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  2. Amber, Biology, DNA

    Amber, Biology First of all, as Christina said, "Post a New Question" because when you post under someone else's post we assume it's an answer to that first question! Here are some sites for you on DNA: 1. (definition): 2.
  3. Science

    Environmental Science involves the fields of Science, economics, and politics. Take a current environmental issue, such as the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and examine it from the scientific, economics, and political perspective. Which perspective do
  4. education

    What can you major if you have associate degree in science. What is difference between associate in science and Associate of Applied Science?
  5. Science/Biology

    Pick the BEST answer: A)Which Of The Following Is An "Excitable Cell"? <4>1) Neuron <3>2) Electron <4>3) Hormone <3>4) Both 1 & 2 <4>5) All Of The Above B)What Is The Popular Molecule That Energizes Many Activities In Cells?
  6. science

    Check my answers? thanks ppl 1. which of the folowing is NOT considered an organism? A an oak leaf B a spider C an elephant D a bacteria cell is it D. which domain of life do humans belong? A. animals B. eukarya C. archae D. none of the above IS IT D
  7. Science

    What is “formal science” and how does it relate to natural and social sciences? How does each type of science play a role in environmental sustainability? How does ethical responsibility plan a role in environmental sustainability?
  8. biology

    What are some of the benefits of squeezing so much data into virtually every cell in the body?
  9. biology

    What is the heterotrophic hypothesis and how can I explain it from both a biological and conceptual framework?
  10. biology

    Why do you think the protocol does not say to dissolve compounds directly in 1 liter of water?
  11. Biology

    How is increased surface area important to kidney functions?
  12. Biology

    why does water and hydrogen peroxide have different chemical and physical properties
  13. Biology

    Can bacteria reproduce by spore formation?Or only binary fission?
  14. Advanced Biology

    Are the ratios obtained in a dihybrid cross always the same? Explain.
  15. biology/poetry

    can someone write me a acrostic poem on the word PHOTOSYNTHESIS, thank you
  16. biology

    what experiment can be used to investigate what is causing bruises on crops after harvesting?
  17. Biology

    List and briefly describe the 4 Laws directing Biodiversity?
  18. Biology

    Why is it important for hydrogen bonds to be weak? -i already tried googling it but im still confused
  19. biology

    what are the distinguishing features of vertebrates, eutherians, primates and artiodactyls
  20. 9th grade biology

    what are three ways for an animal to lose water?
  21. biology

    how do scientists use radioactive dating to approximate a rock's age
  22. biology

    What is the best way to narrow down questions in a regents style exam? I can't seem to figure it out and need some help. Thank you.
  23. biology

    which of the following atomic numbers indicates the element with the highest valence number 6 8 10 14
  24. Biology

    Explain why a plant needs to move food around,particularly from the leaves to other regions:
  25. gr.12 biology

    What characteristics are typical of molecules that are gases at room temperature?
  26. biology

    research indicates that acid precipitation can damage living organisms
  27. Biology

    The large intestine supports ___% of chemical digestion. A) 0 B) 75 C) 50
  28. Biology

    Could you help me find any information about the history of genetic technologies and had it first began.
  29. biology

    what is one advantage of using e. coli to study bacterial growth rates?
  30. Biology

    another way to word: the effects of temperature on human and fungal amylase
  31. Biology

    prokaryotes are not found in following kingdoms, except: (a) Monera (b) Protoctista (c) Animalia (d) All of these Help please!
  32. biology

    provide information the muscles found within the forearm and hand
  33. biology

    can you provide a simple explanation of how a cell fires or synapses
  34. biology

    a substance needed for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland is
  35. biology

    describe 2 structures of bacterial cells what they look like and their molecular structure
  36. Biology

    prokaryotes are not found in following kingdoms, except: (a) Monera (b) Protoctista (c) Animalia (d) All of these Help please!
  37. Biology

    Describe an example of how natural selection influence the evolution of a particular species.
  38. Biology

    28. Malaria is caused by a a. sporozoan. b. diatom. c. dinoflagellate. d. fungus.
  39. biology

    give 2 examples each of situations in which you might use the following pesticides Insecticides and fungicides
  40. biology

    what are the two main forms of energy that power living systems?
  41. 2 biology terms

    Hello, I'm a bit confused as to the difference between morphological and anatomical. Thanks
  42. Biology

    How is increased number of mitochondria important to kidney function?
  43. college biology

    Why does hyaluronidase enhance the diffusion of injected drugs?
  44. biology

    What are three points of evidence that scientists used to develp the three-domain system?
  45. biology

    Other than transporting oxygen, what other important function does hemoglobin perform?
  46. Biology

    How can you calculate the number of cells in an animal, specifically an eagle?
  47. Biology

