1. Chemistry

    Could someone please help me with the following questions; 1.) Formic acid reacts with hydroxybenzene to form? 2.) For the synthesis of methyl butanoate from an alkene and alcohol, what should I use? 3.) Synethesis of an alkene from 2-propanone. Thank you.
  2. chem

    consider the equation for the following questions 2C2H6(g) + 7o2(g) 4 CO2(g) +6H2O(g) How many grams of CO2 are produced when 2.00moles of C2H6 react with sufficient oxygen?
  3. Chemistry

    I have a lot of questions on identify(ing) the functional groups in molecules. I am not sure how to go about finding these out.The first question is THC. How do I go about knowing the functional group of this molecule? Thank you.
  4. Statistics

    How do you solve questions of probability involving random sample numbers. It depends upon what kind of problem you are trying to solve. Do you have a specific question in mind?
  5. Math

    decide on a topic which is adding more clubs for which they would like to collect data and design a survey for school which could really be used to convince the principal to do. Create 5-7 questions for the survey.
  6. life orantation

    Make six suggestions on how to combat the violations of human rights identified by you in the previous questions and indicate any organisations you have come about in your research and indicate how they combat the discriminations.
  7. English

    What is your idea about me? What is your viewpoint about me? What is your thought about me? (Answer) I think you are arrogant. (Are the questions all grammatical?) What are your ideas about me? What are your viewpoints about me? What are your thoughts
  8. social studies

    I need a copy of the florida studies weekly for week 16. I tried to find the magazine online and cant. Do you know of any web site that might have it so I can read it and answer the questions?
  9. English

    Hello. Please help me with a few questions. 1)Do you think it's possible to use "as expected" in reference to the future, for example: "As expected, they will arrive next week"? 2)Do you think the word combination "to gain a historic triumph over someone"
  10. Help?

    I thought that when you asked questions on here they would try to help you figured out the answer, i know there not supposed to tell you the answer, but i mean why do some people just say look it up on google? Isn't that kind of defeating the purpose of
  11. Criminal Justice

    two questions.. 1a) How much discretion should prosecutors, judges, and parole board members have in administering the criminal sanction? b) What justifies the latitude given these individuals?
  12. science

    ________________, the way that most plants and animals reproduce typically requires two parents. _______________ requires only one parent. I'm stuck, can you help me to figure out these two questions. Thanks in advance.
  13. gemma

    re s103 please could you help me on that question about methonal please please help im running out of time What question? Do you mean methanol? Please post your questions with the subject appropriately labeled, and not addressed to one person.
  14. science

    what does it mean to survey a text ? a) read the text and take detailed notes b) look for the main idea c) find the answers to your questions d) answer question out loud
  15. Physics

    acceleration due to gravity questions Determine the time of fall when an object is dropped if the average velocity of the falling object was 12m/s?
  16. To: Nadia/Christine

    Christine -- changing screen names is not going to help you. Your last set of questions has been deleted. http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1313430214
  17. answer a question

    Why has no one answered my two math questions i put on here. Please look again UNDER your postings because I see answers there! Ashley, Be sure to look above this post. I reposted them so the math teachers might find them more easily. =)
  18. Two Grammar Questions

    1. I don’t want to let go; I love this thing.-------> Is the semicolon used correctly? 2. "Why does that need to happen," asked my friend.------> Do I need a question mark in the quotes or is the comma used correctly?
  19. Psychology

    We (3) have to lead half hour class discussion on introduction to Psych., ask 3 questions, make a case study. We don't know where to start. It's only introduction?? Help!! tx
  20. Buisness

    i LOVE this website, but it won't let me post personal questions. So were is a good sight that i can go to and not have to sign up for anything. I just want a sight that gives you advice without popups or a log-in acount, Can you Help?
  21. social studies

    i have a project in which i have to make a board game and ask questions sort of like cranium... one of the question topics is emigrant vs immigrant and im not sure what to write for a question...
  22. English

    Hello. I will appreciate it if a native speaker of English will help me with several questions. 1)is the article used in the phrase: "go on (a?)protest"; 2)is it possible to say: "the plan is aiming" or is it "aims"; 3) is it possible to say: "to reload"
  23. MaTH

    write an algebraic expression "five plus the quotient of r and 14" 5+14r 5+14/r 5+r/14 5-r/14 do the same things for theses to "Four less than the prouduct of three and x is twenty-three 3x-4=23 4-3x=23 4x-3=23 3-4x=23 solve useing menmtal math 4y+3=19 4 5
  24. chemistry

