1. Chemistry

    Give the electron configurations of 22Ti+2 Do you know how to do this? Here is a site that will help you. Repost with specific questions about the points you don't understand.
  2. us history

    agree or disagree? During the 1920 stock amrket crash, tbankers invested their depositors money in unsound investments. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR questions, please re-post and
  3. Gov

    I'm still struggling with the following questions as I received help before: 1) Explain Obama's administrations stance on net neutrality.. from what I read I think he's for it 3) Why didn't the FCC's ruling cover wireless providers? can I have a specific
  4. history

    what is socratic method? i heared a lot of different stuff!! IDEAS PLZ Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. This is "thinking critically" and that can be done by using guided questions. Here is a good definition:
  5. math

    a student takes up a True or false exam of 10 questions. he is completely unprepared and so he starts guessing randomly. he may toss a coin and use the outcome to determine the guess. compute the probability that he guesses correctly atleast five times.
  6. Math

    Jasmine has taken a quiz she ks on question 16 and has completed 20% of the quiz. How many questions does the quiz have?
  7. English

    The questions says, he is always late unfortunately. Late is the word underlined. Is late an adjective ?

    Comparez les deux dessins. Puis posez les questions suivantes a votre partenaire. Voire partenaire repond avec ne...jamais.., ne... plus, ne....personne ou ne...rien. Suivez le modele. There are pictures. One for 13h00 and one for 23h00. In the 13h00 one,

    Comparez les deux dessins. Puis posez les questions suivantes a votre partenaire. Voire partenaire repond avec ne...jamais.., ne... plus, ne....personne ou ne...rien. Suivez le modele. There are pictures. One for 13h00 and one for 23h00. In the 13h00 one,
  10. physics

    The force required to flex a nasal strip and apply it to the nose is 0.25 ; the energy stored in the strip when flexed is 0.0025 . Assume the strip to be an ideal spring for the following questions.
  11. math

    Find the z-score for the given raw score, mean, and standard deviation. Assume a normal probability distribution score = 15, ì = 16 , and ó = 2 Could you show me how to do this. My instructor has tried but I just don't understand how to do it and I have
  12. AP Chemistry

    So i had trouble finding the answers to these questions on a lab: Background: If we were using a burret/flask instead of a pipette and well plates. Before you started, the buret must be rinsed with 1 ml of distilled water and then 1 ml of NaOH solution.
  13. 6th grade

    Do you have online readings and questions for my son, who is in 6th grade? I see lesson plans, but I don't see the information to give out. Please let me know about this, thank you.
  14. Government

    Explain the following quote "Liberty may be endangered by the abuses of liberty as well as by the abuses of power.". I have to answer questions about this, but I have no clue what it means..
  15. Calculus

    How do I use the product rule to solve these two questions. Much appreciated! xo Find the derivative for k(x) = (5x4 + 2)(3sin x) Find the derivative for m(x) = -ex cos x at x = 1
  16. medical discourse

    i have tomorrow a discusion about medical discourse.so i have to ask some questions about that.what can i ask my friends?f.e.did they have any bad experiences whit their doctors?any suggestions?
  17. Finance Help! 3 questions

    8. If the no of level investments be ‘t’, total no of level instalments be ‘n’ and total charge for credit be ‘c’ then the interest rebate is given by………………………………………… answer please
  18. Calculus

    For Questions 1–2, use the differential equation given by dy/dx = xy/3, y > 0. 1. Complete the table of values x -1 -1 -1 0 0 0 1 1 1 y 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 dy/dx 2. Find the particular solution y = f(x) to the given differential equation with the
  19. the novel "Ordinary People" by Judith Guest

    Has anybody read this book? I have a few questions to ask, I've read the book but forgotten a few things reply ASAP!
  20. Calculus

    For Questions 1–2, use the differential equation given by dy/dx = xy/3, y > 0. 1. Complete the table of values x -1 -1 -1 0 0 0 1 1 1 y 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 dy/dx 2. Find the particular solution y = f(x) to the given differential equation with the
  21. Applied Mathematics (Perturbation)

    Solve these questions by using Algebraic Perturbation series method using this series U = U_o + e U_1+... 1. eU^3+U-2=0 2. eU^3+(U-2)=0 3. eU^4+U^3-2U^2_U+2=0 4. U^2-U-2+e/2(U^2+2U+3)=0 5. eU^4-U^2+3U-2=0 6. eU^4-U^3+3U-2=0 7. eU^4+U^2+2U-1=0 8.
  22. Science

    i hav two questions. plz help i don't kno how to explain it 1.Why do animals migrate? 2.Why don't humans migrate? thx for the help :)
  23. Math

    CosA/1+sinA=1-sinA/cosA I have to prove the identity each side has to b the same how would i do that? I have a unit test on monday so im doing practice questions
  24. @whoever posted long passages and expected answers

