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  1. biology

    Hello, I have a question. For one molecule of glucose are there six CO2 molecules released during cellular respiration? I'm looking at the kreb/ citric acid diagram and I'm not sure if it is four or six CO2 molecules being released. I'll appreciate your
  2. Biology

    Why is it important to understand the characteristic of life in a health care setting? Can someone please help me with this!!!??? I'm really confused and I'm not sure how answer this... Can you please just give me a few ideas to get started?? I'm thinking
  3. biology 2

    The digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune, and excretory systems all work together to maintain homeostasis. Discuss how a minor malfunction in one of these systems could lead to major malfunctions in others. If methods were developed to improve the
  4. biology 2

    The digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune, and excretory systems all work together to maintain homeostasis. Discuss how a minor malfunction in one of these systems could lead to major malfunctions in others. If methods were developed to improve the
  5. Biology

    In pine, both the staminate and ovulate cones occur on the same tree, but not on the same branch. The ovulate cones are usually at the top of the trees, so that pollen from their own tree will not fall onto and fertilize the eggs. Why would this be an
  6. biology

    1.How many strands of mRNA are transcribed from the two "unzipped" strandsof DNA? 2.What are the three parts of an RNA nucleotide? 3.How does base pairing differ in RNA and DNA? 4.What is the function of mRNA? 5. What is a codon?
  7. Biology

    You have a stock solution of 100mg/100ml methylene blue and you need 6.0 ml of final solution at 2mg/100ml. Design a serial dilution using volumes between 0.1 and 10 ml. Final volume must be 6ml.
  8. biology

    Why is CO^2 required by plants to produce glucose? ( the arrow pointing up should be pointed down.) CO2 is where the Carbon comes from to make sugar.Glucose is a six-carbon sugar represented by the formula C6H12O6
  9. Biology

    Which of the following will happen if mRNA fails to be translated? A The cell's nucleus will produce more chromatin. B. Ribosomes will not be able to create protein. C. Mitochondria will release ATP. D. The cell will produce more mRNA I think it's B
  10. Biology

    I need help identifying the rest of a digestive structure of an earthworm. I have identified the: Mouth, Pharynx, esophagus, Crop, Gizzard, and the intestine. apparently, I am missing one more digestive structure of an earthworm.
  11. biology

    4. Using sunscreen and consuming energy drinks involve _____________________. A. using biological information to make informed decisions B. risks to using biotechnology C. using genomics to make informed decisions D. all of the above
  12. biology

    Hello, I was just wondering what the difference between anatomical and physiological. I'm reading a reserach paper that talks about how light levels 'involve both physiological and anatomical changes to the leaves.' I don't know what the difference between
  13. Biology

    what was mendel's scientific methodlogy? A more extensive description here:
  14. Biology

    A trip to a different stream which had 30 fish marked at an earlier time produced 20 captured fish but none were recaptured with fish tags. Can you estimate the number of fish in this stream? Explain your answer.
  15. biology department

    Approximately how many mL of 5% BaCl22H2O solution would be required to precipitate all the sulfate if we assume that your samples are pure sodium sulfate? Assume that the density of the barium chloride solution is 1.00 g/mL
  16. Biology (respiration)

    1* fructose 1 6 biphoshate or diphoshate (which one is it exactly?) 2* what is the molecular formula for fructose 1 6 di/biphosphate? SOME SITES say C(6)H(10)O(6)P and some say C(6)H(14)O(6)P...WHICH IS IT? making me real confused 3* what is the formula
  17. Biology - ms. sue

    ms. sue can u please tell me about noah's flood. exactly what it was and how it got thought of to make fossils? i get bits and pieces of information like how species get buried in flood. (sediment) but my sister and i look at all sites and they not tell
  18. Biology

    The intracellular fluid concentration is 300 mOsm/kg. The extracellular fluid concentration is 280 mOsm/kg. The net movement of water is in which direction?
  19. Biology

    How would you prepare 100 ml of the following aqueous solution: 25 mM TrisCl, 50 mM EDTA, 2% (w/v) NaCl, 5 X M9? You have been provided with stock solutions of 1 M TrisCl, 0.5 M EDTA, 25 X M9 and crystals of NaCl.
  20. Biology