    6.Answer the following questions about BaC2O4 and its hydrate: A. calculate the mass percent of carbon in the hydrated form of the solid that has the fromula BaC2O4 * 3H2O
  25. math

    1. Consider the following equation. xy + 7x + 5y = –8 (a) Differentiate both sides with respect to x to complete the following. ( blank )y ' + y + blank =0 (b)Solve for y ' in terms of x and y. (c) Calculate dy/dx at the point (4,-4). Can anyone help me
  26. english

    In the following sentence i need to know what are the nouns in the objective case and what part of the sentence is the word festivities? I know that Munich is the subject and the form is simple but if someone could help with the other two questions that
  27. biology- sex linked diseases, punnet sqares

    [IMG]ht tp ://i25 .tinypic. com/w7nyc. jpg[/IMG] i have an idea of how to do the questions above but can someone do them to so i can clarify?
  28. Algebra

    I have major issues with problems like these,please I need help. For these systems of linear equations in questions -Determine how many solutions exist -Use either elimination or substitution to find the solutions (if any) 1. y = 2x + 3 and y = -x - 4 2.
  29. physical science

    Hi - my daughter is geting confused and too many years 2 questions How are these terms related in a sentence or 2 please 1. Speed - motion 2. Speed - distance - time
  30. English

    Lesson 11 Test Someone halp For Questions 1-3, choose the word or phrase that best matches the word in italics. 1. She liked her new bedroom but she did not care for the *hue* of it's walls.
  31. science

    I have been trying to write a research paper, that poses questions as my focus. Rather then a general topic. Is there somewhere online; I can submit my paper for revision suggestions before i turn it in.
  32. language art 8

    Please help me, i really need to get this. the only question/essay im stuck on. Answer the following questions about the essay "Escaping." Give an example of one internal and one external conflict from the selection (5 points). I need your help!
  33. ms. sue thanks

    ms. sue thanks for help u give to me with my questions. but still i unsure of that policy one, how it changed i just guess and wrote that canada more involved in war but i don't real understand it.
  34. science

    How accurately do you think your best friend or a close family member would be able to answer these questions about you? Are there some aspects of your personality that are more private than others? answer in detail regarding hexaco inventory
  35. physical science

    Hi - my daughter is geting confused and too many years 2 questions How are these terms related in a sentence or 2 please 1. Speed - motion 2. Speed - distance - time
  36. math

    DO you have to type all of the information in when submitting the work to be viewed. I have already done the work and I have the answers also. It is 36 questions . Is there anyway I can send it to an email. This is a very important assignment and i just
  37. English

    Hello. I'll be grateful if you help me with a few questions. 1)Which is correct,'civilian people' or 'civil people' (meaning "civilians")? 2)Would you use the article in the context "to decrease (the?) strain between the countries"? Thank you very, very
  38. College Algebra

    I have a few more questions that I'm not understanding. Its multiple choice however I would appreciate a breakdown on how to solve. 1.Evaluate without a calculator, using the order of operations. -2^2+20-|8-20|-squareroot of 64 a. -36 b. 4 c. 28 d. -4
  39. PHYSICS-stuck

    These are the troublesome questions. What is the average velocity between 0.6 h and 1 h? A. + 0.4 km/h B. + 1.25 km/h C. + 1.66 km/h D. + 2.5 km/h The other question is below. What is the object's displacemnt between 0.4 h and 0.6 h? A. -0.75 km B. +0.25
  40. psychology

    To ensure that the memory of a child is accurate, it is important to: A. ask him to draw a picture of the event B. reward him for telling what happened C. reassure him that his friends have had the same experience D. avoid the use of leading questions or
  41. ela

    explain why each word or term is either capitalized or not.EX: President George Washington ; title and name of a person. 1]Robert E. Lee was a general in the Civil War. I just need an idea of how to answer these questions so i can do the rest.
  42. german

    hello! can somebody help to answer these questions please? Johann Peter Hebel: Unverhosses Wiedersehen 1. Erzählform 2. Verlaufsstufe 3.Perspektive 4.Erzählhaltung 6.sprachliche Merkmale 7.Zeitstruktur 8. Wirkung auf den Leser
  43. Science (human body)