    I've removed your posts since 1) I doubt anyone here is going to read those long passages and 2) no one is going to answer those questions for you.
  25. Economics

    I need 3 reasons for the following questions: 1. how is comparative advantage shifting in car prodcuton? 2. Does France still have a comparative advantage in fine wines? Why?
  26. math

    each question on a five-question multiple-choice quiz has answer choices labeled a, b, c and d. how many different ways can a student answer the five questions
  27. science help

    Which of these questions can be answered through science? What is the best water sport? Why should we value honesty? Why does water change into steam? What is the most important thing in life? is it c
  28. mistakes?

    hm..I was wondering If someone (cough* me) makes mistakes in answering questions, should they bother answering anything at all? Just a thought that crosses my mind alot. =/
  29. Science

    I really need help with my science test please , let me know the answers to the following questions.:|) On Earths history unit test Lesson 9 for connections academy . Plz and thank you .
  30. social science

    hey im doing a research about the golden rice. so i wnt 2 ask the following questions. wat could the benefits be of introducing golden rice?
  31. Math

    These review questions are stumping me. How much water must be added to 50 ML of a 35% acid solution to produce a mixture that is 20% acid. Could it be as simple as 15% water?
  32. Math - Algebra II

    Hello, i'm currently doing functions and I was fine until I got to multiplication. I really don't know what i'm doing, and would really appreciate a step by step on a few questions. f(x) = -3x + 9 g(x) = 8x + 7 Find g(f(x)) I got -24x + 16. Another : f(x)
  33. Medical Office Assisting

    I need two people to interview for a school project. They must be Medical office Assistants. I have 8 questions for each one to answer. please respond as soon as possible!!!
  34. Chemistry

    If it were determined that there were 6.391 x 10^22 atoms of H in an unknown sample of C2H4Cl2, how many milligrams would the unknown sample weigh? Sorry for all the questions Dr. Bob.
  35. math

    Problem- Ms.Kelly puts more than 5 apples in each bag. Write an inequality to represent the number of apples in a bag. My questions- would it be n>5?
  36. Science 2 questions

    how and where is electricity generated in British Columbia, Canada? describe how most of the electricity is generated in England or another country. But it must be different than what occurs in B.C. Please help, thanks:)
  37. algebra

    Solve the formula for the variable given.then use the info to find the value of variable. S=πr(h+k) Find h if r=2,k=3,and S=50 I really don't know how to answer this kind of questions :(
  38. Physics

    A tiger leaps horizontally from a 5.9 meter high rock with a speed of 3.7 m/s. Questions: How far from the base of the rock will the tiger land?
  39. World History(Writeacher don't answer)

    What is Christendom? How? Why? And please some information on it :) Writeacher you don't think I already tried google? Stop answering my questions!!
  40. Chem: Two questions

    Identify the two types of reactions: 1. A+B--> Answer: Synthesis Reaction 2. A+BC-->AC+B Answer: Single Replacement or Substitution Reaction THANK YOU !
  41. Financial Data and Choosing stocks

    Now that you’ve analyzed a company based on its financial statement, let’s compare two companies. Choose two related companies to answer the questions below (for example: Toyota & Honda, Apple & Microsoft). Questions: 1. What two companies did you
  42. AP CHEM

    Hello, I'm working these homework questions out; however it is a series of questions and without one step correctly completed, it's nearly impossible to get the others. I posted my work and commented where I need assistance. Thank you so much in advance!!!
  43. What's a Nine-Point Plot Structure?

    I'm doing a summer reading assignment on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', and one of the questions says to use a nine point plot structure to outline the action in this play. My question is: WHAT THE HECK IS A NINE-POINT PLOT STRUCTURE? (And if any of you do
  44. Math/Physics

    A golf ball is struck at ground level. The speed of the golf ball as a function of the, where t = 0 at the instant the ball is struck and intial velocity is 31 m/s. The golf ball hits the ground when t = 2.5 and v = 19, and then v increases as the ball
  45. English

    Lord of the Flies Questions 3.)What does Piggy believe has happened back home in England? 4.What does Piggy want to do now that they're on the island? 7.What happened when the conch was blown? (p. 17)
  46. Business

    I have some questions on centalized and decentralized distrubtion centres. i need to find out the pros and cons of both centalized/decentralized. please could somebody help me/point me in the right dicetion. it would be a big help... thanks!
  47. To "bob"

    Please don't ever post whole lists (tests? Homework?) of questions and answer choices here again. We do not take tests or do complete homework assignments for students. =(
  48. Chemistry

    A student walks at a brisk 3.50 mi/hr. Calculate the student's speed in yards/minute. I have 4 questions just like this one. Could you tell me step by step on how to do the double conversions? Thanks!
  49. Math

