1. Language Arts

    I left my McMillian text book for language arts in school today and I have homework on page 2 and 3. I'm in the 6th grade does anyone have that book. I really really need those questions. I don't know if this gives page numbers that correspond with your
  2. Spanish

    We are working withdirect object pronouns and we had to answer these questions with the use of the direct object pronoun.It's a conversation between two people-one asking-one answering Are they correct? I'm really not sure- 1. First person: ¿Practicas la
  3. Japanese langauge help

    I have marked my answer with a ★, if I am wrong could you please give me the correct choice and explain if you will? I was really confused on these types of questions. Comparative sentences usually use the words: "ほう" and "方"? True
  4. Lab Questions

    1. Use the Van der Waals equation to calculate the pressure exerted by 1.00 mol of Cl2; in 22.41 L at 0.0 degrees C. The constants for Cl are a = 6.49 L2 atm/mol2 and b = 0.0526 L/mol. 2. How much potassium chlorate is needed to produce 20.0 mL of oxygen
  5. Algebra

    Maybe that was to confusing...we have a data sheet to fill out - 2 questions with simple interest and 2 with compound interest. I just need the simple interest help: Prob. #1 Find the total amount if you deposit $500. at a rate of 5% for two years using
  6. Physics

    I've been stuck on this questions for 2 days A 7.2-kg bowling ball traveling at a speed of 3.5 m/s collides with a 1.2-kg bowling pin at rest. After the collision, the pin moves with a speed of 3.0 m/s at an angle of 60° with respect to the original
  7. physics

    lots of questions 1) a 2N and 6N force pull on an object to the right and a 4N force pulls to the left a 0.5 kg object what is the net force on the object 2)a 20mkg bike accelerates at 10m/s2 with what force was the person pedaling 3)if a person is pushing
  8. Chemistry

    We did a lab for acid-base titrations, and I'm having trouble with my post lab questions because I had trouble with acid-base reactions and titrations in the first place! "Calculate the molar amounts of NaOH used in the reaction with the HCl solution and
  9. American National Government

    I have a few questions that I need help with, not necessarily the answer but some advice. I need to do a paper about federal bureaucracy. In this paper I need to talk about what red tape means, how much Congress is to blame for the bureaucratic red tape,
  10. Science 9 PLEESE HELP

    i need help on these questions so pleese help me! 1. a.) name the structures of the male reproductive system that sperm do not travel through. b.) what is the name given to these structures? 2. Name the other body system that the penis is part of 3. why do
  11. probability

    A jar contains 3 red balls and 2 green balls. You draw one ball at random. Determine the probability of selecting a. red b. green c. blue d. red or green p.s: the reason I am asking this questions is because we never learned about it in class and I don't
  12. Banking

    Here's a few questions I'm stuck on... What makes a stock liquid? A. the reputation and financial strength of the corporations that issue them. B. the fact that a secondary market exists for publicly traded stocks. C. the fact that they are generally short
  13. English

    Q7. Write down the name of the person who says to Prospero, "Stop the storm." A: Miranda. Q8. What does Prospero call to attack Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban? A: He calls some spirit dogs. * Listen carefully and mark an O if the statement is true. If
  14. PLz!!!My teacher gave me 10 more min.so plz help!!

    I really need help!! My advice is to spend some time reading our answers and less time pleading for more help. The time you take to type a plea for more help can be used for following our suggestions. DrBob222 is right. Graphing is very important, and we
  15. Urgent everything

    Answer as many possible please! 12X13+167-34X56X47= What does bipartite graph mean? When was Judy Blume born? How is 2 negative 1 equals 0? Is Sheila a german name? Thats some hard questions for a year four like me.PLEASE HELP ME For your Sheila question:
  16. Preschool Creative Thinking and Arts Based Learnin

    Supporting "possibility thinking" means teachers are encouraging children to: a. first solve problems and follow directions, then "think outside the box." b. not merely solve problems but find them, then pose "what if" questions in their minds. c. play
  17. Re: social studys

