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  1. Biology

    17. When errors in nucleotide sequencing occur, a. DNA polymerase replaces the incorrect nucleotide with the correct nucleotide b. enzymes dissolve the incorrect nucleotide so DNA polymerase can add the correct one c. purines replace pyrimidines in the DNA
  2. Science

    I did A Lab in science where I had a Small hotwheels car and started and 6 books and made a ramp. I then timed how long it took the car to go 2 meters from the ramp. after each trial I added one more book to make the slope higher. The car stayed the same
  3. Biology

    Based partially on his comparative studies of the fossils of woolly mammoths and the bones of modern-day elephants, Georges Cuvier proposed several new ideas about the history of life on earth. Which general statement can be made about this example?
  4. Math

    You have 34 math and science problems for homework. You have 10 more math problems then science, how many of each do you have?
  5. Science

    Please help me on my science homework....Motor A uses 1000 joules of energy to move 200 newtons of force a distance of 3 meters. Motor B uses 1200 joules of energy to do the same job. What is the difference in percent efficiency between Motor A and Motor
  6. Biology

    Janet's boss calls her into the office to discuss why see failed to complete her project for the big meeting this afternoon. Janet's sympathic nervous system: A) makes her thoughts race for an excuse B) Makes her start to perspire C) Enables her to walk in
  7. biology

    Which of the follow comparisons would be an inaccurate analogy between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells? A - A eukaryotic cell is like a college campus was a prokaryotic cell is like a one-room schoolhouse B - A eukaryotic cell is like a flip phone
  8. Biology

    When errors in nucleotide sequencing occur,? a. DNA polymerase replaces the incorrect nucleotide with the correct nucleotide. b. enzymes dissolve the incorrect nucleotide so DNA polymerase can add the correct one. c. purines replace pyrimidines in the DNA
  9. biology

    ) To test linkage between the feather texture and feather color genes you complete a test cross with the F1, and find that the feather texture and feather color genes are linked. Only part of the data from the test cross is given below. Complete the table
  10. Biology

    A drop of two dyes, A and B were placed on the surface of gelatin in two test tubes. After 24 hours dye A and B had traveled 2.7 and 1.8 cm below the surface of the gel in their respective tubes. Calculate the diffusion rates. Why dye has a larger
  11. AE

    You're an elementary teacher in a self-contained classroom. You've got a class of 29 lively sixth graders, and you've been struggling all year with classroom management. Damien, a larger than average boy, seems to resist your efforts at every turn. You
  12. Biology

    7) The dumping of large amounts of raw sewage into rivers or lakes typically leads to massive fish kills, although sewage itself is not toxic to fish. Similar fish kills also occur in shallow lakes that become covered in ice during the winter. What kills
  13. Biology

    "Emma has difficulty sleeping. Her doctor prescribes Deflex. Deflex is a drug which affects the nervous system. Suggest and explain how Deflex affects the nervous system to help Emma sleep." I have missed a lot of time off of school and I understand how
  14. Biology

    Wine is made by mixing yeast with grapes and allowing the yeast cells to undergo fermentation. Sparkling wine is a type of wine that contains high levels of dissolved carbon dioxide. What is the source of the carbon atoms in the carbon dioxide found in
  15. University Research-level Biology

    Hello, this is an upper-level question, and I would sincerely appreciate help before Tuesday. I am reading a journal article, and there is one conclusion in it that I do not understand. It predicts a postsynaptic mechanism when EPSP amplitudes do not vary
  16. Ap Biology

    Unprotected skin cells mutate at a rate of 20% when exposed to 10 rads of UV radiation. A group of scientists tested whether Sun Screen X will decrease the mutation rate. 1100 cells were tested, exposed and counted. Only 200 cells had mutated, 900 cells
  17. Biology

    Which solute out of protein, urea, glucose, chloride, ammonia, "substance x" cannot be filtered into the nephron? Why? I know that urea, protein, and chloride ions can be filtered. I don't know about glucose, ammonia or substance x. Is glucose found in the
  18. science

    list as many ways as u can how are crystalline solids connected to science? how are crystalline solids connected to math? how are crystalline solids connected to the world? how are crystalline solids connected to you? why is it important?
  19. math lit, geography, life science,business studies

    hey there! what career can do with math lit, geography, life science and business studies?
  20. Biology I

