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  1. Science

    1. How did life begin? 2. Are we alone in the universe?
  2. science

    what would our lives be like without fossil fuel?
  3. Science

    two nonmetals from group 16 are likely to form a
  4. science

    what liquid phase does a shore has?
  5. Science

    Why does an ion have an electrical charge?

  7. Science

    What is a soil and water conservation??? - Thanks -
  8. Science

    What are relationships, patterns and trends?
  9. science

    what is the formula for calculating volume?
  10. science

    What is the pronunciation rebus of helium?
  11. physical science

    what is the answer to 3.45 km= ______cm? please
  12. Science

    How can I triple the volume of water?
  13. Science

    What is the basic unit for volume?

    How does gravity affect growth
  15. Physical science 9

    why is the SI unit of acceleration is m/s2
  16. science

    How do you build a pasta car?
  17. science

    Why is biological classification important?
  18. Science

    How percentage n2gas on air
  19. science

    Humans have looked at planets
  20. Science

    Relationship between heredity and traits
  21. Science

    Do humans use more metals or nonmetals?
  22. science

    How do you bond ions? covalent?
  23. Science

    What is the volume of a rectangle, H= 25 m, L= 100 m, W= 45 m.
  24. science

    i was ask to make an insulator cold how do i do that
  25. science

    How do animals find their shelter?
  26. science

    how do u convert tons into kilograms?
  27. science

    how does your ears give you balance?
  28. science

    how wind influence tides
  29. Science

    I am in the third grade. Can u please explain to me what displacement is and how it is used. Thank you.
  30. Science

    What is the International System of Measurement?
  31. Earth science

    What is a relief map?
  32. science

  33. Science

    What happens when you leave yeast open? thanks- MC
  34. science

    About how long does it take for sound to travel 1 Km?
  35. science

    what is meant by efficiency of a machine is 60%?
  36. science

    what are some family characteristics for Halogens
  37. life science

    what is a characteristic of specialization
  38. science

    Atomic no.of an element is 12. what is it valency?
  39. science

    how many electrons are in the sodium sulphate?
  40. science

    what is the velocity of a 0.7 kg ball that has a momentum of 1.4 kg m/s
  41. science

    what happens to animals when habitats change
  42. Science

    Who was regarded as a mad scientist?
  43. Science

    Formula for photosynthesis and respiration?[:
  44. science

    if the canoe accelerates from 0 to .8 m/s in .2 s, what is the acceleration
  45. Science

    What is the volume of a rectangle, H= 25 m, L= 100 m, W= 45 m.
  46. science

    formula for kinetic energy?
  47. Science

    Difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  48. Science

    Define reacting variable.
  49. Science

    Why are mice teeth so much different than cats?
  50. Science

    What is the volume of a rectangle, H= 25 m, L= 100 m, W= 45 m.
  51. science

    what is the name of the ion Ti2(CrO4)3
  52. science

    What is the definition of "Organ System"?
  53. Science

    What are the applications of diffraction of light?
  54. Science

    What is plant food production?
  55. science

    please give me a website about volcanoes
  56. Science 7R

    what is a carnivore? herbivore? omnivore?
  57. science

    What can a electromagnet do that can't be done with a regular magnet?
  58. Science

    What is the name for the study of sound. It starts with an e i think.
  59. Science

    Rate of change in velocity is known as
  60. Science

    What are 7 examples of enviromental stimuli?
  61. science

    what is used for storing acids and bases?
  62. science

    why tne unit of pd and emf is same
  63. Science

    What are the steps of photosynthesis and its factors?
  64. Subjects

    Wat is life science?
  65. Science

    What does a rooster do to defend itself when being attacked?
  66. science

    name one instrument that can improve your observations
  67. science

    Which has more entropy neon or methane
  68. science

    What are the parts of a battery and how do they function?
  69. science

    what is orbital motion and lubricant
  70. science

    How does a chemical beome neutral?
  71. Science

    What is the function of guard cells?
  72. science

    what is the sense of a grainy feel?
  73. Science

    what is the function of guard cells
  74. science

    why ice floats on water?
  75. Agricultural science

    What types of fences can be used?
  76. Science

    What is the density / mass =26.7 g/volume =78.4 CM 3
  77. math and science both

    my stuff needs an answer please
  78. Science

    "When Environmental Hazards happen, what should you do?"?

    what is the difference between dew and frost
  80. science

    what is the funtion of the Root system
  81. science

    Give ten uses of air?
  82. life science

    define the name molecul?
  83. Psychology (or any science)

    what would be an example of critical thinking?
  84. Environmental Science

    What does DNA stand for, and what does it do?
  85. Science (please help)

    Why is it that S wave cannot pass through liquids?
  86. Science

    Which moon would look the brightest from jupiter and why?
  87. science

    how are fossil fuels formed???
  88. Science

    Why are mushrooms usually found in circles?
  89. science

    a mushroom absorbs food through its
  90. science

    What word means having no form?
  91. science

    what drives the lithospheric plates
  92. Science

    Write the valency of E from EO3.
  93. Science

    What is the function of eustachian tube?
  94. Science

    The act of looking at the two or more thing are alike or different.
  95. science

    light has what range of wavelength
  96. Science

    Why does a balloon pop when you squeeze it?
  97. science

    How do i draw a pulse chart
  98. science

    In me is me In me is a twin Which is said to flee When slumber comes in
  99. Social Science

    What does race and ethnicity mean?
  100. Science

    What is the result of c6h5ch2cooh +H^+/KMnO4