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  1. biology

    would you expect to find epithelial tissue in other organisms?
  2. biology

    Describe how the human defense line work.
  3. biology

    How can the level of pain you feel very if a stimulus causes an all-or-none response?
  4. biology

    could you give some information about birth control conceptive thank you
  5. Biology(Organic Compounds)

    How many different kinds of monomers are there in starch?
  6. Biology

    Colour blindness is more likely to occur in males than females because?
  7. biology

    how is the vertabrate skeleton organized, and what does each section include?
  8. Biology

    What efforts have been made to further this preservation in the Galapagos Islands?
  9. biology

    how can you identify gasses released by plants and animals
  10. biology

    is the heart the pump that keeps blood moving in the body
  11. biology

    How has the origination of macromolecules contributed to organismal development?
  12. biology

    how do transport proteins that are pumps differ from those that are channels
  13. biology

    Discuss physiologically the importance of human tissues
  14. biology

    How do c3, c4, and CAM plants survive under dry conditions?
  15. biology

    Which one of the following types of molecules serves to interact with the world around us?
  16. Biology

    do mutations occur in DNA or RNA? Explain
  17. biology

    4.3kj of heat energy stands for how many burgers ?
  18. Biology

    How does the type of sugar affect the rate of fermentation?
  19. Biology

    Do all living organisms undergo sexual reproduction?
  20. Biology Help

    Describe how a monomer is the basic unit of all macromolecules. Thank you! :)
  21. Biology

    How does temperature affect the solubility of oxygen in water?
  22. biology

    Give examples of animal and plant cells.
  23. Biology

    What are the biotic factors of the temperate deciduous forest? Thank you.
  24. Biology

    What scientist first identified the virus causing Fifth's Disease?
  25. biology

    describe 4 steps of "Aerobic Cellular Respiration"
  26. Biology

    If oxygen is present, sugar molecules metabolize by going through: ? Please help
  27. biology

    In which stage of mitosis does DNA replication occur?
  28. biology

    How many chromosomes does a child have, excluding the sex chromosome?
  29. Biology

    If 320 F2 offspring resulted from this F1 cross, how many would be green?
  30. biology

    Why do insects not die if their head is dipped in water
  31. Biology

    What two orders belong to the red eyed vireo?
  32. Biology

    If all of our cells have the same DNA, how come all 23 of our chromosomes are shaped differently?
  33. biology

    what are long threads made of actin called?
  34. Biology I

    What is the difference between homologous and analogous characters, and give an example. Thanks
  35. Biology

    What two orders belong to the Asian fairy bluebird?
  36. biology

    Name any 3 mineral elements that are required for the formation of membrenes.
  37. Biology

    What are 5 adaptations that can help placental mammals survive in their environment?
  38. need help biology

    is a community the population in a given area or is that an ecosystem and give ex
  39. biology

    what do we call th e catalysts that act in living things
  40. biology

    How do enzymes denature, and what is the effect on the human body?
  41. Biology

    Explain the relationship among muscles, bones and joints
  42. biology

    how was vinegar able to remove the calcium shell of an egg?
  43. Biology

    What two species belong to the Asian fairy bluebird?
  44. Biology

    What two species belong to the red-eyed vireo?
  45. biology

    What glands are responsible for maintaining thyroxine levels?
  46. Biology

    By what process are molecules absorbed into the large intestine?
  47. Biology

    do all specific proteins have the same function in different living organisms?
  48. biology

    explain the vascular system in the lilac flower.
  49. biology

    what are the effects of tonicity in red blood cells?
  50. Biology

    1 What is the organelles that package and stor proteins (2 words) ?
  51. biology

    Is it normal for variation to occur within a group? Explain.
  52. biology

    if a cell undergoing meiosis were to be 2n=6 what would that mean?? i really don't understand it
  53. Biology

    How male circumcion reduces the risk of HIV?
  54. Biology

    Give two examples of each classes of phylum mullusca?
  55. Biology

    What can an individual do to help preserve the diversity of the Galapagos Islands?
  56. biology

    What does nt mean? it nanotecnology or nuclear transfer??? or measurement?
  57. Biology

    Why do we use the flourscent dye in DNA sequencing, what does it show?
  58. Biology

    Explain the differences between voluntary and involuntary muscles
  59. biology

    I nead a list of diseases that's a failure to homeostasis.
  60. biology

    state two roles of cholesterol in the membrane please could someone help me out sam
  61. biology

    how have sarcodines built geological features of the environment?
  62. Biology

    What is a written observation called? Answer: hypothesis
  63. biology

    Jane is 28 yrs old dx with MS. Explain to her 10yrs old, what MS is, why, how, and when did it happen?
  64. Biology

    What are two major flaws in the Phylogenetic Tree System?
  65. biology

    How does insulin and glycogen help maintain homeostasis in one's body ?
  66. Biology

    Are prokaryotes able to live on inorganic energy sources?
  67. biology

    Is carbonic acid (H2CO3) organic or inorganic?
  68. Biology

    Are there Japanese Beetles in Italy? I couldn't find out if there were or not. Thanks for looking this up!
  69. biology

    what is the hollow ball of cells formed during cleavage?
  70. Biology

    Is yeast living, nonliving, or dead? Explain why.
  71. Biology

    What is the main difference between the cephalothorax and abdomen of a crayfish?
  72. biology

    Which of the following problems do immigration and emigration pose for demographers?
  73. biology

    how does the extinction of dolphins affect the sustainability of the Earth?
  74. Basic Biology

    What is the process by which oxgen get into the blood in the capillaries?
  75. biology

    _________ occur when bonds are broken or formed
  76. biology

    what is the name of the pictures of chromasomes that are arranged according to size and pattern
  77. biology

    how does a hypothesis help scientists understand the natural world?
  78. Biology

    How do you think increasing temperature would affect the rate of photosynthesis?
  79. biology

    How would you measure chloride current during an action potential
  80. biology

    what are the characteristics that link plants with green algae??
  81. cell biology

    How can we differentiate MMPs from different proteolytic enzymes
  82. Biology

    How many repeats do you find in the most common D1S80 allele?
  83. Biology

    Please can someone explain the term "Vagal Inhibition" Thanks Mike
  84. Biology

    How much of your daily energy runs the digestion process?
  85. Biology

    Are dicots divided into woody and herbaceous stems?
  86. Molecular Biology

    How large is the genome of Alcaligenes faecalis?
  87. biology

    correction to earlier question another name for a very large molecule
  88. biology

    what are the unifying themes that characterize the biological sciences?
  89. biology

    In the scientific version of a species name, which of the terms is capitalized?
  90. DAV; subject biology

    What are bio - degradable pollutant?
  91. Biology

    Why do mosquitoes like biting the face more than other part of the body?
  92. Biology

    Why can carboxyl and phosphate groups act as acids?
  93. biology

    why is glucose converted into hexose bisphosphate in glycolysis ??
  94. Biology

    What is the biological process that results in the production of gametes?
  95. Biology

    What are 3 characteristics you would find in a protein secreting cell?
  96. Biology

    Why wasn't PCR possible until Taq polymerase was discovered?
  97. biology

    why do grey whales migrate for a long distance?
  98. Biology

    How is type 1 diabetes mellitus similar to starvation?
  99. Biology

    The most abundant molecule found in all types of cells is?
  100. biology

    what is the seven taxa that identify Drosophila melanogaster? i cant find this anywhere.. thanks!