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  1. Science

    What would you do to measure the volume of a baseball? I've checked my notes and even opened my book! Please help! (I don't think I need a formula yet, I'm not being taught them in Science)
  2. Maths lit,geo,science,l.o,life science,eng

    Im doing those subjects and i would like you guys to help me out...what carrer can i a matriculant im so stressed
  3. Science

    much force is Mike applying to the 1000 kg car to make it accelerate at a rate of .05 m/s2? I need help understanding this.. I'm really bad at science...>.<
  4. Science

    Whats a good name for my science fair project? Im going to put a brick,wood,and chicken bone in vinegar.
  5. writing

    find information about a hurricane that occurred within the last week? A newspaper science journal science magazine encyclopedia
  6. Biology

    How many possible gametes would an individual produce in this tri-hybrid cross? Their genotype is AaBbDd,also what would all gamete possible combinations be?
  7. biology

    Oh my! I have absolutly no Idea what Caudal Prehension is, or short defecation time, or pulmonary vusculature! Can anyone help please? Thanks Minnie
  8. biology

    Jane is diabetic. How does this meal affect her condition and what interventions may be needed to return her body to homeostasis
  9. Biology

    Mammals and birds have evolved from reptiles. In what way does a comparative study of their embryology establish the validity of the statement ?
  10. Biology

    The ___ from photosynthesis is a reactant for glucose metabolism. A. H2O B. ATP C. lactic acid D. CO2 E. O2 Thanks.
  11. biology

    if a color blind woman marries a man with normal vision,how do you set up punnett square?
  12. Biology

    how can traits determine the characteristics of an organism? and what would happen if a base [i'm assuming in the dna sequence] is out of order?
  13. biology helppppppppppppppp

    (This homework question has been removed due to a copyright claim submitted by The Open University.)
  14. AP Biology

    Describe the evolutionary basis for behavioral ecology. Explain why these adaptations may result in suboptimal behavior.
  15. Biology

    Mutations to DNA cause changes in organisms. Explain why this might be importatnt to the survival of a species. Please help with this. I've tried but can't seem to find an adequate answer for this. Thank you very much!!!
  16. biology

    Which organelle(s) are likely to be involved in the reduced efficiency of amino acid recycling in wimpys liver cells?
  17. biology

    what processes in the transparency release dioxide into the atmosphere See the sources in my response to your other post. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
  18. Biology

    Explain how the alternate arrangement of leaves in Ivy plant increase photosynthesis? Please help me! I am stuck in this question!!!
  19. Biology

    Explain how an individual can be a carrier for a oarticular disease yet not have the disase. Is this explanation true for all people who are carriers
  20. biology

    What effect does limiting fat and cholesterol intake have on the body's ability to produce these hormones and how will these manifest?
  21. biology

    The structures in bryophytes that penetrate the ground and act like roots are a. xylem b. phloem c. rhizomes d. rhizoids
  22. Biology

    Which of these systems is involved in connecting one body system with another? A. Integumentary B.Muscular C. Immune D. Digestive E. Endocrine I think its E
  23. biology a1

    What substance diffuses across the membrane in osmosis? A>> glucose B>> ions C>> water D>> amino acids I'm thinking A
  24. Biology

    Which internal organs of the fetal pig appear to have the greatest amounts of blood supplied to them? Why does this make sense?
  25. biology

    the respiratory systems of mammals and birds adapted to maximise the extraction of oxygen from air. How has did this happen.
  26. Biology

    filters blood, recovers vital components and releases waste is that 1)glomerulus or 2) renal vein
  27. Biology

    How do u figure out the initial rate of an enzymatic reaction when they only give the time in seconds and the product formed?
  28. Biology

    The trait that viruses share with living things is the ability to a. adapt. b. use food. c. respond. d. reproduce.
  29. Biology

    Name the intermediates of the Calvin cycle... I am thinking it is 1) Carbon fixation 2) Reduction 3) Regeneration But I believe it is wrong because they are stages... :S help anybody?
  30. biology

    am writting about the evolution of our understanding of DNA as genetic material. suggest good website so that i can read more. thanks
  31. Biology 12