    Im the girl qho just asked about my 2-3 page essay. Its based on this "explain and describe how geographers use thier tools to interpret geographic questions. Remember, i'm in 7th grade. (ms.sue) my teacher said that its based on out notes and its
  18. Esol

    hi . I did my test yesterday and now trying to see if my answer were rights about some questions I'm bad at grammer. thanks alot if you helping me jiskha com 1-It will take a lot more than that to make --- run that far.me / i / myself/mine I chose i bc
  19. Ion Charge & Formulas of Ionic Compounds

    Can you please take a look at my questions. Thank you very much. 1.classify the law of definite proportions. In specific proportions, A type of compound always contains the same elements. Is this good? Any other info would be greatly appreciated. 2.how do
  20. AStronomy/ Math

    I do not understand how to do one of my online homework questions: What is the Schwarzschild radius of a 100 million-solar-mass black hole? The mass of the Sun is about 2 × 1030 kg, and the formula for the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole of mass M
  21. Logarithm help please

    The intensity, I, of light passing through water can be modelled by the equation I=10^1-0.13, where x is the depth of water in metres. Most aquatic plants require a light intensity of 4.2 units for strong growth. Determine the depth of water at which most
  22. Algebra

    you are about to take a test that contain questions of type A worth 4 points and of type B worth 7 points. You must answer at least 5 of type A and 3 of type B, but time restricts answering more than 10 of either type. In total, you can answer no more than
  23. chemistry questions

    how do you distinquish between a limiting reactant and the excess reactant in a chemical reaction? b) how do you distinguish between the theoretical yield and actual yield in stoichiometric calculations and how does the value of the theoretical yield
  24. SCI230

    2. CheckPoint: Mendel on Patterns of Inheritance • Resources: Ch. 3 of Bioinquiry • Review Ch. 3 of Bioinquiry. • Post a 300- to 500-word response to the following: o How did Mendel’s approach to answering scientific questions differ from that of
  25. Chemistry

    Refer to the net ionic equation below to answer the following questions: Co(H2O)6^+2 + 4Cl- <==> CoCl^-2 + 6H2O 1. In what direction was the equilibrium shifted by: a. Addition of HCl b. Addition of water c. Addition of AgNO3 d. Increasing the
  26. Chemistry

    1. is it easy to distinguish between between the different oxidation states of copper? why? 2. You synthesized copper (I) chloride and copper (I) oxide. How do they differ from their copper (II) analogs? comment on the stability of these moist solids in
  27. physics

    A disk with mass m = 5.2 kg and radius R = 0.44 m hangs from a rope attached to the ceiling. The disk spins on its axis at a distance r = 1.59 m from the rope and at a frequency f = 18.6 rev/s (with a direction shown by the arrow). 1. What is the magnitude
  28. physics

    calculate the redshift gh/c^2 if h is the distance from the ground to a satellite in low-Earth orbit, 300km. Suppose the "light" is actually a radio wave with a frequency of 10^11 Hz. How many cycles would the transmitter emit if it ran for one day? How
  29. History

    Please help. Literacy tests worked to dany the right to vote to African Americans primarily because a.. all white voters had higher literacy rates. b. the tests were only required in Southern States. c, African Americans were asked questions that were more
  30. HR

    Three typical questions asked for assessing candidates for overseas assignments about family considerations are among the following. Which is not a typical question about family considerations for an overseas assignment candidate? A. How is each member of
  31. math probabilty- please help

    You spin the spinner twice. draw a tree diagram and list sample spaces to show the possible outcomes. From that answer questions 1,2 and 3. The spinner is 4 equal parts for a, b, c ,d I know the tree diagram- you Have a,b,c,d, and from each of those
  32. Hr

    Three typical questions asked for assessing candidates for overseas assignments about family considerations are among the following. Which is not a typical question about family considerations for an overseas assignment candidate? A. How is each member of
  33. English Lit

    I have two questions about these Emily Dickinson's "Wild Night" 1.Which best describes the rhyme in the second stanza--internal rhyme,slant rhyme,feminine rhyme,descending rhyme or no rhyme Would it be slant rhyme? 2.Which is the following sound device
  34. math