    Using the words hypertonic, hypotonic, and equilibrium correctly , predict what happens when, A) A living cell is placed into fresh water and B)A different living cell is placed into salt water.
  21. biology

    Regulation of an enzyme's activity occurs a) before the enzyme is produced b) during the production of the enzyme. c) when the enzyme already exists in the cell. d) at any point on the enzymatic production pathway. Thank you
  22. Biology

    The intracellular fluid concentration is 300 mOsm/kg. The extracellular fluid concentration is 280 mOsm/kg. The net movement of water is in which direction?
  23. ap biology

    if you depress the plunger to the first stop, place the tip into a solution and then release the plunger, does it withdraw the sample, expel the sample, or eject the tip?
  24. biology

    A solution of the enzyme amylase was added to a solution of starch and kept at 25C. The starch was broken down by hydrolysis. Explain how you would determine the rate of hydrolysis.
  25. Biology

    A heterozygous brown mouse is crossed with a homozygous white mouse. What are the genotypes and phenotypes of the offspring? If these mice had 3 offspring, what is the probability that all 3 would be white?
  26. Biology

    Yellow genes are recessive to green; green are dominant to both red and yellow. Which color of genes disappeared faster when the environment was hostile to them? Why?
  27. Biology Help!!

    CT scans are not useful for studying cognitive processes because these processes occur in real time or occur in regions of the brain not accessible to CT scans Please explain.
  28. Biology

    When making comparison of sequences where some are whole genome sequences while others are partial genome sequences, or a specific glycoprotein sequence, How is it that we are able to make comparisons from these sequences if they all have different
  29. AP Biology

    In the exponential model of population growth, does the growth rate remain constant, decine, or rise and then decline? I have researched this and I believe it to be rise then decline, but I am not really sure.
  30. Biology Calculation

    If you had 1400 flies with 852 having red eyes and 548 having brown eyes, how many flies would be homozygous dominant red eye?
  31. IB Biology/Biology

    Web feet is a sex linked characteristic in Dingbats. Female Dingbats are XX and males XY. A webbed male is crossed with a homozygous normal female and the baby Dingbat is a female with normal feet. Deduce whether the web allele is dominant or recessive. If
  32. SCIENCE HELP!!??

    Hi Please any one can help me in my science homework It is Imagine that you were driving in a car and it was raining, what would be the froces acting around the car and what would the electrical charges bee around the car, on the base and in the sky. I
  33. science

    1) what is the mass of 10 cc of water? 2) why does a block of wood float on water? 3)how and why can density by used to identify an unknown substance? 4) describe the relationship between density, water, an d things that float please help me just need
  34. Biology

    One kind of fish, the hagfish, is considered an invertebrate by scientists. Why is this fish an invertebrate whereas all other fish are vertebrates?
  35. Biology

    1. Why must DNA be able to make copies of itself? 2. Define DNA replication? 3. What is the first step that must occur in DNA replication?
  36. Biology!!

    Would a cell make enzymes for other cells? For example, would a cell make a lysosomal enzyme and send it to a different cell?
  37. biology

    Explain parts of the stem structure in the lilac flower or a flower similar to the lilac flower
  38. Biology

    Compare and contrast natural selection and artificial selection. All I can think of is that man controls what happens in artificial selection.
  39. venn diagram

    IN A CLASS OF 130 STUDENTS.85 PASSED IN MATHS, 60 PASSED IN SCIENCE, 10 FAILED IN BOTH. a) how many passed in science but failed in math b)how many failed in exactly one subject
  40. Science - Volcanos

    In science were doing volcanos, earthquakes, tectonic plates and things like that. I'm looking for a site or perhaps you could tell me, a site that show how volcanos are awoken and erupt and stop bu not in so much detail like wikipedia. That was a
  41. Biology

    Which of the following is true? A.Biased thinking promotes scientific ideas. B.Open-mindedness restricts scientific thinking. C. Creativity fosters scientific discovery. D. Skepticism inhibits scientific exploration. I think it is C...?
  42. biology

    I have a question about reduced and oxidized chemicals and potenital enery. Reduced have weaker PE because they hold on to their electrons and oxidized have strong PE because they can let go electrons right? If I am right then why is that CO2 has a low PE
  43. Biology - Entomology

    Does any one know what the common name for Arthropoda Insecta Diptera Muscidae Aethiopomyia distincta is? This looks like a job for google. It is a type of fly as I know Muscidae is a house fly. Diptera means two wings if that is any help.
  44. Biology Help!!

