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  1. Biology

    The gene encoding for body color in zombie flies is "X-linked". Gray bodies are the wild-type trait and blue bodies are caused by a mutation - Set up a cross between a male with a blue body and a female who is homozygous dominant for a gray body. Indicate
  2. Biology

    For each of the folliwng groups of animals (marine invertebrates, marine vertebrates, fresh-water animals & land animals) describe osmosregulatory probkems they face and how they cope with them? I think what you need can be found at the following 3 sites:
  3. Biology

    How do scientists calibrate a molecular clock? A)They determine the number of mutations accumulated in a gene of a species of known age. B)They compare the ticking of the molecular clock with that of the atomic clock. C)They use the clock that ticks at the
  4. cell biology

    The production of cAMP directly regulated by two enzyme, ___________ and_______. This former is ___________ a protein, when latter is a _________ protein. a. phospodiesterase (PED),Adenylyl ccyclase(AC), cytosolic, peripheral. b. PDE, AC, peripheral,
  5. Biology DUE TOMORROW

    Hello, I need help doing a 16 box Punnett Square on this problem: Tongue rolling (rolling the tongue into a “taco”shape) is dominant over not having the ability to roll the tongue (R and r- respectively). Having free earlobes is dominant to attached (F
  6. English

    This is the second part of my letter. I know it is still very confusing but I don't have a clear idea about the project yet. Thank you very much for helping me! 1) As a matter of fact, our school had, within the scientific branch, a sort of course of
  7. Biology

    1.A white flowered plants is crossed with a plant that is heterozygous for the trait. What percentage of he offspring will have purple flowers? 2.Two plants, both heterozygous for he gene that controls flower color are crossed. What percentage of their
  8. biology

    In chickens, males have two Z sex chromosomes (ZZ) and females have one Z and one W sex chromosome (ZW). The mechanism for inheritance of the sex chromosomes is exactly the same as for X and Y sex chromosomes in other species. In chickens the character of
  9. biology

    In chickens, males have two Z sex chromosomes (ZZ) and females have one Z and one W sex chromosome (ZW). The mechanism for inheritance of the sex chromosomes is exactly the same as for X and Y sex chromosomes in other species. In chickens the character of
  10. biology (multiple choice!)

    Evolutionary adaptations that help diverse animals exchange matter with the environment include a. gastrovascular activity, two-layered body, and torpedo shape. b. large volume, long tubular body, and wings. c. complex internal structures, small size, and
  11. biology

    A true breeding brown mouse is mated with a true-breeding white mouse and all their offspring are brown. If two of these brown offspring are mated, what percentage of the F1 and F2 generations will be brown?
  12. Biology

    Hi Im just wondering what are the similarites and differences between gas exchange and cellular respiration ? similarities: Both are involved in energy production. Gas x supplies o2 to the mito which creates usable energy for the body. differences;
  13. Biology

    Which of the following statements about NAD or NADH is FALSE? a) NAD is converted to NADH during both glycolysis and the Krebs cycle b) NAD possesses more chemical energy than NADH c) NAD picks up hydrogen ion (H+) and electrons removed from food, and
  14. human biology!!!

    hi i have a big problem got a practical, the effect of catalase on the rate of reaction on hydrogen peroxide. but i don't know the amount of hydrogen peroxide i should use or the source of enzyme? can anyone help? the source of enzyme cant be liver or
  15. Biology

    2. The advantages of vascular tissue over nonvascular tissue are evident in a. whether organisms have alternation of generations b. an organism's size and complexity c. the number of individual offspring produced by each organism d. all of the above B? 3.
  16. Biology

    2. The advantages of vascular tissue over nonvascular tissue are evident in a. whether organisms have alternation of generations b. an organism's size and complexity c. the number of individual offspring produced by each organism d. all of the above B? 3.
  17. AP Biology- development and reproduction

    I'm trying to teach myself the rest of my AP bio book before the exam, and i don't get this stuff on development and reproduction. my teacher said she didn't know because she hasn't had to teach this stuff before, so any help would be great! 1. hows the
  18. biology

    The conversion of molecule S to product P has a Keq = 2.0. Two different, but related enzymes, A and B, can catalyze the reaction. The product P serves as an allosteric inhibitor of enzyme B, but not of enzyme A. A. 10 mM S is placed into three separate
  19. biology

    In some dogs, long hair (L) is dominat over short hair (l), and wavy hair (W) is dominant over straight hair(w). Draw a cross between a dog that is homozygous for long hair and straight hair with a dog that is homozygous for short hair and wavy hair. What
  20. Language Arts ~CHECK MY ANSWERS~

    Are these answer are correct? Please be 100% correct / honest. Directions: For questions 7–15, rewrite each sentence, adding commas where needed. 7) While I was researching skateboards, I found an interesting old newspaper. 8) In the June 29, 1999
  21. English

    Thank you for your corrections. Can you please check the grammar in the following letter, please? 1) Do you think you can help me find a school in your area which could be interested in an e-mail correspondence with our school? It is a high school with an
  22. math

    What is the ratio of English and Science majors to Math and History majors, when you know that there are 400 students majoring in English and 150 students majoring in Science and 200 students majoring in Math and 300 students majoring in History?
  23. Biology

    Plz i need help. Plants are green because the pigments in plants reflect green light. Blue and red light give them the most energy to power photosynthesis. You are conducting an experiment to see how different colors of light affect the growth of plants.
  24. Science

    I did a science experiment on batteries. I ran five brands of AA Alkaline batteries until they would no longer run a small light bulb. I measured the voltage of each battery every hour. I did this experiment four times using the same type of light bulb and
  25. 6th grade math

    it takes harrison 1 1//2 hours to finish his history project. it takes miles 3 2/3 hours to finish his science project. how many times as long does it takes miles to finish his science project than it takes harrison to finish his history project? Do I have
  26. Science