    1.What are lungs made up of? 2.What is one function of the rennin? 3.Where is water and mineral salts absorbed? 4.What are the two digestive juices in the small intestine? 5.What are 3 symptoms of Kwashiorkor? I really need to know the answers to these
  44. English

    Which of the following is not a good suggestion for writing an introductory paragraph? A. Describe a hypothetical situation. B. Cite a surprising fact or statistic. C. Never asks questions. D. Use a quotation to help illustrate your thesis. my answer is c.
  45. English

    Read the passage “Zuldonian Pioneer” and use it to answer questions 1 - 10. 1.) What is the first concern Jenna has in the story? A. Her protective suit malfunctions. B. The earthquakes are unpredictable. C. It is too far to take her usual way back. D.
  46. Statistics

    Suppose a multiple-choice test has 10 questions each with 5 choices. If a student guesses randomly. What is the probability that they get an B or better. ( they get at least a 80% on the exam) make sure to declare a binomial random variable and show all
  47. @Anionymous

    You posted an entire test and all the answers, which is one of the kinds of posts Jiskha's owner is regularly contacted to remove. Please post only the 4 or 5 questions you are least sure of, plus their answer choices and your selection. Then someone here
  48. renaissance

    i am doing a compare and contrast essay on philip II of spain and elizabeth I of england. what are some main ideas of their differences? and how would i write a thesis sentence on this? if the paper is 4-5 pages how many paragraphs do you think it should
  49. spanish SRA MCGUINN

    These are the answers - i need to do the questions 1. Si, nosotros miramos el mapa de la cuidad de San Pablo 2. Si, Mama, tu dejaste los pasaportes aqui en la mesa. Estamos listos!
  50. Psychology 270

    Mr. and Mrs. Lawson brought their 4-year-old adopted daughter, Clara, to see Dr. Mason, a psychiatrist. Clara was polite in greeting Dr. Mason, but did not smile and kept her gaze down as she took a seat. Mr. and Mrs. Lawson sat next to Clara and began
  51. science

    i need help with a packet that im struggling with my questions are write the total number of atoms present for the following questions: a. 4SO2 now i tried and got 8O'S and 1S b. 8O2 i tried and got 16 all together c. 3Al2(SO4)3 i tried and got 6Al, 3S,
  52. Environmental Science

    Research Paper I need to write a research paper on coral reefs. i need to compose a research paper that deals with coral reefs and addresses enough of the questions below in order to meet the minimum page requirements for the paper (3-4 double spaced
  53. Physics

    Hi, i need help on the following questions. Thank you. 1) The potential at location A is 441 V. A positively charged particle is released there from rest and arrives at location B with a speed vB. The potential at location C is 805 V, and when released
  54. English

    Thank you so much for your assistance with my thesis statement and topic for my persuasive essay. Now, can you tell me if I have answered theses two questions correctly pertaining to my thesis statement " solving our economic problems of fear and
  55. Early Child Ed.

    Can you please check my questions and answers? 1. A three-year-old child who is developmentally delayed might: A. need training wheels on his two-wheel bike. B. speak in two-word sentences C. not be able to read. D. need someone to help cut his meat at
  56. Economics Questions.

    I am not quite sure about the following questions, is it True or False for each of the following? 1) The exchange rate (under PPP) between the dollar and the British pound would be 0.5 dollars per British pound if a pair of American jeans costs 50 dollars
  57. English

    Which is the most important step you need to do as a study reader? A. Take notes while you read. B. Survey the chapters before you begin detailed reading. C. Answer questions as you read. D. All of the above. im Stumped :(
  58. To Khaled/Peter -- business

    I've removed your two posts with 10 essay questions. They look like a semester exam, yet you did nothing to show us your attempts at answers. This is a homework HELP site; it is not a cheat site.
  59. Math

