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  1. biology

    explain why the movement of chlordie ions and water is reduced in a person with cystic fibrosis. please could someone help me! thanks
  2. biology

    To find out which key will open a lock, you try several until one works. This kind of learning is called ________________________.
  3. Biology -Nervous System

    1. Explain why the knee-jerk and Achilles reflexes are important in walking.
  4. biology

    does the human ovum produce any chaemotactic hormones or sugars to attract sperm cells?
  5. Biology

    How can i design an experiment to determine which wavelengths of light provide the optimal energy for photosynthesis
  6. biology

    A water molecule is held together by two single polar covalent bonds true or false?
  7. biology

    how is emigration and immigration not important factors when studying global human population growth?
  8. biology

    Which of these was not derived from an ancestral alpha proteobacterium? mitochondrion kinetoplast chloroplast hydrogenosome mitosome
  9. biology

    how could scientific research have an impact on a society's decisions on making laws? please HELP thank you so much. i need the answer before i sleep.
  10. biology

    Does asexual reproduction of sponges depend on time of year, availability of food, or other factors?
  11. biology

    why has surprisingly little use been made of distillation of seawater as a source of driking water in arid areas?
  12. Biology

    Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are often described in two ways: (1) they are chemically opposite; and (2) they have a relationship to each other. Explain what these two statements mean. I need help with this please.
  13. biology

    Why is the term, "evolution" applied to Charles Darwin even today? and Why and how does it apply to a cultural anthropology? -Thank you
  14. biology

    i am looking for proof that oxygen comes from water and not from carbon dioxide. can you send me a link or a brief explanation on this subject? thanks.
  15. Biology

    Breaking the hydrogen bond between two water molecules is called dissociation. true or false
  16. biology

    How would gene splicing, cloning, or stem cells help a patient with sickle cell anemia?
  17. Gr.11 BIOLOGY

    Indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: “Cola drinks do not qualify as food.” Explain you answer.
  18. biology

    what are three ways for an animal to lose water; what are other sources of carbon dioxide[besides animals exhaling]?
  19. biology

    what are three ways for an animal to lose water; what are other sources of carbon dioxide[besides animals exhaling]?
  20. biology

    I am doing a project on Eukarya, Bacteria and Viruses where I have to explain why they are different. I know of their structural and reproductive differences but I am not sure about their uses or funtions. Please help!!
  21. biology

    what are three ways for an animal to lose water; what are other sources of carbon dioxide[besides animals exhaling]?
  22. biology/honors

    How does genetic variation lead to speciation ? Can you help me answer this question please for the review test ? thank you .
  23. Biology, Please Help!

    Why is it important that ions being transported across a cell membrane be shielded from the interior of the lipid bilayer?
  24. Biology Help!!

    valleys in the brain surface are called ______. sulci, fissures, or both? Give an explanation.
  25. Biology

    Hi, i had a lot of trouble with this one: Explain the significance of the difference in color and its relationshiip to the convolutions. We are doing the brain so, maybe you can use that use to help me please, thanks
  26. AP Biology

    Why is it that the Calvin cycle is able to occur in the dark, but indirectly relies on sunlight? -Can someone give me a brief description?
  27. Biology/Health 12

    Explain why only one corpus luteum may be found in the ovaries of a woman who has given birth to triplets. THANKS!
  28. biology

    How do melosis and sexual reproduction (fertilization) produce offspring that differ genetically from the parents?
  29. biology

    how your specific hormones work and the responce that they elicit(mechanism of action and desired response)
  30. AP Biology

    Just wondering: why the Calvin Cycle can occur in the dark, but indirectly relies on sunlight? Thank you for your explanation.
  31. biology

    a. what are the composition in nutrient broth? b. give 5 different types of media used for cultivation of microbes and define each?
  32. Biology

