1. Science

    A swimmer that pushes the water back with feet and arms what is the reaction force? What is the action force? What will happen to the movement of the swimmer as they push the water back? If the swimmer exerts 5 n of force on the water how much force does
  2. Math

    1. What is the hypothesis of the following conditional statement? If we walk home from school, it takes 30 minutes. A) We walk home from school. B) It takes 30 minutes. C) We do not walk home from school. D) We walk. Is the answer B? I'm sorry if I'm
  3. English

    1. What time do you go to bed? - I go to bed at 10 p.m. 2. When is your bed time? - It is 10 p.m. 3. What is your bed time? - It is 10 p.m. 4. What present did you receive on your birthday? 5. What did you receive on your birthday? 6. Which gift did you
  4. Spanish

    Can someone please check my work? Answer the following questions about yourself in a comlete sentence. 1. ¿Qué pides muchas veces como plato principal? Yo pido muchas veces el pollo como plato principal. 2. ¿Qué piden tus amigos como plato principal?
  5. college

    Assignment Testing a Theory Write at least 300 words describing a time when you had to test a theory. This theory may be something you have tested at work, school, or even at home. Answer the following questions in your summary: • What type of informal
  6. archeology

    I have a number of questions.Please answer as many as possible according to your expertise. 1.I have seen for sale fossils of ginger and garlic in an antiquity shop.They look like ginger/garlic but is rock hard. The price is about $8 each,which seems to be
  7. Physics

    Can someone please check my answers for the first three questions and help me with the last one? 1)A racecar accelerates from rest at +7.2 m/s2 for 4.1 seconds. How fast will it be going at the end of that time? Answer: 29.5 m/s 2)A racecar starts from
  8. English

    This is one proposal that will definitely anger some people: Everyone should have a pet. There should be a law that makes sure everyone will get a pet or give a legitimate reason why they cannot. There are almost infinite arguments to favor owning animals,
  9. English

    This is one proposal that will definitely anger some people: Everyone should have a pet. There should be a law that makes sure everyone will get a pet or give a legitimate reason why they cannot. There are almost infinite arguments to favor owning animals,
  10. Math; Solve by Graphing

    Which description best describes the solution to the following system of equations? y = −x + 4 y = 3x + 3 Line y = −x + 4 intersects the line y = 3x + 3. Lines y = −x + 4 and y = 3x + 3 intersect the x-axis. Lines y = −x + 4 and y =
  11. biology

    I am absolutly 100% biology stupid... I don't understand it, it is like a foriegn language to me... this is my questions. What are some of the benefits of squeezing so much data into virtually every cell in the body? · Why did humans not evolve with one
  12. English- Ms. Sue

    I asked these 2 questions yesterday and Writeacher answered but was unsure, could you please take a look at them. 3. Which excerpt from William Wordsworth's "The World Is Too Much With Us" is most explicitly critical of modern life? A.) "We have given our
  13. English

    Choose the correct form of the pronoun in parentheses in each of the following sentences. 1. Tiger Woods is a role model for (we, us) golfers. 2. Miss Jefferson, (we, us) students want to thank you for all your help. 3. (We, Us) contestants shook hands
  14. social studies help???

    ive been stuck on these 2 questions for a while can you answer them ?? Farmers in the north face which problem that those in the southern region do not ? A. infrequent rain limits plant growth B. the worst pollution in the country is found here. C. they
  15. Physics

    Could someone please help me with these questions. . . 1. Why are there positive and negative electrical charges, while magnetic poles always seem to be bound together? 2.If two resistors are connected in parallel, how do you know that their effective
  16. Physics

    Three huskies are pulling a dog sled. The mass of the driver, sled and supplies is 145 kg. Snowy is pulling with a force of 83 N and 15.5degrees to the left of forward. Buster is pulling with a force of 75 N at 9degrees right of forward and Prince is
  17. Chemistry