    It's midterm time! Can anyone explain the NAD cycle to me in VERY SIMPLE TERMS or have a website that might do it? I keep reading through my notes but I just can't quite get it. Thank you!
  32. biology

    what does the statement mean many discoveries lie in wait for the tools needed to make them? thank you.please i need the answer before i go to school in the morning. please help!
  33. Biology

    number of water molecules produced when 14 amino acids are join to form a polypeptide bond?
  34. biology

    if DNA replication were conservative, what sort of bands would you expect from the CsCl density gradient centrifugation?
  35. biology

    the importance of these organic compounds ( carbohydrates, proteinds, lipids) in the cells and tissues of living things
  36. biology

    which of the following properties of water would be most important in protecting a fish in a shallow pond on a hot summer day?
  37. Biology: Cells

    Why is it important that ions being transported across a cell membrane be shielded from the interior of the lipid bilayer?
  38. Biology

    a) How do CO2 and O2 levels in the blood regulate breathing movements? b) Explain how these mechanisms are a good example of homeostasis. Help me please :(
  39. Biology

    How many NADH and FADH2 Molecules are produced in the Krebs cycle for each glucose molecule? My answer: 2 This is correct ?
  40. Biology

    Habitat limits result in a populations A)salinity B) temperature C) physical obstacles D) biogeographic range
  41. biology

    why must the release of energy during the cellular process in which ATP is made from glucose take place in small steps?
  42. Biology

    How are scientists able to piece together the process of protein synthesis and the effects of genetic controls without direct observation?
  43. Biology

    Which tissue type forms glands? connective epithelial muscle nervous glandular help? hard
  44. biology college

    In the Osmosis and diffusion lab xplains the flow of water when an egg reaches equilibrium.
  45. biology

    A eukaryotic gene typically has all of the following features except: a) an operator b) control elements c) a promoter d) introns e) a terminator
  46. Advanced Biology

    In a cross of two individuals hereozygous for a single trait, what genotype and phenotype ratios would be obtained?
  47. Biology

    An organism has three independently assorting traits AaBbCc. What fraction of its gametes will contain the recessive gene abc?
  48. biology

    draw a diagram that shows the chromosome combinations that are possible in the haploid gametes of an organism with a diploid number of 6
  49. Biology

    Refer to the illustration above.wich point on the graph indicates approximate world population in the year 1950
  50. biology

    you added 3ml stock solution of 0.05mg/ml of dye and 7ml of water, what will be the final concerntration.
  51. biology

    Rank these from largest to smallest, bacteria, organelle, cell, atom, virus, protein, molecule
  52. Biology

    What is a general law that protects the existing safeguard and preserve the Galapagos Island besides preserved areas?
  53. Biology - Genetics

    If genes a, b, c, and d are genetically linked to each other, does it follow that a recombination experiment would detect genetic linkage between a and d?
  54. Biology

    Why do Plasma Membrane exists in all living things.
  55. Repost: Biology!

    What would be the consequences of the following be on photosynthesis? These are the only ones I am stuck on! a.) Photosystem I is not functional b.) NADP+ is not present in the thylakoid space
  56. Biology

    What conditions must be kept constant for a fair test for the amount of carbon dioxide against the rate of photosynthesis of pondweed
  57. Biology

    Which of the following biomes covers the largest area of earth? tundra marine-----> My answer grassland forest
  58. Biology

    What happens to arterial PO2, PCO2, and H+ concentration during moderate excercise? How and why does this stimulate an increase in breathing rate?
  59. biology (cell bio)

    Can someone explain the Nernst Equation and its purpose, in as simple terms as possible? For some reason it's just not clicking with me. Thanks!
  60. biology

    List three examples of diffusion which occur in living organisms and give one example of osmosis in a plant? please could someone help me sam
  61. Biology

    Entire organish, with even their most delicat parts intact, have been found preserved(fossilized) in ________ and ____________?
  62. biology

    i didn't really get any help scientific theory of how life began? any ideas like a easy thing to write about plz
  63. Biology

    What are the functions and compostitions of lipids, carbs, and proteins?
  64. Biology please assist

    1. Where is pH found? 2.what is the function of pH? 3.what principle guides the phenomenon of pH? 4.what is acid rain ?how is it related to pH values?
  65. Biology

    describe how a population is thought to evolve through natural selection. Provide an example (specifically, the peppered moth)
  66. Biology

    Devise an experiment, based on sucrose gradient sedimentation, that would demonstrate that proteins are synthesized on polyribosomes.
  67. chemistry, biology

    Calculate the pH of a solution obtained by adding 20 mL of .2M KOH to 480 mL to .02M isoelectric glycine
  68. biology

    A gene for flower color can have multiple alleles like purple, white, or red. true or false?
  69. Biology

    Fish have a two chambered heart called a single loop. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this system.

