1. British Literature

    Can Someone Please Help Me With My British Lit questions? I have been looking for help everywhere :( Anybody?
  2. math ?

    is there anyone online that can help me with math questions ? i have A LOT! (:
  3. To Ms. Sue

    Ms. Sue could you please take a look at my stress questions, thanks a lot.
  4. To Ms. Sue

    Hey Ms. Sue! I've got a question How well do you know everybody's questions? Like how do you know everything? That's all I want to know.
  5. Planet Juniper

    What does Juniper look like: answer this questions
  6. science

    1:an example of chromotography? please i need these science questions by tomorrow :(
  7. @ ms suzie

    Please do not answer questions unless you know the answer and how to help the student.
  8. ms. sue

    ms. sue i read story you please help me with questions?
  9. Ellipse-Algebra

    I need help with the following questions please. Graph the ellipse. ((x-1)^2)/(9)+ ((y-2)^2)/(4)=1 (4(x+1)^2)+9(y-2)^2=36
  10. chemistry(thermodynamics)

    questions related to thermodynamics
  11. math

    Okay,whenever I ask jiska for math help.. or any help I ALWAYS get those questions wrong -.-
  12. ms. sue

    ms. sue not look like you here today if i see you then will post my questions.
  13. Physics

    The moment of inertia of an object depends on the shape of the object, location and orientation of the axis of rotation. For a solid disk, when the disk is rotating about an axis that is perpendicular to the disk and passing through the center of the disk,
  14. Statistical concept 68-95-99.7

    1. A student taking a midterm exam in Ancient History comes to two questions pertaining to a lecture that he missed, and so he decides to take a random guess on both questions. One question is true-false and the other is multiple choice with four possible
  15. SCIENCE!

    the second worksheet of SCIENCE! for today performing an experiment read the following statements and then answer the questions. 1. a scientist wants to find out why sea water freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water. 2. the scientist goes to the
  16. Research

    What are the steps to the research process and which are the most important steps? A title specific internet search gives the following hits:
  17. adult education statistcs

    if a researcher were studying the effects of a teaching method on patient learning outcomes, how must he or she word the research questions to use a t test for statistical differencesand what type of data should be collected?
  18. Int.science

    Which of the following statements is true? A hypothesis is created at the end of an experiment. The dependent variable is changed by the experimenter. The best hypotheses are written as answers to a question. Observations are often used to form questions
  19. English

    How do I find the simple subject and predicate for these sentences. There was much interest in Oriental culture. There were questions (S) about (P)this form of drama. There is some truth to these stories. Here is a photograph of him in Tokyo. Is there a
  20. Physics

    Two questions and a small confusion that is not letting me do my homework: When is said that an object is rotating it is mandatory that the addition of rotational momentums gives 0? Under what conditions, two forces of same magnitude but different
  21. Living Environment

    having a hard time finding this information on google and i really need help for some questions. What are 3 abiotic factors that influence the: Highlands of Ethiopia Patagonia The Rockies Pakistan and the Himalayas Forests of Eastern China
  22. Physical Science

    C(s) + H2O(g) + Heat <--> CO(g) + H2(g) 17. How would you adjust the temperature to increase the amount of product? 18. Does the removal of hydrogen gas as it is produced shift the reaction to the left or the right? My last two questions on my
  23. Socials Studies

    How would you interpret this questions? Imagine you could go back to the Canada of 1914. What attitudes would you find most difficult to deal with? Why? I just read about society, the Victorians, rights of women, arts and leisure, and the canadiens.
  24. laney college

    The following questions are based on the “Mt. Dome, California,” quadrangle (Figure 33-2 found on page 228 of the Laboratory Manual; enlarged to scale 1:48,000; contour interval 40 feet) and the stereogram of the same
  25. Science--2 questions! asap!