    For this question, I know how to answer the first three questions, but not the rest. 12ml 0.025 M of benzoic acid (Ka=6.3x10-5)is titrated with 0.050 M NaOH. How many moles of benzoic acid are there? I got 0.0003 What volume of NaOH is required?(L) I got
  18. chemistry

    i had 2 question left to finish but i cant really undersdand how to do it 9)design an elextrochemical cell using Pb(s) and Mn(s) and theire solutions and answer the following questions: i answerd a-i all that is left is j which is: indicate the substance
  19. Math

    1.Bryan needs a new backpack. He compares the prices of three different backpacks at a local store to find the best deal. Which purpose of money is Bryan demonstrating? 1.Unit of account. (2.Store of value.) 3.Acceptance of payment 4.medium of exchange.
  20. English

    I need help on this story it be called Invitations by Carol Shields, I not able to post story on here but if you go to google and type in search box : invitations by carol shields on monday she looked in her mailbox a books google search come up that be
  21. MATH

    A forensic psychologist studying the accuracy of a new type of polygraph (lie detector) test instructed a participant ahead of time to lie about some of the questions asked by the polygraph operator. On average, the current polygraph test is 75% accurate,
  22. economics

    essay on staff apraisal in an organisation What kind of organization? Large, small? Profit-making or non-profit? What are the duties of the staff? Who does the appraisals? What criteria does the appraiser use? Efficiency? Use of time? Cordial relations
  23. Physics, Math, Electronics

    PROBLEM: A typical 12-volts battery is rated according to "ampere-hrs". A 70-Ampere-hour battery for example, at a discharge rate of 3.5-Ampere has a life of 20 hrs. Questions: a.) assuming the voltage remains constant, obtain the energy and power
  24. Math

    Can someone show me how to solve these questions. A plane is is flying 240 mph heading N60°E. The wind is blowing S30°E at 30 mph.   6. What is ground speed of the plane?    The ground speed of the plane is 266.40. 7. What is the smallest angle in the
  25. cjs210

    Will someone please help me find a website to find the answer to these questions? • Throughout policing history, what has been the role of women and minorities? How has the role of women and minorities changed over time? How has this role change affected
  26. English/Grammar

    I have an English 10 Summer Assignment about grammar and such. One of the questions is: In the following sentence, which words are verbs? Melissa was worried about her job interview. a. was, worried b. worried c. worried, about I know that it's not c., and
  27. math

    You are hired by your local member of parliament to conduct a survey on unemployment, crime, taxes and mail delivery. You make up a question on each topic for your survey sheet. If the questions are arranged in random order on the sheet, find the
  28. Physics

    At 10:00hrs a 1.5- m-long vertical stick in air casts a shadow 1.4 m long. If the same stick is placed at 10:00hrs in air in a flat bottomed pool of salt water half the height of the stick, how long is the shadow on the floor of the pool? (For this pool, n
  29. Physics

    SEQUENCE of questions: 1)A typical steel B-string in a guitar resonates at its fundamental frequency at 240 Hertz. The length of the string is 0.620 m. What is the wave velocity along the string? Find your answer in m/s MY ANSWER 148.8m/s? 2)The tension in
  30. physics

    You hit a 0.2 kg golf ball up at 40o from the horizontal. It travels for 4.86 s and stops on an elevated green 10 m above its initial height traveling down at an angle of 35.4o below the horizontal. What is the total impulse on the golf ball when it hits
  31. Elem. Ed.

    Please let me know if you agree with my answers to these two questions. 1.Hannah's mother said,"Hannah is such a "pencil-and-paper" kid." It is likely that Hannah: A. will be an artist. B. will learn to write,forming her letters perfectly. C. will be a
  32. Algebra-Mathmate or Reiny or Dr. Bob, please check

    I have two short questions which I think I know the answer-could you please check? If I write log(b)x - 2log(b)y as a single logarithm it would be log(b) x/y^2, correct? If not please help and Is the function f(x) = 1/x a exponential function -I think it
  33. biology / CELEISTINE

    describe the genetics of the huntigton disease a. what chromosomes are affected? b. is it a result on translocation/ c. is it a sex-linked? d. does it skip a generation 3. waht are the cause of huntington disaese? how does it occur ? is it preventable ?
  34. Ksp/Ka Questions-Chem

