the fertile mouth of the nile river

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  1. social studies

    Why do most people in Southeast Asia live near river deltas and on volcanic islands? A. because of the abundant rainfall **** B. because of the fertile soil C. because of the isolation from invaders D. because of the mild climate conditions I think it is A

  2. Geography

    Drag and drop the physical features to match the geographic region in China.You are use some features more than once.North,east,and west.Gobi Himalayas coastal Plains or fertile river valleys.

  3. Social Studies

    Fill in the blank. Every year, the Nile River flooded, depositing (blank) in the Nile Delta and allowing crops to grow in Egypt's arid climate. A. Grains B. Irrigation C. Papyrus D. Silt

  4. Social Studies

    What drew Stephen Austin to this geographical area? A. the Rio Grande River B. affordable, fertile land C. proximity to New Orleans D. access to the Gulf of Mexico my answer is a

  5. Check my answers in history PLZ

    Who is "they" referred to in the following quotation? They also established a number system based on six, dividing the hour into 60 minutes and the circle into 360 degrees, as we still do today. A)The Akkadians B)The Sumerians* C)The Babylonians D)The

  6. History

    What did the ancient Indus Valley, Huang, and Nile civilizations have in common? a. they built pyramids to reach the gods b. they elected leaders using potsherds c. they developed and used gunpowder d. they began in fertile river valleys

  7. History

    Egypt’s Black Land was caused by ______________ A) The damming of the Nile River. B) Pollution created by farmers C) The deserts surrounding the Nile. D) Yearly flooding of the Nile. My guess,tutors, is er..... B?

  8. biology

    How might the damming of an river affect an estuary at the river's mouth

  9. Art History

    Egyptian civilization was “the gift of the Nile.” Which explanation best supports this statement? A. The Nile kept Egypt safe from intruders, provided a mode of transportation, and had mud for making homes. B. The Nile transported boats carrying huge

  10. Social studies

    The soil of the Nile river valley is best characterized as

  11. You already know-SS

    The majority of Egyptians live along the Nile River and Nile Delta because A) land is inexpensive there. B) arable land is located there. *** C) the pyramids are located there. D) important archaeological sites are there.

  12. chemistry

    while hiking near the mouth of the river, malcolm finds a fine grained that break into flat pieces. This an example of what type of rock? a)magna b)igneous c)matamorphic d)sedimentary

  13. Social Studies

    Which of the following statements about Egypt is correct? A. About half of Egypts land is desert B. Egypt has one of the smallest populations in North Africa. C. Most people in Egypt live near the Nile River D. Egypt gets much more rainfall than the rest

  14. history

    Why did the united states have greater claim to the are around the mouth of the columbia river than the british

  15. History

    which geographic features contributed most of the development of greek city states as independent rather than unified? A. River floods B. Mountains and islands C.harsh winter climate D. Fertile soil

  16. world geography

    multiple select These were the effects of glacial movement on the Nordic nations. 1) thousands of lakes 2) fertile river valleys 3) jagged coastline 4) North Atlantic Current 5) rocky soil can anyone help?


    In what areas of North Africa do the majority of the people live and why? I know that they live by the Nile river but why is what don't know plz help I have been doing everything only come here if it's important plz help thank you

  18. Algebra---Variation

    It is a variation problem. I know what the answer is and how to get to the answer I just don't know how I got it. From measurements on many rivers, geographers find that the length of a river that drains a particular "basin" of land is approximately

  19. History

    How did the Nile River impact ancient Nubia ?

  20. science

    would you expect more fertile land near the river in the mountains or on flat land

  21. Langston Hughes

    Why does Langston Hughes repeat the line, "I've known rivers," in the Poetry "The Negro Speaks of Rivers." The rivers are the Euphrates, Congo, Nile, and Mississippi river.

  22. check and see if correct

    Which organ is NOT a part of the digestive system? A. Esophagus B. Gallbladder C. Kidneys D. Mouth My answer would be mouth

  23. math

    the Nile River is the longest river in the world that 4160 miles a group of explorers travel along the entire now in xx days they traveled the same distance each day write an algebraic expression to find out each day's distance

  24. geography

    Which statement about the Nile River valley is not true?