    Estimates of the quantity of water required in the production of a pound, or Kg, of beef range from _______________ to __________________. What do you think is the most reasonable estimate of the quantity of water needed to yield a Kg. of edible beef - and
  45. Biology Help!!

    Estimates of the quantity of water required in the production of a pound, or Kg, of beef range from _______________ to __________________. What do you think is the most reasonable estimate of the quantity of water needed to yield a Kg. of edible beef - and
  46. Biology

    A team of researchers do not use a full gene, but use a shortened version .. (which is coded for all necessary amino acids) Can anyone describe how the shortened version of a gene may be obtained ?? or provide a source to help please Thank you .... Totally
  47. Biology

    c. The cytoskeleton of eukaryotes serves many functions. One of these functions is served in eukaryotes by a different major structure. Which structural feature is it? How do these different structures serve the same function in the two cell types? Is it
  48. algebra

    A survey of 70 Customers was taken at a bookstore regarding the types of books purchased. The survey found that 42 customers purchased mysteries, 34 purchased science fiction, 24 purchased romance novels, 18 purchased mysteries and science fiction, 12
  49. math literacy life science, history,tourism

    Can I do medical orthotic and prosthetic while doing math literacy and life science. CAn I QUALlifY?
  50. Science

    Lesson 10:introduction to genetics unit test science 8A unit 2: introduction to genetics Connexus Wht are the awnsers any1:P 👍
  51. Science

    Here is a question on my science worksheet, "if a projectile's fall matches Earth's 'BLANK', the projectile will not hit earth." i need help figuring out what would go in the blank!
  52. Science Fair Project

    Is this Science Fair Project that I am doing a 9th or 11th grade project.... Up,Up, and Away in your own Hot-air ballon !Search up this Project and then tell me!
  53. Math

    While organizing his bookshelf, Michael noticed that he had 8 more science-fiction novels than spy novels. If he owns 26 science-fiction and spy novels, how many of each type of novel does he own? Explain how you found your solution.
  54. Biology

    What does the notation 4n = 28 tell you about how many types of chromosomes there are and how many of each type of chromosome are present in a cell? I am a little confused on how this is determined. Would it be 4 sets of chromosomes with 7 of each type of
  55. biology

    If the side chain of a glutamic acid residue has a pKa of 4.1, at pH 6.1 the ratio of uncharged to charged side chain would be about A. 100:1 B. 10:1 C. 1:1 D. 1:10 E. 1:100
  56. biology

    do you know how much drops of dcpip is required to make .9 , .6 , 1.1 and .8 cm squared my partner and i frogot to write down the number of drops to make the dcpip volume
  57. Biology

    What is the function of lactose in the body? I know what lactose is, but I'm having trouble finding if it does anything in the body (give energy...?) And also, what is the function of fructose in plants? I'm having the same problem.
  58. biology/evolution

    many of the orchids alive today have nectar that doesn't have any sugar in it. Why are there presently-living orchids whose nectar lacks sugar?

    which of the following are mature(climax) communities? a tundra b sand dune c temperate rainforest d wetland I'm guessing it's sand dune or wetland
  60. biology - genetics

    how do you compare the reversibility of point mutations and microsatellites? I thought point mutations could reverse but microsatellites can't but idk the reason.
  61. Biology

    Why does the pCO2 value increase during hypoventilation? If hypoventilation causes shortness of breath, would that not increase the CO2 concentration, therefore decreasing pCO2? What am I understanding incorrectly?
  62. Biology