    I really don't understand how to set this up. Any help is really appreciated! I really don't quite understand how to set up a caluculation to figure out whether a precipitate will form and i'm struggling with the second half too! When 25.75 mL of 0.00826 M
  35. Early Childhood Literacy

    I need some input on these questions. If you feel I'm wrong-please let me know. Thanx for helping! 1.Which one of the following would NOT be typical communication for a three- year-old? A. "That's scary!" B. "I'm hungry." C. "Nobody likes carrots!" D. "I
  36. english

    what does structure mean when writing an essay on ballads If you mean structure of the essay, that refers to how you organize your paragraphs within your paper. Are you following a comparison/contrast pattern? Are you explicating the poem? What you are
  37. math

    PROBLEM TYPE YOUR SOLUTIONS HERE Section 3.1 pp. 219-222 #18 Add. Write the answer in lowest terms. Section 3.1 pp. 219-222 #38 Evaluate the following. Write the answer in lowest terms. 9-3=13 13+ 7 = 16 Section 3.1 pp. 219-222 #44 44. Number problem. One
  38. Physical Science

    I've answered these two questions and need someone to check them for me: 1.Describe two characterisitics that light and sound have in common. Ans- They both transfer energy [and I need help thinking of a second one] 2.Describe two ways in which light and
  39. science again last question

    Can a chemical characteristic for the element Neon be that it is toxic to the air? thanks agian and that's the last question!! thank you!!! I'd say not. Try the chemical or physical properties listed here:
  40. Psychology

    So my class watch this movie called Boys Do Not Cry (Boys Don't Cry) and now i have two write a 7 page paper. I am having some difficulties trying to answer this questions Please help me giving some ideas of what i could write. •Describe the socio-sexual
  41. Psychology

    So my class watch this movie called Boys Do Not Cry (Boys Don't Cry) and now i have two write a 7 page paper. I am having some difficulties trying to answer this questions Please help me giving some ideas of what i could write. •Describe the socio-sexual
  42. chem

    i was reading a safety guide book and it asked one of the following questions. Which of the following safety precautions is necessary for the 'Preparation of a Complex Iron Salt' experiment? A. 3% H2O2 is a mild oxidizing agent avoid contact with the skin.
  43. Chemistry

    Experiment 1: A has .20 M, B has .20 M and the initial rate is 2.0*10^-4M/min Experiment 2: A has .20 M, B has .40 M, and the initial rate is 8.0*10^-4M/min Experiment 3: A has .40 M, B has .40 M, and the initial rate is 1.6*10^-3M/min Using the data
  44. math CA

    1. What are the next two terms in each sequence? 2, 4, 8, 14, 22, … (2 points) 30, 38 30, 40 32, 44 32, 46 2. What are the next two terms in each sequence? 1.3, 2.4, 3.5, 4.6, … (2 points) 5.7, 6.8 5.8, 6.9 6.7, 7.8 7.8, 8.9 3. For questions 3–4, use
  45. Cultural Anthropology

    Hello I'm looking for some resources to use to help me anser the following essay questions.... 1. provide a description of gender equality as it exists in different cultures with 2 examples. describe my own culture and relate to one of the examples i
  46. Math

    When estimating distances from a table of velocity data, it is not necessary that the time intervals are equally spaced. After a space ship is launched, the following velocity data is obtained. Use these data to estimate the height above the Earth's
  47. Ionic compounds Scinece

    3. What happens to the change on individual ions when they form ions? 11. Write the names of the two ions in each of the following compounds. (C) Na2O (E) Na3PO4 (G) NH4OH (H) Ca (NO3)2 8. Use the tables of metals, non-metals, and polyatomic ions and the
  48. Algebra please help!