  25. Physics

    Suppose at one point along the Nile River a ferryboat must travel straight across a 1.29-mile stretch from west to east. At this location, the river flows from south to north with a speed of 2.58 m/s. The ferryboat has a motor that can move the boat

  26. SS

    Can someone help me 1. What feature do the Arkansas River Valley and the Mississippi regions have in common Both have rugged, rocky terrain Both have rich, fertile soil good for farming Both were formed by a combination of erosion and deposition Both have

  27. Geography

    where is the mouth of the nile river located? Thanks!!1

  28. History

    The soil of the Nile River Valley is best characterized as fertile. dry. rocky barren.

  29. geography

    a delta is a: a.wid river mouth where tides are experienced b.long narrow arm of the sea resulting from the submergence of a glaciated valley piece of land at the mouth of a river,resulting from deposition by the river d.funnel-shaped drowned

  30. Geography

    Construction of the Aswan High Dam did not provide the Nubian people with the predicted agricultural benefits. forced the Nubian people to relocate from their traditional homelands. provided the Nubian people with water for their traditional homelands.

  31. social studies

    what was the nile river used for?

  32. World history

    During early civilizations why did most cities rise in river valleys? a.River valleys provided work to men who built dikes and canals b.People built cities on riverbanks for easy access to travel and trade goverment centers were located in

  33. social studies

    What is the largest river? a)red sea b)Nile c)tigris d)mediterranean sea This is a looooong list but keep scrolling. The Nile and Tigris rivers are there. And I wouldn't consider the red sea or the mediterranean sea as rivers.

  34. geography

    The Nile River delta empties into what body of water? I have looked on the map and my answer is the Mediterranean Sea. Is this correct?

  35. checking world geo

    I don't know the answer for.... Q1)which are closer to the equator, the nomads of the sahara or coffee growers of colombia?__________________. Ones i do know the answers for but need to make sure.... Q2)What mountain range is located between the black and

  36. World History

    What made the Fertile Crescent so fertile? A. imported crops brought by foreign traders B. moderate temperatures in the summer C. *** heavy snowfalls in winter D. silt deposited by annual flooding I think it may be C.

  37. math

    Todd's birthday has the same date as the number of letters in the mouth ( for example May 3). If his birthday is written in this form - mouth/day/14- and the sum of the mouth and the date is greater than the year (14), what is the probability that his

  38. geography

    the fertile mouth of the nile river

  39. math

    the nile river is the worlds longest river .let n sttand for the length in miles of the nile. th parana river is 3,030 miles long. write an expression to show how much longer the nile is than the panama.

  40. Socials

    I am having to do an essay on the River Nile. I am having a hard time finding the answers to some of the questions. I need to include in my essay these facts... 1)Where does the River Nile originate from? 2)Why doees the Nile overflow it's banks. 3)When

  41. World HIstory! hurry please

    How did the civilization that arose along the banks of the nile river differ from the civilizations of the fertile crescent?

  42. geography

    some information on Eygipt The Gift Of Nile The nile is the longest river in the world. Also the nile is used in every day life by many people. For exsample people use the nile for farming, and

  43. year 8 Geography

    In Geography i am learning about the River Tees.for my homework i need to do a project. The questions i need to answer are:- Q 1 ) How does the river tees effect the landscape on it`s journey from the source to the mouth? Q 2 )What process takes place in a


    Which Egyptian pharaoh built the most monuments? A. The damming nile river B. pollution created by farmers. C. The desert surrounding the Nile D. Yearly flood of the Nile

  45. social studies

    Which of these were a result of the Nile River's flooding? A. development of papermaking B. fertile soil C. development of surveying D. both B and C. I got D. Is this correct? Thanks!

  46. History

    Why was the Nile river called "the gift of the Nile"? I need three reasons, please. I will supply the supporting details and examples myself.

  47. World History Honors

    Hi! Can anyone help me with this assignment...? Using the primary source documents and information from your chapter, form a thesis that describes why Herodotus referred to Egypt the way he did (Why he referred to Egypt as the “gift of the Nile.”)

  48. geography

    Why is most farming in ancient and present day Egypt done along the Nile? My amswer- Because the Nile provided them with fertile land which helped them to grow their crops and raise their animals. The flooding would also coat the land with thick black mud

  49. Social Studies

    How did the Phoenicians use the Tigris and Euphrates River? How did the Ancient Egyptians use the Nile River?

