1. Social Studies 3

    What did Churchill mean when he said "iron curtain"? You need to start stating what YOU think the answers are for YOUR questions. Then the tutors here will be able to give you feedback and point you in the right direction if needed. =)
  2. math

    An unprepared student makes random guesses for the ten true or false questions on a quiz.find the probablity that there is at least one correct answer.
  3. Life Science

    How did Mendel’s approach to answering scientific questions differ from that of his contemporaries? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You might want to see the answer just posted for Diana.
  4. grade 11 math

    Determine two angles between 0 and 360 that have a cosecant of -8. I don't understand what steps I should take in order to solve the question. Im not looking for the answer just a formula to do questions like this.
  5. Algebra 2 Honors

    Well, I'm having trouble on some of my homework questions and looking to get help as soon as possible on one of them about inverse variation. 1. If y varies inversely as x and y = -3 when x = 9, find y when x = 81. I will use the equation y = k/x but I
  6. science fair

    maybe making them pat thier head and rub their stomach or hear a lecture and draw while youre hearing it and then answer questions on it
  7. the periodic table

    combine the chemical symbols for each of the following elements to spell words. carbon +argon =____.chlorine + oxygen +selenium=----+---- +----- =------ .i have 10 questions like these .please help me
  8. English Question [Dante's Inferno]

    I've just got a couple questions on the book, what are the two parts of the'' Divine Comedy?'' I've got Cantos, but I still need the other one and I can't fidn it in the paper I'm reading off of. Thanks -Allyson
  9. Science

    I am trying to come up with an example but i need to know how a refrigerator works. Please keep it simple. or example explaining how being able to understand scientific principles and think scientifically can help you solve problems and answer questions in
  10. Chemistry Biological Compounds

    Can you help me with these questions Directions: Either it's a protein, nucleic acid, carboydrate, or a lipid 1.Plymers formed from amino acids I2. s a polymer
  11. psychology

    you are conducting research on sex differencesin emails .Your hypothesis is that the men use more declarative statements and women use more questions.what might be the advantages of using the archival method
  12. Business

    Your client has asked you to prepare a report in which you address the following questions: Is the CEO trying to lead or manage this change initiative? What arguments can he use to persuade his managers?
  13. Interview

    One day, a pharmacy school classmate gives you a sheet containing questions for an upcoming exam. How would you handle the situation and what issues would you consider important in coming to a decision about what to do?
  14. statistics

    An unprepared student makes random guesses for the ten true-false questions on a quiz. Find the probability that there is at least one correct answer.
  15. Sociology

    As an assignment for this class as we study cultures and world views, I have to have strangers fill out a survey. I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment and answer these questions! Thanks! Age: 17 or less 18-29 30-49 50+ I’d rather not
  16. kuai

    could you show me how to set ,y problems up so I have a chance at figuring them out. I have spent countless hours on the two statistic questions I posted and am still at square one. Please, you seem to know what you are doing and I'm willing to learn.
  17. English 12

    In the short story defender of the faith by philip roth,Why does Marx refuse to support Grossbart when the Captain questions him about his eating habits?
  18. social studies

    who authorized a group of french merchants to create colonies in north america You posted over twenty of these homework questions. What do you think are the answers?
  19. Writin

    The assignment is to write opinionated questions that are arguable for a class discussion. One subject is the prisoners treatment during war time - can you give me an example of a possible question?
  20. biology

    Hey can you help me out with these questions? What is the separation of homologous chromosomes during Anaphase I of meiosis called? What is the animal secretion serving as communication between members if the same species? Thanks?
  21. Social Studies

    What form of government does Ireland have? Is it stable? Do they have any allies? I've been surfing the web for a really long time now, searching for the answers to these questions. I'm really stuck...
  22. Math

    For questions 1-2 , simplify each expression. 1.9! a.45 b.362,880 c.265,456 d.125,936 2.25P3 a.12,755 b.14,290 c.13,800 d.18,250
  23. spanish two

    directions: answer the questions using the double object pronouns. example quien te compro esos zapatos? mi tio is the person buys. this is for my question.
  24. Law

    please check my answer thanks :) A health care information manager, receives a subponea the legality of which she questions. She should... 1 ignore it 2. seek advice of counsel I said #2
  25. Health

    Hi again..sorry I havn't been asking questions these days as my sister (y912f) is always on :P I wanted to know whether it is better to brush your teeth after eating or before. Because mostly everyone does it before but I don't see the point when they're
  26. Advanced Economics

    I know that equilibrium is a static status in model in which relevant constraints are enough so that it is restrictive to ylied testable implications (From Proffesor N.S.Cheung) while disequilibrium is the opposed. HOWEVER, STILL I have questions that are
  27. Variation-Questions

