent or modus tollens. The two invalid structures or fallacies are denying the antecedent and

    Which of the following correctly identifies the methods of heat transfer? A. Convection-Radiation-Conduction B. Conduction-Radiation-Convection C. Convection-Conduction-Radiation*** D. Radiation-Convection-Conduction
  81. Ms. Sue Please Check My Answers!

    15. Which of the following was a consequence of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo? A.) Texas gained independence from Mexico B.) The war between the United States and Mexico ended C.) The Bear Flag Republic was officially recognized as a state D.) The debate
  82. US History

    10. Which best describes the Great Migration? a. the increase in European immigration during World War I b. the movement of African Americans to northern cities c. the movement of women into jobs formerly held by men d. the progress of Allied troops across
  83. Language Arts 6 Ms. Sue please

    1. Which word is modified by the adjective in the sentence below? The drama production will start promptly at 8 o'clock. Start Promptly Production Drama 2. Which word is modified by the adjective in the sentence below? Not a single day goes by without me
  84. MS. SUE HELP- Chemistry

    Check answers? 1) Why did J.J. Thomson reason that electrons must be a part of the atoms of all elements? A) Cathode rays are negatively charged particles**** B) Cathode rays can be deflected by magnets C) An electron is 2000 times lighter than a hydrogen
  85. Art

    Which statement best describes the difference between preservation and restoration? 1. Preservation is lengthy while restoration is relatively quick. 2. Restoration involves chemicals, while preservation uses special containers. 3. (Preservation is a
  86. Social Studies Ms. Sue

    1. What was "king" and the main topic of conversation in the South? a. politics b. sugarcane c. cotton* d. slavery 2. Because many Southerners were unwilling to sell slaves to raise funds to build factories, they had no money to invest in businesses.
  87. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    1). How did the Reformation affect Northern Europe? A: The Reformation affected Northern Europe as it swept through Northern Europe, causing several different Protestant churches to take root there as well as most of the region to remain Protestant. 2).
  88. HSM210

    Mrs Sue, Sorry to keep bothering you ! I have once more corrected the four answers . Do you mind checking them again. I so hate these assignments as I have such a hard time. Thank you so much for looking over my answers for me. 8. The victims’ rights
  89. English1A- Critical Thinking and Writing

    Hi Miss Sue or anyone else. How is my introduction so for for my argumentative essay on Race and Culture? Society plays a big role on race and culture. Whether a person is black or white, Asian or Hispanic, there will always be that someone who will look
  90. Social Studies (please check Ms. Sue)

    1. Why were interstate highways initially built? a. to accommodate the increasing number of automobiles b. to make it easier for U.S. citizens to travel from state to state c. to enable the quick movement of troops in case of a nuclear attack*** d. to
  91. 7th grade math Ms. Sue please check

    1. Rename four-sevenths as a percent. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent if necessary. (1 point) 47% 1.8% 57.1% 28% 2. Rename .709 as a percent. (1 point) 709% 70.9% 79% 7.09% 3. If one-third is equivalent to 33thirty-three and one-third%, what
  92. Math Ms Sue please help me

    In the diagram, lines m and n are parallel. If m∠2 = 150°, find the measure of the following angles. lines m and n are parallel. If m∠2 = 150°, find the measure of the following angles 1. ∠4 = ? (1 point) 120º 50º 30º 150º 2.
  93. English

    Identify the correct sentence. A. The suspicious man in the black trench coat walked through the yard, across the street, and down the dark alley. B. The suspicious man in the black trench coat walked through the yard, crossed the street, and down the dark
  94. ct.

    MS. Sue , Thank for your response. Can you once more check to see if I have matched these (7) fallacy statements correctly . 1 . I don't care if she is the top psychiatrist in the state ! Her theory on sibling rivalry is extreme. How can we believe
  95. english

    I'm writing an essay for english are people with better jobs treated different. I think they are. I have written the essay but can't any sites that talks aboth this? I hope you've defined your terms in your essay. What do you mean by "better jobs?" Are
  96. to mrs. sue: essay cont.

    I wrote two of my paragraphs yesterday about how colleges do offer life skills but students have to apply it. These are my next two paragraphs and i was wondering if you can correct my grammar. An example of a class offered in college that benefits
  97. Math

    Hi Ms. Sue can you let me know if my answers are right? Anyone who can help check my answers will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! My answers are the ones with the *** after them. 1. –9x – 5 = –95 a. 17 b. 11 *** c. 10 d. –10 2. w over four – 4
  98. english

    can someone tell me the difference between prejudial and non-prejudial use of rhetoric? Posted by Ms. Sue on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 9:47am. Check these sites to help you answer your question. (Broken Link Removed)
  99. eth need some info.

    Ms. Sue, I have to write a 350 to 500 words essay , by doing a compare and contrast for the following. The problem is I am not too sure of the charactericts of each groups. please help. Descriptors Good neighbors, family oriented, oppressive to women, not
  100. social studies

    1. In which of the following areas is there a large concentration of American Indian and First Nations peoples? A. the interior west of the United States and Canada B. the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the United States and Canada--------- C. the Great


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