    The average of 5 numbers is 28. What would the 6th number have to be to bring the average up to 30? Anne’s average in math is 92. She wants to raise her average to 93 so she will make an A. she is taking a test on Friday. What score will she have to make
  35. science 8th grade

    ok, i don't have answer to these questions! #8: The interaction of air, water, and _________ causes weather. #9: Violent storms generally form where? #10:clouds form as warm air rises, expands, cools, and becomes saturated, and then _______________
  36. social studies

    how did Mikhail gorbachev affect the government? What did Boris Yeltsin do and how did he affect the government? Please don't give me any links. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help
  37. Physics

    Which of the following is correct for the two coherent light waves to produce zero light? The light waves should travel in perpendicular directions. The light waves are in phase with each other. The light waves are out of phase with each other. The light
  38. Economics

    Use the following calculations in the relevant formulas to answer the questions Need Help don't know where to start n = 7 ¢²(x − x̄)©÷ = 4,924.00 x̄ =44 ¢²(y − ȳ)©÷ = 904,627.43 ȳ =553 ¢²(y − ŷ)©÷ =
  39. CIS

    Assume you have a computer that contains 1 GB of memory. It contains 4 memory slots. Each slot can contain on of the following memory modules: 128 MB, 246 MB, 512 MB, 1GB or 2 GB. Two of the slots are currently used, each contain a 512 MB memory module.
  40. Religion

    Many Christians seem to accept modern cosmology - Galileo's view that the earth is not the center of the Universe - while at the same time disagreeing with the theory of evolution. For this discussion, we will focus on the following questions (in 250 words
  41. Language

    Read the poem and answer the questions that follow 1.There once was a cowboy named Ray 2. Who never had that much to say, 3. Except for the times 4. Stampedes stopped on a dime 5. When that cowboy named Ray hollered Hey 1.in which lines do you see
  42. Physics

    i have been asking physics questions on this and some people give me the formula, i'm getting the correct answers..please can the same people help me on this that helped me before.. A child rides a bicycle in a circular path with a radius of 2.0 m. The
  43. Government

    i need help on 2 questions. heres the scenario, Connie Craft lives in Stockton, which is located in San Joaquin County in California. She stole a new computer from her neighbor's home and was arrested within an hour in her own home, where the computer was
  44. English

    I am going to ask my interviewer these questions tomorrow morning. Are there any grammar, spelling mistakes? Do they look okay for me to ask? What additional, if any, questions would you recommend for me to ask? ....Thanks! What exactly are my duties and
  45. social studies

    2.) Why were Northern States in favor of Hamilton's protective tariff? *The tariff protected North from paying any additional fees when exporting their goods. *The tariff allowed manufactures in the North to charge higher prices for their products. *The
  46. Math

    i have this question on tesselations, I got some homework and one of the questions are: A tesselation with the notation of schlafli of {3,3,4,4}. What formes are at the vertex. Draw a tesselation of it. I have been trying to figure this out for 30mins now
  47. Mathematics

    I have this question on tesselations, I got some homework and one of the questions are: A tesselation with the notation of schlafli of {3,3,4,4}. What formes are at the vertex. Draw a tesselation of it. I have been trying to figure this out for 30mins now
  48. criminal juctice 230

    Prepare a 200- to 300-word response to the following questions: •What is the objective of punishment in the criminal justice system? •How does punishment apply to the overall criminal justice system? •How may punishment assist with achieving
  49. Health-Care

    Discussion Questions 1. Have you used information technology in your educational program before? Was there any terminology related to use of technology that you found difficult to understand? While taking this course, were there any terms related to the
  50. DrBob222-Questions

    Can you please check these for me. Thank you very much in return:-) For Al2(SO4)3 you gave me Aluminum ion and Sulfate ion. These are the rest: CaCl2 = Calcium ion and Chlorite ion Na2O = Sodium ion and Oxygen ion AgCl = silver ion and chlorine ion Na3PO4
  51. Science