    I have some questions that I don't understand and need to be checked please? Slove the problem. 1. y varies directly as z and y=187 when z=17. Find y when z=15 -This is how I did it: 187=k*17, I divided by 17 on both sides and got k=11, then I plugged it
  28. Buddha

    I want to learn about BUDDHA Go for it. The internet is a great source of information. You could also do it the old-fashioned way and get a few books on the topic. Here are several sites that will give you information on this topic.
  29. Art

    Could you please check these sentences, Writeacher? Thank you. 1) A job seeker should make a short list of the job's requirements and should keep it in his mind during the interview. In this way he can bring in examples to demonstrate that he is the right
  30. World History

    Choose four of the following questions to ask Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad:? Ok I choose the questions and I got the first and third one I just need help with the second and forth question •Why is the Holy Land an important site for your faith? Moses: The
  31. pronouns/nouns

    Could you please help with some of my homework questions of nouns and pronouns We can help you better, if you give us the specific questions. However, here are some sites that may be helpful. I got them by using the key words "noun pronoun" to search on
  32. physics

    Tarzan wights 820N, swings from a cliff at the end of a 20m vine that hangs from a high tree limb and initially makes an angle of 22 degrees with the vertical. Immediately after Tarzan steps off the cliff the tension in the cine is 760N. Choose a
  33. HOMEWORk check english

    1. Jordan was studying for his criminal justice exam, and his brother offered to help him study. He went over each of the questions with him. a. Jordan was studying for his criminal justice exam, and his brother offered to help him study; so he went over
  34. Homework check english

    1. Jordan was studying for his criminal justice exam, and his brother offered to help him study. He went over each of the questions with him. a. Jordan was studying for his criminal justice exam, and his brother offered to help him study; so he went over
  35. overview of teaching techniques

    which technique is used after a student gives a wrong answer and the teacher continues to aim questions at that student? (a)redirecting (b)probing(my answer) (c)inquiring (d)diverting which of the following guidelines for demonstrations is good advice to
  36. English

    I am working on questions from the book "To Kill a Mockingbird" and i need help with this question: 1. Using Jem's description of Boo, how does Harper Lee makes it clear that we are looking through a child's eyes?
  37. Geography HELP PLEASE

    Use the figure to answer questions 1-3 file:///C:/Users/Student/Downloads/642756-212012-25329-PM-1227809791%20(1).png 1. Name a pair of complementary angles. ∠1 and ∠4 ∠1 and ∠6 ∠3 and ∠4 ∠4 and ∠5 2. If m ∠1 = 53°, what is m ∠4? 53°
  38. english - help

    My subject is "the rising cost of food and gasoline in the United states" direct to some sources in order to be able to find some informations for the two questions below. When will it end? How soon will the relief come?
  39. psychology

    Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. Once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think.
  40. science

    My questions is what member of the cat family is the best predator? I have tried to find the answer but each site I have looked at just says that they are predators (lion, tiger, cougar etc). They don't say which is the best. Any help would be appreciated.
  41. MATH Prob.

    Find the probability of correctly answering the first 4 questions on a multiple choice test if random guesses are made and each question has 3 possible answers. A) 4/3 B) 1/81 C)1/64 D)3/4 I automatically think D.
  42. social studies

    I need help with a question and that questions is compare the colonial empores of spain, france and England in terms of their settlements, economic structure and political control.
  43. reading

    in the story the dog of Pompeii. The questions says the author muses that tito becomes a famous friend to and healer of animals. How is that idea an extension of the storys theme?
  44. Algebra 3

    How would I solve this problem in a calculator: -2x(squared) minus 6x+5, when asked these 6 questions; what are the roots of the prolem?, what is the factorization?, what is the vertex?, what is the minimum & maaximum?, axis of symmetry?.
  45. physics

    If a car is travelling at 60. miles per hour and the brakes are applied so that it accelerates at -15.0 ft/s2, how many feet will it take to stop? i realize i am posting a lot of questions, but i don't understand them!
  46. Math questions

    This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by the National Network of Digital Schools Management Foundation (NNDS).
  47. planning and budgeting

    I need to know 8 questins that would be asked by a city council meeting related to a new criminal justice facility. (political, tax, demographic, and administrative questions)
  48. Pre Calculus

    So I only have 3 homework questions left and I can't seem to figure out how to solve. I've tried solving them, but I keep getting them wrong. Any help? Factor the polynomials: a) 3x^2 +19x - 40 b) x^4 - 25x^2 Simplify the expression completely: (1/(x-h)^3
  49. Social studies

    Need help with a few questions on my lesson 9 unit test In what way did the purchase of Alaska fit with Secretary of State William Seward foreign policy toward Asia?
  50. trig