    During the processes of erosion and deposition, sediments that are the_____ in size will be carried the greatest distances before being deposited. Most___rocks form under conditions found a few kilometers under Earth's surface.
  26. English

    I have my resume written but I have a few questions before I type it out. Under experience do I list just the company name that I worked for or do I put the entire address followed by what that job entitled? I added achievements do I have to add activities
  27. Social Studies

    I am doing a crossword puzzle. One of the questions was "The electoral college was developed because some of the founding fathers believed that too much democracy was a very ____thing. The answer is 9 letters long, and it has me completely stumped. Any
  28. Biology

    Could someone please help me answer the following questions; 1. What unique property of carbon is responsible for the large number of organic compounds? 2. Alkanes, alkene and alkynes are all insoluble in water whereas alcohols, aldehydes and ketones are.
  29. Funny question

    I'm just curious to know are there any incentives or point system for answering questions here? Like what drives people to? Hobby, getting paid, bored or something else? Does this site have the same structure as ya4oo answers? If so, I kind of get it then.
  30. Socials

    Down and Out in Victorian London from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens questions I don't understand. 1. What is a parish? (not in religious content) 2. How did social values affect the treatment of the poor? 3. What were "workhouses" and how did they
  31. Literature/English

    I need help understanding the poem "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" so I can answer some questions on it. I know it is about death.. but I get confused by the old language. I've googled, but haven't found any good sites. Any help locating any would
  32. spanish

    I am really having problems in understanding "el pasivo reflejo"...it's a tense that is quite confusing to me. Could you help me with one of my questions? 1. Para qui sirve(n)? [Indique por lo menos tres usos o funciones sin usar << se
  33. A&P II

    I have 2 problems/questions I am unsure of the answers. The first one is "how would you demonstrate the Valsalve maneuver using the model lung?" and 2. If a woman is breathing rapidly and deeply after exercise, would TLC, RV, TV, IRV, and ERV stay the
  34. government

    I need to ask at least 10 people the 20 polling questions below for my Government class. However, the one exception is that you must be 18 or older to answer these questions. Thanks for the help! 1. Which of the following statements best reflects your
  35. physics

    thanks for the help for before I have a new question now... figures sense this text book asks questions that it dosen't even explain how in the pages before review questions... ok so I learned how to conver measurements in like seventh grade and sense then
  36. 11English

    this is about the book "Oedipus the King". how can i make two questions about Oedipus from this definition of anger? "The man who is slighted by those who thinks ought to respect him and feel grateful toward him is the more easily offended."
  37. Physics

    Thank you so much Mr. Bob Pursley for answer to one of my two questions. Can you please provide me with this answer. My exam is ahead. QUESTION: A rocket is ignited and gone up. After that it returns to the ground. How to draw a displacement time of the
  38. PSY 102

    I REALLY NEED HELP BADLY WITH THESE QUESTIONS SOMEONE PLS HELP..... Why do the passengers in high-altitude jet planes feel the sensation of weight while passengers in the International Space Station do not?
  39. Geography/History

    What is the role of the Catholic church in Latin America? All the articles that I found are so confusing. I don't understand anything that I found. I just need a general idea so I can answer all my questions. thank you
  40. World History Honors

    I have to create 10 questions about the Guillotine? My first one is Why did Robespierre prefer suicide than being sentenced to death by the guillotine? However I also need the answer and I believe that it may have had to be because he was too embarrassed
  41. statistics

    A test has 1 true false question and 2 multiple choice questions(A B C D). Draw a tree diagram and determine the sample space for the possible ways to answer the test.
  42. science

    4) Why is it important to control the presence ethylene gas when ripening fruit? 5) Describe two aspects of dams that depend on the proper flow of fluids. Please help me with these questions! thanks
  43. Trigonometry

    I'm having trouble doing trigonometry. Determine the possible coordinates of a terminal point for each angle in standard position. A) 315° I have no clue how to do this. Please explain and show me the work so I can do the rest of the questions myself
  44. society

    Please only post your questions once. Repeating posts will not get a quicker response. In addition, it wastes our time looking over reposts that have already been answered in your later post. Thanks. How people lived in the middle ages?
  45. history