    13. If we used wave energy to produce electricity, which of the following would be a positive environmental benefit? A) We would have power to run lights on navigation buoys B) We would reduce the amount of fossil fuels used to produce electricity and
  52. effective persuasive writting

    how would you encourage a leluctant peer reviewer. I would ask a question first That's a good idea, but what kind of question(s) would you ask? Depending on what they are reviewing, there are many different questions that could be asked. Here are some
  53. 7th grade MATH

    ? reads,"7th place driver had a time that was 18.5 min slower thatn the driver ahead of him(2hr 43min 7sec), what was his time in hrs, min & sec.? What was the diff. btwn 1st and 7th? Calculate the winner's time in hrs. only(answer correct to 3 decimal
  54. Algebra Multiple Choice

    Hello, This is the last of questions I have for my practice assignment. Again I will put what I got. Thanks for your help. 1.) Solve the system using substitution. Write answer as an ordered pair. 4x+2y=8 -5x-2=y A.) First equation (-2,8) B.) Second

    The length of a bicycle pedal arm is 0.152 m, and a downward force of 146 N is applied to the pedal by the rider's foot. What is the magnitude of the torque about the pedal arm's pivot point when the arm makes the following angles with the vertical? (a)
  56. Intergarted Science

    I had a couple of questions on the topic of Waves-Sound and Light. 1. What is the source of all waves? *Vibration* 2. In one word, what is it that moves from source to receiver in a wave motion? *Energy* 3. Does the medium in which a wave travels move with
  57. Math

    Let n be any counting number. Using the two questions above as a guide, how many subsets does the set {1,2,3,...,n−1,n} have? Prove it as well. First question:Including itself, how many subsets does the set {1, 2, 3} have? List them. Second Question:
  58. Algebra

    Two more Algebra questions : Drawing a blank on this one, not sure where to start. Find the equation, in standard form, with all integer coefficients, of the line perpendicular to x + 3y = 12 and passing through (9, -5). I have half a solution to this one:
  59. Chemistry

    My teacher hasn't really talked about types of reactions; he's just given us a list of net ionic equations involving water and different elements including Lithium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Lanthanum, and Potassium to memorize. However, his test
  60. Chemistry

    The formation of tetrafluoroethylene from its elements is highly exothermic: 2F2(g) + 2C(s) <-> F2C=C2F(g) b) Rare bacteria from the planet Teflon eat C2F4 and make Teflon for their cell walls. Will the reaction go to the right or left if these
  61. Economics - stock purchase

    Can someone please help me? I am so confused! My homework is called stock purchase and I need to find some information abut three stocks. I'm starting with microsoft. The first three questions are the stock name, symbol, and address of the headquarters.
  62. Writing

    I'm stuck on 2 questions and could use a little help please! First question is When preparing a formal business presentation, the phase that can make or break your report is the_______ phase. A. organization B. revision C. writing D. outline I think it is
  63. English

    I urgently need to know if the following questions are correct? As they refer to Macbeth's plot, do you think I should use the simple present? 1)What is (was) Lady Macbeth’s plan? 2)Who is (was) the real Macbeth? 3)Who is blamed for Duncan’s death in
  64. histroy

    Find two Web sites dealing with indigenous cultures and/or religions. Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples you explored. Are the indigenous religions still being practiced today? If so, how have the
  65. careers

    I can't tell the difference between these two questions: 1) Electives I can take in high school that relate to my career goals, in addition to required courses which relate to most careers, are _______________. 2) School-to-Career electives that relate to
  66. science

    Which of the following questions is most testable through scientific experimentation? 1. Which gelatin takes longer to set: gelatin with fruit or gelatin without fruit? ***? 2. Which fruit looks more attractive in gelatin: bananas or apples? 3. Which
  67. Chemistry

    A few questions...how many grams are in 48.7x10^24? I don't know how to convert atoms to grams. I can do moles to grams or moles to atoms, but not atoms to grams. My other problem is how do you convert moles to moles as in "how many moles of Cu2O are
  68. Physics

    An athlete finished the 100 meter race in 10sec. What was his average speed? acceleration? Acceleration time? Acceleration distance Help with few questions already got the already got the first two V=d/t =100m/10s =10m/s and Acceleration= Vf-Vi/t
  69. physics

