1. Spanish Beg. 1 - help (anyone???)

    Most nouns ending -o and -os are _____________. Most nouns ending in -a and -as are ___________. please help!!!! is there any website that could help me with these questions
  2. Attn: Staci

    I posted a response. At this time it is on page 2 but will progress further from page 1 as more new questions are posted.
  3. Math

    A math quiz is made up of 5 multiple choice questions, each with 4 possible answers. How many possible sets of answers are there?
  4. biology

    please help me by answering these questions: 1)how many salivary glands are present in our body? 2)what are the names of those salivary glands?
  5. math-probability

    I have to do a math project using probability. I thought I might use Go Fish cards but I am not what kind of questions to ask can you help please?
  6. Engish

    I have a book on finding what you need for critical thinking as for as questions and answers please if I can help let me know. Critical thinking happens to be one of my courses.
  7. english

    i read story today it be called " A few notes for orpheus" anyone read this story before? i need help with questions.
  8. Math

    One car is 3.9 meters long the other is 6%shorter How long is second car? What is the formula I use for questions involving %
  9. Language Arts- Johnny Tremain

    Has anyone here read the novel Johnny Tremain? If so, I will post my questions and answers.
  10. IPC

    If a car can go from 0 to 60 mi/hr in 8.0 seconds, what would be its final speed after 5.0 seconds if its starting speed were 50 mi/hr? And thank you everyone for answering my questions!!
  11. confidentality in Allied health

    I need help with my paper for confidenality in allied health. I have 8 questions and I'm not sure how I can use APA style with it. Please help me!
  12. Algebra

    i need to use the quadratic formula 2 solve these 4 questions: 1. x(squared)-6x+4=0 2. t(squared)+4t-2=0 3. 3x(squared)+10X+5=0 4. 2x=7-x(squared) I just can't seem 2 get the right answer!
  13. math 12

    i know how to do the majority of these type of questions, but i don't know how to simplify this one all the way.. 8(2x-1)^3= 125 i know you could go (2x-1)^3= 125/8 (2x-1)^3= (5/2)^3 but how can i simplify any further, and yes there is an answer.
  14. College Critical Reading

    If someone could please let me know if these multiple choice questions are right? I believe they are but I want to make sure! Thanks for the help in advance! 1. Critical readers watch television by deciding that their primary purpose for choosing shows is
  15. English_ Language of the media

    We had to answer some questions about advertising and choose an ad off TV and out on a magazine to do it on. I did a shampoo ad on TV and a purfume ad in a magazine but i don't get the questions 8 and 9: 8- What are some of the explict values and attitudes
  16. geography

    hi guys , anyone having trouble finding info about broughton airbus. i know people have asked before but i can`t find the answers to my questions. the question i`m finding hard is what alterations have been made to the factory? thanks for helping me . ive
  17. Emglish

    Subject-Verb Agreement 1. Either the interviewer or the committee members usually begins by asking simple questions about your background. http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/sv_agr.htm Scroll down and read #5. Then let me know what you think, and I'll
  18. new tech

    Analyze the chemical reactions that take place when a biological catalyst combines with a reactant (Subtracts) to form an unstable intermediate. I know this has been answered but can not find....was able to get the first part of questions but was stuck on
  19. social studies

    What is the primary role of the attorney general ? a) manages the states money b) provides opinions on questions of law c) serves as the chief election officer for Louisiana d) defends the Great Seal of the state of Louisiana
  20. Phys 1200

    I am doing my HW and I have a few questions I don't understand. Each has their own answers but I have to find how they got it... #3 How much kinetic energy must an 80-kg high jumper generate to move his center of mass from 0.9m above the ground to clear
  21. business

    Brifly explain the concept of SWOT analysis.Then , with reference to Text 4.3, answer the following questions in detail and cite examples and relevant sections from the text. 1. What information is included in the introductory sentence? 2. What is covered
  22. Chem 1

    Write a chemical equation that shows how acid rain H2SO3 was produced from SO2 gas and water in a zip sealed bag? My chem. teacher never explained how to do this and I have several other questions on this type of subject. If you could help me out it would
  23. Physics