    How did King Leopold violate V of the Berlin Act of 1885? It appears that these questions are based on your assigned reading. Please post your answer from your reading and we'll be glad to comment on it.
  46. Science

    I need to know how a refrigerator works to come up with an example. Please keep it simple and easy to understand. or an example explaining how being able to understand scientific principles and think scientifically can help you solve problems and answer
  47. business

    Which one of the following questions would be inappropriate to ask during an interview? A. Do you have children of your own B. What do you like best about teaching young children C. What is one science activity that would be appropriate for four-year-olds?
  48. ml algebra

    Solve the equation x2 = 81 by finding square roots. *NOTE: Applicable to this and all other questions--For any solution that involves two answers, type one answer separated by a comma and then the other answer
  49. Business

    ***i have to answer interviewing questions for my homework. Im stuck on how to answer them. Its just practice and can be general. What is the most difficult part of the job? What types of challenges would I face in this position/department?
  50. Science

    Can someone please help me with these questions below thank you. 1. What do you think the impact of the earth's climate will be like if everyone enjoyed the same lifestyle? 2. What will it be like for The health of ecosystems and biodiversity? 3. What will
  51. politics

    Consensus is best described as: A. the result of political compromises. B. common sense. C. a broad public agreement on basic political questions. D. the people of a country voting frequently. C?
  52. Math

    Solve the system of equations to find x,y,z (hint let d=x2 e=y2 and d=z2 . Find d e and f first) !!where ever you see 2 it's supposed to be a squared sign. I've seen questions answered similar to this but I don't understand how to get z^2 and y^2
  53. algebra

    -5x + 5y=25 -10x+5y=10 Graph the linear equation by writing both equations in the slope intercept form... I'm really struggling with this questions.. i have to fill in y=___x+_____ y=____x+_____
  54. HUM 130

    I'm having a little trouble finding information about societal and cultural influences in the Hinduism religion. I looked through the sites that were previously given in questions that were asked but didn't see much in the way for the information I need.
  55. Math

    Selina has a homework consisting of 4 questions.In each question,she needs to find the value of each power.When she turns in her homework,her teachers say she got tree correct answers of which of the following values did she calculate incorrectly?
  56. Statistics

    Create a null hypothesis for the following research questions: a. What are the differences between emergency room shifts on medication errors? b. On a clinical trial of a new drug, what will be the effects over a currently used drug?
  57. Chemistry

    Answer the questions about the following reaction. 4Al(s) + 3O2(g) 2Al2O3 (s) How many molecules of O2 are used in the reaction? How many oxygen atoms are required? How many moles of Al2O3 are formed? What is the mole ratio of Al to O2?
  58. Social Studies (Reed)

    Will you help me with these two questions? I'm lost. ): 1. How did television help the civil rights movement? 2. What caused a division between Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the black power movement?
  59. Statistics

    Create a null hypothesis for the following research questions: a. What are the differences between emergency room shifts on medication errors? b. On a clinical trial of a new drug, what will be the effects over a currently used drug?
  60. math

    I don't understand factoring. One of my homework questions asks for that. The question is "The area of a rectangular garden is given by the trinomial x to the 2nd power plus x -42. What are the possible dimensions of the rectangle? Use factoring.
  61. To Corie

    Do NOT post answers to other students' questions unless you are prepared to explain thoroughly. Simply giving away answers doesn't help anyone learn anything! Failure to adhere to this is a good way to get yourself on the banned list.
  62. Not understaning what I need to do

    I am writing a paper of the Society of The India people and one of the questions I need to answer is A clear differentiation between race and ethnicity in India? I am not sure I understand what I need to write Can any one give a better understanding what I

    Find the probability of correctly answering the first 4 questions on a multiple choice test if random guesses are made and each question has 5 possible answers. Explain to me the answer?
  64. government

    attitudes held by a significant number of people concerning governmental and political questions are known as a. the mass media b. public opinion c. interest groups d. public policies ...i think its b...