    Let P be the point on the unit circle U that corresponds to t. Find the coordinates of P and the exact values of the trigonometric functions of t whenever possible. 2pi 3pi/4 5pi/6 Three questions. I think those are supposed to be t.
  51. Math

    (2 questions) Factor each expressions 1) 2c + 2d - cd - d^2 2) abd - abe + acd -ace First rearrange: 2c - cd + 2d - d^2 = c(2-d)+d(2-d)= (2-d)(c+d). The second one is done using the same kind of procedure. Post your work and tell us what you don't
  52. History

    Can someone please help me with these questions? Thanks What issues did each of the four 1912 presidential candidate espouse? ... Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Eugene Debs
  53. Technology

    Correct me if I'm wrong!! 2. You may see the term FAQ on websites, which stands for Frequently Asked Questions. This is an example of which type of mnemonic? A. poem B. acronym C. acrostic D. abbreviation••
  54. To All Students & Tutors

    I will not be able to answer any questions on this board for the next 8 days or so. I will be warming my weary bones down south off one of the islands of Belize for a while. Great time to get away as the temperature up my way is currently at -12 C. Reiny
  55. Chem Help!

    I really need help for my homework on balancing equations please show all the work including the coeffients if needed. I need help with 3 questions, 1) NaN3 -> Na + N2 2) NO2 + O2 -> NO + 03 3) LiOH + CO2 -> Li2CO3 + H2O
  56. algebra

    Am I allowed to post 3 related questions? I'll try. Please write these scientific notation answers in standard form showing complete work. 1.764*10^8 3.90625*10^-7 3.0*10^3 Thank you.
  57. English

    I neeeeeeeeeeed help soooo bad! please help me. These questions have to do with the movie "Split Horn" Significant quotations? Visual Juxtaposition? Cultural Conflicts? Aspects of Heritage?
  58. Social studys

    Hi i need help on a 2-3 page essay. The question its based on is" explain and describe how geographers use thier tools to interpret grographic questions" I'm in 7th grade THANKS!! :)
  59. Science (Mrs.sue please help)

    For your discussion assessment, you will present your proposal of a device that minimizes heat transfer So basically, an insulator. right? i uh... don't get what this questions asking... 0n0 help?
  60. History

    Mrs.Sue, I have completed three questions of the four. May you check them? I do not need help on the fourth one because my teacher still has to give us a booklet with the information and etc... I replied to the post that I posted: yesterday at 3:21pm
  61. music

    y is selamat pengantin baru commonly used in malay weddings? i searched in the net but the sites did not relate to the questions about my homework...help plz...due tomorrow
  62. U.S History

    In the road to independence, Were any of the protests, etc. successful? How dou you know? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to these questions, please re-post and let us know what you think.
  63. Grammar and composition

    on page 807, Exercise B it wants me to amswer the questions and name the reference book I used to find the answer. Question 10 is "What is the number of Buddhists in North America?
  64. Algebra

    Use the figure to answer questions 1-3 file:///C:/Users/Student/Downloads/642756-212012-25329-PM-1227809791%20(1).png 1. Name a pair of complementary angles. ∠1 and ∠4 ∠1 and ∠6 ∠3 and ∠4 ∠4 and ∠5 2. If m ∠1 = 53°, what is m ∠4? 53°
  65. Cheater!

    Your absolutely correct, Ms. Sue! All students should learn how to rely on their brains, and not on others to answer their questions. When I was in 5th grade, I got all the answers off of the internet. Big mistake!
  66. General Chemistry 103

    What is the maximum number of Cs+ ions that can be produced per joule of energy absorbed by a sample of gaseous Cs atoms? Please show me how to do this so i can do it for further questions similar to this
  67. Foreign languages

    Can you check these two questions, please? 1)Who coined the term Lost Generation? Who were its most representative writers? 2) Can you briefly summarise the plot of Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby.
  68. statistics

    Rework problem 15 from section 3.5 of your text involving a true-false test. Assume that 20 questions are answered by guessing. What is the probability of exactly 15 correct answers?
  69. reading 4th grade.

    Michael usually eat alone. Why do the girls decide to sit with him? to ask him questions. this a question from the great ideas of lila fenwick chocolate is missing.
  70. SAT math

    I've really been stuck on these questions: 1. If ( x + 2 y )= -4 and am = 6, then 2amx + 4amy = ____ ? 2. The integers x and y are such that x > y > 0 and x 2 - y 2 = 31. If x – y = 1, what is the value of x + y ? 3. What is the value of a that
  71. Social Studies

    "How are African Mahogany trees grown, harvested and transported?" Thank you Ms.Sue for the link but if you read the information in this Wikipedia article you will see that none of these questions are addressed.

