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  1. Science

    demonstrate how the ear works
  2. science

    what events occur in the troposphere
  3. science

    what events occur in the stratosphere
  4. Science/Math

    How do you convert 28cm/s - km/hr^2?
  5. Social Science

    What is a polygenous relationship?
  6. science

    is disconformity and unconformity the same thing?
  7. Science

    How are Jupiter and Saturn similar?
  8. Science

    what are three ways sound can be heard
  9. science

    how many moles of h2 can be prepared from 3moles of Fe ?
  10. science

    what are the curved lines on a map?
  11. science

    what are some family characteristics for Halogens
  12. Science

    Explain the meaning of osmosis
  13. science

    in what 2 ways does a plant use sugar
  14. science

    what is the volume of water ? how do I describe this ?
  15. science

    Does flowers store food?
  16. science

    what is a dormancy? i have to write one paragraph.
  17. science

    What characteristic are protist classified.
  18. science

    CheckPoint: Conservation and Preservation
  19. Science

    What are the types of proteins and their biological value?
  20. science

    what does an experiment prove /or disprove?
  21. Science

    What motion causes thermal energy?
  22. science

    I'm curious to know why does energy changes form?
  23. science

    if aluminum has the density of 2.7g what would the mass be?
  24. science

    where does bonding occur in an atom?
  25. science

    please i need help under this comment is the question thanks Answered below.
  26. science

    how much skin covers 1 of your alveoli?
  27. science

    what pressure is required to cause n2 to have a density of 1.00 g/L at 45 C?
  28. Science

    Why are leaves able to get water in and sugar out
  29. science

    What are cell wall consists of ?
  30. Social Science

    Name At least 10 sociologist together with their works
  31. Science

    Are sparklers legal in New York?
  32. science

    carbohydrates are found in the following 2 forms
  33. science

    how much of khp do you measure out to get a value of 240mg/l
  34. science

    do people live in mars?
  35. Science

    What is the charge on 500 mg of electron?
  36. Science

    How are biomes and photosynthesis connected?
  37. science

    if CH4, He, O2, and N2 are at the same temperature then which one is the least dense
  38. science

    What caues acid rain
  39. Science

    Are there any interesting facts on estuaries?
  40. science

    how is cell division different than mitosis?
  41. Science

    How are centimeter & millimeter alike?
  42. Science

    How are meter & Liter alike?
  43. science

    How is heat transferred throughout the globe?
  44. science

    enzymes are important because they _____
  45. science

    Why are some protists able to move faster than others?
  46. science

    do people live in mars?
  47. Science

    Why is UTC used for astronomical calculations?
  48. Science

    Do potato cells have chloroplasts?
  49. science

    I need a acrostic poem on photosynthesis
  50. Science

    asexual and sexual reproduction
  51. Science

    How many ways can volume be measured?
  52. Science

    Contrast mitochondria and chloroplasts. Please. Thanks.
  53. Science

    Why are there so many different species on earth today?
  54. Science

    What does the electron shell rotate around?
  55. science

  56. basic science

    3 component of environment
  57. science

    describe 4 different types of satellites
  58. Physical Science

    What are the various sources of heat?
  59. Science

    Electromagnetics in motors are used to cause __________.
  60. Science

    What does the A stand for in LBA plates?
  61. science

    describe the purpose of dna
  62. science

  63. Science

    How are the lower mantel and the inner core different? How are they the same?
  64. science

    Can someone help me with mechanics. I need to check my answers
  65. science

    what is the bends (the diving illness)
  66. science

    what are some sources of carbon dioxide?
  67. science

    a balanced chemical equation has
  68. Science

    where are electrons located on an atom?
  69. Science

    What is the most common state of matter?
  70. Earth Science

    What is the density of a mineral?
  71. Science

    I need an example of a disaccharide. Would an examle be lactose?
  72. Science

    Economic importance of noctiluca
  73. Science

    What makes something a living thing
  74. science

    whats the deffinition of adaptation?
  75. science

    How do whales adapt to their habitat??????????????????????????
  76. science

    What is the structure and function of a orangtaun?

    How long is a fish DNA?

  79. science

    will paraffin float on water?
  80. science

    What advantages of space probes
  81. science help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does anyone know the 6 main classes of animals please help
  82. science

    what problems are acid precipition associated with
  83. science

    how does HCI affect pepsinogen?
  84. Science

    What do noble gases have in common?
  85. science

    how many atoms are in 10.0 grams of sulfur?
  86. Science

    Is a fire a living organism?
  87. science

    Why might a scientist estimate a measurement?
  88. science

    what is the scientific name of the big dipper?
  89. Science

    Economic importance of noctiluca
  90. science

    i need a 9 letter word for "structures that have no use
  91. science

    The Earth is a satellite of the sun? If not can you tell me what it is?
  92. science

    What is the momentum of a 10 kg mass at rest.
  93. science

    Who inventerd the periodic table
  94. science

    how do you do the worksheet JELLY SIDE DOWN?
  95. Physical Science

    30 m/s North is a measure of what
  96. science

    Explain the Nitrogen cycle
  97. science

    Is a laptop biotic or abiotic?
  98. Science

    Can't undcramble these words-buuafau
  99. science

    How do you build a pasta car?
  100. science

    how do inference help scientist in their discoveries?