    The graph of y = f (x) = b^x, where b > 1, is translated such that the equation of the new graph is expressed as y – 2 = f (x – 1). The range of the new function is A. y > 2 B. y > 3 C. y > –1 D. y > –2 2)If log7 m = log 2/3 , then
  60. Capital Markets

    anyone have knowledge of bonds, mutual funds, and stripping bonds. I have a few problems which i cant figure out but they're kinda long Yes, I have owned each of those. Go ahead and ask your questions here. One at a time would be best.
  61. physics- TEST TMRW PLS HELP!

    how would i do this? -----------------A-----------B-------- I<----1.5m------>l<--0.6m-->l<-0.3m->l a carpenter carries a 6kg board . the downward force he feels on his shoulder (A) is .... ? (B is where his hand is) pls help!! i have so
  62. Math

    Which is the last step in taking a survey? (Choices)... A. Explain the results B. write a survey questions C. Count tallies D. Make a tally chart and ask question.
  63. chemistry

    Why is there one large increase in ionization energies for each element? Which atoms form ions that are larger than the atoms? I have a test tomorrow and these are the questions I have troubles understanding.
  64. French

    I have some questions about the imperative. 1. Prends les salades! How can one tell if this is an order to you or myself, as the conjugations for both tu and je are the same for "prendre"? 2. Is "acheter" a regular or irregular verb? I want to know whether
  65. Algebra

    For questions 20-21, begin with the following equation: y = 8x^2 + 10x + 3 . 20) Find the axis of symmetry. > -5/8 21) Identify the vertex as a maximum or minimum. > minimum ___________________________________ Please tell me if these answers are
  66. Science: Fluids in motion

    I'm just currently reading my science book and I just thought of a few questions.. Why are water molecules have a high attraction of glass? And why are their adhesion higher than their cohesion?
  67. physics

    A skydiver jumps out of a hovering helicopter, so there is no forward velocity. Use this information to answer questions 1 to 9. Ignore wind resistance for this exercise. What is the skydiver's acceleration?
  68. government

    Please can you help me to answer these questions. 1. Does Britain rule itself today? I wasn't sure how to answer this since it joined the EEC in 2009. 2.Is a country ruled by another called dependent, or a colony? Many thanks for your help.
  69. 7th grade

    A force used to lift a 12-kilogram mass to a height of 8 meters in 2 seconds does 1040 joules of work. QUESTIONS: A;How much force is used? B;What power is developed?
  70. Geometry

    Using your calculateor, look at the successive ratios (of the Fibonacci sequence) of one term to the next. Make a conjecture. I don't exactly get what the questions asking. I tried listing the ratios, but I really didn't see any pattern. Thanks in advance.
  71. Math

    Here are some multiple questions: One out of every 5 "Choco-Delite" candy bars contains a 50 cents coupon. If Alex wants 15 coupons, how many candy should he buy? a) 3 b) 20 c) 75 d) 100 What is the average of 10, 5, 3, 6, 14, 5, 6 and 7 a)7 b)8 c)56 d)9
  72. weather/science

    I had to create a chart of air temperature, pressure, and was the pressure rising or falling. One of my questions about it is "were there any values that you could predict ahead of time?" can someone help me with this question please?
  73. science

    My science homework questions is: You measure the boiling temperature of 3 clear liquids. 1 of them boils at 100C. The other 2 at 85C and 115C. How can you use numbers to identify the first liquid? Can someone help?
  74. Science

    Which of the following questions is outside the scope of science? a. how are religion and philosophy different b.what is the diet of an american alligator c. how do humans digest protein d. how does gravity affect an airplane's motion
  75. tech school math

    this is the answer to one of my questions. This is an on-line class. I don't know how they got the answer. I sent an email to the teacher but no response yet. 121pi/6 - 121 sqrt3/4 = 11.0 m squared
  76. Statistics

    Suppose Cindy is taking a multiple-choice test where there are 5 possible answers on each question. If she guesses on all 8 questions, what is the probability that she gets: a.) exactly 3 correct. b.) at least 1 correct. c.) What is the mean? d.) What is
  77. Science

    Hi , I am doing a written science assessment on burning magnesium metal - one of the questions we had to answer was:explain the reaction using the big idea of energy . Would you have any clue what that means ? Thanks x
  78. U.S History