    Two equally charged insulating balls each weigh 0.42 g and hang from a common point by identical threads 35 cm long. The balls repel each other so that the separation between their centers is 6.4 cm. What is the magnitude of the charge on each ball? I have
  24. geography

    hi guys , anyone having trouble finding info about broughton airbus. i know people have asked before but i can`t find the answers to my questions. the question i`m finding hard is what alterations have been made to the factory? thanks for helping me . ive
  25. science

    I need to know at least 5 control variables for the following questions. 1.Which tennis shoe, Nike or New Balance, will help me improve the time it takes me to run the 100-meter dash? 2. Does Bazooka or Double Bubble gum blow a bigger bubble?
  26. Ethics

    1. "Goods" that are valued as a means to some other good are referred to as: A. intrinsic. B. instrumental. C. extraneous. D. non-essential. im confused between A and B 2. Which of the following refers to the study of questions concerning right and wrong
  27. Statistics

    A math professor notices that scores from a recent exam are normally distributed with a mean of 64 and a standard deviation of 5. Answer the following questions using integer values. The professor decides to grade on a curve. If he wants 0.15% of the
  28. history

    i have a bunch of history questions that i cant get. did Sir Walter Raleigh found Virginia? and were books the only publications available during the REnaissance? Who was Geoffrey Chaucer? and one more.. Did Queen Elizbeth and London officials have a
  29. calculus

    Having trouble with a section in my summer assaignment, and my teacher doesnt respond to his e-mails... If someone could help with these few questions, it would help a lot. Thanks. Solve for y in terms of t: 1)ln(50-3y)=-.5t+ln5 2)2e^(-y/3)=t+4
  30. one question+science

    This info is ment for the next two questions...which I don't get..can u help? Information given: In the table below, the time, in hours, that each of three cells would operate four particular devices is given. The cost of each cell is also given. Type of D
  31. math

    -[3(2x-1)+x]=2[x-2(5x+4)] this isn't really homework but my teacher said you can pick a partner to study with. So we're giving each other hard questions and I don't understand this, nor do I know where my partner got this question from. any help would be
  32. 7th grade math

    I need help on these two questions because i have no clue what to say.... What caused the rise of the feudal system in Japan? More than 100 years after Akbar's death, the Mughal Empire began to fall apart. What were two of the reasons that caused this to
  33. Current Event

    Answers to your questions: People's argument for keeping the school opened is that if they don't then it will cripple the community. They hope to fill the school with 100 or more residents in a bid to ask the board to delay the closure for several years.
  34. literature

    I have to answer some questions for my english class on the Scarlet Letter, can anyone help with any of these? 1. Chapter 13- What qualities of Hester's seem to be diminishing during these years of wearing the scarlet letter? What causes these changes? 2.
  35. Physics

    Hi, I had some questions about Physics and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and was wondering if someone could possibly help me. Some of the questions I wasn’t sure about the answers. #1 Write out in words what “acceleration ~ net force” means. My
  36. To Kill a Mockingbird

    I'm supposed to do a Mini Chapter Presentation for Chapter 4. I need to include a piece of research to explain historical/political/cultural information but I need some suggestions to research on. Also I need to pose an
  37. bobpursley

    I hope that you guys don't feel like i'm not appreciated from your help. Because i am all i was saying in previous postages that i was getting confused because one tutor was saying one thing and another another and i didn't know what direction to take for
  38. Electrolytic Cells

    Hey...can u check my two answers for a and b and can u help on the rest? 8. An electrolytic cell consisting of an aqueous solution of NaCl is set up. Answer the following. a. What is the strongest oxidizing agent present? My answer: Na; sodium b. What is
  39. geometry

    Equilateral triangle ABC and isosceles triangle DBC share side BC. If angle BDC= 34 and BD=BC, what is the measure of angle ABD? I don't know how to solve this questions, can someone guide me through?