    I have two different questions. what is the set built notation of -11x-24<27-10x and write the slope intercept equation for the line with slope -5/6 and y intercept (0,4)
  50. careers- school ties discussion questions

    am sorry.From the movie'' school ties'', what was david green and dillion's pattern of prejudice/discrimination
  51. Human Services

    I have a problem with APA formatting and how to cite Example 1 According to McNamara, n.d The Question---my answer Or do I need to cite each question The amount of questions are about 100
  52. careers- school ties discussion questions

    from the movie school ties, what david green and dillion's pattern of prejudice/discrimination
  53. chemistry

    A pressure of 25.7 inHg would be how many kilopascals? I received an answer but the person who helped me used mmHg. How do I convert inHg into mmHg to solve my questions. Help please
  54. Algebra

    Below is the graph of a polynomial function f with real coefficients. Use the graph to answer the following questions about f. All local extrema of f are shown in the graph. I really need help with this one but I can't post the graph.
  55. Math

    A student randomly guesses the answers to a four question true or false quiz. Find the probability that the student answers F on at least 2 of the questions
  56. Chemistry

    Can someone please help me I’m being timed and need help with 2 questions 1. Calculate the mass of oxygen in 418g of Co2 2. Calculate the number of atoms in 7.38 moles of carbon atoms
  57. Math

    Using the Big G answer the following questions: 248 pints = _______ quarts 520 ounces = __________cups The question is what does the "Big G" mean in math
  58. -Questions:

    describe the differences of family and kin relationships experienced by Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. How do these differences impact on the developing individual?
  59. Science URGENT!

    I relly need help on these questions please help me :) 1. would karyotypes from the same family look similar? Explain. 2. Provide one reason as to why it would be useful to compare karyotypes of family members. 3.
  60. algebra

    I have 3 questions I need help with. 1) what is the 15th term of the sequence 81,27,9,... 2) what is a possible value for the missing term of the geometric sequence 39,_,975,_ 3) what is the sum of the finite arithmetic series (-5)+0+5+10+..+65
  61. Science

    Science project: how does the type of liquid affect weathering. Where do I find info on this subject? I am not sure what questions to ask/answer to start this project
  62. Physics conceptual questions

    You have a drink that you want to cool off? You could put in 100 g of ice or 100 g of water, both at 0 degree C. Which one would be more effective in cooling your drink? Why?
  63. RE

    i am really struggling with my re homework and i would really appreciate any help any one can give me. i have 5 questions i need to answer ive managed to answer 4 of them but i am struggling with this one:- What points do Christians make about miracles.?
  64. Statistics

    A test consists of 90 mulitiple choice questions, each with five possible answers, only one of which is correct. Find the mean and the standard deviation of the number of correct answers.
  65. Writing

    What is love? How do we sustain it? Make a 8 sentence long paragraph with 3 similes and 4 metaphors answering the questions above. Put the similes and metaphors in ( ).
  66. Chemistry

    A student walks at a brisk 3.50 mi/hr. Calculate the student's speed in yards/minute. I have 4 questions just like this one. Could you tell me step by step on how to do the double conversions? Thanks!
  67. Database Decision

    When deciding whether to store data in a database or in a spreadsheet, what are some of the questions you should consider? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these tools to manage data.
  68. Math

    I am doing my math homework and I am confused. Please help solves these questions and tell me what operation I should use? Is it order of operation or? 1)simplify8x8-8x5+7 2)simplfiy5-6x10-16 3)simplify 4x(4+2)/(1+2)
  69. U.S. Government and Politics

    I need help on this question. I have 30 questions and this is the only one i'm stuck on. Why did the Framers of the Constitution create a mechanism for amending the Constitution but then make it very difficult to actually make any changes?
  70. math

    I have a question is this cheating when we ask questions from our school work ? Wouldn't our on line school know we are kids are doing this ? What is an ethical homework question ? Curious..
  71. Math

    Need to find out how many answers I got correct out of 40 questions. I ended with a zero at the end .5 points were given fr the correct answer while 3oints were deducted or the wrong answer
  72. Chemistry

    Hello i have a few questions i need help with please, can you help me and thank you in advance..... What are covalent compounds usually formed between? I also have to fill in this sentence can you help.... They are formed by the _____________ of a
  73. Probability

    You have a 5-question multiple-choice test. Each question has four choices. You don’t know any of the answers. What is the experimental probability that you will guess exactly three out of five questions correctly?
  74. Language Arts

    These questions are from the book Rain Reign. Explain Rose's father's childhood. How might his childhood impact his relationship with Rose?
  75. e-commerce