    Charles Darwin- Evolution? 2) Where does variation occur within an organism that causes evolution? 5) What is the main source of evidence for evolution? 6) What was the occupation that Darwin was originally studying for? 8) What did Darwin believe about
  21. Science (I am new in this website)

    Is there any website I can find pictures of MAMMALS? I need Mammmals Pictures for a science project in school. PLEASE HELP BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST TIME IN JISKHA!!!!!!! (I AM NEW) THANK YOU! Try going on Google, clicking on Images, and type in Mammals.
  22. Biology

    Which solute out of protein, urea, glucose, chloride, ammonia, "substance x" cannot be filtered into the nephron? Why? I know that urea, protein, and chloride ions can be filtered. I don't know about glucose, ammonia or substance x.
  23. earth

    for this question: Put the folloing words together in a few sentence to explain their meaning and relationship to one another: seismic waves, seismograms, seismoghaps, and seismologists. is this answer suitable: Seismic wave is an elastic shock wave that
  24. Biology, Cell Division

    With each cell division , the chromosomes are divided between 2 daughter cells, yet the number of chromosomes in each cell does not change. What process ensures that the normal number of chromosomes is restored after each cell division? During which part
  25. Biology

    1.,you drink salty beverages (clams to) and eat pretzels all day. At the end of the day your weight is way up. Why? I think it has something to do with the fact that our cells shrink in size ? I have no clue? 2. Athletes drink Gatorade . Why? Given the
  26. Biology

    Match the terms with the appropriate descriptions. Digestive Excretory Skeletal Circulatory Nervous Respiratory Reproductive _______________________ A. coordinate body activities-nervous B. Removal of waste products-excretory C. Body support and
  27. (19) Chemistry - Science (Dr. Bob222)

    Use the following information to answer this question: Cu+(aq) + e- → Cu(s) E° = 0.521V Cu2+ (aq) + e- → Cu+ (aq) E° = 0.153 V. Given these half cell reactions, an aqueous solution of Cu+ ion in the absence of O2(g) : A. will be

    The springtail is a very common small insect that lives in rotten logs, rich soil, and other humid places. Its cuticle is water repelling (hydrophobic) except for a strange organ, the collophore, on its ventral side. Because it lacks the excretory organs
  29. Biology

    _____________provided significant sources of energy on early Earth, and were most likely involved in the origin of life. Options A) Volcanic activity, violent thunderstorms, and ultraviolent radiation B) Bombardment from meteorites, gamma radiation, and
  30. science

    Will you please let me know if you think my Problem and Hypothesis is what my teacher is looking for? This is my first science project and I want to achieve an A. I am testing how heat input can affect the velocity of the ocean currents. PROBLEM: Does an
  31. English

    hello, I have to write a research paper on a paticular author. I chose Mary Shelly since we just finsihed reading Frankenstein. I need to narrow down my topic to make it more specific. I don't know how to start. I want to somehow relate her life with
  32. Biology

    10. The mouth, small intestine, and kidneys have functions that involve the a. digestion of food, synthesis of vitamins, and filtering of the blood b. intake, digestion, absorption, and elimination of food and wastes c. secretion of bile, digestion of
  33. biology

    Given a colored end product is produced, the presence of protein could be detected by spectrophotometry. Outline how you would go about determining the appropriate wavelength to use and the amount of protein in a sample. For the first part, is that like a
  34. Biology

    What are some analogies for Endoplasmic reticulum and Nuclear Reticulum Go here for endoplasmic reticulum
  35. English

    I urgently need you to check these sentences I have to include in an e-mail. As far as the project is concerned, I would like to know the opinion of your science teacher. I hope they will help me find the proper words. 1)Thank you for your email of today.

