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  1. biology

    who made the first dna model and when
  2. biology

    which of the following is not a part of the theory of evolution
  3. biology

    what happens to the movement of molecules at equilibrium?
  4. biology

    please explain clearly what is lymphocytes and its funtion?
  5. biology

    the process of disjunction occurs during what?
  6. biology

    Why can't there be OY abnormalities of the sex chromosomes
  7. Biology

    What does the cardiovascular systems consist of?
  8. Biology

    Can DNA control how many teeth we will have?
  9. Biology

    Where in the cell does DNA become RNA?
  10. Biology

    Differentiate the three classifications of muscles
  11. Biology

    Psychics and astrologers are characterized as:
  12. biology

    what the cell theory applie to
  13. biology

    what happens to the UTR during RNA processing?
  14. Biology

    What is the nature of phloem vessel
  15. biology

    What does the phase biological interrelationship mean
  16. Biology

    How is marfan syndrome accquired
  17. biology

    what removes crbon from the amosphere
  18. Biology 12

    Within the cartilage, can anyone tell me where lacunae is located? Thanks!
  19. Biology

    List four fuctions of the skin
  20. biology

    how does the bladder act in elimination?
  21. biology

    why can't inflammation occur in an amoeba?
  22. biology

    in what way are chloroplast and mitochondria similar ?
  23. biology

    in what way are chloroplast and mitochondria similar ?
  24. biology

    do mutations form new or old genes????
  25. biology

    under what condtions is a hypothesis supported
  26. Advance Biology

    What is attacted by herpes?
  27. Biology

    What's the importance of destination in a mammal
  28. Biology

    The best conclusion concerning delta is that the cells
  29. Biology

    Why capillaries have very thin walls.
  30. biology

    a fatty acids is most closely associated with what?
  31. biology

    how does light affect anthocyanins?
  32. why does photosynthesis require energy

  33. Biology

    What are three sub unites or parts of a nucleotide
  34. biology

    why do experiments usually require a control
  35. biology

    describe a biological system
  36. plzzz help immediately biology

    what is cohabitation
  37. biology

    What are two disadvantages of nuclear energy?
  38. biology

    What are the characteristics of LIVING THINGS?
  39. biology

    how do you recognize someone with turner's syndrome?
  40. Biology

    What diseses can a lack of vitamins A B C and D cause
  41. biology

    what are the pros and cons of being a microbiologist?
  42. biology

    identify the components of an ecosystem? thank you
  43. Biology

    What is the difference between endangered and extirpated?
  44. Biology

    What is the difference between diffusion and osmosis?
  45. Biology

    What are the seven forms of cell transport?
  46. biology

    define natural selection
  47. biology

    what type of tissue is blood?
  48. biology

    What is needed when experimenting on humans
  49. Biology

    Different isotopes of the same element have different numbers of what ????
  50. biology

    what is the locomotory organelle for Dictyostelida?
  51. Biology

    What do Nucleotide Chains create
  52. biology

    what would happen if Meiosis did not occur?
  53. Biology

    What does base do to DNA when it is added to it?
  54. biology

    How is the cell and organelle related?
  55. biology

    why DNA replication necessary to life?
  56. Biology

    How does diabetes affect the brain?
  57. Please help

    can you please look at Tevon Pitts's Biology Question please
  58. biology

    Pseudoscience and nonscience differ in that:
  59. Biology

    How do natural ecosystems have more biodiversity?
  60. biology

    G1 is represented by which numbers I AND V II AND IV III IV V
  61. biology

    Can two different species occupy exactly the same niche? What happens?
  62. BIology

    please answer mine ms sue if you can. if not, can you please say you cant
  63. biology

    What two classification groups are used in the scientific name?
  64. Biology

    almost all of the energy in an ecosystem comes from__________________.
  65. biology

    what is cell division called
  66. biology

    why warning coloration has to come before mimicry?
  67. biology

    5 steps to a scientific method
  68. Biology

    Chordata is to Animalia as phylum is to:
  69. biology

    What are some benefits and challenges of being a pharmacologist?
  70. biology

    what are they differenves between eprokaryotes& prokaryotes?
  71. Biology

    What is the difference between enterocolitis and gastroenteritis?
  72. biology

    what functional groups appear in CH3CH2CH2Br
  73. Biology

    How can the genetics of a human be studied?
  74. biology

    Which of these characteristics is NOT found in the amphibians?
  75. Biology

    Each level of classification is based on what? Thanks
  76. Biology

    2. Which macromolecules were present in your saliva
  77. Biology

    Are nucleus and nuclei the same thing?
  78. Biology

    when dna replicates what happens to the chromosomes.?
  79. biology

    why a disease that was once on the decline might re-emerge?
  80. biology

    which organ system contains the stomach
  81. biology

    how are glucose and ATP the same and how are they would be awesome
  82. Biology

    What happens when you need more or faster DNA synthesis?
  83. biology

    what's an example of competition between humans and other species?
  84. biology

    what are the three parts of the cell theory?
  85. biology

    which bond is easily broken
  86. biology

    what are the differences between mitosis and meiosis!?

    What is an example of a human genetic problem?
  88. Biology

    Would the most common traits always be dominant?
  89. Ap biology

    Why Does Rigor Mortis Develop?
  90. Biology

    Why DNA is more stable than RNA?
  91. biology

    complexity of asexual and sexual

    Why is it that Parthenocarpic Fruits are seedless?
  93. Biology

    How is Paramecium related to Protozoa?
  94. Biology

    Why do scientists observe microorganisms?
  95. Biology

    List 3 features of catalysts.
  96. Biology

    What do insects and robots have in common?
  97. Biology

    why correcting lens is not used so often in microscope ?
  98. biology

    I hate my teacher and she wont help me = [
  99. Biology

    What type of tissue are neurons?
  100. biology

    What happen if ECB became resistant to Bt?