    A friend is making an iMovie and wants your help designing a skateboard stunt. You estimate that your friend�s mass is four times greater than that of the skateboard. For the following questions, ignore friction. In one scenario, your friend starts
  70. Spanish

    Coud someone please check my answers to the questions? 1.¿Qué apagas cuando tienes frío? Apago la ventiladora cuando tengo frío. 2.¿Dónde están las cosas muy frías en tu cocina? Están en el refrigerador. 3.¿Qué usa tu madre para cocinar? Ella
  71. MATH 115

    I have math questions I need to check my answers can you please help me 1. 4x4x4x4x4 as a power of 4 answer 4 to the fifth power 2.a bedroom is 10 ft by 11 ft what is the perimeter? answer 42 ft evaluate 72/8-9/3=6 3.Jamal is fencing a rectangular field
  72. Physics

    3. An astronaut lands on an alien planet. He places a pendulum (L = 0.200 m) on the surface and sets it in simple harmonic motion, as shown in this graph. Answer the following questions: a. What is the period and frequency of the pendulum’s motion? b.
  73. Ms. Sue - ACT Test

    I was wondering if you had any experiences with the english part of the ACT test. About 3 hours ago, I took a pratice test on the english part of it, and got like 20/35. That's like 57% right. I want to know how to tackle those sections where they have a
  74. science

    1. How do you know when something is gas? 2. What is gas made of? [I think it's molecules and atoms?] 3. How do you know when something is matter? [I believe that when something has a mass and volume..its matter. Is that correct? 4. Is gas matter? [This
  75. science- I need help!

    1. How do you know when something is gas? 2. What is gas made of? [I think it's molecules and atoms?] 3. How do you know when something is matter? [I believe that when something has a mass and volume..its matter. Is that correct? 4. Is gas matter? [This
  76. math probability-PLEASE HELP -thanks

    thanks for helping me! You spin the spinner twice. draw a tree diagram and list sample spaces to show the possible outcomes. From that answer questions 1,2 and 3. The spinner is 4 equal parts for a, b, c ,d I know the tree diagram- you Have a,b,c,d, and
  77. French

    I need help with these four questions It goes with a crossword puzzle Directions: Fill in the blank 1. Jamal a marqué un but! Le score est 1 à 1. Il a ------- le score. (The word has 7 letters) 2. Marie joue au football. Elle est ----------. (The word
  78. Chem Lab Questions

    1. Use the Van der Waals equation to calculate the pressure exerted by 1.00 mol of Cl2; in 22.41 L at 0.0 degrees C. The constants for Cl are a = 6.49 L2 atm/mol2 and b = 0.0526 L/mol. 2. How much potassium chlorate is needed to produce 20.0 mL of oxygen
  79. Chemistry

    Okay so I understand this is incredibly unconventional, but I have a big favor to ask. I just got a chem exam back and my teacher still has not posted my scantron score. I was wondering if it is at all possible for you guys to just spot-check for accuracy.
  80. World History

    1. As industry spread in the Second Industrial Revolution, the British and German governments initiated reforms to improve workers’ lives. What motivated Bismarck to enact reforms in Germany? What kinds of reforms were enacted in Germany and Britain? Can
  81. Math

    A table shows the longest rivers in the world in miles.2341,2590,2718,2543,4160,2635,2734,3362,2744,2485,3395,2350,4000,3964,2600 thousands long.It has two questions.1. Choose an appropriate scale and interval size for a frequency table that will represent
  82. plzzzz help ,argent,plzz,sst

    want to many quetions on my project of social studies.plz plz send me answer of this question . Q.1> pysical environment of sanchi stupa,ajanta,ellora,shiva nataraja,qutab minar,humayun tomb? Q.2> stories and legends ofajanta caves,shiva
  83. decision making

    i have a case study in decision making the book name is making hard decisions with decisions tools can anyone help me solve the questions on the case study
  84. maths algebra