    Name and discuss the levels of organization in a multicellular organism starting from the basic unit or structure of life.
  71. biology

    Which of the following amino acids has a side chain that carries a negative charge in its conjugate base form? A. H B. W C. C D. K E. N
  72. Biology

    Describe the microbial loop and role of viruses simplified. I just dont understand it if anyone could please help or suggest a website?
  73. Biology help please!

    What is your opinion of the balance of nature hypothesis? Would the deer on the island be better off, worse off, or about the same without the wolves. Defend your position.
  74. Biology

    what component is present in every part of a loop such as one that involves protiens producing energetic molecules from sugar
  75. Biology

    why do some cells burst when exposed to ouabain? (a drug that is used to treat heart failure and affects the Na+/K+ ATPase)
  76. Biology/help please

    I am a being from another planet, please explain to me which is alive: a clock or a fish? Compare the two, similarities and differences.Can you help me answer this question ? thank you.
  77. Biology

    Which of the following animals are considered hominiods? Select all that apply. gibbons Old World Monkey orangutans tarsiers
  78. biology

    I need help with these ones.... 1. Describe two things the farmer could do to increae the energy conversion effency in a cow? 2. What is the albedo of leaves?
  79. biology

    __________ is the neurotransmitter released by the taste receptor cells. A. GABA B. Glycine C. Dopamine D. ATP Is it A?
  80. biology

    explain how single celled organisms that live in freshwater adapted to living in a hypotonic environment
  81. micro biology

    which of these would you expect to be used in food preservation? A. iodine b. isopropanol c. organic acids d. heavy metals
  82. Biology

    A mutation occurs in the ATP synthase portein and it is inactive; state the effect on cellular respiration. Thanks so much!
  83. Biology

    Would glucose be considered a reactant in glycolysis? Also, some sites are saying that 4 ADP molecules are also reactants, but I don't understand how?
  84. biology

    someone please help me im confused and idk what im doingg how would i create a dna molecule model using straws, pushpins, and paperclips? help me, please.
  85. biology

    A rare allele may become common in the gene pool of a small population after only a few generations by the process of________________.?
  86. Biology Concepts

    if tall (D) is dominant to dwarf (d0, and two homozygous varieties DD and dd are crossed, what kind of progeny will be produced?
  87. Biology - evolution

    how new characteristics enter gene pool? i look for simple answer to this to help my sister. one thing i look at it say about mutation.
  88. Biology

    Chemicals which control the growth and function of organs are ____ A. chromosomes B. hormones C. glucose D. endocrines
  89. Biology

    What are the components of a photsynthetic unit, and what roles do they play? In which part of the chloroplast are photosynthetic units located?
  90. biology

    What is the impact of physical activity on cellular respiration? Why do we need to cool our bodies by sweating when exercising? What is homeostasis?
  91. Biology

    Divide the Cnidarian specimen into two groups. What feature did you use to make your divison? I just need a two sentence answer not a essay.

    Compare the basic principles on which the Darwin’s natural selection and Lamarck’s concepts of evolution are based.
  93. Biology

    Which of the following is true about an acidic solution? a. it's pH is below 7 b. its hydrogen ion concentration is low c. it is neutral d. it can act as a buffer
  94. biology

    There are two methods used for cutting DNA into small pieces – this is via ultrasound and restriction enzymes. Which method is considered better and why?
  95. Biology

    Darwin believed that Malthus' ideas about human populations applied more strongly to animals and plants. Why?
  96. biology

    What is the network of canals organelle and the group of sacs that contain digestive material? These are supposed to be a part of a cell.
  97. Cell Biology

    What is the theoretical limit of resolution in micrometers when there is a numerical aperture (N.A) of 0.10, 500nm wavelength, and 4X magnification?
  98. biology

    If you have the option to save from extinction either the carnivores oor the primary produccers in an ecosystem which whould you protect? why
  99. biology

    Scientists do their experimental tests more than once so they can reduce the effects of chance errors. This is called conducting ____________?
  100. biology

    If you have the option to save from extinction either the carnivores oor the primary produccers in an ecosystem which whould you protect? why