  50. math

    The two longest rivers in the world are the Nile and the Amazon. Together, they are 8145 miles, with the Amazon being 145 miles shorter than the Nile. Find the length of each river.

  51. geography

    1. The mouth of the Parana River is located in Argentina. In what country can its source be found? Brazil 2. In what ocean do 20 degrees S latitude and 80 degrees E longitude intersect? The Indian Ocean 3. Land formed by soil deposited at the mouth of a

  52. History

    Louis Joliet and Father Marqutte journeyed down the Mississippi river to the mouth of the Arkansas river. They did not travel further down the river because? A.they ran out of good B. They finsihed their planned journey. C.Many of their crew members died

  53. Social Studies

    In what present-day countries can the sites of your civilizations be found? My Civilizations are Indus River and Nile River

  54. geography

    what is a narrow arm of the sea at the mouth of a river where the ocean tide meets the river current called?

  55. Social Studies

    What bordered the Gupta Empire to the north? 1. Ganges River 2. India 3. Himalaya*** 4. Bay of Bengal The Hindu Kush are near which river? 1. Ganges 2. Nile 3. Arabian 4. Indus**** Please check my answers Ms.Sue please

  56. college western civ.


  57. college western civ.

    opps sorry. south west asia- tirist euphraties north africa- nile river valley indus valley yellow river valley what do they all have in common? how do you know? thanks

  58. Social Studies

    Upper and Lower Egypt Long, long ago, Egypt was divided. There were two kingdoms in Egypt. They were called Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. Lower Egypt was the land around the mouth of the Nile River in northern Egypt. Upper Egypt was in the south. It is

  59. World history

    What civilization formed around the Nile river

  60. Social Studies

    What did the Ancient Egyptians use the Nile River for?

  61. world history

    what year did the Egyptians settle along the Nile river?


    The Nile River supports Egyptian agriculture by

  63. social

    was the nile river part of the Babylonian empire?

  64. social studies

    how did the Nile river and the sorrounding area help protect egypt

  65. science

    what makes a river valley fertile

  66. science

    The point where a river enters a lake or sea is a_____. a) basin b) tributary c) river mouth d) strait Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) b or c but im strongly going with c but i could be wrong though

  67. English

    1. He is in the river. [For example, half of his body is in the water. Or he is swimming in the river. He may be enjoying scub-diving in the river.] 2. He is on the river. [He is rowing a boat on the river. He is floating down on a log on the river. He may

  68. college Western Civ. answer

    That the tigris amd euphrates are in mesopotamia and the nile river is in egypt

  69. Geography

    What led to the end of Egypt's power in the Nile River valley

  70. History

    How did early people deal with the seasonal flooding of the Nile river? Please help ASAP!!!

  71. Math

    The lengths of two rivers are given in the table. About how many times as long is the Nile River (4,160) as the Monongahela? (128)

  72. Scocial sudies

    How can air masses affect the nile river lower africa wouldnt the mountains protect it?

  73. social studies

    describe the series of events that led to the end of egypt's power in the nile river valley

  74. Science

    Where are most of Africa’s major lakes located in or near? A.the Namib B.the Kalahari C.the Nile River D.The Great Rift Valley

  75. Social Studies

    So, I have a portfolio and I don't understand the questions. My rivers/valleys are the Nile river and Mesopotamia. 1. In what present-day countries can the sites of your civilizations be found?

  76. social studies

    Why do mast people who live in north Africa live along Nile river

  77. geography

    In the river tees is the upper course at the begining where the source is and the lower course where the mouth is? thanks


    Where along a river does deposition most often occur? A)along the manks B)at the mouth C)in a tributary D)in a meander My answer is B,am i right?

  79. social studies

    what is the black soil along the Nile River Indians puke. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "Nile 'black soil'" to get these possible sources:

  80. Year 8 geography

    i need to label a picture of a river. the mouth and other parts. does anyone know any good websites that can help me a labelled diagram would be helpful thanks for your help!

  81. Geography

    I need to write about the river tees AND about the source to mouth. Please please help me :( I have to redo do it by monday and I can only use the computer for 30 more minutes! Please F'ing help ME.