    I'm very confused with what I'm learning about right now. We are kind of talking about slopes, functions, graphs, etc. Today, my teacher taught about midpoint and distance, and did not explain very well at all. Would someone please explain to me how to
  49. reading/writing

    I have to pick a creative selection such as a painting, political cartoon, or lyrics form a song, poem etc, and I need to complete the following. 1. What observations I can make about this selection 2. What questions can I develop form these observations
  50. math

    n/3+5>4 what is the answer. 3 a-4 less than or equal to 5 What is the answer 25>1-3 d 2 y-2<14 5 z greater than or equal to -75 x/-10>6 you have to read 150 pages and you already read 82 you have to read p many pages more. how many more do you
  51. English

    1. What was their job? 2. They worked at a bakery. 3. He worked at a bakery, and she worked for a bank. 4. What were their jobs? 5. He worked at a bakery, and she worked for a bank. 6. They worked at a bakery. (Will you look at the questions and answers?
  52. math

    Point E(0, -2) is a vertex of square DEFG. After a 90* clockwise rotation of the square about the origin, which of the following is the location of E? A. (-2,0) B. (2,0) C. (2,2) D. (0,2) Point D(-3,5) is a vertex of triangle DEF. After rotation of the
  53. Science

    1. Consider a neutral atom that has 17 electrons A.) how many protons does it have b.) what is it's atomic number c.)which element is it 2. List the following for an atom with 33 protons and 42 neutrons a.) the name of the element b.) the atomic number
  54. SUMS?

    what is the sum of the first towo odd numbers? what s the sum of the first three odd numbers? what is the sum of the first 4,5 and 25 odd numbers? what is the sum of any number (n) of odd numbers? explain your reasoning. IM SORRY I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE
  55. math 2 questions!!!

    7. Find the slope of a line that is parallel to the line containing the points (3, 4) and (2, 6). (1 point) m = 1 m = 2 m = –2 m = 1/2 8. Find the slope of a line that is perpendicular to the line containing the points (–2, –1) and (2, –3). (1
  56. Science

    I need some help with these questions. Why is there no electric field at the center of a charged spherical conductor? Does an electric field exist within a charged spherical conductor at points other than its center?
  57. English/Literature

    1. Identify the antecedents for the bolded pronouns for questions 1 + 2. The voters were worried about "their" money and "their" future. future money voters worried 2. The New Deal did not end the depression but "it" did lessen the financial hardships of
  58. Tax Questions

    Ms. Pinellla contributed property (adjusted basis $50,000, FMV $84,000) to Price Inc. in exchange for 200 shares of its stock (FMV=$74,000) and $10,000 cash. This exchange qualified under Section 351. Her adjusted basis in the Price stock is?
  59. Geography (Ms. Sue)

    4). What European countries had colonies in the Caribbean? 5). Which European country settled most of Central America? My answers to these questions are the following: 4). Spain, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Denmark had colonies in the Caribbean.
  60. Math

    1) When will the dependent variable in the equation y=√x+4-3 equal or exceed to 4? A) x > or equal to -0.17 B) x > or equal to 45 C) x > or equal to 48 D) x > or equal to 53 2) The function t=√d/16 models the time (t) in seconds
  61. calculus please help asap

    true or false questions: a)The derivatives of the reciprocal trigonometric functions can be found using the chain rule and their related base functions. b) A sinusoidal function can be differentiated only if the independent variable is measured in radians.
  62. MATH

    1. Terre Haute to Indianapolis to Bloomington measures 3 cm on the map. What is the actual distance? 100 km 150 km 200 km 250 km 2. Fort Wayne to Richmond to New Albany measures 6 cm on the map. What is the actual distance? (1 point) 300 km 250 km 350 km
  63. retail pharmacy assistant

    1)a customer's first impression is based on the pharmacy assistants ? a)overall appearance b)grammar c)tone of voice d)vocabulary my answer is b 2)besides the dispensing of drugs,the main purpose of pharmacy today is to ? a)sell a variety of retail
  64. Sociology

    Okay... here's the assignment. I've been trying this for a week and I'm screwed. Spend 30 minutes on each of these sites and answer the following questions in a 3-5 page paper, APA style. pchrgaza (dot) ps memri (dot) org/archives (dot) html In this
  65. Explanation of Maths Question

    Can someone please explain what does these questions mean? Design a wine glass that uses at least 5 different equations to form the outline of the shape. At least half of your equations must be curves. It is easier if the design is done with the glass on
  66. english