    HI STEVE, THANKS for your reply back it was the wrong answer the one you worked, yes a hard question, here is an example of simultaneous questions. x-2/3 + y-1/4 =13/12 (1) 2-x/2 + 3+y/3 =11/6 (2) first step is to get rid of fractions. in equation (1) the
  85. language arts

    we are reading a book called the pearl and we have to answer a few questions andi need help wiht this one: what are the possibilities that a pearl could be the size of a seagulls egg? According to a Wikipedia article about pearls, the largest pearl ever
  86. Math

    I have a math sheet for homework and most questions are similar to the following: Bob is making treat bags for his daughter's birthday party. he decided to use the recipe below for each bag. 1/3 cup peanuts 3/4 cup pretzels 1/5 cup raisins 2/3 cup popcorn
  87. English

    Expand each sentence below by adding words or phrases that modify the verb. Questions after each item suggest details you can add. An example is given. Example: Ancient people painted. How did they paint? Where did they paint? Ancient people painted
  88. Business Communications

    Which is an effective strategy for ending an informative letter to a new client? (Points: 5) Stress that the reader is welcome to call you anytime if more information is needed. Refer to your company's future relationship with the reader's organization.
  89. Pre Calculus 12

    Im on the chapter of permutations/combinations/fundamental counting principle need help with 2 questions 1. emma is arranging her books in piles on her desk. she has 5 math books, 3 english books, and 4 science books. how many ways can she arrange them if
  90. human physiology help please

    hi human physiology: what is a cerebral lobe not visible in an ordinary external inspection what is a vein in the dura mater roughly parallel to the longitudinal fissure what is the portion of the thalamus that passes through the third ventricle. I think
  91. maths (variation)

    different questions pls! Very urgent! 1) the force E needed to make a machine pull,a load is partly constant and partly varies as the load to be pulled itself.when the load is 20g,the force needed is 1.4n,where as the force needed for 30g load is 2N. Find
  92. math(pleasehelp)

    can someone please tell me the answer to these 2 questions for my study guide?? 7.find the quotient 5/20 divided by 1/7= A.1 1/4 B.4/5 C.5/196 D.4/21 9.Michael spends 3 hours cleaning his house,he spends equal amounts of time cleaning each room.If he
  93. business

    Strategic Management - Microsoft's Corporate Citizenship Program. I am requesting for guidance in the following: please assist with the following questions 1. Discuss how the company's commitment to global citizenship provides positive benefits for its
  94. science

    Shubham lives in avillage,where drinking water facilites are very limited.they collect drinking water from a pond people also bathe and wash their clothes in that pond.he observed the most of the people are suffering from diarrhoea he advised people to use
  95. Physics

    Look up or derive the frequencies of the standing waves of a length of wire, L, clamped at the ends and under tension. What are the similarities and differences between a vibrating string and a resonating pipe? Does the diameter of the wire matter? Does
  96. Chemistry 101

    10.0 grams of nitrogen is reacted with 10.0 grams of the element phosphorus under certain conditions to yield trinitrogen diphosphide. Answer these questions. 1). Write a balanced equation. 2). which reactant is limiting? In excess? 3). Theoretically, how
  97. English

    Critical Thinking questions Need help!! Due tomorrow. 1. According to each President, who could best bring about social and economic change? 2. What actions did each President take to respond to the Great Depression? 3. Roosevelt asserted that the expanded
  98. psychology

    Hi I have 2 questions i am searching for the proper answer on and it keep finding conflicting information> 1) Psychologist who believe in ___ are most likely to attempt to understand diversity in ethnic background as an influence on behavior: individual
  99. Social Studies

    Please review the question and check my answer. Thank you tutors. Q: What was the Reciprocity Treaty? My answer: The Reciprocity Treaty allowed Hawaii sugar into the United States duty-free and set of rapid growth in the Island's sugar industry. I also got
  100. Accounting

    Adjusting enteries: 1. On august 1st, mr. borg borrowed $30,000 from a local bank on a 15 year mortage. The annual interest rate is 8%. A telephone bill in the amount of $117 covering august charges is unpaid at august 31. Although this is not my area of