    I want to prepare a questionnaire for e-commerce project to find if there is a need for e-tutoring program. Please help me to find a sample of questions to the parent, student and teachers.
  76. Chemistry

    how do u complete these questions? 2HCI(aq)+Pb(NO3)2(aq)---> 2HI(aq)+K2SO3(s)---> Pb(NO3)2(aq)+2KCI(aq)---> Ba(NO3)2(aq)+Na2SO4(aq)---> K2CO3(aq)+Ba(NO3)2(aq)---> HCI(aq)+AgNO3(aq)--->
  77. Math

    I have several of these questions I just need help with this one to do the rest. How many weeks would it take to sale cookies in order to earn $5,0000. If for every 3 weeks profit is $500. Is it 500/5000
  78. Math -- not "can someone simplify this for me:10x-20 / x-2 "

    Repeated questions don't get you help faster. Please post only once. Thanks. can someone simplify this for me:10x-20 / x-2 first factor x-2 out of the numerator to get (x-2)10 -------- (x-2) Now cancel the (x-2) to get you answer of 10
  79. chemistery

    how does the atmosphere change at high altitudes? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "atmosphere altitude Earth" to get these possible sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth's_atmosphere
  80. Maths

    The student answered correctly 76 question on the Mathematics test,which was 95% of the total number of question. How many questions were in the test?
  81. Government Precedent questions

    I need some help with these. IN Everson V. Board of education, what was the precedent? In Engle v. Vitale, what was the precedent? And in, Wallace vs. Jaffree, the precedent is..? Please help me out there. Thanks!!
  82. Maths

    What is the answer for these questions:- 1) Indefinite Integrals gcx) = (8 + 39x ^ 3) / x 2) Indefinite Integrals hcu) = sin ^2 (1/8 u) 3) Evaluate x ( 8 - 5 x ^2) dx Thank you
  83. Criminal Justice

    I am preparing for DSST college credit by examine in criminal justice. I am looking for some good practice questions.
  84. math

    If side of triangle are in the ratio 3:4:5 and its perimeter is 24 cm, find measure of each side of triangle. How to solve this Questions please show.
  85. Niagara Falls

    Well, I'm doing a project that I picked in science and one of the questions said "What are the physical features of Niagara Falls" and I don't know what that means, so please help me!!!
  86. French Questions

    1. Je trouve ça gentil(le). Can I choose the form of gentil based on whether ça is male or female? 2. Does que + elle = qu'elle?
  87. Science

    Okay, say im doing a science fair project, and I am not really good at coming up with questions, what would be a good question to ask about Newtons First Law of Motion
  88. algebra

    Please help me! Sorry there are 4 questions I need to check my attempts with to see if I am on track. Thanks!! 1. 5-3[2(3x-4)+3] 2. Evaluate when x = -3 and y = 2 3x squared - 4y squared _______________________ 4x - 7y 3. -3/4y = -24 4. m + 1 5 2m - 1
  89. Derivatives

    Find the derivative of the following questions; ³√2t/(t^2-4) Every thing is under the ³√ and the / is a fraction bar. My answer is y'= t(2t)^3 Can you check my answer please
  90. maths

    guys need help on ODE questions, i just need you guys to tell me what method to use for the following equations and i will try solve them myself: a) (2y+tany)dx +(x-x^2(tany))dy=0 b) y'=(e^x)(2y+(e^x))+y(1+y) c) y'=1+y^2-x^2 any hints will be good also. XD
  91. Kinship and Family

    I am interveiwing someone from Ghana. The interview will focus on kinship and family. What are some good questions that I could ask pretaining this topic?
  92. Communication and Gender Studies

    What are some good specific gender communication research questions? Any ideas for topics I can write about?
  93. statistics

    A multiple-choice quiz has 15 questions, each with 4 possible answers of which only 1 is the correct answer. What is the probability that a student gets 7 to 11 correct answer?
  94. Seasons Greetings from Dr Russ

    Seasons Greetings to all the questionners and fellow tutors answering questions. Best wishes for your studies in 2010. Dr Russ

    A multiple-choice quiz has 15 questions, each with 4 possible answers of which only 1 is the correct answer. What is the probability that a student gets exactly 8 correct answers?
  96. Language Arts

    Please help me answer this question and the rest of the questions. Where can you find the worksheets you need for each lesson? I would appreciate it if you guys could help me with this question and the rest. Thank You! ^-^
  97. L/A

    These questions are from the book Rain Reign. Explain Rose's father's childhood. How might his childhood impact his relationship with Rose?
  98. Grading

    How do you find out what your grade is on a paper? For example if there is 70 questions and you miss 10 how do you find out what your grade is? Do you subtract 70 and 10 and when you get your answer you divide it by 100?
  99. Science

    We are having a debate in Science class. We are each given two questions to debate each other. 1. The Climate is mainly influenced the by the sun? 2. The earth has been warmer in the past?
  100. To "bad@math" (and other names)

    Please post under one name. Please do not post to demand that someone go back and answer your previous questions. A math volunteer will get to them when he/she can. Thanks.