    Homework Help Forum: brain teaser help Current Questions | Post a New Question Answer this Question | Further Reading Posted by sam on Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 3:34pm. try to find the error. I couldn't; it's very hard. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S
  67. Organic Chemistry lab

    So we did a preparation of t-pentyl Chloride experiment in class the other day using t-pentyl alcohol, HCL, Aqueous sodium Bicarbonate, and calcium chloride as the drying agent. Little confused on a few of these questions Why is calcium chloride used as
  68. Microeconomics

    A couple of assignment questions: Assume that the market for annual physical check-ups is in equilibrium, and not everyone gets an annual physical check-up. What is the effect on price and quantity if a government regulation fixes prices at the current
  69. physics/physical science

    I have multiple questions like the following and need help on how to work out the answer of one because our book does not cover impulse. a car is at rest when it experiences a fwd propulsion force to set it in motion. it then experiences a second fwd
  70. Physics

    Can someone help me with these questions? I don't want the answers just some direction in how to solve them. A motorcycle at a stoplight takes 4.22 seconds to accelerate to 28.0 m/s after the light turns green. What is its average acceleration? An object
  71. questions

    1.) Why are there usually two solutions in quadratic equations? 2.) Under what situation would one or more solutions of a rational equation be unacceptable? If putting the found "solution" cannot be put back into the original equation without violating
  72. trig

    please help me with some questions I skipped on a review for our test coming up? solve 5-7 on the interval 0 greater than or equal to x less than or equal to 2pi. 5. sin x=sqrt3/2 6. cos x=-1/2 7. tan x=0 ---------------- 14. what is the exact value of
  73. As physics

    Please help and do it step by step all parts of questions and use: T = time(s) I=current (amps) Q=net charge on object (Coulombs) N=no electrons (and write if added or removed from object and how) E=elementary charge Two copper wires of diameter 1 mm and 2
  74. Algebra

    Since 2000, world population in millions closely fits the exponential function y=6084e^0.0120x (everything after the ^ is an exponent) where x is the number of years since 2000. Answer the following questions: 1.The world population was about 6853 million
  75. Chemistry

    I have two questions: 1. A sample of 10.7 g of CO reacts completely with O2 to form CO2. How many grams of CO2 will be formed? 2. Urea (NH2)2CO is prepared by reacting ammonia with carbon dioxide. The byproduct is water. 637.2 g of ammonia are reacted with
  76. Math

    Here are 5 questions I cannot figure out 1. Is every parallelogram a square? 2.Is every rhombus a square? 3. Is every square a rhombus? 4. Is every rectangle a parallelogram? 5. Is every rectangle a rhombus? Thank you so much for answering
  77. Philosophy/Social Ethics

    Any guidance as to where find answers to the following questions or any related ones would be super. Would a market for procuring organs lead to commodification of the human body? What do we do when there are not enough organs to meet demand? Do people who
  78. math

    The following table gives the cost and revenue, in dollars, for different production levels, q. Answer the questions below. q 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 R(q) 0 450 900 1350 1800 2250 2700 C(q) 670 865 990 1095 1255 1820 2590 1. The fixed costs are dollars
  79. English

    Can you please check these other questions, too? Thank you very much. 1) What characterized the 18-century novel? 2) How did the writer achieve the ideal of realism in the 18-century novel? 3) Refer briefly to the structure of Defoe's novel? 4) What kind
  80. math 115

    i am trying to find this answer there are 3 questions. 1. micheal kept the following records of her phone bills for 12 months: $47, $42, $56, $46, $63, $49, $47, $40, $58, $63, $51, $62 Find the mean and median of michael's monthly phone bills. A) mean:
  81. English

    Can someone please help me answer these questions and check question 1 please? Thank you. 1) How can words or stories connect generations? Words can allow stories to go through and be passes from generation to generation. 2) How can interactions between
  82. chemistry

    A reaction mixture is in a 5.4 L flask at 25 oC initially contains only 7.64 grams of acetic acid. (CH3COOH). Set up your I.C.E. table and use it to answer the following questions. HINT: You will need to look up the Ka for this equilibrium reaction.
  83. math

    using coins from home, build a design with mirror symmetry on student sheet 5, Half and half. Then answer the following questions.Build side A of your design on one side of the sheet, hal and half. Amount of $ side a is worth and how much the whole design
  84. 2 Math Questions