    What would be the consequences of the following be on photosynthesis? These are the only ones I am stuck on! a.) Photosystem I is not functional b.) NADP+ is not present in the thylakoid space Thanks very much
  33. Biology

    explain clearly the difference between independently assorting genes and those that are linked, and the influence this has on gamete production
  34. biology

    What is the outer edge of a cheek cell called? please urgent homework due tommorow
  35. Biology

    In general, organisms that obtain their energy from sunlight are called ________. Is is photosynthetic? If not, what would the answer be? Thanx!
  36. biology

    Who discovered DNA was it James Watson and Francis Crick or Friedrich Miescher ? thankyou
  37. Biology

    Which is the most common complex carbohydrate on earth? A. Starch B. Glycogen C. Cellulose D. Hemicellulose E. Chitin
  38. biology

    What happens to the cells of the body when large quantities of sodium ion were introduced to the blood stream?
  39. biology

    The energy an organism requires to transport materials and eliminate wastes is obtained directly from.
  40. Biology URGENT!!!!!!!!!

    How do eubacteria and cyanobacteria digest, excrete, respirate, and circulate? I have already tried wikipedia. try an encyclopidia
  41. biology

    A couple has four children. What is the probability that there will be 2 boys and 2 girls? Assume that no outside forces influence the births.
  42. biology

    compare fermentation and cellular respiration. i found the contrast of these two but couldn't find the comparisons for these.
  43. AP Biology

    Describe how repair enzymes act to correct mutations and errors that occur during replication.
  44. biology

    Which of the following is not produced in the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis? A. NADPH B. sugars C. ATP D. oxygen
  45. biology

    Relate the various levels of organisms to those of nonliving entites. Use specific examples to explain your answers?
  46. biology

    i need help with the phases of meiosis with the number of cells present in each phase, and the homologus pairs per cell
  47. biology honors

    In which tissue of plants are new cells created? A.dermal B.vascular C.ground D.meristematic
  48. Biology

    How would u expect the number of mitochondria in a cell to be related to the amount of active transport it carries out? Please help!
  49. Biology ( Ms.Sue help)

       Autosomes are _______ chromosomes.  A. abnormal B. homologous C. haploid D. nonsex My guesses would be either B or D.
  50. biology

    Sugar maple trees are tapped in the spring. how far into the tree would you haev to go to tap the syrup?
  51. Biology

    Arrange the following in correct order in food chain- Fish,Plankton,Shark,Crab
  52. biology!!

    why do Mountain dwellers have higher averages of hemoglobin than people living in coastal areas?
  53. Biology

    List and describe the rule of three's as it applies to humans. How accurate is it? Be sure to give details and examples.
  54. biology

    What biome has the largest biomass ?? Tropical Rain forest (assuming it is excluding the ocean)
  55. biology

    Describe the correlation between functional groups and the reversible processes of Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis.
  56. biology

    providing examples explain how sexual reproduction in plants has evolved to become less dependent on water?
  57. Biology

    Is predation (predators feeding on prey) the only form of species interaction that represents consumption?
  58. biology

    Some antifungal medications can damage the patient’s own tissues. Why doesn’t this problem occur with antibiotics? Thanks!
  59. Biology

    General question: do polypeptides only make up proteins and not carbohydrates? and can they be formed by dehydration synthesis?
  60. biology

    What is the scientific reason to the larger population of females than males in countries in relation to chromosomes?
  61. Biology

    Is this the correct order for what appears on earth first? Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Birds.
  62. Biology

    How did Watson and crick's model explain why their are equal amounts of thymine and adenine in DNA?
  63. biology-mitosis

    what is a structure that holds each chromosome to its exact copy? it begins with a "C", and has "d" as the second to last letter. 10 letters.
  64. Biology

    Explain how the potential energy of carbon and its ability to tetramerize lead to the development of macromolecules
  65. Biology

    What would happen to other organisms if prokaryotes did not recycle nutrients? Please help, I just need a couple of sentences so I can understand what it means:/ Thanks
  66. biology

    A researcher puts brine shrimp in salt water for 24 hours. What is expected of this experiment?
  67. biology