  41. geography

    I`m glad to know i`m not the only one having trouble with the airbus geography homework report. It is hard to find the info you need to answer the questions. The one i`m stuck on is how the broughton site helps the airbus industry.
  42. Social Studies

    help with this questions What do you think of elementary school social studies texts that are being in todau's classrooms?Have they improved since you a child?How have they changed?what sort of supplemental materials make a difference? help
  43. stat probability

    A multiple choice quiz consists of 20 questions, each with 3 possible equally likely answers. If a student guesses at the answer to each question, then the mean number of correct answers selected by the student is?
  44. college algebra

    I am dealing with Interest Compounded Continuosly. I am looking for the balance after 10 years. The book shows that P(10) = 2oooe^0.08(10) = 2000e^0.8 = $4451.08 My questions is how do you calculate 2000e^o.8 and end up with 4451.08?
  45. literature for kids

    Which is NOT a strategy aides or volunteers should use for shared reading? A. Read with expression. B. Read the story in its entirety without answering student questions. C. Read with fluency. D. Read with the appropriate volume. I think its B
  46. Assignment Arguement Evaluation

    identify at least two arguments in the article.Outline the premises and the conlusions of each argument you find. then, answer the questions for each argument, making sure to explain how you arrived at your answer.
  47. research proposal

    Hey I'm doing my research proposal for graduation I have 2 questions Q1. What should it inude exactly? I mean the headlines/ content) Q2. For the literature review, after dining articles what should I summarize/use from them? (Introducton, methodology or
  48. math

    Lee forgot to study for her geography quiz, but she was not too worried because the quiz had only five true-false questions.Suppose she guessed all of the answers.What are the chances that she passed with four or five correct answers?
  49. math

    suppose a student is taking multiple choice exam,A,B,C,D,E,with only one of the responses correct.describe the complement method for determining the probabilityof getting at least one of the questions correct on 15question exam,
  50. economics

    hey i have a few questions i have no idea how to do them and the test is tuesday if price index in 2002is 120 and price index in 2003 is 110, then the rate of inflation is what? if GDP goes up what will happen?
  51. Geometry

    Equilateral triangle ABC and isosceles triangle DBC share side BC. If angle BDC= 34 and BD=BC, what is the measure of angle ABD? I don't know how to solve this questions, can someone guide me through?
  52. ELA

    Which of the following would be an appropriate way to add variety to your sentences?       A. Make your sentences read like a spoken conversation. B. Use questions and answers together. C. Add personal anecdotes. D. Use more close-up words.  D is
  53. Chemistry - pH

    Calculate the pH of each of the following solutions: a) .35 M hydrochloric acid, HCl b) .35 M acetic acid, HC2H3O2 c) .35 M sodium hydroxide, NaOH Can someone please explain to me how to calculate the pH in a way that is easy to understand? I am confused.
  54. kite runner

    can someone help me answer in point form for these questions 1) describe Hassan physically? what is a cleft lip? 2) describe him by his relationship with amir? 3) what was his first word? why is that important? 4) how did he come into amir's life?
  55. Science

    Can someone please help me with these questions below. Extinction is a natural selection process. Should humans strive to preserve a representative sample of all biomes or aquatic zones? Why should humans be concerned with the extinction rate?
  56. Algebra

    I have been asked a question regarding inconsistency. How would I use these equations to solve the questions? x-y=5 2x = 2y+14 If you arrange your second equation this way 2x - 2y = 14 then divide by 2 you get x-y=7 compare this with your first equation
  57. algebra

    The cost, in millions of dollars, to remove x % of pollution in a lake modeled by c=6,000/200-2x What is the cost to remove 75% of the pollutant? I am so lost, there are other percents if someone can show me this one I can figure out the other questions.
  58. Statistics

    QNT 561: I want the Statistics question problems for chapter 3 and chapter 5 from the book "Statistical techniques in business and Economics" by Lind, Marchel and Wathen. Can somebody give the questions? Thanks.
  59. chemistry

    how do u draw the lewis structure for something like CO -2 over 3. do u add 2 electrons on to the oxygen when yur finding the number of valence electrons cuz that's wat i thought u did but then i got all those questions wrong so wat do u do
  60. biology

    hi i have a few questions 1)osmotic pressure Basically, i got that its the pressure opposing osmois. can you explain it to me ? 2)hydroltic pressure Im thinking that its the pressure that builds up due to a higher concentration. Must be like potiential
  61. world history

    Can anyone give me info or helpful websites to answer these 2 questions What are the reasons for the french to colonize laos? What are the positive and negative effects of french colonization in laos?
  62. health

    i need some sites on then few questions i cant find anything on this can someone help me ?.... thanks! Government role and level of effect: national, state, and local Identify the government structure. Discuss the function and role for this issue
  63. math