  82. Social Studies

    What was the great arc from the eastern shore of the mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "great arc Persian Gulf" to get these possible sources:

  83. Geography

    Which river doesnt cross the Trans- siberian Railway route? - the Ob River - the Amur River - the Ural River - the Dniper River Thanx!!!

  84. Geography

    i need to label a diagram of the drainage basin of the River Tees. the words i have got to use are:- Tributary Mouth Confluence Source Reservoir Also i need to colour the diagram to show the relief of the drainage basin. A)Shade the river and its

  85. world history

    what made the fertile crescent so fertile? a. imported crops brought by foreign traders b. moderate temperatures in the summer c. heavy snowfalls in winter d. silt deposited by annual flooding

  86. History

    What made the Fertile Crescent so fertile? A. imported crops brought by foreign traders B. moderate temperatures in the summer C. heavy snowfalls in winter D. silt deposited by annual flooding

  87. Social Studies

    What made the Fertile Crescent so fertile? A) imported crops brought by foreign traders B) moderate temperatures in the summer C) heavy snowfalls in winter D) silt deposited by annual flooding

  88. Capitals in Sentences

    For my geography paper I am talking about the diseases of Foot and Mouth Disease, Smallpox, and Spanish Influenza. Throughout my paper I am not sure whether I should be capitalizing these words or keeping them lower case. example sentences below: - This

  89. world history

    What are at least 6 themes about the Nile River Valley Civilization? and what do those themes have to do with the river valley civilization?

  90. U.S. History

    What can you infer about what Lewis and Clark saw as they moved west from the Mississippi River? A. The land on the east coast was more fertile than the land in the west coast B. The landscape rose sharply and then flattened as they went farther west C.

  91. physics

    A Nile cruise ship takes 21.7 h to go upstream from Luxor to Aswan, a distance of 208 km, and 19.4 h to make the return trip downstream. Assuming the ship's speed relative to the water is the same in both cases, calculate the speed of the current in the

  92. Physics

    A Nile cruise ship takes 21.7 h to go upstream from Luxor to Aswan, a distance of 208 km, and 20.3 h to make the return trip downstream. Assuming the ship's speed relative to the water is the same in both cases, calculate the speed of the current in the

  93. History

    The Atakapans occupied the region from the Sabine river to the A. San Jacinto river*** B. Red river C. Colorado river D. Trinity river Both the Karankawa and Atakapans relied heavily on which resources? A.rival groups and shellfish*** C.settlers

  94. Social Studies

    Please help I'm having a really hard time with these questions thank you The A) Chang River B) Huang River C) Yangtze River D) Xi River is especially important to China's early history. Winds from the Gobi Desert blow A) sand B) dikes C) oracle bones D)

  95. social studies

    ineed the location of egypt this is what i wrote so far, Ancient Egypt, civilization that thrived along the Nile River in northeastern Africa for more than 3,000 years, from about 3300 BC to 30 BC. It was the longest-lived civilization of the ancient

  96. Physics

    16. A Nile cruise ship takes 21. 0 h to go upstream from Luxor to Aswan, a distance of 208 km, and 19.8 h to make the return trip downstream. Assuming the ship’s speed relative to the water is the same in both cases, calculate the average speed of the

  97. geography

    1. In what direction does the Nile River flow? The river flows North. 2.Paris,France, is southeast of the itersection of ? degree(s) longitude and ? degree(s) latitude? 0 degrees longitude and 50 degrees latitude 3. Does Mexico have more coastline on the


    1)The branches of rivers within a delta are called:(a)tributaries(b)confluences(c)distributaries(d)meanders 2)All of the following are conditions that m,ust be met so that deltas may form except:(a)steep drop in the sea floor(b)area protected from strong

  99. World History

    Write a paragraph that describes the Fertile Crescent and why the region was called the Fertile Crescent. In your paragraph, be sure to describe its location and what made it an ideal place for the rise of civilizations.


    who discovered the mississippi river? Although the Mississippi river was discovered in its lower course by Hernando de Soto in 1541, and possibly by Alonso Alvarez de Pineda in 1519, Europeans were not yet prepared to use the discovery, and two Frenchmen,


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