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  1. science

    1. What are expansion joints, and why are they used?


    Why is it necessary for sponges to have pores?
  4. science

    What are 4 basic needs of every organism
  5. Science

    If the mass is 5 kg, what is the weight???
  6. Science

    How do I tell how many electrons are in an element?
  7. science

    The term colon is often used instead of
  8. science

    the top of a volcano contains a

  10. science

    How can one earthquake cause anotehr one?
  11. Science

    Do not eat _ _ _ _ _ food
  12. science

    how does the brain help my feeling
  13. Science

    How many elements are therein FENO3
  14. science

    is diamond a compound?
  15. Science

    what are some things you can see in the sky?
  16. science

    how do scientist often name ecosystem?
  17. science

    what is the oort and were is it located
  18. science

    what is ecrfenine unscrambled
  19. Science

    If you do or do not believe in electrons can you explain why you do or do not?
  20. Science

    What happens at the root tip?
  21. science

    going 80 km/h how far can you travel in 30 minutes?
  22. Science

    What is continental drift?
  23. Science

    What is the definition of energy?
  24. science

    Phosphorus in the soil comes from ?
  25. science

    what is a conductor and a insulator
  26. Science

    How many cell must a fungi have?
  27. science

    what is the purpose of meiosis
  28. science

    what is the 8th continent?
  29. Science

    Three isotopes of hydrogen
  30. Science

    what does biotic and abiotic mean.

    is the value of g independent of mass?
  32. 8th grade

    what is science
  33. science

    is the earth flat?
  34. Science

    What is the IUPAC name FOR CH3COOC2H5
  35. science

    what is a virtual image?
  36. physical science

    what is a unit?
  37. science

    what must be the genotypes of their children?
  38. science

  39. Science

    What stops depolarization?
  40. Science

    What did Alexander’s general want him to do
  41. science

    Is it possible to study just one atome?why?
  42. science

    need to about cells HEL:P
  43. Science

    What is the hydrologic cycle?
  44. Science

    Whats is Sciences?
  45. Science

    How is velocity different from speed?
  46. Science

    Name 3 ways screws are used?
  47. science

    define combustion?
  48. Science

    can you name two hemisphers in duluth ga
  49. Science

    What is the 5% rule for y-intercepts?
  50. Science

    What pumps blood
  51. science

    what is qualitative data
  52. Science

    Does an ecosystem have a particular size?
  53. science

    what are 5 facts on pulleys?
  54. science

    what is the valency of sodium
  55. science

    is water renewable
  56. Science

    Acrostic for amplitude
  57. physical science

    what is heat
  58. science

    i need help on an electron acrostic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  59. science

    how manyatoms are in CaCO3?
  60. science

    what is the opposite of a stalactite
  61. Science

    How are atoms held together?
  62. Science

    How often must a tractor be serviced?
  63. Science

    What are the three classification of rock?
  64. Science

    What is an Ocean System?
  65. science

    how are monerans and protists the same? how are they different?
  66. science

    What is the rarest element?

  68. science

    a placebo in an experiment is also know as this
  69. science

    who invinted the v2 rocket
  70. Science

    Why do you believe electrons exist?
  71. Science

    What do waves transfer?
  72. Science

    Is ice inorganic and why?
  73. Science

    What are leaf veins for
  74. Science

    What are societal laws?
  75. science

    what organs can the body do without
  76. Science

    My first in van but not in pan
  77. Science

    How does gravity work?
  78. Science

    Detiels about snakes
  79. science

    Why is the sun classified as a G2?
  80. science

    what are 5 facts on screw?
  81. Science

    What is Northern Light?
  82. Science

    What is the endocrine system for.
  83. Biology

    Proteins are manufactured through the "blueprints" found on DNA. After they are translated, they are moved through a system of internal membranes before being distributed throughout the rest of the cell. At some point in the process, they are modified to
  84. AP Biology- Molecular Genetics

    The correct sequence between genes and their phenotypic expression is a) RNA-DNA-protein-trait b) DNA-RNA-protein-trait c) Protein-DNA-RNA-trait d) trait-DNA-RNA-protein I think it is either b or d but do not know if the trait is at the beginnig or end...
  85. AP Biology

    Cells transport substances across their membrane. Choose THREE of the following four types of cellular transport Osmosis Active transport Facilitated diffusion Endo/exocytosis For each of the three transport types you choose, a. Describe the transport
  86. Biology

    You find 3 trees where each tree gives a different coloured fruit: red, pink or orange. You perform crosses between all three trees and get the following results: P: red x pink ---F1: ½ red: ½ pink P: red x orange --- F1: ½ red: ½ orange P: pink x

    Which of the following statements is NOT true about gamete formation in mammals? a)In the female, the separation of cytoplasm is unequal during meiosis. b)Only one of the four cells resulting from meiosis goes on to become an oocyte. c)Only one of the four
  88. biology

    Incomplete/Codominance Problem In snapdragons the dominant allele "R" produces red flowers and its recessive form, "r" produces white flowers. Normally what would you expect for the F1 genotype and phenotype ratios if a homozygous red flower and a
  89. the most dangerous game by richard connell reading

    i did all the question except for these 3 characterization chart w/ 5 textually supported inferences specific to protagonist and 5 textually supported inferences specific to the antagonist. static/flat character with text support of intended stereotype
  90. science....please help me!! im clueless right now

    I am doing a science project on the "Effect of humidity on the hair of mammals?" that's my topic. Now my teacher wants me to make outline but first I have to make up questions on my topic..... Can you help me make up 2 questions for this topic? -Thanks a
  91. biology

    Which of the following statements is true? 1.Both unicellular and multicellular organisms are at risk of having too much water entering their cells if they are exposed to water containing no salts. 2.Only multicellular organisms have structures that enable
  92. Biology

    Which of the following situations best shows Darwin’s theory of natural selection as a mechanism for evolution? A. The long neck of a giraffe is the result of its ancestor continually reaching for higher branches. B. The ancestor of the snake had its
  93. Biology

    As should be clear from reviewing the midsagittal plane through the brain, which statement below most accurately describes the components of the ventricular system and/or the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)? CSF flows directly from one lateral
  94. Biology

    Under which condition can you hold your breath longer? First breathe in as much as you can and hold your breath, and time it. (Lungs completely inflated) After, breathe out as much as you can, hold your breath, and time it. (Maximal expiration). Which
  95. Statistics

    An instructor for a college biology lab has each of her 12 students (you are one of those 12 students) take their own SRS of 25 plants from an experimental field. She lets you know that the heights (measured in cm) of the plants in the field follow a
  96. English

    I urgently need to write a short email to a scholar specialized in Comenius projects. After presenting myself and the school I'd like to include this: 1) As you are a scholar with an in-depth knowledge of Clil within a Comenius project, I would like to
  97. Science

    A science teacher was curious to see whether offering money for good grades would increase student performance on a test. The teacher offered half of the students in the class $5.00 if they got an A on their next test. The other half of the class was not
  98. Science

    A science teacher was curious to see whether offering money for good grades would increase student peformance on a test. The teacher offered half of the students in the class $5.00 if they got an A on their next test. The other half of the class was not
  99. Science

    A science teacher was curious to see whether offering money for good grades would increase student performance on a test. The teacher offered half the students in the class $5.00 if they got an A on their next test. The other half of the class was not
  100. biology

    Which of the following is true about the relationship between energy and chemical reactions? Activation energy is required for a chemical reaction to occur. Activitation energy is not necessary in a chemical reaction which releases energy. Chemical bonds