    Enzymes in the human body work in a very wide range of conditions. A. True B. False
  68. Biology 2

    What is the number of calories needed to change the temperature of 50.0 grams of water 15.0 Celsius degrees?
  69. biology honors

    In which tissue of plants are new cells created? A.dermal B.vascular C.ground D.meristematic
  70. Biology

    when there is a deleterious (harmful) mutation in the gene coding for the protein 6-phosphofructokinase, muscle type
  71. Biology

    How do the sizes of the oocytes differ as they move from the follicular stage towards the mature graafian follicle?
  72. Biology

    I have this chart that states the blood sugar levels of 2 individuals. Why is it important that the two people have the same mass?
  73. biology

    list the paramecium, earthworm, and pumpkin stem according to their relative size from largest to smallest?
  74. Medical Biology

    Which of the following condition could result from years of smoking? a) tuberculosis b) emphysema c) empyema d) atelectasis
  75. biology

    write the short note of cell inclusions,including the important points?plz help...
  76. Biology

    Why was the discovery of microspheres and coacervates an important contribution to the understanding of how life might have originated on Earth?
  77. Biology

    Describe how the location of each part of the cellular respiration is diffrent in bacteria and in more complex cells?
  78. biology

    I need a list of diseases, disorders and items that we injest or inhale that affect the nucleus of a cell
  79. Biology

    How can i describe how a pierce of bread is digested and assimilated into the cells of a human body thanks in advance
  80. Biology

    Draw a Punnett square to demonstrate the inheritance of cystic fibrosis with both parents being carriers
  81. biology

    will a dialysis tube swell/expand after being immersed in a beaker of water for several hours? if so why has it swelled?
  82. biology

    The removal of which of the following would have the biggest impact on marine ecosystems? a. fishes b. whales c. shrimp D. plankton
  83. psy/340

    I need help answering this question please. Discuss the influences of biology and the environment on sexual differentiation.
  84. AP Biology

    what evidence supports the hypothesis that mitochondria preceded plastids in the evolution of eukaryotic cells?
  85. biology

    will a dialysis tube swell/expand after being immersed in a beaker of water for several hours? if so why has it swelled?
  86. Biology

    Do you think the Dough will rise the fastest in the sample with the highest , the lowest , or a moderate concentrate of sugra?
  87. Biology

    Why can this statement not be evaluated by the scientific method "Trees emit psychic screams when you cut them down."?
  88. Biology

    Based on a reigious viewpoint why is using human embryonic stem cells from embryos wrong?
  89. biology

    Certain insect species have become more and more resistant to insecticides. What type of natural selection is this, and how does it differ from the other types?
  90. biology

    What kind of molecule forms the sodium-potassium pump? Genuinely in need of the answer to the question.
  91. biology

    Which organ sterilizes ingested food? A. Salivary glands C. Pancreas B. Stomach D. Liver (B)
  92. Biology

    Evaluate the difficulties with reintroduction programs using captive-born animals. thanks, Amber I have no idea
  93. biology

    Following the usual pathway of circulation blood flows from the __________ to ___________, to_____________and to__________
  94. Biology...Respiration

    Can any body recommend any websites that don't actually use diagrams to explain glycolysis?? can't seem to find any

    what is an hypothesis. a. a prediction b.a collection of data c.a possible explanation tha can be tested d. a controlled experiment. i think is d
  96. Biology

    Explain the role of white blood cells in the body's defense against foreign substances.
  97. biology

    what would the genotype and phenotype ratios be for a mother who carry's hemophilia and a father who is normals child?
  98. biology

    What do multicellular genomes spend a larger proportion of their sequences on (in terms of enhanced complexity)?
  99. biology

    which group of seed producers are the largest, most massive and oldest in the world? angiosperms or gymnosperms?
  100. biology

    what adaptations do plants that live in low nitrogen habitats, such as the tundra ecosystem, possess?