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  1. Biology

    What does it mean when one says that viruses don't have homeostasis?
  2. biology

    what is the melting temp for platinum
  3. Biology

    Why does the blood pressure goes up and down all the time.

    What adaptations to feeding are seen in insects?
  5. biology

    site where you can see many sensory receptors
  6. biology

    Why is there less phosphate in New Zealand soils?
  7. Biology

    Results of an acrostic poem
  8. biology

    why are the processes of transcription necessary for life?
  9. Biology

    What are dominant and recessive alleles?
  10. Biology

    What is Uniformitarianism?How it relates to fossils?
  11. Biology

    What's the importance of destination in a mammal
  12. Biology

    What does base do to DNA when it is added to it?
  13. biology

    what are the basic anatomy of a brachiopod.
  14. Biology

    Where and how are tree seedlings raised?
  15. biology

    What does the phase biological interrelationship mean
  16. plzzz help immediately biology

    what is cohabitation
  17. biology

    what is cell division called
  18. biology

    magnification of simple microscope
  19. biology

    a fatty acids is most closely associated with what?
  20. biology

    what are they differenves between eprokaryotes& prokaryotes?
  21. biology

    what are 3 main types of agranulocytes?
  22. biology

    the process of disjunction occurs during what?
  23. Biology

    Why DNA is more stable than RNA?
  24. Biology

    1. define a test-cross.
  25. Biology

    What are needed for humans to be able to digest?
  26. biology

    it is everything that occupies a place in the space
  27. biology

    What will happen to the reaction without an enzyme?
  28. Biology

    What is the difference between endangered and extirpated?
  29. Biology

    Why do you you need to perform dilution(s)in chemistry?
  30. biology

    what is the procedure for water sampling
  31. Biology

    Each level of classification is based on what? Thanks
  32. biology

    what is natural selection and how does it work? ><
  33. biology

    G1 is represented by which numbers I AND V II AND IV III IV V
  34. biology

    What are the 7 characteristics of living organisms?
  35. Biology

    How does diabetes affect the brain?
  36. biology

    I hate my teacher and she wont help me = [
  37. biology

    why does our mouth become dry when we are nervous?
  38. biology

    What is the sequence of the stop codon?
  39. biology

    what are the pros and cons of being a microbiologist?
  40. biology

    which bond is easily broken
  41. biology

    How is the cell and organelle related?
  42. biology

    describe a biological system
  43. Biology

    what does it mean for two species to be reproductively isolated from each other??
  44. biology

    What two classification groups are used in the scientific name?
  45. biology

    why aren’t there vaccines for every disease?
  46. biology

    messages from nerve cells go to the ....... ........ ? please help
  47. biology

    what happens if a lysosome bursts in a cell?
  48. biology

    What are two disadvantages of nuclear energy?
  49. Biology - Lungs

    Why are there so many bronchioles in the body?
  50. biology

    do biologists believe that viruses are alive
  51. Biology

    What is the difference between diffusion and osmosis?
  52. Biology

    How do natural ecosystems have more biodiversity?
  53. biology

    which organ system contains the stomach
  54. biology

    What are the differences between Archea and Bacteria?
  55. Biology

    Why capillaries have very thin walls.
  56. biology

    what happens to the movement of molecules at equilibrium?
  57. biology

    what is diversifying natural selection
  58. Biology

    How did you model crossing over using your chromosomes?
  59. biology

    What happen if ECB became resistant to Bt?
  60. Biology

    What are the steps and how many in the scientific method?
  61. biology

    I can't find anything explainng how it affects it. Do you know?
  62. biology

    why are there a lot of mitochondria? please help! thnanks!
  63. biology

    What is evolution by natural selection? Do it mean changes.
  64. biology

    3 factors the could produce rats
  65. Biology

    What is the difference between enterocolitis and gastroenteritis?
  66. Biology

    When does DNA synthesis occur???
  67. Biology

    What are three sub unites or parts of a nucleotide
  68. biology

    what's an example of competition between humans and other species?
  69. biology

    how do you recognize someone with turner's syndrome?
  70. biology

    but also what puts it back to the amosphere
  71. Biology

    How is DNA put together into chromosomes?
  72. biology

    Pseudoscience and nonscience differ in that:
  73. biology

    What are the characteristics of LIVING THINGS?
  74. biology

    what removes crbon from the amosphere
  75. biology

    Why can't there be OY abnormalities of the sex chromosomes

    Why is it that Parthenocarpic Fruits are seedless?
  77. biology

    what happens to the UTR during RNA processing?
  78. Biology

    What are the parts of a controlled experiment?
  79. Biology

    Chordata is to Animalia as phylum is to:

    What is one practical biotechnological use of plasmids?
  81. biology

    how are glucose and ATP the same and how are they would be awesome
  82. Biology 12

    Within the cartilage, can anyone tell me where lacunae is located? Thanks!
  83. Biology

    What are the three main type of producers?
  84. biology

    what the cell theory applie to
  85. Biology

    What enzyme does yeast produce?
  86. biology

    what are the three parts of the cell theory?
  87. Biology

    What causes polarity in a water moleclue?
  88. biology

    i wanted to see the daigram colony
  89. Ap biology

    Why Does Rigor Mortis Develop?
  90. Biology

    What do Nucleotide Chains create
  91. biology

    Can two different species occupy exactly the same niche? What happens?
  92. biology

    How are food vacuoles formed?
  93. Advance Biology

    What is attacted by herpes?
  94. Biology

    Can anyone tell me what a heterotrophic organism is and then give an example?
  95. biology

    what is the geologic time scale
  96. biology

    what are the differences between mitosis and meiosis!?
  97. Biology

    The best conclusion concerning delta is that the cells
  98. biology

    Give four reasons why we need food.
  99. biology

    what functional groups appear in CH3CH2CH2Br
  100. Biology

    What is the nature of phloem vessel