    1) What do you do to check whether a number is rational or irrational? Use an example of a rational and an irrational number. 2) How does finding the square root [√] of a number compare to finding the cube root [^3√] of a number? Use the number
  85. french

    Rewrite the following statements using negation. 1.) Il parle espagnol. 2.) J'etudie Change the following statements in questions using inversion. 1.) Vous jouez au foot. 2.) Marie est ici. The following sentence is written using the "est-ce que"
  86. math

    After looking at the results from questions 1, and 2. Seth realizes that a 2% return in a certificate of deposit will never allow him to reach his goal of $1 million in 10 years. Presuming his apartment will indeed be worth $400,000 in 10 years, compute
  87. chemistry

    can some one help me with a few chem questions please. A chunk of iron weighs 4.32 g. a) How many iron atoms are there in this sample? 55.85 g Fe = 1.00 mol Fe = 6.022 x 1023 atoms Fe b) How many moles of iron are there in this sample? 2. . You have a
  88. Geometry

    Use the figure of a square pyramid to answer the following questions. a.) Find the total surface area of the pyramid. b.) Find the volume of the pyramid. Do not answer them. I know How to find the answer. Surface Area is squared right?
  89. Early Child Ed.

    Would you please check these questions and my answer to make sure I have chosen the best possible choice? 1. A prone board is used for: A. positioning the child B. helping a child sleep C. encouraging a baby to sit up D. moving a child place to place 2.
  90. math questions

    WORD PROBLEM: Tims tet grades in french were: 86,96,88,91 what score must Tim make on his next test to average 92? a 89 b 93 c 97 d 99 I said 99. because when you add all numbers its 460/5 = 92 2) the water level indicator measures the rise and fall in
  91. math

    he table below shows the number of deaths in the U.S. in a year due to a variety of causes. For these questions, assume these values are not changing from year to year, and that the population of the United States is 312 million people. table: Cause Deaths
  92. business law

    please help me to do my assignment 1.describe my business? (I choose restaurent business? 2.iedntify 1 contract required for this business ?Describe the use and importanceof this contract to my nominated business 3.identify and explain the elements of this
  93. Cost Accounting

    Please explain: You are preparing a short presentation for a group who wants learn performance reporting issues. One question that was raised during the discussion is about measuring variances when the actual output (or activity) does not match with the
  94. Ethnic

    • Write a 700- to 1,050-word essay in which you answer the following questions: 1. What distinguishes African American Muslims from other practicing Muslims in the United States? 2. How has the immigration of Muslims and Arabs been influenced by the
  95. maximum and minimum problems when function unknown

    Hi, can anyone please help me with this problem, i have no idea what to do! The question is: a window frame is in the shape of a semicircle joined to a rectangle. Find the macimum area of a window using 300 cm of framework. i can usually solve these sorts
  96. Social Studies

    I need some help with some questions from my civic's homework! It's about the Articles of Confederation 1. How are delegates selected for Congress? My answer: Delegates were selected for Congress by being appointed by the legislatures of each State. 2.
  97. Crt/205 Critical Thinking

    I need help with this assignment: Argument Evaluation DUE: Day 7 Points: 100 · Read the essay “Bush’s Environmental Record” by Bob Herbert found in the “Appendix 1”, pgs. 461-462. To find this, click on the “Controlling Irrational Fears after
  98. Probability

    Mary took a 20 question multiple-choice exam where there are 4 choices for each question and only 1 of those choices is correct. Rather than reading the question, Mary simply puts a random choice of answer down for each question. Determine the probability
  99. Chemistry(Please answer, thanks)

    I have to answer the following questions about C3H7Cl: Are there different constitutional isomers for this formula, are there different cis/trans isomer, and are there different conformers? I know that C3H7Cl can be drawn two ways: H-C-C-C-Cl With H's
  100. math(HELP PLEASE)

    can someone please answer these 2 questions please..with the work and answer,ive been stuck on for a while and just wanna sleep but thanks. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Indicate which option is