    Two springs, with force constants k1=175N/m and k2=270N/m, are connected in series, as shown in (Figure 1) .When a mass m=0.50kg is attached to the springs, what is the amount of stretch, x?
  66. Studying tactics

    Hi, I'm a senior in hs. my AP US history (2) teacher gives us ridiculously specific questions on our test. I read the chapter over and over again like 4 times and I still end up getting a 60% how can I improve my studying strategies? thanks!! Doris
  67. algebra 3-4

    im in a cal class but were reviewing algebra stuff now. and i have 1 more questions. it says. express the given quantity as a single loragithms 2ln4-ln2 so is it 2ln(2) please tell me if im getting the right answers and if im not then please show me how to
  68. Science

    Can someone please help me out with these two questions below thank you. 1. What waste disposal methods are available to humans and how might they be more effective? 2. What initiatives or incentives could governments create to better equip citizens for
  69. Humanities

    What gave rise to democracy in Athens? Explain why Plato did not favor democracy as the best form of government in his Republic? Are there any good online sources where I can find the above questions? Thanks.
  70. Statistics

    Create a null hypothesis for the following research questions: a. What are the differences between emergency room shifts on medication errors? b. On a clinical trial of a new drug, what will be the effects over a currently used drug?
  71. Algebra

    please help me solve my homework with all the work involved. i have trouble paying attention in class so it's hard for me to do my homework. here are a few of the questions. I need to find out what the letters equal. 1.) 10(-4+y)=2y 2.)9(b-4)-7b=5(3b-2)
  72. Statistics

    Create a null hypothesis or the following research questions: (a) What are the differences between emergency room shifts on medication errors? (b) On a clinical trail of a new drug, what will be the effects over a currently used drug?
  73. precalculus

    find the trigonometric form of the following number: -7 + 4i I keep getting the wrong answer for these questions. mine was: square root of 65 (cos330.255 degrees + sin330.255i degrees)
  74. algebra

    find the value of x and y x+y=12 45x+52y=561 Please only post your questions once. Repeating posts will not get a quicker response. In addition, it wastes our time looking over reposts that have already been answered in another post. Thank you.
  75. french

    I don't know if any of you have read le compte de mont cristo but there are two questions I am confused about. On what project did the abbot work? and after having encountered Dantes in prison, what did the abbot learn and what was his plan?
  76. Eng

    Which of the following would be an appropriate way to add variety to your sentence? A. Make your sentences read like a spoken conversation. B. Use more close-up words. C. Use questions and answers together. D. Add personal anecdotes. Answer is C
  77. Principles of Management

    Answer questions 1 through 3 based on the following fact: Wal-Mart sometimes forced its employees to work over time without pay. 1. Which stakeholder of Wal-Mart is the fact mainly about? a. Customers. B. Employees. c. Suppliers. D. Governments. 2. What
  78. chem!!

    Question: 1. The value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction H2CO3(aq) + energy ƒnƒnH2O(l) + CO2(g) can be changed by introducing a change to which component of the equation? This relates to the Le Chatelier principle. Thanks! Keq (the constant
  79. economics

    there are just certain things that i do not understand about the questions...(i did read A LOT last night and i did not find anything that really answered my questions)...To be more specific... suppose a competitive market consists of identical firms with
  80. scientific stats

    I get very confused when asked these types of questions. I need someone to explain it to me easier. Looking for another way to try to learn these questions. A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops in the western part of the North Pacifi c
  81. Pre Calculus 30

    I'm having a hard time understanding the fundamental counting principal and I don't even know where to start on some of the questions.Here are a few questions I'm having trouble with. 1.Andrea, Brian, Carol, David, Emmalee, Floyd, and Gloria are to stand
  82. Health Research Project

    I have a research paper where I need to write a paragraph answering each question. The instructions are to go to the American Medical Assocation's web site at ama-assn and use the search button on the upper right to look for ethical opinions oncomputer
  83. Statistics