    Prokaryotes produce 38 ATP per glucose molecule and eukaryotes produce 36 ATP why? I know that the two are lost, but I am not sure if it is in the processing of the sugars or the transport? Does anyone know where these two are lost or why?
  63. Biology

    How do you determine how the age of a specimen where there is only 1/2 of the original Carbon14 isotope left? What if 1/2 of the original isotope was left? I cannot show my work because I do not know how to figure this out.
  64. biology

    which of the following statements about enzymes is NOT true? A. enzymes work best at a specified pH B. all enzymes have the same shape as their substrates. C. enzymes are proteins D. the shape of an enzyme allows it to do its job. im pretty sure its A. Am
  65. Biology

    The thyroid ___ A. controls the endocrine system. B. Regulates the metabolism. C. controls sexual characteristics. D. regulates metabolism of glucose.
  66. biology

    will the impact of removing all the organisms in a trophic level be different for different levels?can the organisms of any trophic level be removed without causing any damage to the ecosystem?
  67. Biology

    Describe the characteristics of living things and provide examples to illustrate your description. I have all my characteristics but I need one example. Here is my characteristic: Living things grow
  68. biology

    Think of diets from an energy perspective. Where is the energy coming from, and how many organisms does it move through before it gets to the human? In what form is most of the energy in when it gets to the human, and how is that energy unleashed by the
  69. biology

    Photosynthetic electron transport, like cellular respiration electron transport, is a series of redox reactions. True False I think it is true.
  70. Biology

    1) Mucus traps __________. 2) The windpipe is lined with sticky __________ and microscopic __________. 3) Tiny microscopic __________ are called cilia.
  71. Math 156

    On a biology test, a student got 25 questions correct but did not pass. On a second attempt, the student got 32 questions correct. What was the percent of increase?
  72. Science

    How does an electrical current in a circuit produce thermal, sound, and magnetic energy? The electrical current flows through devices that convert the electrical energy to mechanical or electomagnetic waves. i have a science project do tommorrow but i need
  73. biology

    please help me unscrample the following words: (the space means thate the anagram has two words in it, but the space is not necessarily at the space) rmns teizysecntiore nt roetssieitrsic id ksdxlne so derrecisgntdie Thank you very much for your time!

    You plan to generate many copies of this gene by PCR. You will then insert the PCR product into the plasmid. d) Which two primers from the list below will allow you to use PCR to amplify this gene? Check the two that apply. 5'-GTGCA-3' 5'-CACGT-3'
  75. Advanced Biology

    Which observation supports the statement that birds are reptilelike animals? a.) bird's front limbs usually do not have useful claws b.) bird's have only two legs c.) bird's feet are covered with scaly skin d.) birds generate their own body heat I think
  76. biology

    1. We share certain cells with other animals. In birds, these cells are formed in the bursa of Fabricius. Name these cells. 2. Differentiate between plasma and serum. 3. State the different proportions (in %) that each neutrophil is present in the blood.
  77. Biology

    Sorry for reposting but I really need help with this question and I've waited several hours. What is the trigone of the bladder bounded by? a) top of fundus and uretal orifices b) major and minor calyces c) orifices of ejaculatory ducts and urethra d)
  78. Biology

    I am doing a chart on function and structure and i am stumped by this question Modified cell products must arrive to specific docking sites—where they are necessary— What structure tells the vacuole to dock where it needs to? - Would this be the
  79. Biology

    the covalent bond between the monomers of an enzyme macromolecules are peptide ester or phosphodiester bond question2 why urctic forx change coloring from brown in summer and white in winter . My answeers is = fox change phenotype but genotypes does not
  80. Biology

    To survive as an individual, all animals must maintain homeostasis. Which of the following is NOT a part of homeostasis? A.eliminating wastes from their body B. gathering and responding to information in their environment C. reproduction- to produce viable
  81. Biology

    Explain the processes that take place in the stroma including the reactants going in and the products produced from these processes in (a) bright sunlight and in (b) darkness. (c) What happens over an extended period of darkness of many days? I don't
  82. Needs Urgent Biology Help!