    1.Three fatty acids form a triglyceride with one glycerol. What similarities would the fatty acids have with polysaccharides? What differences? 2. When you consume more food than you require, the mitochondria in the liver are involved n forming
  37. biology

    A researcher wanted to know how many fish were in a dam.He caught 20 fish and marked them by clipping out a small section of their tail fins.He then released them back into dam.A few days later he caught 25 fish and found that 8 had been marked 1.estimate
  38. biology help please

    Compare the pig brain to drawings of a human brain, a fish brain, and a bird brain. Can you see how the pig’s anatomy parallels human anatomy? What can you conclude about our relation to animals like pigs? Like birds? Like fish? I have not been able to
  39. Biology

    Male donkeys have 62 chromosomes in an eye cell. How many chromosomes would be found in a female donkeys egg? Answer: 62 Normally, pigs have 38 chromosomes in each somatic cell. How many chromosomes are there in a cell that has gone through meiosis?
  40. Biology 202

    Can someone please help me with one part of this question.... Discuss target cell activation by hormone-receptor interaction. What are the steps involved? On what factors does this interaction depend? I know the second part to the question (on what factors
  41. Biology

    What is true of the energy that is passed from one trophic level to the next in a food chain? A)About 10% of the energy passed from one level to the next is released as heat. B)About 10% of the stored energy of one level becomes stored energy at the next
  42. Biology

    All known proteins in cells adopt a single stable conformation because (a) any chain of amino acids can fold up into only one stable conformation. (b) protein chains that can adopt several different conformations have been weeded out by natural selection.
  43. Biology

    How do the kidneys clean the blood? (1 point) • Kidneys clean the blood by breaking down nutrients. • Kidneys clean the blood by filtering it to remove wastes. • Kidneys clean the blood by absorbing nutrients. • Kidneys clean the blood by
  44. Biology 100

    Choose one theory spontaneous generation theory or cell theory. Select one statement that corresponds to the theory you want to refute or suppot. I choose cell theory and the one statement that I choose is all living things are made up of cells. Provide
  45. Biology

    2. Which statement best explains the effect of resources on population size? a. the exponential growth curve models the effects of limiting resources on population size b. Limited resources decrease the growth rate of population size c. Density-dependent
  46. Biology

    In Siberian Huskies base fur color is represented by black & white fur BB, tan/yellow & white fur Bb, and white only fur bb. Siberians all posses two style of fur wire hair (W_) and smooth (ww). What would the genotype and phenotype frequencies be for a
  47. Biology

    3) Caucasian humans have a gene which determines the curliness of hair. Individuals with straight hair are homozygous for the straight allele while those with curly hair are homozygous for the curly allele. Heterozygotes have wavy hair. a) If two wavy
  48. biology

    Given below is the sequence of the mRNA ready for Translation" 5' - AUG CUA UAC CUC CUU UAU CUG UGA - 3' a) what is the first codon technically known as and which amino acid does it code for? b) how many amino acid residues will make the polypeptide chain
  49. Language arts: check my answers

    For questions 7–15, rewrite each sentence, adding commas where needed. (7) While I was researching skateboards I found an interesting old newspaper story. (8) In the June 29 1999 edition of the Mercury there was an article on skateboarding. (9) Some
  50. Biology

    Please answere these questions: identify each statement as observation, hypothesis, or prediction and then tell if it is inductive or deductive Male Red-winged Blackbirds display red wing patches to signal superiority to other males A male Red-winged
  51. math

    please help me solve this problem quickly! John and Melanie are designing a science experiment for the school science fair. Their experiment requires a large amount of copper wire. They need 22 spools of copper wire that each contains 31 meters of wire.
  52. maths

    5. There are two groups of subjects one of which contains 5 science subjects and 3 engineering subjects and the other consists of 3 science and 5 engineering subjects. An unbiased die is cast. If the number 3 or number 5 turns up, a subject is selected at
  53. Science 8R - Volume Lab

    I doing this lab for my science class about volume. In class today I collected my data. I measure the regular solid (LxWxH) and as for the irregular solid I use water displacement by putting the irregular solid (that is small) in the graduated cylinder
  54. Biology

    You are observing a slide of green cells under the 4X objective. Each cell covers roughly 1/8th of the width of your field of view. How large of a diameter do these cells have? The equation I found is: Size of cell= field diameter/ # of cells that fit
  55. Biology

    What ABO antigens are present on the red blood cells of Mr. Green's blood? Mr. Green Anti A serum - no clump Anti B serum - clump Anti Rh serum - no clump
  56. Biology - Evolution

    In one sentence each, describe a) one positive effect of direct artificial selection b) one negative effect of direct artificial selection c) one negative effect of indirect artificial selection
  57. Science