    Is anyone can help me to create some idea to get the good answers.so that I will know.thanks questions. 1. What is the use of audience in rehearsing public speaking? 2. Author mentioned “structure of the Group” in effective speech, what do you mean by

    I am having trouble finding Appendix 1 so that I can complete my assinment and answer the questions to this artical Controlling Irrational Fears After 9/11
  74. mass communication

    who is target audience of sex and the city? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be happy to critique your
  75. Chem help

    Calculate the frequency of the light emitted when an electron in a hydrogen atom makes each transitions.? n=4 => n=3 ? v = ________________ s^-1 n=5 => n=1 ? n=5 => n=4 ? n=6 => n=5 ? I got the first one correct (1.6*10^14) but the rest i am
  76. Foreign languages

    I urgenlty need you to check these sentences, please.Thank you. 1) A job seeker should make a short list of the job's requirements and should keep it in his mind during the interview. In this way he can bring in examples to demonstrate that he is the right
  77. social studies

    Who wrote the Virgin Islands national anthem Anastasia, have you done a google search on the Virgin Islands to find the answers to your questions? You might start there first. yes i did but i didn't find what i neededto find Ok, here's what I found for the
  78. Math

    How many questions are on the 9th grade math scantron performance series test?
  79. Calculus

    Write the statements for the basis, the induction hypothesis, and the induction step for the questions below. 1. 1 + 2 +…+n = n(n+1)/2 2. 1/1*2 + 1/2*3+…+1/n*(n+1) = n/n+1
  80. math

    Accoring to math teachers, what did the acorn say when it grew up? there is ten questions and 15 boxes
  81. physics

    bobpursley pleas put more details on how you got your answers to my previous physics questions... thanks
  82. MATH DUDES!!!

    I have 3 questions. 1.whats the value for h in 12h+9=85? 2.whats the value of m in 6m squared + 5 = 128? 3.what's the value of a in 8a-4+8-2a=156 Thank you if you help me
  83. physics

    what are imp. long questions of 7th chapter of 9 e.m of physics of bise lahore.
  84. math

    Hello, so can someone please go to brainly and help me my username is minnielifton and my questions are recent and are about math and they are attachments so that's why I cant post it here.
  85. English

    What would be 3 good guide questions for The Bermuda Triangle? 1. Where do people disappear in the triangle? 2. 3.
  86. probability

    What is the probability of getting 80% or more of the questions correct on a 10-question true-false exam merely by guessing?
  87. Ms. Sue help

    Ms. Sue, I have posted 2 questions for ELA today but never got a response. Can you see if I made an error when I sent? Thank you, as always for your help.
  88. algebra

    I'm really confused on how to do a few questions. i am supposed to write the expression using exponents. 1. (2a)(2a)(2a)+(x+y)(x+y) i am supposed to evaluate this one 1. 4(2+2)^3/(3+1)^2 thanks so much
  89. social studies

    How many congressmen and how many senators are there in the federal government also, same questions for pennsylvania government
  90. Physical Science

    What are twenty questions that you could ask a scuba diver about scuba gear and diving?
  91. math

    Mark wants to use a grid to model 2/3 like the grids in questions 1 and 2. Its a 100 box grid . help
  92. Calculus 1

    Hi! Can I get some help with this questions. I am very confused about how to approach it. Find the point on the curve y=5x+4 closest to the point (0,6). Thank you!
  93. math

    kathyrn is thinking of four numbers from 1 through 9 with a sum of 18 find the numbers. this is the questions to the answer above.
  94. geometry

    i have 2 questions but i can't copy the figure for you to understand the problem. is there a way to scan it attach it and sent it to someone so I can understand? thanks.
  95. Maths

    On a certain examination the student must answer 8 out of 12 questions including exactly 5 of the first six. In how many ways may he write the examination.?
  96. English

    I have to answer about 25 questions about one scientific text on English. I already chose one, but need I can't add URL here, and need help :(
  97. math

    These questions relate to curvature problems. a.Explain why (dÖ/ds) = (dÖ/dt) (dt/ds). b.Explain why tanÖ = dy/dx, which equals (dy/dt) / (dx/dt).
  98. math

    for questions 1 and 2 chose the equation that you can use to solve the problem. 86 is 45% of what number A( 86 = 0.45n B( n=0.45 X 86 c( 0.45=n X 86 D( 86 = 45n
  99. Critical Reading

    Critical readers would not ask the same questions of themselves that they ask of the writer's work. true or false thanks!
  100. Math--algebra 2

    Hello! I'm trying to solve these two questions-- |x-4|<3 and |5x-2|>5 and I'm not exactly sure how to answer For question 1 I got this- 1<x<7 and for question 2 I got this- x>(7)/(5) or x<-(3)/(5) I'd love some clarification! Thank you so