    Answer the following questions. ​(a) The random variable x is distributed​ normally, with x~N(80,100) Find the probability that x is greater than 90. x >90. ​(b) Find P(x<85). ​(c) Find P(76<x<84).
  84. Chem Lab Help

    I wanted to know if any one has done the Determination of ASA Content of Tablets Lab Report. I need help doing the post lab questions
  85. stats

    If a student answers 40 multiple choice questions, each with four possible answers, by guessing randomly, the probability that she answers at least 15 correctly
  86. chemistry

    Its 5:23pm Ive just checked to see if I've gotten a response,looks like mine has been skipped over. I see questions that were asked after mine and the one right before mine. I never got an answer. What's up?!
  87. Math

    For questions 1 and 2 choose the equation or proportion that you can use to solve the problem: What number is 73% of 215? A.215 = 0.73 B.n = 0.73 × 215 C.0.73 = nx215
  88. BIO

    I really need help with this question, Damon gave me an answer, but I do not know if it is for this question or for the one posted after. This is the only question I need help on, I promise not to post any other questions after this I need help
  89. Calculus

    More questions on - finding dy/dx 1) y = sqrt 4 + sin 10 x - I am lost again 2) y = 10/sin x answer: - 10 csc x cot x 3) y = sin x/ 8x
  90. Algebra

    I am stumped by these two LCM questions for some reason. Find The LCM for #1 2(R-7) and 14(R-7) #2 (1+4r), (1-16r^2), and (1-4r) It seems like #1 is already at the LCM and #2 would be (1+4r)(1-4r) Am I even vaguely correct? Thanks for your help.
  91. marketing

    List three questions a marketing manager might want to ask. Then, provide answers, incorporating marketing math concepts.
  92. Reading

    May you please help me understand these questions? Thanks! 1. What does Spaz's story reveal about Spaz's origins? 2. With what is Spaz afflicted? In why way is it a blessing?
  93. Psy270

    Individual Clinical Assessment Mr. and Mrs. Lawson brought their 4-year-old adopted daughter, Clara, to see Dr. Mason, a psychiatrist. Clara was polite in greeting Dr. Mason, but did not smile and kept her gaze down as she took a seat. Mr. and Mrs. Lawson
  94. moles/solutions.

    I have three questions. The first one I got an ansser of 6.02 X 10^23. The question is this. How many molecules of sucrose (C-12,H-22, O-11) molecular weight, 342, would be present in one mole of sucrose? The other two questions I have are related. A) The
  95. help please :)

    In order to change information from useless facts into information you can absorb and retain , You should do which of the following? A. Ask questions B. Draw conclusion C. Anticipate information to come D. All of the above i got D what do you think
  96. 8th grade science

    I need some websites for the answers to these questions: What is diffusion? What causes diffusion? Why is diffusion important to living organisms? Thanks, AMir
  97. Ivytech

    There are 7 multiple choice questions on an exam, each with 4 possible answers. If you are guessing, so that you are likely to choose 1 sequence of answers as another, what is the probability of getting all 7 answers correct?
  98. To Suzi - re survey

    Thanks for posting your survey questions. Be sure to post your survey numbers once you get them all tallied. Then you'll be able to start analyzing them. We can help you, but remember that we won't do it for you! =)
  99. Polynomials

    State whether the following equations are sometimes, always or never true. a) a^2-2ab-b^2= (a-b)^2, bis not equal to 0 b) a^2+ b^2= (a+b)(a+b) c) a^2-b^2= a^2-2ab+b^2 d) (a=b)^2 = a^2+2ab+b^2 I don't understand what these questions are exactly asking.
  100. Calculus - Integrals

    I have 3 questions, and I cannot find method that actually solves them. 1) Integral [(4s+4)/([s^2+1]*([S-1]^3))] 2) Integral [ 2*sqrt[(1+cosx)/2]] 3) Integral [ 20*(sec(x))^4 Thanks in advance.