    Which one of the following is NOT blood parasite? (A)plasmodium(B)trypanosoma(C)trichinella(D)L.donovani
  48. biology

    should the federal government change the status of the gray wolf
  49. Biology 2

    How is the ability to regenerate lost body parts for most echinoderms?
  50. biology

    A reason why 2 different species of birds in the same area might not breed with eachother is because?
  51. Biology

    Why must muscels cross a joint to be involved in bodily movement?
  52. biology

    Describe Charles Lyell's geological theory about uniformitarian
  53. Biology

    Why is it important for hydrogen bonds to be weak? -i already tried googling it but im still confused
  54. gr.12 biology

    compare and contrast the characteristics of soluble and insoluble molecules.
  55. biology

    what advantages does the structure of a flower give angiosperms over gymnosperms
  56. Biology

    How does the structure of Earth’s interior affect seismic waves?
  57. Biology

    What is the location and effect of waves of contraction in the digestive system.
  58. biology

    : How are cohesion and adhesion properties of water linked to photosynthesis
  59. biology

    would you expect whitefish embryo cells to divide indefinitely?
  60. Biology

    How are cohesion and adhesion properties of water linked to photosynthesis
  61. Advance Biology

    What is the relationship between CFCs and the Earth's protective layer?
  62. Biology

    Why is it important to plant your vegetables in a different part of the garden each year.
  63. Biology

    Is it possible for a person to have a normal vital capacity but an abnormal FEV1.0?
  64. Biology

    How does the human population growth issue have and will impact the ecosystem?
  65. Biology

    Give two reasons why soil may become poor in mineral nutrients.
  66. biology

    Which objective (4x, 10x, or 40x) has the shortest depth of focus? Thanks for the help!!
  67. biology

    if a fruit fly has 28.8% Adenine, approximately how much guanine will it have? can someone explain this
  68. biology

    names and defines the levels of organization that an ecologist studies
  69. biology

    why is the process of mitosis and meiosis both important to living organism?
  70. biology

    what does "Eco-Tourism: 5 statements:5 points of interest in your biome." mean? what is it asking?
  71. Easy Biology

    why cells within the same organism have the same ADN, but look and function differently?
  72. biology

    can you tell me information about deoxygenation of hydrogen peroxide and organic catalyst
  73. biology

    how does the urinary system support reproduction and passing on genetics?
  74. biology

    the question is what % of the offspring will be round ? anf the letters are (Rr x rr) and then a square
  75. biology

    the guared cell produce an opening called a stom
  76. Biology

    List and briefly describe the Four Laws Directing Biodiversity
  77. biology

    how does Amoeba engulf particles of food by endocytosis? please could somebody help me! sam
  78. Biology

    When talking about Mendel's experiments, can the Parent (P) generation also be called P1?
  79. biology

    what is the chemical reaction that produces a polymer form of a biomolecule?
  80. biology

    How has climate change impacted the biodiversity around coral reefs?
  81. Biology

    Which of these two molecules is LESS involved in cell communication? Carbohydrates OR Lipids
  82. biology

    What structure is produced when spindle fibers radiate from centrioles? Can you help please?
  83. biology

    substances that can pass through cell membranes by diffusion include?
  84. Biology

    Eggs of Amphioxus is : (a)alecithal (b)telolecithal (c)meiolecithal (d)mesolecithal is it A ?
  85. Biology

    Describe the diversity of life forms in the Galapagos Islands.
  86. Biology

    What is the biological interrelationships among the life forms in the Galapagos Islands?
  87. Biology

    What kind of human intrusions are threatening the Galapagos Islands?
  88. micro biology

    what would a spore former (bacteria) look like if you forgot the safranin stain?
  89. biology

    How does stomata's position aid both their function and the functioning of the plant?
  90. Biology

    What protections exists to safeguard and preserve the Galapagos Islands?
  91. Biology

    Explain why oxygen consumption varies with body weight.?
  92. Biology

    food chains and the energy pyramid all begin with a _____________________.
  93. Biology

    What is the significance of the different length: volume ratios of the digestive organs?
  94. Biology

    What is the diversity of life forms found in the Galapagos Islands?
  95. Biology

    Why are simple sugars required for metabolism? What makes them so important?
  96. biology

    what happens to proteins dissolved in water when you heat it to 100 degrees
  97. Biology

    How virulent is the disease schizophrenia? Can someone help me with answering this question? I do not understand what they are asking.
  98. Biology

    What is the process by which a chromosome replicates itself prior to cell division.
  99. biology

    energy that is lost at each trophic level of an ecosystem is replenished by????
  100. biology

    How are cohesion and adhesion properties of water linked to photosynthesis?