    If the total bill at a restaurant, including a 15% tip, is $65.32, what was the cost of the meal alone? 1.15 X = $65.32 I am assuming that you can solve this equation for X (the cost of the meal alone). If you cannot, respond to this post with more
  64. English

    Not sure about this... In the play A Sad Vaudeville, The flagman tells the man it is not his job to ____ answer questions. my answer give directions. issue tickets. give advice.
  65. Organic Chemistry

    Hi, can you please help me with these questions. Methane and chlorine react when irradiated with UV light. Explain why the reaction requires only a little flash of UV light rather than prolonged radiation. Explain each of these observations as fully as you
  66. Finite Math

    A quiz consists of 10 multiple-choice questions, each with 5 possible answers. For someone who makes random guesses for all of the answers, find the probability of passing if the minimum passing grade is 40 %
  67. English

    In the play A Sad Vaudeville, The flagman tells the man it is not his job to ____ answer questions. give directions. issue tickets. give advice. (my answer)
  68. Science

    I need help with 2 questions please. 1.What are the three parts of the law of conservation of mass/matter? Do not need the definition but the 3 laws please. Wikipedia and other sites just gives me the definition of the law of conversation. 2. How are
  69. English

    I have two more questions on the same theme. Thank you. 1)Pay attention to (not at) your teachers' explanations. 2)You must put up your hand, if you want to ask a question to your teacher/your teacher a question . Are they both possible? 3) You mustn's
  70. English

    In my sentence I typed, "I did not have a clue what to expect," and the computer said that it was not proper grammar. Should it be, "I did not have a clue of what to expect?" >> sorry for all the questions this is part of a final and we didn't do any

    The cubic polynomial f(x) is such that the coefficient of x^3 is -1. and the roots of the equation f(x) = 0 are 1, 2 and k. Given that f(x)has a remainder of 8 when divided by (x-3), find the value of k. okay, this is what i did: -x^3 + bx^2 + cx + d =
  72. Chem

    One of my questions asks me to find the volume of neon gas. I thought neon didn't attach with other atoms because it had a full valence shell, how would it form into a gas? What would the formula be? N2, N3 ?
  73. more israel questions

    what are the most common chracteristics of native music of israel http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=israeli+music+traits You should find lots of information in these sites. =)
  74. physics

    A snowboarder is trying to gap a 14m wide road. He leaves the 19m high cliff at 10m/s at 30 degrees. Questions: 1. Does he make it? 2.When the snowboarder is 16m above the road, what is his speed?
  75. English

    Dear Writeacher, thank you for the answer. Will you help me with two more questions? 1) Do you think it's possible to say "according to the opinion of many analysts" (I mean 'according' + 'opinion', or just "according to many experts")? 2) Do you think
  76. math

    if m<4=25*, then what is m<8 Would it be 75* Sorry im asking a lot of questions but im taking a mathe test and im struggling on it and I re read my lessons but I still don't get it as good and im one lesson behind in math so I have to finish my test
  77. accounting

    You notice that your accounts receivable days have doubled in the first six months of this year. Do you give the A/R Director a bonus or put him/her on probation? Why? Explain fully what questions you would ask the Director about the A/R and why it has
  78. psychology

    what are the different ways in which we evaluate people? how do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people? what are the disadvantages of these expectations? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You can tell about a person
  79. Chemistry (Acids and Bases)

    I just did a lab on Acids and Bases and I am having trouble with the lab questions I was given to complete. Concentration of NaOH: 0.09999 M Volume of NaOH: 3.25 mL # moles of NaOH: 0.325 moles Initial Concentration of Weak Acid: ? (How do we calculate
  80. English, Language arts

    A huge crowd of students gathers to watch the fight between John Quinn and the narrator in "The Pigman & me". Explain what mood the author creates in the scene and how he created it. Use specific examples. Use the reading selection to help you answer the
  81. English

    For the following questions, match each word to its definition by filling in the correct letter A. wise B. deceptively charming C. enormous D. passion E. sound; fit F. competing G. awe-inspiring H. sinister; threatening 4. ardor - D 5. sage - A 6.
  82. algebra

    I have a problem with this: y=1.5x Questions: What is the rate of change between the variables? State whether the y values are increasing or decreasing, or neither, as x increases Give the y intercept List the coordinates of two points that lie on the
  83. my quetion earlier was NOT answered