    I am doing a 3rd grade science project on the Sun. I have to create a "visual". I want to compare the size of the earth to the size of the sun. I found that you could put 1,000,000 earths inside the Sun. I would like to fill a container [representing the
  58. Earth Science

    for science i need to calculate and answer a fermi question. A fermi question is a scientific question which basically bizarre. Anyway, my question is "How many rabbits would it take to consume all the dandelions in central park if we were to cover it
  59. Biology Please help

    There are several genes that control eye color; eye color is therefore called a (A) Polygenic trait. Besides genes that directly control eye color, there are other genes that can affect the color of your eyes. For example, your eye color genes may code for
  60. Science

    As an environmental science teacher, how would you respond to someone who tells you (a) that he or she does not believe in biological evolution because it is "just a theory," and (be) we should not worry about air pollution because through natural
  61. Biology

    Please help me answer this question for my ecology class. Consider the following three populations. Population A has a type-1 survivorship curve, population B has a type-2 survivorship curve, and population C has a type-3 survivorship curve. All else being
  62. English

    Hello. Dear Ms.Sue, I would be very grateful for your advice. 1) Do you think it's possible to say "the holistic phenomenon of science" (meaning "science as a whole")? 2) Do you think I used the articles correctly in the following "the interaction of the
  63. Math (prob)

    The probability of an outstanding student pass a biology test is 60%. If he takes three test, which are the experimental results for each test? My doubt is if I should consider the pass=.6 since the first event or when it mentions that the probability is
  64. math

    In a survey of 150 students, 90 were taking algebra, and 30 taking biology. a. what is the least number of students who could have been taking both classes? b. what is the greatest number of students who could be taking both courses? c. what is the
  65. Biology

    If at noon today someone has 1 E. coli cell, in their gut/large intestine, and E. Coli does binary fission, in unison each thirty minutes, how many will one have in their gut at 11:55 A.M. tomorrow? (five minutes short of a whole day) I'm confused on how
  66. finance

    You have chosen biology as your college major because you would like to be a medical doctor. However, you find that the probability of being accepted to medical school is about 6 percent. If you are accepted to medical school, then your starting salary
  67. biology

    1. From one molecule of glucose, which process generates the largest amount of ATP? a. Glycolysis in a prokaryotic cell under aerobic conditions b. Glycolysis in a eukaryotic cell c. the TCA (Krebs) cycle in a prokaryotic cell d. the TCA (Krebs) cycle in a
  68. english/biology

    I was wondering if you can check to see if these are good predications, hypothesis and questions. Like does the grammar makes and stuff. Thank you Hypothesis : Temperature as one, environmental factor will affect the physiological functioning of the small
  69. AP Biology

    Damaraland mole-rats are relatives of naked mole-rats. In their clans, too nonbreeding individuals of both sexes cooperatively assist one breeding par. Even so, breeding individuals in wild Damaraland mole-rat colonies usually are unrelated, and few
  70. AP Biology

    In 1918 a particularly virulent strain of influenza (an RNA virus) wiped out millions of health humans in the prime of their lives. Epidemiologists fear that such a super bug could revisit us in the future. And thus there was quest to find samples of the
  71. Biology

    The gene for red hair is recessive to the gene for black hair.What will be the hair colour of a child if he inherits a gene for red colour from his mother and a gene of black hair from his father?Express with the help of a flow chart..if you can..otherwise
  72. BIO ?'s

    Why is life based upon the cell? More or less, why are cells necessary for life? Is there a limit to how large a cell can be? ** If anyone can help or just give me an idea to go on for this it would be helpful! Even a good site to start research! THANKS!
  73. Science

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  82. science

    if A-B=2C,A+B=4C and C=3i+4j, then what are A and B?
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  85. science

    how many cm are in 2.5m ?
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  97. Science

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  99. Math

    There are 36 books on a bookcase.there are 9 nonfiction,12 fiction,and 15 science fiction. What is the probability of choosing a nonfiction book of choosing a fiction book of choosing a science fiction book?
  100. Math

    Gerald can complete a math assignment in 2 hours and a physics assignment in 1 hour. If he has 8 hours to complete a set of assignments, how many math assignments can he complete if he decides to leave the science assignments for the next day? This