    (just a quick science question, pls correct my answer if im wrong..) Which of the following statements is true A.) there is more water on earth now than there was millions of years ago **** B.) there is less water on earth now than there was millions of
  27. biology

    1. Which sentence from the section "Line Graphs" BEST introduces when to use a line graph to display information to the reader? A line graph uses dots connected by lines to show how amounts change over time. A dot over each month would represent the
  28. Biology

    14. Which of the following is the blood vessel with the largest diameter? a. capillary b. artery c. vein d. venule Not sure...? 16. As a defense against pathogens, mucous membranes a. cover all of the body's surfaces to act as an impenetrable barrier b.
  29. Biology

    Iwas woudnering if you could help me with this problem. The answer key says that the answer is D and I have no idea why. The chart, included in the link, reads off a value of about .5 for the G locus for the year 1980 Finding the percent heterozygous
  30. Biology

    1) What is the minimum number of single nucleotide substitutions that would be necessary for each of the following amino acid replacements? a. trp -> lys b. met -> his c. tyr -> gly d. ala -> asp   2) A mutation is isolated that can not be
  31. Science 7R - The Human Body Prep Test

    I have a test tommrrow on the The Human Body and I asked my science teacher if she can post a castle learning assignment about the Human Body (the day before the test she always post a caslte learning assignment for us to study and do well on the test the
  32. biology

    Genetic problem: A brown-eyed woman whose father was brown-eyed and whose mother was blue-eyed married a blue-eyed man whose father and mother were both brown-eyed. The couple has a blue-eyed son. For which of the individuals mentioned can you be sure of
  33. Biology

    Need help with these-- 8. Medicinal uses of plants include all of the following EXCEPT a. cancer treatment b. treatment of cardiac disorders c. decongestant d. albinism treatment D? 9. Two plants that are used to make BOTH paper and cloth are a. bamboo and
  34. Biology

    A mutation of c to t in position 3 and another of G to A in position 7 results in the production of a different sequence of ammino acids work out the new sequence and suggest why it might change the function of the new protein I get the sequence of
  35. Gr 11 Biology

    Which person do you think would be more physically fit: a) an individual with a normal expiratory reserve volume and high vital capacity OR B)an individual with a high expiratory reserve volume and normal vital capacity
  36. science

    what is the entire pysical universe
  37. science

    What is name of entire physical universe?
  38. Science

    animals with bilateral symmetry
  39. Science

    In which constellation is the Sun currently located?
  40. science

    how much work was accomplished by the fall?
  41. science

    please describe what happens to chromosones before mitosis..
  42. science

    Why cant you something one centimeter long with the microscope?

  44. science

    Atomic no.of an element is 12. what is it valency?
  45. Science

    What is comet how it fall and why he look blue
  46. science

    What is the life cycle of an evergreen?
  47. Science

    in scientific inquiry what is communicating?
  48. science

    how dose hail form again?
  49. Science

    How is yeast considered a fungus?
  50. science

    light wave can move through what
  51. science

    what is a scientist that studies insects?
  52. Science

    When did our Earth form to a planet? =]
  53. science

    the cause and effect of hibernating bears
  54. science

    what is the volume of water ? how do I describe this ?
  55. Science

    What is the basic structure of all organisms?
  56. Science

    If a wave has a frequency of 10 Hertz, what does this mean? Thanks.
  57. Physical science

    What is the distance from one wave to the next?
  58. Physical Science

    What are the various sources of heat?

  60. Science

    Describe a hybrid plasmid. What is this?
  61. science

    in which layer are satellites located?
  62. science

    NAME 20 birds,friuts,vegetables
  63. science

    converting 32 farrenheit to celcius
  64. science

    who discovered the concept of density?
  65. science

    The process that does not involve oxidationis
  66. science

    what is the temperature range of the stratosphere?
  67. Science-Organelle

    What is the structure of chromatin?
  68. science

    what is the difference between xylem and phloem?
  69. science

    what is the temperature range of the stratosphere?
  70. science

    how many electrons are in the sodium sulphate?
  71. science

    He many isomers can be obtained from C4H10
  72. science

    the___take place in the cell
  73. science

    What is an example of quasi-scientific jargon?
  74. Science

    Are all white cells the same? How do you know? Explain.
  75. science

    How fast does a kHz travel per second?
  76. science

    why does the moon have more craters than the earth?
  77. science

    what is the difference between a meteor and a meteorite?
  78. Science

    What causes El Ninõ or La Niña to form?
  79. science

    what is the strongest muscle in the body?
  80. science

    if we have 16ml of water its mass would be
  81. science

    what is the place where an object balances?
  82. science

  83. Science

    What are deep currents and how do they form?
  84. Political Science

    Any one willing to help with a paper i will offer $
  85. science

    importance of rivers in florida???
  86. Science

    How can you evaluate scientific claims? NEED HELP!
  87. science

    why barium comnpounds are toxic
  88. Science

    How was Ama Dablam formed?
  89. Science ,

    Do" laws of nature" really exist ?
  90. Science

    Why is there no real surface of the sun?
  91. science

    What are the 4 nuclotides found in DNA?
  92. Science

    How long does a mHz take to travel?
  93. science

    what is the pronunciation rebus for helium
  94. science

    How is 2-iodopropane convert into 2,3-dimethyl?
  95. science

    do you believe that theories can never be proved, only disproved?
  96. science

  97. Science

    How are the lower mantel and the inner core different? How are they the same?
  98. Science

    what is the cell's hereditary material?
  99. science

    what is the difference between weathering and erosion
  100. science

    Nutrition for the growing child