    I'm still struggling with the following questions as I received help before: 1) Explain Obama's administrations stance on net neutrality.. from what I read I think he's for it 3) Why didn't the FCC's ruling cover wireless providers? can I have a specific
  84. English

    Quick questions about vocab, Insidious literally translates to "sitting in," but the word means "secretly working to cause harm." Explain the possible connection between the actual and literal definitions? Also, list as many words as you can think of that
  85. 6th geography

    Yeah i have 2 more that i cant find: can you answer (or atleast help with) these questions- Number the rivers in the sequence the NY giants will cross them en route to the valley of the sun(Tennessee) And (the other question is much more important)what 5
  86. Psychology - writing paper - Questions

    The role of myelin with regard to nerve impulse transmission. How MS disrupts normal brain function A description of the dysfunctions the MS victim might experience if the disease where to attack the myelencephalon, metencephalon, mesencephalon,
  87. The lord of the flies-English

    Please help me! Its due tommorow! 1) Why is piggy's fall emphasized? 2)How does the author discribe Ralphs flight accross the island? 3)What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? Thanks so much! :D You've already received help on these
  88. English

    I forgot to include the following statements. 1) Answer four out of (or just "of") the following six questions. 2) do you usually use do with the following sports activities: aerobics, athletics, karate, ballet 3) go + cycling, water rafting, paragling (?
  89. 7th grade social studies Ms. Sue please

    For a project I need to answer these questions: 1. What is eugenics and how is it linked to Darwin’s theory of evolution? 2. Why did the Scopes Monkey Trial occur? I have tried researching but I cannot find a good website anywhere. I tried Wikipedia, but
  90. Physics

    In the hydraulic system shown in the figure, the piston on the left has a diameter of 4.5cm and a mass is 3.0kg. If the density of the fluid is 710kg/m^3 , what is the height difference h between the two pistons in m? I checked the other similar questions
  91. english

    She gave birth to her first child by her uncle at age 14 in 1990. This is showing a sign of being raped. Does this works? The psychologist help Alesha to break through her issues by using cognitive-behavioral therapy. Is "to" necessary or should take it

    case from : ACCOUNTING FRAUD WORLDCOM There will be a (7) seven page report,excluding figures, tables, appendices, and references,required for the term paper. The written report must be typed, single sided, and 1.5 lines-spaced. The following items and
  93. Math: Calculus

    Answer the following questions for the function f(x) = \frac{ x^3 }{ x^2 - 36 } defined on the interval [ -20, 16 ]. A. The function f(x) has vertical asympototes at____ and___ B. f(x) is concave up on the region___ to and____ to___ C. The inflection point
  94. English

    I don't understand this poem. Well, I understad the first part until she starts talking about the blood on her sheets and then I am lost. I have to do a presentation where I just talk about what the poem is about and then I have to ask the class some
  95. chemistry

    An acid HA has Ka = 2.28 x 10 -4. The % ionisation of this acid in a 0.170 M solution of the acid in water is closest to 3.662 % 0.623 % 0.498 % 2.930 % 0.436 % 2.564 % i have an exam in 1 week and these are the types of questions i don't understand
  96. Chemistry

    Pre-Lab Questions Data: [mass of copper wire] 0.738 g [standard solutions] solution 1: 0.738 g of copper wire dissolved in 50.00 mL solution solution 2: 1:2 dilution of solution 1 solution 3: 1:4 dilution of solution 1 [absorbance data at lambda(max)]
  97. physics

    a.)At rest, a car's horn sounds at a frequency of 410 Hz. The horn is sounded while the car is moving down the street. A bicyclist moving in the same direction with one-third the car's speed hears a frequency of 381 Hz. What is the speed of the car? b.)Is
  98. English

    1. What do you do before school? 2. What do you do at school? 3. What do you do after school? (Would you write down some answers to the questions? The more, the better. Thank you.)
  99. Please check if these math questions are correct

    8 = p - 5 Answer: p = 13 21 + y = 35 Answer: y = 14 6x = 54 Answer: x = 9
  100. Chemistry

    I did a lab and got a bunch of questions about the lab. Here is what my lab was about: Properties of alcohols: First, I wrapped the bulb of a thermometer with a tissue secured with a wire. Then I squeeze enough methanol onto the tissue to completely