    This all about plasmids: I am totally lost, and my notes/textbook/internet doesn't give me the answer to this. Thanks for the help! Q: How is the number of fragments produced associated with the number of cut-sites available to a restriction enzymes? Q:
  83. Needs Urgent Biology Help!

    This all about plasmids: I am totally lost, and my notes/textbook/internet doesn't give me the answer to this. Thanks for the help! Q: How is the number of fragments produced associated with the number of cut-sites available to a restriction enzymes? Q:
  84. Needs Urgent Biology Help!

    This all about plasmids: I am totally lost, and my notes/textbook/internet doesn't give me the answer to this. Thanks for the help! Q: How is the number of fragments produced associated with the number of cut-sites available to a restriction enzymes? Q:
  85. Wild Life Biology

    Our environment changes rapidly with loss of animal habitat increasing daily. Why might an animal's insticts cost it it's life in this situation? So far all I can think of is the deer that sense a sourse of food on the oppiste side of a road. Which causes
  86. biology

    After a family picnic, Ella dumped the ice and rock salt from the ice cream maker in the back yard. That area of yard now contains dead, brown grass. Explain why this happened, and use the words hypotonic, hypertonic, and plasmolysis in your explanation
  87. Biology!!!

    Which method of birth control prevents the implantation of the fertilised egg? 1. coil (mechanical) 2. condom (mechanical) 3. spermicide (chemical) 4. vasectomy (surgical) I don't get the question. The correct answer was number 1, but shouldn't all the
  88. biology

    suppose some natral disaster occured and a speices of finch is forced to relocate from its original island where it dined on cactus flowers to an adjacent island with many fewer cacti but an over abundance of orchids what would be the imediate consequences
  89. BIO100

    Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: In your own words, summarize each of the major theories of biology. Choose one theory and provide an example of how this theory relates to the news today. Use at least one outside reference in addition to
  90. biology

    When Darwin published his theory of evolution, he included all of the following ideas EXCEPT the idea that a. species changed slowly over time. b. some organisms become less suited to their environment then others. c. evolution occurs in spurts after major
  91. biology

    At one time the continent of Australia was connected to Asia. About 50 million years ago Australia became separated. It has many unusual animals not found elsewhere, such as the Kangaroo and the Koala bear. Using the concepts of geographic isolation and

    I have a supermarket science project that is due in a couple of days. I have to compare quality and quantity of at least two similar products. I have to use these procedures for a formal lab report. TITLE~ PROBLEM STATEMENT~ HYPOTHESIS~ MATERIALS~ MV~ RV~
  93. 8th Grade Space and Earth Science

    I have two questions about my study guide for my science test tomorrow. Thank you for any answers that I can get! How does the atmosphere give evidence for divine design? How can a satellite telephone user communicate if radio waves reflect off the
  94. biology holly leaf miner

    can anyone please explain the term regulating mortality factor (regarding the holly leaf miner )and how understanding of this can lead to successful biological control of pests in agriculture and horticulture
  95. biology

    When the stereocilia of a hair cell in the inner ear bends, it causes: a. potassium ions to enter the hair cell b. you to hear low frequency sounds c. chloride ions to leave the basilar membrane d. all of the above
  96. biology genetics

    In Leghorn chickens, + stands for colored feathers and C represents white feathers. At an independently inherited gene, the allele + inhibits color expression, whereas I has no effect on color expression
  97. biology

    Hello, I am having trouble with a question on my homework. Even after reading through my notes and textbook I am still not sure what the answer is. I think the answer is the new paramecium is able to reproduce sexually and asexually.Here is the question:
  98. biology help quick please!

    We learned about many different animal phyla. How do scientists classify animals to determinewhich phyla they belong to? a. Adult Body Plan b. Embryological Development c. Animal Body Sized. d. Both a and b are correct
  99. biology

    To ensure that the mother will have mature egg cells available for in vitro fertiliazation, she must be treated with chemicals that regulate her reproductive cycle. identify these chemicals tha tregulate the female reproductive cycle. Please help me
  100. Biology

    Some animals are able to survive long periods without food because they __________. can use proteins as an energy source have a large store of fat usually eat more food than they need have a large store of complex carbohydrates I am fairly certain it is B