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  1. science

    Explain what causes the tides to change
  2. science

    an experiment for ORGANIC FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. science

    Can you give me a website on atoms
  4. Science

    Why are mushrooms usually found in circles?
  5. science

    initial condition V1= P1= formula
  6. Science

    d) the density of gasoline is 0.703g/ml

    what is H2PO4 and what type of bonding is it?
  8. Science

    which of the following does not reduce water pollution?

  10. science

    What is the pronunciation rebus of helium?
  11. Science

    What is the life cycle of the pohutukawa? Please please help.
  12. Science

    What are the characteristics of a fuse?! I need help quickly!!!!!!

    wat is air??
  14. science

    funtions of skeletor and muscles
  15. science

    why well is built in a shape of circle?
  16. science

    speed=frequencyxwavelengthc=f please explain
  17. Science

    What are waste minimization components?
  18. Science

    Could someone help me list 15 thing that are not matter? Thanks
  19. science

    who would be considered to be the "first ocean scientist"?
  20. Science

    6 object that do not reflect light?
  21. science

    What is the quality overall locally(USA)?
  22. Science

    The no. of nitrogen atoms in Zn(NO3)2
  23. Science

    demonstrate how the ear works
  24. General Science

    The four elements of weather are:
  25. Science

    How long does a mHz take to travel?
  26. Science

    1. How did life begin? 2. Are we alone in the universe?
  27. science

    are there any current or new treatments available for epilepsy?
  28. political science

    what is ''reasonable search''?
  29. science

    16celsius=______farenheit how do i convert this using C=5/9(F-32) or F=9/5(C+32)
  30. science

    What is the sum of multiples of 8 in the given calender
  31. science

    i've got a question does anyone know what a concept map is?
  32. Science

    Nacl2+s o4\2na,hcl = ?
  33. Science

    What is the definition of a Pneumatic System??
  34. Science

    How to determine for an empirical formula?
  35. Science

    How can we approach life scientifically?
  36. science

    "Transpiration is a necessary evil." Explain.
  37. science

    how do i find the area for light?
  38. Science

    What is the defenition of the word dissolve?
  39. physical science

    O = oxygen o2 = ??? it ask for us to name the substance.
  40. intergrated science III

    what does most organisms contain
  41. science

    How fast does a kHz travel per second?
  42. Science

    How much force is there to lift an object?
  43. science

    The process that does not involve oxidationis
  44. Science

    Why might a scientist estimate a measurement?
  45. Science

    What are some examples of Environmental Invaders?
  46. Science

    Why is there no real surface of the sun?
  47. Science

    what is the ph range of red cabbage
  48. science

    How quickly does heat rise?
  49. science

    effect of heat on iron
  50. science

    what is the name of the ion Ti2(CrO4)3
  51. science

    effect of heat on iron
  52. Science

    How can you evaluate scientific claims? NEED HELP!
  53. science

    effect of heat on iron
  54. science

    what is the parts of a lily flower?
  55. science

    Is Saturn outer or inner planet???
  56. science

    how does color effect evaporation?
  57. Phys Science

    ok i posted it twice and no one has yet to help me about my physics
  58. science

    How would you describe a muscle cell?
  59. science

    How do animals find their shelter?
  60. science

    how do the beads of sweat occur?
  61. Science

    What could be an "weapon" for the viral meningitis?
  62. science

    name four principles of kinetic friction
  63. Science

    how many kw is an airflow of 30m³/s @130°C
  64. science

    i was ask to make an insulator cold how do i do that
  65. Science

    What causes El Ninõ or La Niña to form?
  66. Science

    How would you describe a bone cell?
  67. Science

    Ammonia is used as a refrigerant not ph3 why...?
  68. physics

    Science isn’t about proving anything
  69. Science

    What is the basic unit for volume?
  70. science

    what is the definition of special properties
  71. Science

    How to find oxidation numbers ?
  72. science

    What are compound and simple eyes?
  73. science

    How does a stars life begin ?
  74. Science

    Which is more harmful tannin or caffeine?
  75. Science

    what are three ways sound can be heard
  76. science

    what things contain alkali that would be kept in your house
  77. science

    Where are the major zones of volcanism? Thanks!
  78. Science

    Expression for bernaulli theorem
  79. science=///

    what are 5 ways in which organisms are similar???
  80. science

    What causes surface tension in water?
  81. science

    why is water a limited rescource
  82. Computer Science

    Is anyone familiar with JAVA?
  83. science

    how much water does the usa use yearly
  84. science

    why does a ship flote and not sink,
  85. science

    what is the difference between molarity and molarlity
  86. science

    what is a hazard? what is a disaster? the difference
  87. Science

    methods of house insulation?
  88. science cbse school

  89. science

    what does the Krebs cycle need to proceed?
  90. science

    what is the momentum of a 20.0 kg scooter traveling at 5.00 m/s?
  91. physical science

    what is the wave length
  92. science

    what is probability density function ? how do i use it?
  93. science

    name one instrument that can improve your observations
  94. science

    how far something travels in a certain amount of time is the?
  95. science

    What are the effects of pollution in plants?
  96. science

    What is 3.7 m/s2 in a simpler way for secondary 1 to understand
  97. science(physics)

    What is applied force?
  98. science

    can you explain to me what menopause is and what it means please
  99. Science

    What is the difference between saltwater and freshwater?
  100. science

    which of earth's spheres extends into all others