    In the Revolutionary war, who helped America to some early wins, but turned traitor later on in the war? Just a minute! Are you asking us all your questions? What have YOU done to find the answers? We HELP but don't DO the work for you!
  79. dress making

    wanted some help with questions 1. You would like to add a row of tow metallic threads around the wrist of a dress made out of voile . what sewing method should be used to attach them?
  80. 2 social studies questions

    I would so greatly appreciate it. How does Reagan support his statement "Freedom is the victor"? How does Reagan challenge Gorbachev to prove that his reforms are not "token gestures"? *
  81. science

    need help with 3 questions: 1.fossil fuels are a. a natural resource b. renewable c.made from minerals d.burned in hydroelectric plants. 2.which of the following is a renewable for of energy? i didn't have any suggestions :(
  82. Questions about stats

    a non-directional hypothesis and have set your alpha at .01. You have 30 pairs of scores. What is the criterion value of r you need to equal or exceed to have a significant correlation so you can reject the null hypothesis
  83. chemistry

    Hi DrBob, you are an inspiration to my brother since he tells me you help so many people including himself with your generosity.Thank you!. My brother was wondering if you will be online later tonight since he needs help with three questions when he gets
  84. Chemistry

    I was getting restless to post these questions, so I decided to go ahead and post them. Balance each of the following skeleton equations. B) Na + F2 -> NaF I balanced out this equation like this. Na + F2 -> Na2F OR would I write it as -> Na + F2
  85. social studies

    I need to answer the questions on my study guide, it is my homework but I forgot my book,I need to read chapter 3 it's about our earth,s renewable and non renewable resources.where else I find out about it
  86. To SquadHunter

    I banned you from posting here until about noon tomorrow. In the meantime, I suggest you try to find the answers to the many questions you posted. Post your answers and I'll be glad to check them. We will not do your homework for you!!!
  87. Math

    -5,-3,-1,1,3,5 If a and b are different integers chosen from the list above, how many possible values are there of the product ab? I know the answer is 15 but do I always use factorial method whenever I meet questions that ask for how many possibilitites?
  88. Math

    The radius of the larger circle is 9cm. The diameter of the smaller circle is 11cm. Find the area of the shaded region. I don't understand this questions at all please help.
  89. math

    fred got a score of 84 on the test.write a division sentence using negative numbers where the quotient represents the number of questions fred answered incorrectly
  90. biology

    I have to do a lab report on the effect of metal ions on enzyme activity One of the questions asked the sources of error and one asked the methods used I got stuck, can you pls help
  91. Informal Logic

    Consider a debate over whether prayer should be allowed in public schools. Explain what logic can and cannot do. In other words, what kinds of questions and topics are not decided by logical analysis?
  92. American Literature

    I read the speech 'On The Campaign Against Drug Abuse" by President and Mrs. Reagan. For one of the questions it asks what inclusive language is used. You, our, we're, etc. were used throughout the speech. Would this be correct ??
  93. statistics

    . The average age at which a woman gets married in the U.S. is µ = 27 with a standard deviation of σ = 5.5. Use this information to answer the following questions. Show Your Work! A. What proportion marries at age 30 or more?
  94. Algebra ASAP (Please helpeth this lost soul)

    Simplify (2sqrt(5)+3sqrt(7))^2 ~~~ Can you show the steps. I want to learn how to do it now so I won't have to pester y'all again with my feeble algebra questions :3
  95. Calculus

    This is the questions I have trouble with : Set up (do not evaluate) the integral that gives the surface area of the surface generated by rotating the curve y=tanhx on the interval (0, 1) around the x-axis. Anyone who can help? Not really sure how to even
  96. voting

    Use the following data to answer questions 1 through 8. In voting for four candidates, the outcomes are reported as: (ADBC) (DACB) (BADC) (BDCA) (DCAB) 8 5 3 1 2 What is the total number of votes?
  97. chemistry

    Use the following reaction to answer the questions 4Fe(s) + 3O2(g) ® 2Fe2O3(g) ÄH = -1700 kJ How many kJ are released when 2.00 g Fe react? How many grams of rust form when 453 kJ of energy are released?
  98. Psychology Help!!!

    Can someone answer my questions in the psychology section, please?
  99. Math to Ms.Sue

    Ms.Sue can you check my last two questions below. I appreciate your help and everyone else's.
  100. Math

    Alfonso got an 87.5% on his test. He got 21 right. How many questions were on the test??